Sent: 09 March 2008 23:27
Subject: VS Update - Cross Country Mission Accomplished, Lucozade and Orienteering reminders


PECO (Sport Direct) Race 5 at Thackley


As it says in the subject of this email “Mission Accomplished”, but first …


… we should all congratulate Laura on being first woman in the race.  Caz, watch out!


At the race announcements at Idle Cricket club (where there were pie and peas, cakes and flapjacks – and some of us had second helpings), not all the points could be calculated because some clubs did not have complete teams and so penalty points needed to be added.  But what I can say with certainty is.


The women finished 2nd on the day in the first division and are absolutely certain of remaining in the first division, in fact they may have climbed from equal bottom to 3rd in the league by this result.


The men finished 1st on the day in the second division and are promoted as champions.  In fact the men were second highest scorers on the day across both divisions, so we should be hopeful of challenging well in the first division next year.  A special mention of Panos Aristotelous – he has been running with the club for 3 weeks now, but only joined at 10:15 this morning - who finished 7th.  Also a mention of our two second claim members, Alastair scored for the men’s team and Howard for the men’s vets.


The men vets are almost certain of finishing 2nd overall in the vets league, so will win the runners-up prize.


All in all, a very good day, thanks to the 23 Striders who ran today and to all the other Striders who have run in this league.


I have some (free) tickets to the presentation night at the Faversham on 4 April, let me know if you want to go.


Women                     G.P.Pts

    1 Laura Clark            93          

    9 Carole Schofield       85          

   10 Sue Sunderland         84          

   19 Sharon Tansley         82          

   43 Carole Towler          80          


Men                       G.P.Pts

    6 Steve Webb            100     vet 40     

    7 Panos Aristotelous     99          

   11 Alastair Kennis        98   2       

   16 Simon Vallance         98     vet 40          

   19 Eirik Stangnes         97          

   21 Richard King           96          

   25 Drew Taylor            95     vet 40          

   41 Graham Needham         94          

   43 Matt Allen             92          

   47 Howard Jeffrey         91   2 vet 50      

   59 Alan Hutchinson        91     vet 50     

   70 Bob Jackson            90          

   74 Tim Towler             89          

   76 Richard Adcock         88          

   79 Joel Giddings          87          

   86 Eric Green             86          

   91 John Wallace           83          

  104 Eric Cusack            81     vet 60     


The Grand Prix points have been entered in the table.  Eric Green now leads the Grand Prix, closely followed by John Wallace.  Last year’s winner, Steve Webb, put his first 100 points on the board.


Lucozade Night (Tuesday 11 March)


This is a normal training night, with a normal training session at High Ashes, so no problem if you don’t want to participate in the Lucozade night.


But if you do, you can come and be weighed before the session (6:15 to 6:40 at Leos), or just come to the presentation (and freebies) afterwards


Orienteering (Sunday 16 March)


I put all the details in the last email, but forgot to mention the date – it’s Sunday 16 March.


The event is at Bolton Abbey, further details can be found at  or contact Steve Webb


Training in April


From Tuesday 1 April (no joke) we’ll be training on the summer sessions by Eccup Reservoir (at the bottom of the hill from Alwoodley Lane, near the lodge).  Meet at Leos as usual.


Tuesday 8 April is our 400 metre session and everyone I’ve spoken to says we should continue running these at the track at Headingley, so assume this to be the case unless you hear otherwise.




Trimpell 20


188 Jonathan Cocker    2:49:01

222 Eric Cusack        2:56:59

234 David Cusack       3:00:45


Reading Half Marathon


 77 Tracey Morris      1:15:42 chip time

Tracey was 7th W and first W40.  There  were only 3 men vets faster than her!


Little Strickland 10 - Caz Farrow 6thx (1st W), Steve Morley 9th (times to follow)


East Hull 20 – Dan 2:22, Ian Sanderson 2:22, Patrick 2:24, Hayley, Xanthe, Paul Sanderson (not necessarily in that order, times to follow)