Sent: 27 March 2008 23:57
Subject: VS Update - Wakefield arrangements, Lasagne reminder, Massage, Race report


Wakefield Arrangements


According to the latest entry lists there are 62 Valleys and 63 Abbeys.  A couple of Valley late entries on Sunday morning may make all the difference for the Challenge Cup, so if in doubt, come and run!


Don’t forget that the clocks go forward on Saturday night – don’t arrive an hour late.


Here’s the streetmap for Thornes Park,420133&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf .  For some reason, it is labelled “Clarence Park” but that’s the right place.


Bob’s recommended route to Thornes Park:

-          Go down the M1 to Junction 40

-          Turn left towards Wakefield on A638

-          Watch out for the speed limits!

-          Continue for just over a mile to some traffic lights, it is signposted right to Thornes Park, but don’t go that way!!!

-          Continue for another 200 yds to more lights (Morrisons supermarket on the corner)

-          Continue for another 400 yds till you come to a little one way system which is effectively a large triangular roundabout with a church in the middle.

-          Turn very sharp right after the church (A642 Horbury Road)

-          After 200 yds the entrance to Thornes Park is on your left


Abbey Runners are meeting for photos at 9:15 so come to watch them before we have our own photos taken at 9:30. 


Race start is 10:00 and a 5 minue jog from the Stadium


Afterwards we’re meeting at the Holmfield Arms which is actually within Thornes Park so likely to be walking distance from wherever you park.  It is on Denby Dale Road If you do drive there it is WF2 8DY for your satnav or,419560&st=4&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf&ax=432708&ay=419560 .  They open at 11:00 so only Vicky has a chance of finishing and getting to the pub before they open.  They serve food, but service may be slow if 50 of us turn up and want feeding at the same time!


We hope to be able to announce the winners of the Abbey Valley Challenge at the Holmfield Arms.


Final Reminder for Lasagne


I don’t know why I said “peas or beans” in the last email.  The lasagne is likely to come with salad.


Please book before 10pm this Sunday by email stating whether meat or veg lasagne, and whether you want apple pie too.  Late bookings will be taken by text up to 12 noon Monday on 0777 5898 558


I will update the website over the weekend with who’s booked what (sorry, I’ve got a bit behind with this)


Liz Wood will be offering a sports massage after training, it’s getting popular, so it may be advisable to book in advance or 07866 480368


Peco Cross Country Presentation Night


Friday 4 April at the Faversham. Striders have 7 awards to collect so will a few of you (preferable those that have won them), come along


London and Blackpool Marathons


If you’re running London or Blackpool (or both!), please let me know so that I can let competitors and spectators know which Striders to look out for.


UK Athletics Officials


Those of you who are going through the process of applying to be an Official, please let me know what stage you’ve got to.  I’ve got my CRB certificate but no badge or paperwork from UK Athletics.


Race Report – Endurance Life Coastal Trail Series - Stage 3 - South Devon Marathon – from Gwil Thomas

23rd February 2008
That book on fell running and the Karnazes chap are probably responsible for a lot of hasty race entry decisions.  They certainly influenced me to enter the South Devon Coastal Marathon. One day, I'm happy doing 10ks and the next I fancy my chances at 26 miles' worth of off-road scrambling. Such is the power of literature!  Also, my Mum and Dad live in South Devon and with the course comprising places I knew well from former holidays, it seemed the ideal race to choose.
Although there were about 400 odd competitors for all races (a 1/2 marathon and a 10k also being run) only 100 opted for the marathon. It started at Beesands and after 100m you were up and heading for the coastal path on the cliffs.  The first 10 miles wound around the cliffs as far as Salcombe where we then started to head inland.  That first part was fantastic with beautiful views (even on a dreary day) and crisp sea air keeping me invigorated and helping to detract for the constant ups and downs.
The following 16 miles inland were a slightly less pleasant experience. The elevations continued but this time on Devonshire lanes and over quite rutted farmland. By that point I was running alone so there was also nagging concerns that I may have been heading the wrong direction. From the halfway mark for several miles, the various races converged - the half and the 10k having had later start times.  It was good to see other people and a relief to know I was heading the right way but slightly disconcerting to find myself suddenly in a melee of faster 10k runners!
I started to feel quite heavy legged from 20 miles onwards and as I watched the 3hr, 3:30 and 4hr marks pass on my watch I realised I'd either completely overestimated my ability to run this marathon fast or underestimated the strength-sapping nature of the course.  Probably a bit of both.  The final mile from Torcross to Beesands was a real git having to go over yet another large hill.  Nevertheless, I managed to retain an element of composure for the final straight and finally crossed the finish line in 4:19.11.
I was initially a little disappointed with my performance, not least because I resorted to walking parts of the final hill.  As such, I was surprised to find that I ended up coming 12th and with the winner posting, 3:41, it was clearly a hard course for all participants. 
The whole event had a great atmosphere, I had some pleasant chats with various people for around the country during the race and I received a nice set of dog tags as a memento so certainly worth the following couple of days' worth of achy legs.  I would definitely consider doing either this or another marathon from the series again and, with a bit more strength and hill training, I fancy I could conquer those hills yet!