Sent: 24 April 2008 00:05
Subject:VS Update: Dates (Handicap, P&P, MVT, etc), Membership Cards, London Marathon, Results etc


Dates for your Diary


Saturday 26 April – 8 Striders running in the World Fell Running Championships – the 3 Peaks Race.  Good luck to Caz Farrow, Anthony Fryer, Mick Loftus, Eirik Stangnes (Norway), Simon Vallance, Geoff Webster, Mick Wrench and Ingo Zoller (Germany).


Sunday 27 April – at least 9 Striders running in Blackpool Marathon or Half – come on the Striders!


Tuesday 29 April – Club Handicap 10k, meet by lodge by Res for 6:55pm for first runner to start at 7pm.  Afterwards, pie and peas at Leos, please email your order, stating whether meat or veg pie (£2.50), whether peas or beans and whether apple pie (£1.50) by Sunday 10pm. If you forget, you have till 2pm Monday to text to 0777 5898 558.


Tuesday 6 May – Meanwood Trail route recce run, meet Leos at 6:45pm as usual.  Possibly pie and peas afterwards, see VS Update next week.


Wednesdays 7/14/21 May – Esholt 5k (Grand Prix), maybe entries still available but definitely no entries on the night


Tuesday 13 May – Training session, meet at Leos, session will be down by Res (session to be decided) – no track training this month


Tuesday 13 May – Jack Bloor Fell Races at Ilkley (Grand Prix)


Friday 16 May – beer labelling at Leo’s in advance of Trail Race – 4 volunteers required


Saturday 17 May – Meanwood Trail Race, we have 25 marshals but we need 65, and this year we need to put on a drinks station because we are later in the year than usual


Tuesday 3 June – Abbey & Valley team competition round Res, barbecue afterwards, put this date in your diaries, more information to follow but these will be combined Abbey and Valley teams, not Abbey versus Valley


Sunday 8 June – Valley Striders providing start/finish support to Pulse Race in Roundhay Park, about 12 marshals required


Tuesday 10 June – Track training at Leeds Met


Tuesday 17 June – Valley Striders hosting Yorkshire vets race at Leos – some marshals required, details to follow


Sunday 20 July – Valley Striders 26th Anniversary, Sunday morning run down the Meanwood Trail to Woodhouse Moor and back followed by lunchtime barbecue, details to follow


Sunday 28 September – according to Abbey Runners, I have suggested the Horsforth 10k for the Abbey Valley rematch.  I guess this is a little more challenging than Wakefield, and another good thing is that there aren’t any other local races that weekend, but if anyone has any other suggestions, let me know


Sunday 5 October – Harewood Trail Race


Membership Cards


All Striders who joined before 31 August 2007 should have received a letter and a plastic card “England Athletics Competition Licence 2007/08” in the last week.


This replaces your “Membership 2006/07” from North of England Athletic Association, and your new 7 digit number replaces your VLS number. You should use this on race entry forms.


Please note that receipt of this card does NOT mean that you are up to date with your Valley Striders membership – we registered everyone that had paid the year before!


Please go to the UK Athletics website address on the letter and check your personal details including inputting your email address.


To check whether you have paid your V S membership, go to and if it says “07” or “08” you’re OK. 


If it says “06” or, even worse, you’re not listed, send a cheque for £12, payable to “Valley Striders”, to Paul White, 17 Whinmoor Court, Leeds, LS14 1NX


Striders who joined after 1 September 2007 will have a VLS number 307 and above.  You need not do anything, except that you’ll need to continue to use your VLS number on race entry forms.


England Athletics 2008/09


Note that the new Athletics year started at the beginning of this month so your Competition Licences (if you have them) are already out of date.  We are expecting some new instructions for this year’s registration shortly.  As soon as they arrive, we’ll register everyone who has paid for this Striders year (“07” on our website) so that everyone will get their “England Athletics Competition Licence 2008/09” as early as possible.


Note that there are three classes of membership

  • First claim
  • Second claim
  • Volunteer

If you do not intend to run competitively in the next year, we can register you as a “Volunteer” which is free of charge.  Therefore we will also offer you a (very) reduced rate of Valley Striders membership.  Please email back if you wish to be in that category.


London Marathon


  208 Rawand Tayeb       2:41:15      100           
 1234 Eric Green         3:01:56       99           
  W71 Alison Bogie       3:02:53       98  2   (Champ start)
 2131 Roy Flesher        3:12:30       98          
 2553 Mark Greaves       3:15:42       97          
 3973 David Cusack       3:26:24       96          
 4295 Hayley Nancolas    3:28:09       95      W368
 7487 Xanthe Hannah      3:45:05       94      W954
 8388 Eric Cusack        3:49:07       93          
13126 Richard Adcock     4:06:18       92          
24018 Susie Nicholas     4:48:38       91          
30361 Louise Robinson    5:31:41       90          

Report from Eric Cusack


David & myself both tried the Lucozade steady drinking over 5 mile idea. we both think it worked really well .I had enough energy to pick up my pace over the last 3 miles & after the race my legs felt much easer than they normally do after 26 miles. I will try it again next time !


