Sent: 17 March 2008 00:29
Subject: FW: VS Update - Events, Wakefield, Lasagne, Membership, Results (Vicky's Yorkshire silver, Lou's World Record)


This Week


Track Training, Tuesday 18 March


Just in case you thought third Tuesday so it must be High Ashes, no, we’ve switched it around and track training is this Tuesday


Two Oceans Marathon, Saturday 22 March


Good luck to Jonathan Brownbill and John Wallace, both off to Cape Town for this race, which isn’t actually a marathon, it’s 56km which is a marathon plus 9 miles.


Guiseley Gallop, Sunday 23 March


Is anyone available to hand out Meanwood Valley Trail entry forms at the end of this race, please?


Wakefield 10k, Sunday 30 March


We now have 53 entries, but Abbey Runners still have more than us.


The full list of Striders names entered so far is at the bottom of this email. 


If you’re not on the list but you entered some time ago, let me know and I’ll check it out with the race organisers.


If you’re not on the list and have a valid excuse for not running, OK.


If you’re not on the list and haven’t entered yet, then you can still enter online at  You can enter on the day, but it’s cheaper to enter on line so PLEASE DO.


73 Striders have already run in our Grand Prix this year, we ought to be able to get more than 53 running in this race!


Remember for the Abbey Valley Challenge, everyone scores for the team, quantity is at least as important as quality!!!!


Summer Training and Lasagne Night, Tuesday 1 April


We’ll train at Eccup, weather permitting.  All meet at Leos, there is a short route and long route to the Res.


Advanced notice of lasagne night, you can start placing orders now.

- Meat lasagne or vegetarian lasagne, each is £3

- Apple pie £1.50 with cream or ice cream (no extra charge)




Membership cards


UK Athletics have stopped taking registrations for their current year which ends on 30 April.  They are still hoping to get membership cards out for the current year, I will let you know if/when they are available.


Membership fees


Sometime during May, UK Athletics will accept lists of club members for their new year.  We intend to send our list off as early as possible with the hope that new membership cards will come out quickly.


We will only include on our list the people who have paid their Valley Striders subs for the year September 2007 to August 2008. There are currently 171 of these. 


There are 52 people who were members Sep’06 to Aug’07 but have not yet paid for Sep’07 to Aug’08.


Please check your membership status on and if your fees are due, please send a cheque for £12, payable to Valley Striders, to Paul White, 17 Whinmoor Court, Redhall, Leeds, LS14 1NX.


If you don’t intend to renew, please let me know.


New Members


Three new members this week

  • Nicola Storey, joined on only her 2nd visit to the club
  • David Thompson, joins as second claim, he is a member of Billericay Striders but runs marathons around Europe with Patrick Barrett
  • Jenny Bates, joins as a “volunteer” member – she and Harry have marshalled nearly every Meanwood and Harewood race.


Race Results


Dead Sea Half Marathon


  239 Eran Gal-Or       1:41:22

Picture at


Haweswater Half Marathon


   18 Steve Webb        1:22:46

  307 Sara Dyer         2:02:54

Pictures at   This looks a bit more scenic than East Hull 20.


East Hull 20


   60 Dan Murray        2:22:49

   61 Ian Sanderson     2:23:01

   66 Patrick Barrett   2:24:16

  135 Hayley Nancolas   2:38:13

  182 Xanthe Hannah     2:46:55

  186 Paul Sanderson    2:47:34

  330 finished


Lytham St Annes 10


  114 Jeremy Ladyman    1:11:17

  205 Chloe Hudson      1:20:15


Spen 20

                                  GP Points

   27 Ian Sanderson      2:19:44      100

   41 Eric Green         2:22:37       99   2nd M50 prize

   54 Jon Uttley         2:27:41       98

   87 Adam Parton        2:36:58       97

   89 Bob Jackson        2:37:20       96

  125 Eran Gal-or        2:48:23       95

  129 Richard Adcock     2:49:07       94

  131 Paul Sanderson     2:49:11       93

  146 David Cusack       2:54:08       92

  163 Jonathan Cocker    3:00:00       91

  TBA Eric Cusack        to be advised 90


The Yorkshire Ladies championship was won in 2:18:20, silver medal went in 2:29:34


Ackworth Half Marathon


Congratulations to Vicky Whitehead who won the silver medal in the Yorkshire half marathon championships, and to Lou Gilchrist who set a new world record for W75.


Max writes

Young Lou Gilchrist, 75 last week, ran what we believe is a world record 1:56:36 in the Ackworth Half Marathon this morning.

The previous best of 1:58:19 was set by Eileen Quinton in February 2005 in Brighton, which I guess would be less demanding than the, quote, ‘undulating’ Ackworth course.

The only other time I have is for the American record of 2:24:14, which was set in 2002 by the famous Helen Klein when she was 79.


   35 Panos Aristotelous 1:19:33

   42 Vicky Whitehead    1:20:14  (2nd W)

   51 Mark Greaves       1:22:03

   61 Dan Harman         1:23:07

  110 Ian Rosser         1:28:16

  129 Roy Flesher        1:30:00

  131 Alan Hutchinson    1:30:04

  144 Patrick Barrett    1:30:58

  185 Erica Hiorns       1:34:05

  235 Hayley Nancolas    1:38:06

  236 Tim Towler         1:38:07

  259 Xanthe Hannah      1:39:37

  331 Mick Tinker        1:44:13

  492 Lou Gilchrist      1:56:36

  583 Kay Duggleby       2:06:13


Mens team 5th, Ladies team 3rd


NB A reminder to all Striders to always tick the box for “Yorkshire Championship” or “Yorkshire Vets Championship”, you never know when you might be part of a team prize (wouldn’t have made any difference this time but ladies “team” were close).


Statistics from PECO Sport Direct League


Men               1st in Division 2

Women             3rd in Division 1

Men Vets          2nd overall

Women Vets        5th Overall


Caz Farrow        1st W Senior (and 1st woman overall)

Lyn Eden          1st W60

Carole Schofield  2nd W45

Drew Taylor       2nd M45

Bob Jackson       2nd M55

Laura Clark       3rd W Senior

Alastair Kennis   3rd M Senior


32 different men competed with a total of 68 finishes

8 different women competed with a total of 22 finishes


Richard Adcock ran every race and improved each time in terms of his percentage position in the race (70% in race 1 to 55% in race 5)


Drew Taylor also ran every race


The presentation night is Friday 4 April at the Faversham in Leeds, we have been given 14 tickets and there are currently 13 of these available.


Wakefield List of Entries


Richard Adcock

Panos Aristotelous

Carmel Barker

Patrick Barrett

Mike Brown

Jonathan Brownbill

John Bucktrout

Lucy Carey

Laura Clark

Maureen Coffey

Natalie Crossland

David Cusack

Eric Cusack

Kay Duggleby

Mary Egan

Kates Ford

Eran Gal-or

Mark Greaves

Eric Green

Xanthe Hannah

Erica Hions

Chloe Hudson

Paul Hunter

Alan Hutchinson

Bob Jackson

Max Jones

Richard King

Jeremy Ladyman

Garry Mann

Gareth Moules

Dan Murray

Hayley Nancolas

Ian Place

Tom Ridgway

Ian Sanderson

Paul Sanderson

Carole Schofield

Rebecca Scurr

Greg Skerrett

Peter Stevenson

Tracy Stewart

Sue Sunderland

Sandra Sutton

Sharon Tansley

Drew Taylor

Michael Tinker

Carole Towler

Tim Towler

John Wallace

Paul White

Victoria Whitehead

Liz Wood

Anne Worrall