Sent: 25 March 2008 00:06
Subject: VS Update - W-day minus 6, Dates, Perf Awards, Results, Two Oceans Race Report


W-Day Minus 5


Yes, just 5 days to the Wakefield 10k.


A couple of Striders have said they’ve entered but weren’t on the list, maybe their entry hadn’t got through at the time or maybe they weren’t recorded as Striders.  I’m guessing there will be some Abbeys in the same situation so we’re still probably 5 behind in numbers. 


Online entry has now closed but you will still be able to enter on the day, so arrive early.


NB the clocks go forward the night before – don’t arrive an hour late!!


Prior to the race we’ll have some group photos on the Athletics Track just behind the sports centre – these will be at 9:30, so please get there for then!  I’m hoping someone will have a camera with more megapixels than mine otherwise we’ll have to take a series of pics to get everyone in.


The current plan for after the race is a picnic at Bretton Park, but unless the weather rapidly improves, I’m hoping Mark from Abbey comes up with an alternative. 


I’ll send out a further email Thursday evening to let you know what’s going on.


Other Dates for your Diary


Tuesday 25 March (today!) – hill session


Tuesday 1 April – 3 by 10 mins at the Res.  I will double check that there are not too many puddles on the footpath – contingency is to run at High Ashes again (sorry).  Will followed by lasagne and/or apple pie, please book before 10pm this Sunday by email stating whether meat or veg lasagne, whether peas or beans, whether you want apple pie too.  Late bookings will be taken by text up to 12 noon Monday on 0777 5898 558


Sunday 6 April – Baildon Boundary Way (GP) – race full.  Anyone available to hand out Meanwood Trail forms?


Tuesday 8 April – track session


Sunday 13 April – London Marathon (GP) – good luck to all Striders.  If you are running and have someone supporting you I have a spreadsheet showing that they can see you at 7 different places en route and gives instructions on how to travel from place to place – if you are interested, email me.  When I last ran, 3 years ago, we all met up afterwards at the Clarence Pub in Whitehall, only 400 yards from Horseguards Parade (the official meeting place).  Here’s Streetmap for the Clarence.


Sunday 20 April – Rothwell 10k (GP) – race full


Sunday 4 May – I can recommend the Bluebell Trail 10 mile near Halifax – see for more details


Weds 7/14/21 May – Esholt 5k series (GP) – this is likely to be full soon, so if you want to run any or all of these fast 5k’s, enter quickly


Tuesday 13 May – Jack Bloor Fell Race (GP) – enter on the night


Performance Awards


The Performance Awards section of the website is now up to date, and we have another EIGHT runners who have recently achieved 5 races at the same standard, I hope we will be able to present many of these with their certificates next Tuesday at the lasagne night.  If you want to know who’s won them, look at the alphabetical list and look for “2008Q”.




Little Strickland 10


  6 Caz “doesn’t do road races” Farrow  1:07:15   1st W

  9 Steve Morley         1:10:29

 16 Rhiannon Silson      1:13:44   3rd W


Salford 10k – another world record for Lou


168 Eric Green           41:10

193 Roy Flesher          42:11

414 Lou Gilchrist        51:48 World Record W75


Guiseley Gallop


There was snow on the pavement near Shipley and the roads through Esholt, but rather than cancel the race, the organisers re-routed it to a two lap route though the woods with a short road section by the filter beds.  And apart from that road section there was scarcely any flat, we spent the time up and down the hill side, dodging tree roots and watching our footfalls on the rocky paths.  The race was shortened to 8.5 k but the times were similar to previous years.


Ian Fisher of Otley was the clear winner and got a good lead early on, so much so that the chasing group of 10-12 runners missed an arrow and went off on a detour, losing about 4 minutes.  The next group followed the correct route, and in amongst them was our Panos, who eventually led home that group and claimed overall second place in the race.  Panos, I have a £30 voucher for you which you’ll be able to put towards some decent fell/trail shoes – just think, if you had had some decent shoes on Sunday you’d have been off on the diversion with that chasing group.


Also on the metaphorical podium and in the real money was Caz who won the women’s section by a margin of 27 seconds.


There are pics of some very muddy runners if you follow the links from the results on


Thanks to Nicola Storey for coming along on a chilly Sunday morning and handing out over 400 Meanwood Valley Trail entry forms.


  2 Panos Aristotelous   36:47

 16 Eirik Stangnes       38:46

 31 Caz Farrow           39:57 1st W

 52 Howard Jeffrey       41:18

 53 Steve Morley         41:19

 94 Andrew Cutts         43:47

 95 Bob Jackson          43:53

130 Tony Haygarth        46:01

141 Jim Towers           46:28

348 Lyn Eden             60:12

410 ran


Race Report - Two Oceans Marathon (from John Wallace)


It’s not snowing, the snowmen having melted in the 30 degrees of sun and heat. It’s beautiful - shorts t-shirts and cocktails all round.


As we're now in R & R mode we're going to picnic at the park, being entertained by classical orchestra whilst drinking wine and eating cucumber sandwiches (or possibly beer and pies).


Tomorrow it’s the My Coke Fest for a line or two whilst watching (jumping around to!) the Kaiser Chiefs.  Cultural attaches or what?


But what of the serious stuff I hear you ask. Well, we ran it and it was so easy for men of our calibre. Tapered our drinking pre race (only 1 beer the night before) and carb loaded big style.


Ignored the approach of the top African runners in our hotel, who went for the greasy spoon breakfast approach. We advised against this, they ignored us and finished 1st and 2nd in the main event. Next year we're doing greasy spoon as well.


Race day was fantastic, both for atmosphere, quality of the course and the organisation. Conditions were challenging with a 30mph south westerly wind which we started into for 20k, but we were lucky in that cloud over Table Mountain prevented the temperature form climbing until about nearly 4 hours in (10.30am!), by which stage we were getting to major auto pilot mode.


Pulverised the opposition over Chapmans Peak (33k) - we're from Yorkshire, we like hills - though had a shock when finding there was more climb around a corner. Let everybody catch up again on Constantia Nek 46k which was higher, and then enjoyed(!) the 10k run in to the finish, not daring any sudden movements in case seized by cramp.


At the finish cheered in by hundreds of people whilst singing the Valley Striders song.


Finishing times - JB 5hr 27mins and 1943rd, Big John 5.47 and 2700th roughly 5600 finishers. Of course the 7hr cut off prevented up to 1400 other entrants registering a time.


Post celebration in the International Athletes Tent, followed by 24 beers, bottle of wine and some whiskies - and lots of neat salt to ward the cramp off.


Tell everyone to get training for next year - its great fun and a superb place to visit to boot. Can they beat the deadly duo?


Catch you later


Wallace & Gromit


PS Meat lasagne for both of us on Tuesday, and apple pie for me (I'm heavier so lost more wt. during the run).


PPS We may not be at our best at Wakefield - can't walk