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Subject: V S Update - Track Training next Tuesday, Withins Skyline results, more results, membership cards, party invite, Abbey Dash (and Max) , sponsorship


Track Training at Carnegie, Tuesday 30 October

This is ON!

Now, if we just did 400 metre laps, we’d have the problem that the slowest ones would get no rest and the fastest ones would get cold.

So the plan is to do a timed session similar to our normal “400s” at Bodington, i.e. 80 seconds running and 45 seconds recovery. 

We will probably do 12 of these with either a break after 6, or breaks after 4 and 8.  And then at the end, anyone who wants to can have a go at a timed 400 metre or 800 metre run.

I still don’t have full details of the arrangements, this is what I do know:

- The price is £2.25, this price includes the use of the Changing Rooms and Showers and free car parking (and of course the Track).  Please bring the money (but I’m not sure who, when and how we pay).

- Entry to the Campus is via either the “North Gate” or the “South Gate”.  I am assuming that both of these are accessed from Otley Road, and that the North Gate is via Church Wood Drive,437168&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf    (the South Gate being St Chad’s Drive).

- The Athletics track is almost the furthest point away from these gates.  On the map there are two car parks indicated close to the track.  Here’s a plan of the site but NB it’s quite a big download

- Changing is in the “Athletics Centre”.  I am still waiting for details regarding accessing the Athletics Centre, but we will be allowed in to get changed from 6:45 pm.  I suggest we arrive between 6:45 and 6:55.

- We aren’t allowed onto the track, nor to use the “jogging trail” until 7:30 pm, so I am proposing that we meet outside the changing rooms (having changed) at 7:05 - 7:10 pm and then go for a group gentle jog of 15 minutes on the roads round Headingley / West Park to warm up.

- After the track session, we can use the “jogging trail” for a 5 minute cool down.

- Any problems with access, please quote the name “Jacqui Stephens”, she is the bookings officer with whom I have made arrangements.

Anyone who is available to come along and help with the session, please email me or just come along on the Tuesday evening (no charge if you’re not running)

Race Report and Result – Withins Skyline

From Steve Webb

An interesting time was had by all on the Bronte Moors, which were bathed in warm sunshine for once.  Geoff's knee had a close encounter with a boulder in the long grass so he shed blood for the cause and went home via Bradford Royal Infirmary.  The race results show an unusual discontinuity of 2 minutes between 6th and 7th place.  I was in a group comprising 7th, 8th and 9th place which missed the turn just after Top Withins (no marshal and too sunny to see the flag) and ran on a long way before I realised and got us back across to the race route.  We wasted about 3 minutes on this and took quite a few people with us, hence the gap in finishers!  Dave also went wrong initially but was able to correct much quicker and wasted about 30 seconds by his reckoning.  Eirik and Richard had a good battle all the way round.  There are some quality photos on but note Eirik is masquerading in an Italian soccer shirt rather than the VS kit.  This race is certainly one of the muddier ways of getting a curly-wurly.  

 11  Dave Middlemas     48.02

 25  Steve Webb         49.19

 48  Eirik Stangnes     51.40

 50  Richard King       51.51

 95  Ian Sanderson      57.33

100  Andrew Cutts       58.01

125  Simon Redshaw      60.58

134  Geoff Webster      62.20

160  Nick Barnes        65.35

165  Paul Sanderson     67.00

176  Bob Wilkes         70.11

Results and more photos on including picture of Geoff’s knee.

Race Report – Amsterdam Marathon

From Dan Murray

Thought I would let you know how Greg and I got on at the weekend in Amsterdam. Great conditions for running, blue skies and a little chilly but perfect when we got started. We both came over the line together at 3:24:25 which we were both very happy with. Great support from all the crowds, especially at the finishing line when I looked over to see a very excited man who shouted 'come on Valley Striders' for me to only see that it was Tony Audenshaw AKA Bob Hope from Emmerdale! The Union Jacks and names on our backs got lots of cheers. Picture attached for the archives of us both in action. Can't wait for the next Marathon!  NB I won't be seeing you tonight at training as the cold I have been fighting on the run up to Amsterdam has finally caught up with me.

Click on this link, enter “Murray” and from the resulting page you can click for a video of Dan and Greg finishing !  NB there’s a 20 second advert first.

