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Subject: VS Update - MVT marshals, John Hallas 5 mile, reports from 3 Peaks and Blackpool, and more


Re: VS Mini-update - Lists


We’ve a better turnout percentage than the local elections, but not quite there yet


Meanwood Valley Trail


Needing 80, got 57. NEED 23 MORE PLEASE!  Thanks to everyone who has volunteered so far.  There will be four main groups. 


-          marshals for junior race (they’ll also marshal the senior race, some of them at different locations) – meet Leos at 9:30

-          marshals for senior race Leos to Seven Arches – meet Leos at 09:45

-          marshals for senior race Seven Arches to Ring Road. – meet Smithy Mills Lane (south side of Ring Road) at 09:45

-          marshals for senior race Meanwood Park – meet Smithy Mills Lane (south side of Ring Road) at 09:55


In a week’s time we’ll let you know by email which group you’re in.  The email will also contain some instructions e.g. emergency phone numbers, what to tell passers-by etc; you’ll also be allocated a specific location and this will have an instruction which way to point the runners.   There will be a reflective bib for each of you to pick up at the meeting point.  Please bring with you a plastic bag to collect any marker tape, and a small screwdriver to remove drawing pins from notices that I’ve put round the route today!


Bradford Millennium Way Relay


Needing 20 or 30, got 15 plus 3 “possibles”, but only two women has responded so far, so unless something changes, no chance of a women’s team (or even a mixed team).  Entries must be in by the end of May but it’s also important to have time to recce the route, so we need to make a decision on how many teams by the middle of the May.


5 mile handicap on the canal – 8 May – from John Hallas


I am organising another 5 mile handicap race on Wednesday 8th May. The course will be the same one as before, start from the Whitehall Road Bridge, out 2.5 miles (to a marked bridge) and return. The start time for an estimated 35 minute time will be 12:20 again


Please let me know if you are interested. Handicaps will be based around the finishing times for the last handicap. Any new entrants please provide an estimated 5 mile time.  No prizes, no entry fee, just potential glory and a good lunchtime workout on an accurate (5.02 miles), flat course. Feel free to circulate this to other lunchtime canal runners


I will be doing the timekeeping again so if you can try and remember your finishing  time (that I shout out) and ensure I have captured it on my start list.


Fell Championship and Race Report – from Geoff Webster


3 Peaks Race


Mick Loftus was first Strider to finish in the excellent time of 3:51.  He was followed in by Caz in 3:58.  This is also a very good time but she was disappointed as she expected to do better having recently finished as first woman at the Edale Skyline 20 mile race.  Simon Vallance got home in just over 4 hrs followed by Anthony Fryer in 4:17. 


There was some competition between the V.S. internationals, Eirik for Norway and Ingo for Germany, with Norway getting round quickest in 4:28 and Germany 4:40.  Needless to say both Eirik and Ingo were disappointed with their times and felt that they could have done better so we should expect a rematch next year.


Meanwhile GW had a desperate day out running in slow motion and just managing to avoid being timed out.  The poor old bloke staggered to finish in 5:30 – he will return next year to do much better (it’s not possible to do worse is it?)


The race incorporated the world long distance mountain running championships which was won by Jethro Lennox of Scotland in 2:53.  The women’s championship was won by Anna Pichrtova of the Czech Republic in 3:14