Report from Hayley Nancolas


The spectators were great – I even managed to see Jules cheering me at Cutty Sark and mile 23 (really needed that push at 23).  I had quite a few friends and family watching me too – I usually heard them even shouting if I didn’t see them. They were even able to track my progress around the course using WAP on their phones (not sure if this is a new thing but they found it really useful to track where I was and how I was doing). 


The last 3 miles were hard, as my calves started to become quite painful but as you all know when it’s the last part of a race and you’ve done the hard work you mentally push yourself to finish, thinking that it was only like running to Eccup for a Tuesday session ….and a little bit further. Looking at my watch 3.30 was still achievable so I knew to push myself and my family watching also kept me going.  The finish was just amazing and I even managed a little sprint effort (it felt like a sprint but may have been more like a shuffle at that point) and finished in 3 hours 28 minutes.  Well done to all the runners and thanks to all the spectators shouting for Valley Striders


I have also raised around £700 for Yorkshire Cancer Research


Report from Alison Bogie


This was my favourite London marathon ever as I didn't die at the end - very different being comfy in the last 10k - check out the splits!! oh, and a new PB - yipee!


   5km 0:21:53   21:53

  10km 0:43:28   21:35

  15km 1:05:01   21:33

  20km 1:26:42   21:41

  Half 1:31:19

  25km 1:48:01   21:19

  30km 2:09:39   21:38

  35km 2:31:35   21:56

  40km 2:53:16   21:41

Finish 3:02:53


(Alison sent the split times, I calculated the 5km splits, that is fantastic pacing – ed)


I went back to the mass start in 2007 after running the elite start in 2006 and never again!! it is too busy on the mass start I think. The disadvantage is that you can have a lonely run as there are less than 200 women altogether on the elite one so it can turn into a bit of a time trial but the advantages are the warm tent/ nicer loos/ more space when running etc.


Guisborough Moors Fell Race – congrats to Laura  for finishing 1st W.


  45 Laura Clark       1:44:57

 141 Sharon Tansley    2:14:46

 200 ran.


Grand Prix – Any Other Marathon


Dan Harman ran 3:09 at Boston, this takes him to the top of the leaderboard.


Jonathan and John pointed out that one of the splits on their Two Oceans ultramarathon was the 42.2km point i.e. a full marathon, so I’ve included these split times in the A.O.M. points


    1 Dan Harman         3:09:38      100 Boston      

    2 Carmel Barker      3:32:40       99 Paris       

    3 Bernadette Clayton 3:45:06       98 Paris       

    4 Jonathan Brownbill 3:57:05       97 2 Oceans    

    5 John Wallace       4:09:49       96 2 Oceans    


Rothwell 10k (fast course and Grand Prix points too)


There have been 13 Grand Prix races so far and Drew becomes the 11th person to score 100 Grand Prix points. Grand Prix tables are updated on the website. 


   45 Alastair Kennis    0:36:38      100   2

   48 Drew Taylor        0:36:47      100  

   81 Howard Jeffrey     0:38:20       99   2

   84 Ian Sanderson      0:38:24       99  

   87 Jeremy Ladyman     0:38:36       98   pb

   88 Eric Green         0:38:40       97   pb

   92 Dan Murray         0:38:45       96   pb

   95 Paul Hunter        0:38:52       95   pb

  108 Graham Needham     0:39:24       94  

  164 John Wallace       0:41:45       93  

  175 Paul Sanderson     0:42:02       92   pb

  176 Carole Schofield   0:42:02       91  

  177 Paul White         0:42:04       90  

  182 Simon Redshaw      0:42:12       89   pb

  215 Sandra Sutton      0:43:48       88  

  257 Sue Sunderland     0:45:17       87  

  278 John Bucktrout     0:46:07       86  

  291 Chloe Hudson       0:46:24       85  

  325 Peter Stevenson    0:47:24       84  

  327 Christine Bradb’ne 0:47:28       83  

  350 Bob Wilkes         0:48:16       82  

  456 Sarah Gordon       0:52:43       81  

  498 Tracy Stewart      0:53:59       80  


Mum on the Run (from Zoe Ridgway)


I am now back running after a few months off and have just bought a 'Baby Jogger' 20inch wheel running pram to aid solo daytime sessions. I am keen to find someone who may be interested in some relatively 'slow' daytime running sessions from Alwoodley with me, Charlotte and the pram whilst I am on maternity leave. Short distances only (5 miles-ish) as I think trying to run with the pram up hills may be a little more tiring and slower than usual.


Running Over 75


“75 year old runner Louise Gilchrist has just broken a marathon world record


Look out for the piano playing too!