Sent: 13 January 2008 16:25
Subject: VS Mini-Update : Track Training & Leeds Half Marathon


Firstly a reminder that training this coming Tuesday is on the track at Leeds Met / Carnegie / Beckett Park - whatever you want to call it, be there for 7:05pm at the latest so you can pay your money and join the warm-up jog through the streets for 15 minutes before we get onto the track at 7:30.  Same arrangement as last time 4 times 400 metres, then 4 times 2 minutes, then 4 times 400 metres, then Three Horse Shoes, with suitable rest periods between each rep.


Secondly (and lastly) a reminder to send your comments about the cancellation of the Leeds Half Marathon to the Yorkshire Evening Post and optionally directly to Leeds City Council.  There were features in the Y.E.P. on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday just gone.  All the reports and the addresses to email are on our website  Keep sending in your comments and there is a chance we can get the Leeds Half back on again this year.


Expect a proper V S Update later this week!