Sent: 12 October 2007 00:25
Subject: FW: V S Update - Cross Country, Final Call for AGM and Pie and Peas, Quiz, Calderdale Way, Congrats to Gary


Cross Country Fixtures 2007/8


Here’s the full set of Cross Country races that Valley Striders will compete in this season. 


If you’re not registered for West Yorks and want to run West Yorks race 2, I need to know by this Saturday.  The cost for seniors is £6, you pay that whether you run 1,2,3 or 4 races.


All the Sport Direct XC are pay on the day usually £2.50.


The Yorkshire, Northern and National all are enter 4-6 weeks in advance, I will send an email nearer the time.


Sun 14 Oct 1145-1415 West Yorks 1 at Nunroyd Park, Guiseley, hosted by Skyrac AC

Sat 27 Oct 1145-1415 West Yorks 2 at Bramley Park (Not Bramley Falls Woods), hosted by Pudsey & Bramley AC

Sun 11 Nov 1100      Sport Direct 1 at Woodkirk Sports Club, not far from Dewsbury, hosted by Woodkirk RR

Sat 17 Nov 1145-1415 West Yorks 3 at York Knavesmire (TO BE CONFIRMED), hosted by Knavesmire H

Sun  2 Dec 1145-1415 West Yorks 4 at Thornes Park, Wakefield, hosted by Wakefield H

Sun 23 Dec 1100      Sport Direct 2 hosted by Ackworth RR, probably from Ackworth School

Sat  5 Jan           Yorkshire Cross Country Championships, venue to be advised

Sun 13 Jan 1100      Sport Direct 3 hosted by St Theresa’s AC, probably at Temple Newsam

Sat 26 Jan           Northern Cross Country Championships at Roundhay Park

Sun 17 Feb 1100      Sport Direct 4 at Danefield Park, Otley Chevin, hosted by Fellandale

Sat 23 Feb           English National Cross Country Championships at Alton Towers

Sun  9 Mar 1100      Sport Direct 5 at Immanuel College, Thackley, hosted by Eccleshill RR


Here’s the Streetmap for Nunroyd Park, Guiseley, this Sunday,441500&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf


It is recommended that you park at the Retail Park.  If you’re coming from Leeds on the A65, Nunroyd Park is the open space on the right about half a mile after the JCT 500 roundabout.  If you go 200 yards more, the Retail Park is on your left.  This also means you can have a Big Mac after the race.


I will pick up all the race numbers and you will either find me at the finish or in the Clubhouse.  When Geoff and Sylvia arrive with the yellow tent, I’ll pass the numbers on to them.  NB if you’re registered but not running the first race, we will have picked up your number for next time.


Richard Adcock has offered up to 4 lifts for Sunday.  He lives on Alwoodley Lane.  Contact him 293-0825 or 07860-263-955 or


We have been asked to provide 5 marshals for the race at Woodkirk.  Since this is 6 times better than hosting our own and having to provide 30 marshals and officials, I have agreed to this.  There’s only one race and it is less than an hour so you won’t be there too long.  So please email if you are available to help for this. 


AGM and Pie and Peas Tuesday 16 October


If you’d like food for the AGM, please book by Sunday 10pm by email – I’ll confirm this by email.  Please state whether meat or veg pie and whether mushy peas or baked beans.


If you miss this deadline, then you can text 0777 5898 558 before Monday 2pm.  I won’t confirm this as it costs me 10p a text but you will be able to check on the website Monday evening after 10pm. Please note that I don’t have access to email during Monday so there’s no point emailing me then. 


Food will be served from 8:10pm on Tuesday so if you’re not on the training session, come early and be first in the queue.


The training session will be a little shorter than normal - 3 by 6 minutes at High Ashes, so as to be back, showered, and in the meal queue also for about 8:10.


The AGM will start 8:30 pm prompt no matter how many people are in the pie and peas queue or at the bar.


Not that I’m being stroppy but I’d like the AGM to finish by 10:15 (and even earlier if possible).


Bring your chequebooks and/or some cash and Paul White will be pleased to accept your subs.




Here’s a little quiz if you’ve a few spare moments before Tuesday.  Write down all the items associated with the race that you think I had in my car last Saturday morning and last Sunday morning driving to the race. 


Then if the AGM gets a bit boring we’ll have something to do.  NB if the AGM isn’t boring, I’ll take your answers home.


For example, if you said “race numbers”, I’d give you 1 mark.  NB if you try to be clever and say race number 1, race number 2 up to 1000, you wouldn’t get 1000 marks, in fact you wouldn’t get any, because I didn’t have 1 or 2 (but I did have 1000).  But I would give you up to four marks if you could identify the 4 types of race number that I did have in my car.


Calderdale Way Relay


Initially our entries were rejected as the race was over-subscribed, but they’ve allowed 20 more teams in and we are two of them.  So now we need 20 runners. 


Geoff writes:


This event is run in pairs (as in Leeds Country Way).  2 teams have been entered, a vets and a mixed.  So far 10 definite names have been put forward with a further 10 possibles.  If you are interested in taking part, put your name forward as soon as possible.  Women are particularly in short supply.  Enter now before all the places are taken.  Phone  0113 266 6288.


Congratulations to Gary Shipley


Sorry, I missed this from the email on Monday.  Gary’s win at Scunthorpe is the first outright race win by a Strider for 18 months.  Yes we have had several women being first woman, and many vets category first places, but Gary’s win was the first outright win.  Congratulations!


Hope to see lots of you on Tuesday!