Sent: 28 October 2007 21:04
Subject: V S Update - Track Training, AGM minutes, Cross country results, Pie and peas


Track Training at Carnegie / Beckett Park, Tuesday 30 October

It’s still on!  And I’ve been there today for a recce.

There are two ways of getting into Beckett Park, two sets of changing rooms, and two ways of getting into the track.

I suggest we go for the Main Sports Centre which is much smarter, has a foyer area where we can meet, and drinks machines etc for afterwards.  NB Don’t forget £2.25 and also bring a £1 coin for the lockers.

Jerry Watson recommends going through the North Gate on Church Wood Avenue and here’s a nice Google map he’s done  Follow the red dots!  If you can’t download the map, then I need to tell you that Church Wood Lane is about a third of the way between the Weetwood Lane junction (Three Horse Shoes pub, Brian’s, Cottage Road Cinema area) and West Park (Up & Running).  To get to the Sports Centre, follow the signs, this means, having passed through the entrance barrier from Church Wood Lane, generally continue to travel in the same straight line, although there is a little right turn and left turn half way along.

It sounds complicated, but the floodlights will be on at the track and this should make it easier to find!

Jerry says : “If you park in the car park by the track using the north entrance from Church Wood drive, the entrance to the Sports Centre is opposite the car park entrance. £ 2.25 is the standard price for a using the track. As you enter the Sports Centre you'll see the turnstile and cash desk in front of you so you'll just need to say "one for the track". Go through the turnstile and either turn left to go straight to the track, or turn right and through the doors to look for the changing rooms”.

Meet you in the foyer at 6:50 before getting changed or 7:10 ready changed.

I’m sure some people won’t get this email, so we’ll have to start by finding them, they’ll be at the Outdoor Reception / Athletics Centre (they will have entered via the South Gate on St Chad’s Road, and again continued in a straight line), which has portacabins for changing.

Hopefully the training will be easier than finding your way.

Having run a 15 minute warm up round the streets, we’ll be running three sets of four by 400 metres.

In my last email I mentioned running 80 seconds on, 45 seconds off as we do for the normal 400’s.  We will do that for one set.

But providing that there are not too many other runners on the track, we’ll also do one set where we run for 400, then slow and jog back to the starting position (the faster runners will have to jog for a bit longer while the slower runners get to the line).  I have figured out the lane markings so everyone can do exactly 400 metres, so don’t forget your watches!

The third set will be your choice from the above.

And as I said before, we could all do a single timed 400m at the end.

Word of warning – the track is very springy compared with running on tarmac – take it easy on the first couple of reps until you’ve got used to it!

Annual General Meeting

Although not her official committee position, our Minutes Secretary, Sylvia Watson, has now completed a very comprehensive set of notes and minutes from the meeting, which are now available on the website  and very good they are too!

Cross Country Results

The women’s team were 8th (up from 12th last time). Elika had a brilliant result finishing just ahead of the 2007 Leeds Half Marathon runner-up, Andrea Dennison.

 10  0:20:10 TASKER, Elika    

 41  0:21:48 SCHOFIELD, Carole

 51  0:22:33 PALMER, Hayley   

 57  0:22:50 SILSON, Rhiannon 

 76  0:24:20 TANSLEY, Sharon  

 99  0:26:55 WATSON, Sylvia   


The men’s team finished 10th (up from 13th last time). Alastair and Kevin were both wearing the Valley Striders vest for the first time and figured in our top 6.  We were two-thirds of the way to making up 3 teams.

 30  0:34:06 MOULES, Gareth  

 61  0:35:38 KENNIS, Alastair

 76  0:36:16 WATSON, Jerry   

 86  0:36:35 MCMULLEN, Kevin 

118  0:38:16 TAYLOR, Drew    

128  0:39:00 STANGNES, Eirik  

139  0:39:50 NEEDHAM, Graham 

145  0:40:34 HUTCHINSON, Alan

151  0:41:02 JACKSON, Bob    

170  0:42:46 HUNTER, Mark    

174  0:43:15 GAL-OR, Eran    

187  0:44:47 ADCOCK, Richard 

189  0:45:10 TINKER, Mick    

190  0:45:39 FALE, Alistair  

200  0:47:44 WILKES, Bob     

201  0:48:12 WEBSTER, Geoff  

Also running was second-claim Strider

101  0:37:17 HORBURY, Martin  (Keighley & Craven)

Boys Under-11

Gavin made an improvement to finish 15th out of 39 in the boys under 11 race (last time he was 13th out of 28)

 15  0:05:58 TAYLOR, Gavin              

Girls Under-11

Josephine Mather-Hunter helped Wetherby Runners to come first team in this race, beating Skyrac, Halifax, Wakefield, Bingley, Carnegie and Holmfirth.  Please pass on our congratulations, Paul!

  5  0:06:02 MATHER-HUNTER, Josephine

Boys Under-13

Ollie Watson represented Carnegie

 25  0:15:15 WATSON, Ollie

Next Cross-countries

Sunday 11 November at Woodkirk (4 more marshals needed please)

Saturday 17 November at Knavesmire, York

Another Result

Peter Stevenson was 57th out of 131 at the “Pickering and Moors multiterrain 10k”.  Scanning the results I see he was 1st over-60, I wonder whether he won a prize?

Pie and Peas, Tuesday 6 November

First Tuesday of the month, so must be pie and peas … and apple pie too.

Please book by email, stating whether meat or vegetarian pie, whether mushy peas or baked beans, and whether you would like apple pie (with cream or ice cream).  The apple pie is £1 extra and optional, i.e. if you only want the main course, just say “no apple pie”.

Bookings by Sunday 4 November 10p.m – will be confirmed.  Late bookings by Monday 5 November 2p.m. text to 0777 5898 558 – no confirmation!  Even later bookings, you take your chance!


Hope to see many of you on one or both of the next two Tuesdays