  175 Mick Loftus        3:51:03

  227 Caz Farrow         3:58:36

  244 Simon Vallance     4:00:50

  347 Anthony Fryer      4:17:52

  415 Eirik Stangnes     4:28:31

  495 Ingo Zoller        4:40:34

  678 Geoff Webster      5:31:49

  685 finished


Fell Championship Scores to date


SCORES AFTER 3 PEAKS  (NB 7 best results to count)
  317 Caz Farrow    
  230 Mick Loftus
  224 Geoff Webster
  184 John Wallace
  182 Simon Vallance
  178 Eirik Stangnes
  152 Richard King
  151 Richard Adcock
  147 Anthony Fryer
   90 Ingo Zoller
   82 Lyn Eden *
   82 Jim Towers *
   80 Dan Harman
   78 Rob Bumstead
   73 Paul Sanderson
   72 Peter Stevenson
   71 Eric Cusack
   70 Pam Baird *
   69 Adela Reperecki *
   66 Simon Redshaw
   45 Laura Clark
   43 Howard Jeffrey *
   41 Andy Duffield *
   39 Paul Hunter
   37 Eric Green
   37 Sylvia Watson
   35 Bob Jackson
   33 Andrew Cutts
   29 Sue Sunderland
   27 Steve Dixon
   25 Sharon Tansley
   23 Mick Tinker
   19 Bob Wilkes
   17 Sara Dyer
      * second claim members included for reference only
                     (unless they can run the Fellsman in 9 hrs)
   AL=100  BL=90  CL=80 }
   AM=70   BM=65  CM=60 }  maximum points per race
   AS=55   BS=50  CS=45 }


Caz is making the running but Mick L has come from a long way down the field after his good run in the 3 Peaks, while G.W. has taken third place after his bad run in the same race.


There are still plenty of races to go at so the Championship is wide open.  We hope to get a good turnout for the Wharfedale off-road marathon and half marathon on 7 June.


Road Race Reports and Results


Bradford 10k – from Jonathan Cocker


Did the Bradford 10K on Sunday and I thoroughly enjoyed it beating my pb by over 3½ minutes with a  time of 43.14 (chip time) it seems like everything is coming into place for my first marathon at Blackpool on Sunday! My position was 78th (13th V40) with a total of 292 runners taking part.


The only other Strider I could see in the results was Ian Rosser who did a chip time of 39.28 finishing 33rd (15th in his category).


It was a fast course with just one short steep hill at the beginning which got the heart going!  To sum up. Well organised and well worth a go next year for Striders.


Blackpool Marathon – from Bob Jackson


A couple of Striders have emailed me saying they were missing the long reports that used to appear in V S News.  We also had a few in early editions of V S Update, mainly from Bill Murphy reporting on a triathlon from a far corner of the world where he’d just happened to be invited to do a lecture the same week.


This is the nearest I can get to a race report from at an exotic foreign beach resort. (Lancashire is abroad, isn’t it?)


It was quite a clear day as I drove into Blackpool last Sunday morning.  The signs took me to the Central Blackpool car parks, which was where there were a lot of runners but not where I wanted to be, so using the Tower as a landmark, I drove round to the North Shore and managed to park within 400 yards of the race HQ at the Hilton Hotel.  Nearby I found a very short queue to one of the public toilets, this was a good move as the queues for the portaloos at the Hilton were about 50 people long.  I don’t know how many missed the start because of this.


I joined the runners at the start with just under 10 minutes to go and saw Eric, Jonathan and my nephew Chris. Eric had run London in 3:02, would he break 3 hours for the first time?  Chris had run London in 4:05, a PB, but he felt he’d been slowed because of the quantity of runners, so he was hoping to break 4 hours with the much smaller field.  (The race limit here was 1000 for the marathon and 2000 for the half).


Jonathan had been disappointed to miss out on the Striders club places at London which had been taken by father-in-law Eric Cusack and Eric’s son David, so he’d entered Blackpool instead and trained with Eric and David during the winter months including running Morecambe 20 and Spen 20.  This, he promised, was to be his first and last marathon.  He’d had a very serious leg injury just over 3 years ago and counted himself fortunate to be running at all.  He’d already decided he would stick to shorter races in future.


Also on the start line were 6 more Striders – Dan, Greg, Eran and Paul for the full and Jeremy and Chloe for the half.


