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Subject: VS Update - Training, Pie-peas, Lucozade, 10ks to enter, Results and reports


Training / Pie and peas / Lucozade


Some notes about the next four weeks


26 February – hills at Church Lane


4 March – 3 by 10 mins at High Ashes, followed by pie and peas (£2.50) and optional apple pie (£1.50).  Please book, selecting meat pie or veg pie, mushy peas or baked beans, whether you want apple pie – with cream or ice cream, by email before Sunday 2 March 10pm.  If you don’t book, you aren’t guaranteed a meal!


11 March – track is closed, so 5 by 6 mins at High Ashes. 


We are trying to book a training specialist from Lucozade to come along to Striders on 11 March. The arrangement will be that they arrive before our training session and weigh a number of runners, and then weigh them again after the session, they would then demonstrate about dehydration etc.  They would also give a general training talk for about 30/40 mins with a Q&A session after and provide some Lucozade free samples. They are all full qualified specialists and not there just to push Lucozade products.  We need to give them rough numbers so please let me know on or before next Tuesday if you are likely to come. Full details in the next email.   (Thanks to Patrick Barrett for setting this up)


18 March – track session at Beckett Park / Leeds Met / Carnegie


Wakefield 10k – 30 March (Abbey Valley challenge)


Please enter as soon as possible.  You can enter online at, it only costs £1 extra and it will save two postage stamps and an envelope. 


Striders have 45 runners entered so far which is fantastic … but Abbey have 55, so come on!


I have accepted Simon Redshaw’s excuse for not running, it is a long way back from Annapurna.


Rothwell 10k – 20 April


My information is that there are now fewer than 60 places left.  Grand Prix points are available at this race, so if you want some, I recommend that you get your entry in this weekend at the very latest.  You can enter online at and there is no extra charge for this


Northern cross country


There are now 60 new pictures on the website, thanks to Mark Hunter and Chris Leggatt.


Rombalds Stride


 33  Caz Farrow          3:27:19  (2nd W)

 34  Mick Loftus         3:27:19

 47  Rob Bumstead        3:31:41

 92  David Cusack        3:57:22

120  John Wallace        4:12:35

127  Richard Adcock      4:16:50

171  Madeleine Watson    4:38:53

178  Paul Sanderson      4:42:04

189  Peter Stevenson     4:45:13

197  Eric Cusack         4:50:09

216  Pam Baird           5:02:31

233  Adela Reperecki     5:24:42

262  Lyn Eden            5:41:12

263  Jim Towers          5:41:12

378  Simon Redshaw       7:49:07


Richard Adcock emailed this link  (thank you!)


Paul Sanderson emailed


A memorable day out, the second longest run I’ve ever done. I registered OK but I was then asked to move my car and missed the start. I had to overtake all the walkers (including Simon) and caught up with various friends at the first refreshment stop just outside Baildon. Baildon Moor was a bit windy and the climb up to the masts on Ilkley Moor was icy but at least the visibility was good and the gales of the previous two days had calmed down. The descent to White Wells on the road had to be taken carefully and then it was off to the Rocky Valley when a blizzard put in an appearance for twenty minutes or so.


Things were a bit calmer by Burley Woodhead but the climb up to the Chevin was still looming ahead. Losing height down West Chevin Road was pretty demoralizing but we eventually got to the top and could start running again. I saw Peter at the check point in the Quarry car park and he elected for the shorter, steeper climb while I went for the longer but less steep option. I enjoyed the long run down into Guiseley at the end and the pie and peas back at the school went down a treat.


John Wallace emailed


I did Rombalds stride - 4hr 12 mins which I was pretty pleased with. Very well organised event, even though I did make one route error and ended up climbing part of the Chevin twice! (I'll blame that on other runners not following the official route and misleading me).


Wadsworth Trog


Peter Stevenson emailed me the full results (thank you!)



 See Simon’s report

122 finished


Half Trog

 23 Richard King  1:31:23

 56 finished


Simon Vallance emailed


Caz benefited from taking it a bit easier at the Rombalds stride and stormed to victory in the Wadsworth Trog on Saturday.  On a glorious day (too hot for some of us), she was 1st woman in 3:38:47 (35th overall). Despite the sunshine, the course itself was extremely boggy and away from the footpaths both strength-sapping and frustrating in equal measure.  I struggled in some 8 minutes later (50th position in 3:46:41) having battled with cramp for most of the second half.  I probably would have profited from a bit more training beforehand as well.  I also managed to run face first into a gate at about 12 miles which didn’t help matters either.


Eirik wasn’t far behind me (3:51:31) in 57th place, having suffered a similar fate to me (the cramp that is, not the gate-kissing activity).


Caz will receive her well-deserved trophy just as soon as the chap from the Dark Peak who forgot to bring it on the day can find a Valley Strider to pass it on to.  Otherwise, she’ll have to wait until the Edale Skyline.


