Sent: 01 May 2008 00:05
Subject: VS Mini-Update - Lists!


This is just an update of lists.  Please check your name against each list!


The normal VS Update with results, race reports and a Fell Championship points table will appear sometime on Friday.


We have 32 marshals (see list below) for the Meanwood Valley Trail on 17 May but need nearer to 62.  At the Guiseley Gallop they had insufficient marshals and 20 runners went astray Ė donít let this happen to the Meanwood Trail.  Please let me know on or before next Wednesday whether or not you are available to help.  It seems likely we will have to make some phone calls, so if youíre definitely not available, please let me know to save a phone call.  Of course, better to let me know that you are available.  Free bottle of beer for all marshals!


If youíre not available Saturday, come and help label the beer bottles on Friday night!


Next Tuesday (6 May) is a recce run of the Trail Route, starting from the club at 6:45 / 6:50.  And afterwards, Tony has offered to make lasagne.  I took 22 orders on Tuesday night (see list below), anyone else who wants lasagne MUST let me know by SUNDAY 10pm, as Tony starts mixing the ingredients on Monday morning.  Let me know whether meat or veggie lasagne (£3) and whether you want apple pie (£1.50)


We are also looking for 12-15 marshals for the Pulse Race on 8 June (see list below)


We already have one team and have started a second for Bradford Millennium Way (see list below).  If you want to run, let me know as soon as possible.  We won the mixed trophy for the first 4 years, but are unlikely to be able to win this back because, so far, we only have one woman on the team list.  4 more needed for a mixed team (or 9 for a full ladies team)


LASAGNE Tuesday 6 May


 Alan Hutchinson     M

 Bob Jackson         V A

 Chloe Hunter        M

 Eirik Stangnes      M A

 Elika Tasker        V A

 Eric Green          V

 Geoff Webster       V A

 Greg Skerrett       M A

 Gwil Thomas         V A

 Hayley Nancolas     V

 Jeremy Ladyman      M

 John Umpleby        M A

 John Wallace        M A

 Jon Uttley          M

 Jonathan Brownbill  M

 Kay Duggleby        M

 Lucy Carey          M A

 Maureen Coffey      V A

 Nat Crossland       M

 Pat Umpleby         M

 Patrick Barrett     M

 Richard Adcock      M

 Sharon Tansley      M A

 Sylvia Watson       V A




 Andrew Cutts

 Bob Wilkes

 Patrick Barrett




 Aine Rice            (near Leo's)

 Andrew Cutts         (only to set out course)

 Bob Jackson          (start/admin/presentations)

 Christine Bradbourne (start/finish field)

 Dan Murray           (Chief Marshal)

 Dave Middlemas      

 Eirik Stangnes       (Meanwood Park)

 Eric Cusack         

 Geoff Webster        (team leader woods around Leos)

 Graham Needham

 Greg Skerrett        (near Leos)

 Hayley Nancolas      (only before 9:30)

 Ian Place            (Meanwood Park)

 Jim & Lyn            (only to set out course)

 Joel Giddings       

 John Bucktrout       (Buckstone)

 John Umpleby        

 Jonathan Brownbill  

 Kevin McMullan      

 Maria Dixon         

 Mary Egan            (near 7 arches)

 Matt Allen           (Meanwood Park)

 Mick Loftus          (NE corner of finish field)

 Mick Tinker         

 Pat Umpleby          (drinks)

 Patrick Barrett      (till 11:30, therefore Meanwood Park)

 Paul Furness         (car park and beer)

 Paul Sanderson      

 Paul White           (gate at Buckstones)

 Peter Stevenson     

 Sandra Sutton        (Meanwood Park)

 Sharon Tansley      

 Simon Redshaw       

 Simon Vallance       (Meanwood Park)

 Sue Sunderland       (Meanwood Park)

 Sylvia Watson        (team leader Leos to 7 Arches)

 Tony Haygarth        (probable)

 Xanthe Hannah       


NB Not available (apologies received!)

 Alan Hutchinson

 Chloe & Jeremy

 Ian Sanderson

 John Blundell

 Kay Duggleby

 Max Jones

 Paul & Jo

 Paul Hunter

 Rob Bumstead

 John Wallace


PULSE RACE - Sunday 8 June


 Bob Jackson

 Max Jones

 Mick Tinker

 Paul & Steph Furness




 Anthony Fryer    (poss)

 Bob Jackson      (leg 2)

 Dan Murray

 Dave Morley

 David Cusack     (leg 3)

 Dawn Morley

 Greg Skerrett    (to confirm)

 Ian Sanderson

 Joel Giddings    (leg 5)

 Jonathan Cocker  (leg 3)

 Mick Tinker

 Paul Hunter      (leg 2?)

 Rob Bumstead     (probably - leg 5)

 Simon Redshaw    (leg 5)