Jonathan’s wife took a picture of him, me and Chris.  Then I saw another friendly face – Pat Umpleby!  She and John had decided to come to Blackpool for the weekend and to watch the race. It was a good race for spectators as they saw the runners 6 times (as will be explained).


It started drizzling as we lined up at the start. The skies were grey and it looked like it was going to get worse.  Two years ago we started 30 mins late because the water was not in place on the route, it was the middle of summer and some runners were dehydrated before they started.  This year, fortunately, the race started on time (well 3 mins late to be precise), otherwise we’d have been shivering before we set off. 


I drank half a bottle of Lucozade on the start line (a recommendation by Steve O which I have followed ever since for all marathons and half marathons).  There would be Lucozade in sachets at four drinks stations so I had decided not to run with a bum-bag of supplies.


Jonathan and I decided to run together for a while.  He was hoping for sub 3:30.  I ran 3:13 at Windermere last year, but having lost the whole of January this year due to a cough, I’d set a plan of 3:25 and a target of 3:20 if everything went well.  My longest run this year had been 20 miles.  My plan was to run the first 6 at a very steady pace, then I only had a 20 mile race to run.


The first bit of the race was a two mile loop, down to the Tower and back to the Hilton.  Then we set off towards the Pleasure Beach.  Jonathan and I set off at just under 8’s.  There was a turn to the Pleasure Beach so we could then see the runners coming back.  First we saw Eric and Jeremy close together, then Dan, then Greg, all running well.  We’d just passed 6 miles and they were coming up to 7 miles.  I decided that I could go a fraction faster and Jonathan wanted a fraction slower, so I took my leave of Jonathan as we wished each other well!


As we headed back towards the Tower, the rain came down steadily and, looking up, I couldn’t see the top of the Tower – it was covered by cloud.  The wind was very slightly against and I got in with a group of four runners from Manchester (3 doing the full) and we kept each other company for the run towards Bispham.


The first Lucozade station was at 10 miles and I took a sachet which I sipped for the next 5 miles.


When we’d got 2 miles past the Hilton (the 11 mile mark), the half separated from the full, and the half runners turned to head for home.  But there were still plenty of marathon runners around including my new friends from Manchester.  We turned at 12 miles and then rejoined the half marathon field at our 13 miles (their 11).  This was very strange because we were running 7½ minute miles while the half marathon runners around us were doing 9’s.  So we were overtaking at what seemed to be a fast rate (I later looked at my split times and found I’d been running 7’s around then!).  Past the Hilton, the half marathon runners split off to their finish but we had 11 to go.  Back down towards the Pleasure Beach again for us. 


This time at the turn near the Pleasure Beach, Eric, Dan and Greg had a bigger lead and all three were still going well.  It looked like I was going to be well down on the “Any Other Marathon” points.


16 miles was just before the turn and my watch said 1:59-something so I’d made up some time and I was now averaging 7½ minute miles.  It was just water at the turn, we’d got past 16 miles and we’d still only had one Lucozade station.  I turned into the slight wind, it was still drizzly and headed back to the Tower again, overtaking three or four on the way.  I saw Jonathan, Eran and Chris coming in the opposite direction and they were all going well.


The Lucozade station was at 19 miles (it was the same one as at 10) and it didn’t look like there was going to be another one, so I took two sachets, drank half of one, threw the rest of it away, and carried the other one.


Heading up to Bispham again for miles 20 to 23 was tough, there were not many runners about (I passed a couple), the concrete promenade was not the easiest surface to run on, and there were quite a few puddles to dodge. 


At 23 we turned for home.  I took water at the turn and drank most of the rest of the Lucozade.  I hadn’t seen the other Striders because at this end of the course the runners in the different directions were separated by a high wall.  The weather had cleared, the sun was almost managing to get between the clouds, I caught a lady runner at mile 25 and we talked each other in from there – 10 minutes to go, a mile to go, 5 minutes to go etc. 