Report from the Hebden Bridge Times


“Gray beats his own best as he tames the beast again”


AFTER last year's event had to be cancelled due to heavy snow, athletes were blessed with glorious spring-like weather this time for the Wadsworth Trog and half Trog — affectionately known by runners as "the beast", organised by the Calder Valley fell runners, and starting from the cricket club at Old Town above Hebden Bridge.


Over a 20 mile course with 4000ft of climbing, Karl Gray of the host club had a phenomenal run, smashing his own record by 4 minutes as well as coming home 9 minutes in front of the 2nd placed Ian Holmes of Bingley in a time of 2.38.15.


Calder Valley ladies team were to finish in second place, narrowly beaten by the ladies of Todmorden Harriers.


First Lady home was Cath Farrow of Valley Striders in a time of 3:38:47, but Todmorden’s Christine Preston chased her all the way to finish 2nd lady and first veteran.


Next Todmorden lady was Jane Smith, who was 6th lady overall and first veteran 50. These two were backed up by Mel Blackhurst in seventh position, Todmorden easily taking the team prize.


In the 9 mile half trog Calder Valley clinched the mens team prize thanks to good performances from Shaun Godsman in second place, Adam Breaks in third and, in 10th spot, Steve Hunter. Lee Athersmith (Bingley) was the race winner in a time of 1.09.57.


Other Calder finishers in the full Trog were: 10th Jason Stevens 3.11.52; 48th Adrian Muir 3.46.25; 52nd and 3rdlady, Naomi Sharratt 3.46.55; 59th Johnnie Watson 3.56.17; 60th Phil Scarf 3.56.39; 91st Stewart Gardner 4.19.53; 92nd Allan Greenwood 4.20.41; 98th Claire Hanson 4.24.48; 119th Charlotte Roberts 4.54.09.


Thirteen Calder runners completed the half trog including Anne Johnson, Gayle Sugden and Jackie Scarf, who formed the winning ladies team.


Liversedge Half Marathon


 34 Jon Uttley         1:30:13

 41 Eric Green         1:31:44 3rd M50, prize!

 55 Adam Parton        1:34:06

118 Hayley Nancolas    1:41:28

151 Sue Sunderland     1:45:20

265 Ruth Cranidge      1:56:15

266 Paul Greaney       1:56:27


PECO (Sport Direct) Race 4 on Otley Chevin



  9 Alastair Kennis

 23 Simon Vallance    vet 40

 24 Drew Taylor       vet 40

 26 Richard King

 35 Graham Needham    vet 40

 40 Eirik Stangnes

 44 Paul Hunter

 61 Matt Allen

 84 Alan Hutchinson   vet 50

 90 Eric Green        vet 50

 93 Simon Redshaw

 94 Richard Adcock

 95 John Wallace

 97 Bob Jackson

104 Alistair Fale

105 Tony Haygarth     vet 60

112 Jim Towers

119 Mick Tinker

157 finished


Team total (8 to count) 262 – team were first in division 2 and actually beat all but 2 of the first division teams!  The men will win division 2 if they finish third or better in the final race, and will be promoted if they finish sixth or better.


The vets team (3 M40, 2 M50, 1 M60 to count) finished 3rd and have now moved up to 2nd overall.



  1 Caz Farrow

  4 Laura Clark

 14 Carole Schofield  vet 45

 24 Sue Sunderland    vet 45

 28 Sharon Tansley

 88 Lyn Eden          vet 55

 98 finished


Team total (5 to count) 71 – team were third in division 1.  There is now a 3-way tie at the bottom of division 1, Striders have to beat the other two teams (Horsforth and Ackworth) to stay up.  There are some other mathematical possibilities which I won’t go into.  Caz is unavailable for the final race, so it is vital that we get our next best runners out.


The vets team (1 W35 or older, 1 W45, 1 W55) finished 3rd on the day.


Congratulations to Caz, she is assured of being the overall individual winner of the league, with three first places and one second!  


We have 4 other runners currently in medal positions for their age-groups – Drew, Carole, myself and Lyn.


Also running (as a guest) was Alastair’s partner Kay, who finished 25th.  Unfortunately I didn’t have any membership forms with me at the time, but I will try to sign her up before 9 March.


PECO Sport Direct Race 5


Note that the final race is 9 March at Thackley (go to the Olive Tree roundabout, turn on the A657 towards Shipley and it’s only 2 miles along there).  for full details


PECO Sport Direct Race 6


I’ve just received this communication from the PECO Sport Direct League


This year it has been decided that there will be an extra race in the series - for Premier Division Clubs only.


The women will be running in Los Angeles and the men in Sydney


R Scudamore


NB further details will be published soon.  The date of these races is likely to be Tuesday 1 April.


A couple of quotes


“You have to forget your last marathon before you try another. Your mind can’t know what’s coming“  Frank Shorter (former US Marathon Champion) - from an excellent book “The Quotable Runner”


“When you’re aiming for a PB, don’t think about the pain of the extra effort, think that the pain will be for less time.”  Bob Jackson (I think this may be original unless proved otherwise)