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Subject: VS Update parts 1 and 2




I think you’re likely to get two V S Updates this week - one for the things I can think of now and one for the things that I’ve forgotten


Brass Monkey Half Marathon


Entry forms will appear on the website  today (Monday).  In 2007, the race sold out in 3 days. This year there are several hundred extra places, but don’t bank on there being any places left in a week’s time, get your entry in now.


West Yorkshire Cross Country


Reminder that it is this Sunday at Nunroyd Park.  If you’re not entered but want to run other races in the series, let me know by Saturday so that I can get you into Race 2.  If you need transport, email me and I’ll try to arrange.


Annual General Meeting and Pie and Peas, Tuesday 16 October


A reminder to send in (a) your suggestions for agenda items and (b) put in your order for pie and peas.


The training session will be slightly shorter than normal. I will ask Tony to put on the food for 8:10 pm and then those just coming to the AGM can eat first, and the queue will be shorter for those that have run. 


We’ll start the meeting at 8:30 prompt, so you will need to have got back, showered and got your pie and peas from the queue before then.


Agenda items already noted are

·                Subs rates for 2007-8
·                Election of officials (we have one vacancy for one of our joint ladies captains)
·                Election of club chairman
·                Creating small sub-committee to review the Club Constitution
·                Thursday Training sessions (could lots of Thursday runners come, please)
·                Sunday Long runs
·                Presentation of at least 4 more Performance Awards
·                Club vests
·                Leeds Valley Striders
·                Club logo
·                Photos of all members on website
·                Xmas Handicap date – 23 December?


CRB Checks for Volunteers


I’ve just got an answer back about filling the form.  I’ll let you know when I’ve worked out what it means.  Please hold onto your forms for a bit longer


Harewood Trail Race


Thank you to the 75 Striders and friends who helped make this another successful race.


The 2 mile had 198 entries and 175 finishers, the 10 mile had 536 entries and 469 finishers.  These numbers are a little down on last year, but this year we were in competition with the Selby Half Marathon and Cancer Research charity 10k and 5k races at Bramham Park.


I do know that we have made at least £2,000 for Lineham Farm, I am hoping that the final figure will be just above £2,500.


For those of you marshalling, the guy who was way ahead and who won by a mile (literally) was Darran Bilton of Leeds City.  He finished 5:12 ahead of the next guy.  His time of 52:12 knocked 2:32 off the course record that he set 5 years ago.  52:12 is a time that would win most flat 10 mile road races - to run it on our route was incredible.  I did ask him if he’d been round Eccup Reservoir and got quite a polite reply.    Darran’s next race is to run a marathon in Nairobi, representing GB.


The overall winner of the junior race was a 12 year old girl, Megan Blackburn from Doncaster AC.  Our runners performed well – Gavin Taylor was 1st B9-10 and 12th overall in 14:34.  Eddy Robinson was 5th overall in 13:56 but unfortunately there was another B13-14 ahead of Eddy, so no trophy. These were the only official Striders, but there were several sons and daughters running, including some Dugglebys, Loftuses, Partons, Redshaws and Eddy’s sister.  Paul Hunter’s daughter Josephine was running in the orange of Wetherby.


One runner collapsed at Wike Lane End (after only a mile and a quarter), was attended to by St John Ambulance, but became unconscious and the 999 ambulance was called.  She was taken to Harrogate Hospital and was released to go home at 2:30pm, with “No Fault Found” as we say in computers.  She had written some contact details on the back of her race number and the number was that of her partner who was spectating at the start.  Paul Furness was able to phone him and he was able to go to the hospital with the woman.  This (the writing of contact details on the back of your number) is a GOOD IDEA!


We will be discussing comments about the race this Tuesday after training.  Please come down to the club and or email me.  Better to come down, because then you can get your free bottle of beer for marshalling.


Race Result – Horsforth 10k


  70 Roy Flesher       41:23

  76 Bob Jackson       41:36

 105 Jonathan Browbill 43:44

 109 Jeremy Ladyman    43:59

 118 Sharon Tansley    44:13

 126 David Cusack      44:42

 169 Johnny Cocker     46:53 (PB)

 197 Eric Cusack       48:03

 204 John Bucktrout    48:12

 250 Chloe Hudson      50:05

 321 Lou Gilchrist     53:36 (1st W65)


Race Result – Great North Run


  94 Tracey Morris    1:13:23

 724 Dan Murray       1:30:13

 862 Greg Skerrett    1:31:54

1446 Liz Wood         1:35:39

1667 Rhiannon Silson  1:36:47

3614 Paul Sanderson   1:44:06

5551 Richard Adcock   1:48:54


Race Result – Selby Half Marathon


6th W and 2nd W40 – Erica Hiorns in a PB of 1:33:10, taking 3 minutes off her previous PB set 10 years ago


She says “At the risk of sounding like Jonathan, thanks for all the Tuesday night sessions - they have made all the difference”.  I put it down to long training sessions. Or just possibly single handedly writing out 50 runner labels for the Harewood Trail Race.


