Sent: 20 December 2007 10:11
Subject: V S Update - Sport Direct XC, Abbey Valley, Dec-Jan events, Results, Quiz, Happy new year


Sport Direct XC at Ackworth

The next Sport Direct race is this Sunday, 23 December at Ackworth.

Paul has already sent you a reminder so you’ll already have the date marked in your diaries!

I know that some of you are unavailable because you are away on your travels for the Holidays.  So my message to those of you that are available but undecided: “please come and run!”

Here’s the map,417210&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf

The simplest route (but not necessarily the shortest) is

- down the M1 to the M62

- turn left, 3 junctions to Jct 32

- turn right, head through Pontefract on the A639

- just through Pontefract bear right onto the A628 hopefully signed Ackworth / Hemsworth / Barnsley

- two and a half miles to Ackworth and Ackworth School is on your right.

But if you live East of Leeds, then the AA recommended route is via the A63 and then the A656.

For those with SatNav, your destination is WF7 7LT.

Here are more details

It’s about 5 miles, a mixture of muddy paths, good paths and two short sections of tarmac.  Unsuitable for spikes, fell shoes/studs recommended, but I’m sure trail shoes will do fine and good studded road shoes should get you round. A good opportunity for those new to cross country to experience the delights of running a race without mile markers or a clock.

Only £2 this time because there’s no food provided but the arrangement is to meet afterwards in the Rustic Arms at Low Ackworth (this is the pub you pass at mile 12 of the Ackworth Half Marathon)

Abbey Valley Challenge

Talking of the Ackworth Half Marathon, I’ve had an email from Mark Hetherington (and you’ll have to read further to find the connection)

Hi Bob,

Just wanted to run an idea past you! I have been talking to some of our members (and a few of yours too) about the idea of instigating an annual Abbey vs Valley Road Race Trophy.

The basic idea would be that each club would take it in turns (Abbey one year, Striders the next) to nominate a local road race (over any distance from 5K to half marathon) run sometime between January and June (examples could include Dewsbury 10K, Snake Lane 10 mile, Ackworth Half, John Carr 5K, etc.). As long as the race was easy enough to enter (i.e. not Brass monkey), not involving either club in its organisation (i.e. not Leeds Half), and not clashing with a club Grand Prix race, it shouldn’t matter which one was chosen, provided it was done far enough in advance to allow everyone a chance to enter.

The result would be calculated by adding the times of the first 8 men and 4 ladies home from each club (these numbers could obviously be changed, and/or you could include vet categories in the calculation): lowest aggregate time wins. We could then designate a pub for post-race drinks, food and banter (please don’t bring Jonathan Brownbill…).

I am happy to provide a perpetual trophy, with plenty of room for engraving ‘Abbey Runners’ on the plinth each year (this is the ‘red rag to a bull’ approach!).

Let me know what you think: I am very much in favour of stimulating a bit more friendly competition between our two clubs! If you like the idea, we can meet up at the Ackworth XC on Dec 23rd and toss a coin to decide who gets to choose the race in 2008.

Cheers, Mark

And I’ve found out that if Mark wins the toss of the coin he’s going to choose the Ackworth half.

Chevin Chase

See you all there and remember this is the first GP race of 2008, so if you’ve got an entry, no wimping on the day.

If you’ve an entry but now can’t run, please let me know, I may be able to “recycle” it (providing it complies with the “13 rules”)

Xmas Handicap

Sunday 30 December 11am prompt meet at the bottom of the hill by the Res for a 5 mile route round the Res almost to Eccup and back.  Then afterwards back to Leos.

London Marathon Places

If you were rejected from the London Marathon, we have a ballot for two places which we will hold on 30 December.  You need to have your rejection slip to be eligible for the ballot.  So far there are three candidates so the odds are good for them.

Harrogate Ringway Relay

So far we have 24 runners i.e. 4.8 teams for the Ringway Relay on January 6. 

We need a woman to run leg 1 to complete the 5th team – leg 1 is just over 2 miles and no need to recce, just follow everyone else!

Anyone else interested let me know as soon as possible and I’ll set up a 6th team if we get 5 more.

Details on the website. The longest leg is just over 5 miles, and the website explains how you can recce a leg and then return via a shorter route so the maximum recce run is just under 10 miles.

There may be a recce run on January 1, leg 1 at 11:00, leg 2 at 11:25, leg 3 at 12:15, leg 4 at 13:15, leg 5 at 14:05, finish at 15:00.  If you are interested in joining for “your” leg or more than one leg, let me know.

Yorkshire & Northern Cross Country

We have 6 for the Yorkshires and 39 for the Northerns (names on the list page on the website).  Entries have closed for both.

Yorks Vets Cross Country

So far we have 8 for the Yorkshire Vets on 13 January at Keighley. 

There is a Sport Direct the same day so please come and run one of these to ensure we have teams for both. 

Closing date for Yorks vets is 3 January, please let Geoff or Sylvia (or me) know before then if you want to run.

January Training

No training at Leos on 1st January, so the sessions are all one week late

8 January – 3 by 10 minutes at High Ashes followed by pie and peas – I am taking orders now.  There has been suggestion that for one of our pie and peas nights we have lasagna (carnivore and veg versions) instead, we may do that for February

15 January – track at Leeds Met Beckett Park

22 January – 5 by 6 minutes at High Ashes

29 January – hills on Church Lane

Xmas meal and Presentation Night

A Quiz and lots of excellent food were followed by presentations of some Performance Awards, the Also Ran Trophy, the Grand Prix T-shirts, the Fell Championship trophy, a gift to Tony, and the Marathon Trophy. The final event was the raffle for presents that money can’t buy (thanks, Steve) which after paying for tips to the bar staff, made a profit of £41 for Lineham Farm, thanks!

