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Subject: VS Update - SDXC, Lucozade, Results, Orienteering, Liz Wood


Cross Country at Thackley, Sunday 9 March


Fifth and final Peco Sport Direct race this Sunday.


Race is from Immanuel Community College, on A657 (Leeds to Shipley road), about 3 miles from Rodley Roundabout (Olive Tree) and a mile past Greengates lights.  The school is a very modern building on the right hand side near the brow of a hill.


Registration 10:00 to 10:45 (at latest) for £2.50.  Race starts at 11:00.  One lap of a small field, down a stony path, down a muddy path, to the canal.  Along the towpath, cross the canal, back through (flat) fields, then back up the muddy and stony paths that you originally ran down. 


The entry fee includes pie and peas afterwards at Idle Cricket Club, Cavendish Road, Idle BD10 9LE.  Note that the club is about a mile from the race so get directions (see the Abbey Runners website )


The women are 4th equal in the first division and need to finish 3rd or better on the day to be safe from relegation.


The men are 1st in the second division and are almost certain to be promoted.


The men vets are 2nd overall and need a strong result to maintain this position (I believe there is a trophy for this).


Lucozade Night, Tuesday 11 March


Note that training is 5 by 6 minutes at High Ashes, meet at Leos.


Tommy Craig, Sports Scientist of the Lucozade Team has sent this message


“Just to confirm the date and time for the presentation – Tuesday 11th March.  I’ll be along at around 6pm.  If anyone has any specific questions for me then it is always helpful to get an email list of these before hand“


“If you could also ask people to bring sweat towels for the post weigh, this way I can get an accurate weight of each person and put it in to the spread sheet I will have ready.  After I present, I’ll stay for as long as is required for anyone who has individual questions.  I’ll also have some samples on the night as well, but the most important aspect of this is education.”


So turn up 6:15 to 6:40 if you want to be part of the weighing experiment, and stay afterwards to hear the results of the experiment and listen to Tommy’s presentation.


If you have any questions you want to raise with Tommy (e.g. is Tony’s quencher better for you than Lucozade) send them to Patrick


Trollers Trot 25 miles


 41 Dan Harman      4hrs02

 47 John Wallace    4hrs11

 75 Richard Adcock  4hrs32

132 Geoff Webster   5hrs12


John Wallace emailed  “Trollers was excellent, apart form the howling wind in our faces on the last 5 miles along the Dales Way. That was incredibly energy sapping, the more so as I'd been looking forward to the 'flat bit', but I managed to keep going and stay ahead of a couple who had been in front of me most of the way. Given recent weather the trail was fairly wet underfoot, particularly on the first section (which like the end was also into the gale), but pretty good over Barden Moor which we fairly flew over with wind at our backs. Rain stayed away and views were great. Really well organised, with plenty of refreshment stops which were most welcome, and pretty easy to follow (only went wrong once). Came in in 4 hours 12 mins, keeping same pace pretty well throughout the race. That’s my last long run before Two Oceans which I'm feeling pretty good for; tapering down now with mid distance Dentdale run next week and then ease right back.”


Richard Adcock emailed “We did the Trollers Trot today and with the wind as well as the distance and a couple of mistakes in direction I found it exhausting. Never again..... until next time”


Other Recent Results


Huddersfield 10k  (toughest 10k road race in Yorkshire?)


 75 Jeremy Ladyman    43:36

250 Chloe Hudson      52.43


Haweswater Half Marathon


 18 Steve Webb      1:22:46

347 Sara Dyer       2:02:54


Norton 9


 31 Mark Greaves      55:39

 70 Roy Flesher     1:00:21


New Club Member


We welcome Ian Rosser, who joined last Tuesday.


Want to try Orientering? (from Steve Webb) – Sunday 16 March


This is one of the larger orienteering races of the year put on by Airienteers.


Orienteering is basically a cross country navigational race run on a time trial basis.  There are 16 different lengths of course in total.


We have arranged two courses suitable for runners who might like to give orienteering a try.  The distances are approximately 8k (Purple, Course 11) and 5k (Red, Course 12).  The times you are likely to take will be comfortably in excess of what you would take over the same distances on the road;  orienteering kilometres are probably equivalent to cross country miles.  Shoes with a good grip would be an advantage and we recommend wearing full leg cover (tights/tracksters). 


We have kept the navigation simple.  All the controls, which you have to visit in order, are either on line features (paths, walls, fences, streams) or within sight of them.  If you are uncertain you should be able to stay in touch with one of these.  If you can use a compass it might be helpful, but it is far from essential on these courses.  There will be maps of the area with example courses for you to study before you run.  These will be available at enquiries (Aireport).


Entry is £6.50 (you can run as a pair if you wish for the same fee – but with one map between you).  Parking is at Bolton Abbey Riverside.  The parking is £5.50, but gives you access to all the Bolton Abbey car parks for the day, so it is best to come with a car full.  Start times are from 10.30 to 12.30. 


Further details can be found at    If  you know a lot of people who intend to come it would be worth leaving a message for Chris Burden  on 01274 583853 a week before the race to ensure we produce enough maps.


(Or contact Steve )


From Liz Wood


I've recently qualified as a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist, and wondered if any Striders would appreciate a post-run massage after their Tuesday night training session?  The idea is that the massage couch would be set up at Leo's (probably in one of the changing rooms) and anyone who's interested could put their names down for a quick massage, say 10 minute slots each (the fee being whatever amount you'd like to contribute to the tips bucket!).  If you'd then like a full 45 minute sports massage, injury assessment (assessment of soft tissue damage, treatment massage and post-care advice) or a personal training session, you can contact me for further information or to book your appointment.


Sports massage has numerous benefits for everyone - it increases circulation, nourishes the skin, improves skin elasticity and mobilises the tissues.  These improvements to tissue condition bring particular benefits for runners, as they reduce pain, stiffness and fatigue in the muscles, increasing your flexibility and range of movement, and reducing the risk of injury.  Come along and give it a try! 


Please contact me for any further information on 07866 480368 or at ".