Joyce Lambert – progress report


Joyce had her angiogram at LGI last Thursday. They were able to insert a "stent" in her artery near to her heart which means she won't need to go back for further surgery.

She returned home the next day, and when I went to see her for 15 minutes in the afternoon, she was surrounded by cards, tired, but happy to be home.

Peter was allowed out to see the Harewood 10 mile reports steady progress.

Peter writes - "The Voice Returns"

Could I on behalf of Joyce thank the members of Valley Striders who have shown affection, sympathy and support during the recent "blip" in her health.

Hopefully the problem has now been cleared due to the attention given at St James and L.G.I. by the excellent medical staff.

As Andrew Cutts wrote - You will be hearing from me!!


Max Jones – progress report


Max was at Harewood doing his usual time-recording job, the bruises have started going down, and I don’t think he scared any of the children.


Race Report - Nedbank City Of Cape Town 10k - 16 Sept 2007


Jonathan Brownbill 42:27   Pos 122 out of 591 (top placed Valley Strider)


While in Cape Town I went training with Celtic Harriers Running Club (Claremont, Cape Town) on the 18 Sept 2007, very friendly club with in excess of 500 members. Two major differences between Valley Striders   and Celtic Harriers is that, firstly, they have a store of used running shoes and clothes for the disadvantaged runners who do not have the resources to purchase new running kit. Secondly a number of their runners          often train who have not eaten that day and do not know when they will get their next meal. Both sobering thoughts and surely all the encouragement any of us need when we don't fancy Tuesday training this winter!


Race Report - Gorilla Run – 22 Sept 2007


From Jane Halloran


Just to let you know I ran the Great Gorilla Run in London last Saturday. It is an annual fundraising event (for Gorilla conservation and associated community projects). I was second Gorilla home and had a great interview which was aired live on BBC 24 and CNN.


As we all had to run in Gorilla suits, I ran as a little Gorilla and not a Valley Strider.  


It was a tough 7km race and we did it in record time according to the news report but I didn’t have a stop watch – sorry!


I am getting a recording of the interview if anyone is interested. So far I have raised £555,


Email from Caz Farrow


(in response to “good Shepherd”result last week)


You can't do anything quietly around here-thought I'd nip off and have a stroll round the Good Shepherd last Saturday-only to read my results on your e-mail!


Was a qualifier for the 3 peaks and TOUGH!


Cross Country Future Dates  (spotted by Paul White)


Northerns to be held at Roundhay Park on 26th January 2008


Nationals to be held at Alton Towers on 23rd February 2008.  Rule change for 2008 - anybody can enter, no need to enter area championships beforehand.


Hyde Park Time Trial - starts 13th October 2007


(from Chapel Allerton RR)  There will be a FREE 5km time trial run in Hyde Park at 9am every Saturday morning. All you need to do is click on and register yourself online. Once you've registered, you can go as often as you like.


What’s missing and will be in the next V S Update?


Please let me know




Some things I forgot last night, and some that I didn’t know about


Brass Monkey – beat the Post Strike


Want to make sure you get in the Brass Monkey?  Bring your completed entry form, with cheque and SAE, to the Club tomorrow night (Tuesday) and we have a special courier service Wednesday a.m. to deliver it to the Entry Secretary’s house at no charge to you.


Cross Country on Sunday


Can anyone give Rhiannon a lift on Sunday, please?  She lives close to Kirkstall Leisure Centre. 


Anyone else going and wanting to share transport, let me know and I’ll try to arrange.


Burringham 10k (Scunthorpe) – report from Gary Shipley


I started training again during the summer and returned to racing on Sunday 7th October after long time off with a broken foot.  I finished first at Scunthorpe (Burringham 10k) 34.27.  On reflection I feel I was in shape to run quicker - I sat on two Scunthorpe AC runners for the first two miles and lost time before making a move and then I was on my own for the last four miles+. However, I should not complain ... at 44 years young you don't often find yourself in a position to run a tactical race. Great to be running again!  Keep the faith!


Chicago Marathon – results from Paul White


Tim did 2:44:02, Natalie did 3:56:06, in very hot and humid conditions.


Great North Run - pics of Tracey


Thanks to Melanie Watson who sent me two excellent pics of Tracey