I’ll put a full list of winners in the next V S Update, but those of you who weren’t there can have a go at the Quiz which is at the end of this email.

WYXC Results – from Paul Hunter

Well done to all who turned out for the final race – the weather was mixed to say the least.

Results are as follows:

Girls U11        

    6 Josephine Mather-Hunter 0:06:56

      (Member of Winning Wetherby Team)


Boys U11

   13 Gavin Taylor     0:06:48


Boys U13

    7 Ollie Watson     0:13:40



   24 Caz Farrow       0:21:47

   38 Carole Schofield 0:22:55

   51 Hayley Palmer    0:24:29

   65 Madeleine Watson 0:25:54

Finished 8th

Sylvia finished 2nd W55 in the series     



   47 Alastair Kennis  0:35:45

   68 Jerry Watson     0:37:08

   90 Drew Taylor      0:38:41

   94 Mark Greaves     0:38:52

  104 Rob Bumstead     0:39:15

  122 Eirik Stangnes   0:40:58

  152 Eran Gal-Or      0:44:30

  153 Alistair Fale    0:44:43

  158 Tony Haygarth    0:45:48

  168 Geoff Webster    0:48:40

Finished 12th   

Bob Wilkes finished 2nd M65 in the series


Calderdale Way Relay


Valley Striders “A”

1 Mick Wrench & Simon Vallance   1:24:57 39  1:24:57 39

2 Greg Skerrett & Dan Murray     1:14:56 40  2:39:53 36

3 Geoff Webster & Paul Sanderson 0:56:10 89  3:36:03 49

4 Steve Webb & Mark Greaves      1:24:22 37  5:00:25 46

5 Alistair Fale & Mark Hunter    1:12:52 63  6:13:17 47

6 Rob Bumstead & Ian Sanderson   1:19:20 39  7:32:37 44


Valley Striders “B”

1 Andrew Cutts & Paul Hunter     1:34:01 66  1:34:01 66

2 J Brownbill & Patrick Barrett  1:22:02 72  2:56:03 68

3 Sylvia Watson & Sara Dyer      1:07:03 105 4:03:06 86

4 Graham Needham & A Hutchinson  1:30:29 56  5:33:35 82

5 Liz Ball & Mick Tinker         1:21:24 89  6:54:59 81

6 Jerry Watson & Drew Taylor     1:17:01 28  8:12:00 75


111 teams finished


Denby Dale Travellers 6


 20 Steve Morley     38:10

 44 Jeremy Ladyman   40:42

 56 Eric Green       42:15

123 Chloe Hudson     48:52


Card from Janet Kitchen

I have received a card from Janet (who presented our Marathon Trophy) wishing all Striders success and an injury-free 2008.

Message from Laura Clark

Hi Bob,

Hope you are well.  I am currently in Railay, Thailand, having a lovely time on the beach, it is very warm and sunny here!  Nepal was excellent scenery, very beautiful and people very friendly.

Anyway please can you put my name down for the Northerns at Roundhay Park on Saturday 26 January.

Hope you have a good Xmas and see you in the New Year.


NB Geoff gave Laura a mention at the Xmas Do.  Laura finished 4th but would have finished higher had she continued to run fell races in Yorkshire rather than getting in some altitude training by walking the Annapurna Trail in Nepal!


Valley Striders Quiz

    1.    In which year were Valley Striders founded? .. 1980 / 1981 / 1982

    2.    Where were Valley Striders founded? .. Woodhouse Place / Ian Place / Lucas Place

    3.    Who is the fastest all time marathon runner for Striders? .. Steve O’Callaghan / Tracey Morris / Bob Jackson

    4.    How many Striders ever have been selected for Great Britain? .. 1 / 2 / 3

    5.    Which team were promoted to Premier Division of Sport Direct League this year? .. men / women / both

    6.    How many age group trophies did we win in Sport Direct League? .. 1 / 3 / 5

    7.    How many runners in the Summer Handicap Trail Run? .. 40 / 50 / 60

    8.    And was the number of runners in the Autumn Handicap  .. higher / lower / the same

    9.    What was Tracey’s time in the World Championships at Osaka? .. 2:34:38 / 2:36:40 / 2:38:42

 10.    And what position did she finish? .. 19th / 24th / 29th

 11.    What was the winning margin for the women’s team in the :Leeds Country Way .. 22 seconds / 37 seconds / 52 seconds

 12.    Who were runners up? .. Horsforth / Abbey / Leeds City

 13.    How many races did Striders organize or co-organize in 2007? .. 2 / 5 / 8

 14.    How many Striders (men and women) have won individual races in 2007? .. 5 / 8 / 11

 15.    How many Striders have qualified for Performance Certificates in 2007? .. 10 / 15 / 20

 16.    How many women were in the top 3 Striders first claim club marathon times this year? .. 1 / 2 / 3

 17.    How many in the top 3 Striders first claim club marathon times in 2007 are English? .. 0 / 1 / 2

 18.    How many new members joined in 2007? .. 39 / 49 / 59

 19.    How many Life Memberships were awarded this year? .. 2 / 4 / 6

 20.    In which article in Wikipedia will you find Valley Striders? .. Harewood House / Meanwood Trail footpath / Tracey Morris

A small prize will be awarded to the first all-correct entry, or, if no all-correct entries are received, to the one with the most correct received by 7 January.  (Those who attended the Xmas Do aren’t eligible).

Christmas and New Year Holidays

The Valley Striders email service and website remains open for business over the holiday period but for those of you who receive emails at work, I guess that for many of you, this will be the last V S Update you receive till next year, so I echo Janet Kitchen’s message in wishing you all a successful and injury-free year in 2008