Race Result – Green Drive 5

Wherever you run, Paul Hunter’s eagle eye will find your results.  In this case it was Chloe and Jeremy running in Chloe’s home town, Lytham St Annes.

 68 Jeremy Ladyman      33:48

127 Chloe Hudson        37:55

Abbey Dash

Did you buy a Yorkshire Evening Post last Wednesday?  If you did you’d have seen a photo-montage of Max Jones aged 80 running on the road by his house just ahead of Roger Bannister (photo from breaking 4-minute mile in 1954)

“Max beat a legend and is still in it for the long run”

As Max admits, this was part of an advertisement campaign for the Abbey Dash

A few quotes:

- Max's latest challenge is the Help the Aged Leeds Abbey Dash on Sunday November 25 where he will be the oldest competitor in the 10km race.  He is hoping for a time of under 50 minutes.

- "You had to tick your age category on the entry form, and they didn't have one for 80, so I drew my own box," said Max.

- "I don't run or jog, I don't like those terms. I race or am in training to race."

- In 1997 he set a world record for his age group in the British 24 hours championships in Hull. He ran 118 miles in 24 hours with only short breaks for refreshments. He came second in the event overall.

You’ll find a full copy of the article and the photo at

Help Required – message from Colin Morath of Abbey Runners

Can I make an appeal through you for assistance at the Abbey Dash.  So far Sylvia and Geoff can help but Max is planning to run.

Numbers are well into the 4000 plus so we are anxious that we can cope with the numbers.

If you reply to me, I’ll put Colin in touch with you.  Thanks

Help also required – Sunday 11 November

5 marshals required to help for cross country race at Woodkirk, please.  This is 25 marshals less than if we’d had to put on our own race, so please help!  I’ve one volunteer so far.

Membership Cards

Just got this message from U K Athletics

We have received your fees. We are importing all information and sending information to the printers from the database on a weekly basis. Cards are also been sent out weekly from the printers. I hope by mid November most clubs should have their cards. All members will receive a card whether they are competition or non competing. If competing the member will receive a competition licence, if non competing they will be issued with a membership card.

NB This applies to all members with registration numbers up to and including 306.  For those Striders who have joined since 31 August, we’ll send off for another batch in a couple of weeks time.

Good Luck to …

… Tracey running in the Great South Run (10 mile) at Portsmouth this weekend and won’t want reminding that this is where she tripped and banged her knee while warming up last year which cost her about 6 weeks training.

… all Striders running in the West Yorks cross country at Bramley Park on Saturday.  The map shows a trig point in the middle of the park which implies a summit.  Enough said!

Birthday Party Invite for Striders and Friends

Message from Eric Cusack

There’s a party on Saturday 3rd Nov. At "Candia" 1A, Silverdale Close, Coach Road, Guiseley.

From 4pm. onwards. Everybody welcome.

Caution!  May contain NUTS & crisps & binge drinking.

Cheers , ERIC

Marathon Sponsorship

If you sponsored Chris Leggatt, please let me have your money as soon as possible.

If you’d like to sponsor Xanthe Hannah she says

I'm running the New York marathon on 4th November and will be raising money for the West Riding of Yorkshire Ileostomy Association. It's a charity that helps support people who have had, or will be having, an ileostomy due to a variety of illnesses such as Crohn's disease or bowel cancer. It's a local charity (a local branch of a national charity) that doesn't get much mainstream support hence my wanting to support it. It is also a charity that my friend is closely involved with as a sufferer of Crohn's disease.  Sponsor on Just Giving website

You and Your Skin

From Mick Tinker

Continuing with the successful “You and Your Body” projects we are pleased to announce the final event for the year of “You and Your Skin”

Come along and find out how to look after your skin the sun, learn about advances in wound care and see how scientist can grow skin. Listen to talks, have a go on interactive exhibits and talk to expert doctors and scientists. See some of the cutting edge research going on in Leeds and elsewhere and find out more about what the University of Leeds gets up to!

Tickets are limited but are free of charge. Small community groups are particularly welcome. Refreshments will be available.

To book your free place(s) please visit and complete the booking form.

We look forward to welcoming you to the University of Leeds on 8th December

Progress on actions from AGM

Quite a lot, so I’ll report to you in the next V S Update

Thank You

To everyone who has contributed reports, results and information for this email.  It makes my job so much easier! 

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