Sent: 10 April 2008 23:34
Subject: V S Update - dates, Meanwood trail, Abbey Valley, Caz wins Baildon, Paris report, and more

Good luck to everyone running London!


Club Handicap – Tuesday 29 April


Meet by the lodge by the Res at 6:55pm, first runner will start at 7pm prompt.  This will be the 10k route, along the reservoir path, across the dam, along the back road to Eccup and back again.


Afterwards, PIE AND PEAS, please book, stating whether meat or veg pie (£2.50), whether peas or beans and whether you’d also like apple pie (£1.50) (with cream or ice cream). 


Meanwood Trail Recce Run – Tuesday 5 May


Instead of the scheduled 3 by 10 minute session, we’ll be on a steady run (probably in 3 groups) on the Meanwood Trail race route, just over 7 miles.  A nice training run if you’re doing Esholt the next day …


Esholt 5k series – 6/13/20 May


My information is that there are now just under 100 places available


If you want to run some or all of these races (and Grand Prix points are available), I advise you to enter this weekend at the latest.  Entry details on


Meanwood Trail Marshals – Saturday 17 May


We’ve got 140 entries, we’ve got some race numbers ordered, we’ve got the beer ordered, we’ve got the portaloos booked, so what else do we need?




Please email me as soon as possible to let me know whether you’re available, not available or possibly available.


We need 60 or 70 Striders (and friends) to help out on the day.  A bottle of beer for everyone who marshals.


We expect about 500 runners in total and hopefully will raise about £1,000 for Lineham Farm Children’s Centre.


Bradford Millennium Way Relay – Sunday 15 June


For teams of 10, run in pairs, 5 legs approximately 10 miles per leg


The good news is it’s nowhere near Bradford.  The route takes in Shipley, Haworth, Laycock, Silsden, Ilkley and back to Shipley.


We usually have two teams but could possibly get three.  Can we get a ladies team for the first time?  Or win back the mixed team trophy that we won the first 3 years?


Let me know if you want to run or want more information


Badgerstone Relay


A message from the organiser : the Badger Stone Relay, which is in the BOFRA Calendar for April 12th is now postponed to Saturday, May 24th at 12 noon. The White Wells Senior race on the 17th is now cancelled, but the junior races will run before the relay at 11am on May 24th.


Maybe we could get team(s) for the relay?


Wakefield Photos


The photos taken by Liz Wood, Patrick Barrett and Caz Felce, are now on our website.  There are also some photos of the final Sport Direct cross country taken by Gareth Moules.


These are low to medium resolution images, if anyone would like the original version of any of the pics (or for that matter, any pics on the website), let me know.


I’ve also updated the A-Z Striders photos, so have a look there too


Next Abbey Valley


We’re talking about two events


A team competition where the teams comprise a mixture of Abbeys and Valleys.  The run/race will be from the Res on the footpaths out to Emmerdale and then back across the dam, approx 5 miles.  Afterwards a barbecue at Leos.  Possibly the first Tuesday in June?


A rematch for the Abbey Valley challenge, possibly the Horsforth 10k on 28 September?


Your comments appreciated.


Valley Striders Jackets


A reminder from Paul Hunter that V S Jackets (black with Valley Striders in white on front and back) are still available at the same great price of £19. 


All things being equal I should be down on Tuesday to take any orders – cash in advance preferred.


Baildon Boundary Way


A triumph for the ladies here, Caz first, Laura second, and Sue Sunderland making up the winning team.


Caz has now won Guiseley and Baildon so providing we have sufficient marshals for Meanwood, we’d better let her run that race and hope that she can win the Airedale Triple Trail Trophy.


   21 Caz Farrow         1:33:29      100   
   25 Richard King       1:33:57       99   
   27 Laura Clark        1:34:24       98   
   41 Howard Jeffrey     1:37:29       97   2 
   61 Andy Duffield      1:41:27       97   2 
   63 Paul Hunter        1:41:32       97   
   84 Eric Green         1:44:55       96   
   86 Bob Jackson        1:45:06       95   
  106 Andrew Cutts       1:47:55       94   
  121 John Wallace       1:50:20       93   
  143 Sue Sunderland     1:53:50       92   
  149 Steve Dixon        1:55:09       91   
  175 Sharon Tansley     1:57:50       90   
  177 Mick Tinker        1:58:21       89   
  205 Geoff Webster      2:02:24       88   
  217 Bob Wilkes         2:05:16       87   
  273 Sara Dyer          2:14:12       86   
  330 Lyn Eden           2:39:10       85   2 
  331 Jim Towers         2:39:10       85   2 

Paris Marathon – message from Carmel Barker


Just back from Paris and Colin’s got some really good action shots of me and Bernadette, I'll forward a couple to put on the website.

I feel remarkably fresh for the day after, maybe it will kick in tomorrow!

We're both really pleased with how race went. My aim was to stick with 3.30 pacers and managed to keep with them up to 22miles but the old legs just wouldn't turn over quick enough in the last few miles and my chip time recorded 3.32, outside my PB by 7mins but best even paced marathon I've ever done and great not to 'die' in last 10k!
Bernadette came out of retirement to run on her 50th birthday and recorded a PB of 3.45, I think she's going back into retirement though and had forgotton just how hard those last 6 miles are.
Make sure you record our GP points before anyone else races and knocks us off top of the podium!


Editor’s note – Carmel is the leader of the “Any Other Marathon” category in the Grand Prix.  Dan Harman intends to take over at Boston next week, then we have a few at Blackpool the following week (one or two of whom would be quite satisfied with 3:32, wouldn’t we, Greg and Paul)

Grand Prix


All Grand Prix points are now on the website


Next races are London, Rothwell (full), Club Handicap (see above), Esholt 5k series (see above), Jack Bloor fell race (13 May), Wharfedale Off Road Marathon (7 June)


I must ask Geoff for an update of the Fell Championship points


From Ian Sanderson


I don’t know if you’ve ever been in an Aldi supermarket (I’m a Waitrose man myself, honest) but as well as selling German baked beans and tins of sauerkraut they flog a changing and apparently random selection of ‘lifestyle’ products. These can range from flat screen TVs to cement mixers to wet-suits. Well too bad if you wanted a wet-suit because this week (from Thursday 3rd) they will have running stuff. You’d want to give the “jogging shoes” a miss, but the £13 heart rate monitor might interest a few people and the Crane Sports clothing (aka Aldi own label) is often worth a look. I picked up a couple decent technical tops last year for £7 each and I can vouch for the socks (as worn at Wakefield).


It tends to be a bit like a jumble sale and it’s pot-luck as to whether you find what you are looking for in any given store. But it may be of interest to anyone running on a budget or just ‘careful with their money’.


Editor’s note - Ian emailed me last Tuesday.  The offers are still on the website, but may not be available by the weekend, for which I apologise for not letting you know.


From Adela Reperecki


I wondered if you would be able to add this to your next circulation on e mail as I am plugging for sponsorship. 


I am doing a tandem parachute jump on 27 April in aid of Candlelighters Trust and donations can be made on the following link.  


About my charity : Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.
Candlelighters TrustCandlelighters Trust Candlelighters supports the work of the Regional Children and Adolescent Cancer and Leukaemia Unit at St. James's Hospital Leeds and funds research into childhood cancer.


Editor’s note, a few other Striders could be in need of a parachute the same day as they descend from Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough in the 3 Peaks Race