We crossed the line together in 3:16.  She was interviewed by the announcer, while I was pleased to collect my T-shirt, medal and goody bag.  John U was there and took my picture.  (I look like I’ve just finished a marathon).


Eric was also by the finishing barriers.  He’d broken 3 hours by 5 minutes!  Dan and Greg were just at the end of the finishing area and they had PBs too.  There were two slices of buttered malt loaf in the goody bag – perfect!


Jonathan wasn’t far behind, he beat his target of 3:30 by a few seconds.  John U took his picture.  He looks like he’s just won the race!


I needed to get changed out of my damp kit so I missed Eran coming in, and also my nephew Chris’s first sub 4 hours in 50 attempts!  I did see Paul who just missed 4 hours by one minute.


I was very pleased with my time, considering the interruption to my training in January.  Everyone else recorded PB’s, so a very successful outing for all Striders.


The results were on the website later that evening.  For the third marathon in succession, I’d finished fourth in my category, just outside the prizes.  I’ll have to enter another one.



   35 Eric Green         2:55:12   PB 4th M50, no prize

   60 Dan Murray         3:03:29   PB

   83 Greg Skerrett      3:07:35   PB

  113 Bob Jackson        3:16:21      4th M50, no prize

  172 Jonathan Cocker    3:29:44   PB

  210 Eran Gal-or        3:36:37   PB

  338 Paul Sanderson     4:01:41   PB


   44 Jeremy Ladyman     1:26:55   PB 

  394 Chloe Hudson       1:51:41   PB


Lochaber Marathon (from Ian Sanderson)


A nice race, about 400 runners, flat as a pancake with views over Loch Eil and Ben Nevis. No other striders there but I waved at a couple of Abbey Runners.


   41 Ian Sanderson      3:08:59


Club Championship


Here’s the consolidated “Any Other Marathon” category in the Club Championship after all these races


    1 Eric Green         2:55:12      100 Blackpool                    35

    2 Dan Murray         3:03:29       99 Blackpool                    60

    3 Greg Skerrett      3:07:35       98 Blackpool                    83

    4 Ian Sanderson      3:08:59       97 Lochaber                     41

    5 Dan Harman         3:09:38       96 Boston                     2366

    6 Bob Jackson        3:16:21       95 Blackpool                   113

    7 Jonathan Cocker    3:29:44       94 Blackpool                   172

    8 Carmel Barker      3:32:40       93 Paris                      6710

    9 Eran Gal-or        3:36:37       92 Blackpool                   210

   10 Bernadette Clayton 3:45:06       91 Paris                      9921

   11 Mick Loftus        3:51:03       90 Three Peaks                 175

   12 Jonathan Brownbill 3:57:05       89 2 Oceans (split time)        

   13 Caz Farrow         3:58:36       88 Three Peaks                 227

   14 Simon Vallance     4:00:50       87 Three Peaks                 244

   15 Paul Sanderson     4:01:41       86 Blackpool                   338

   16 John Wallace       4:09:49       85 2 Oceans (split time)          

   17 Anthony Fryer      4:17:52       84 Three Peaks                 347

   18 Gwil Thomas        4:19:11       83 Devon Coastal Trail          12

   19 Eirik Stangnes     4:28:31       82 Three Peaks                 415

   20 Ingo Zoller        4:40:34       81 Three Peaks                 495

   21 Geoff Webster      5:31:49       80 Three Peaks                 678


Stop press!  Jonathan Brownbill moves up to 9th place with 3:23 at the Hanover marathon


Handicap Race Result


Richard Adcock hung on to win despite a late challenge from Erica Hiorns and Paul Hunter.


Gwil Thomas with 37:41 had the fastest run time (and 100 GP points), just 6 seconds ahead of Rob Bumstead.  As could have been predicted from our efforts versus Abbey at Wakefield, there were a good number (18) of runners in the 39:00 to 43:00 band.


Our two juniors, David and Eddy, ran their first ever 10k races and were ranked 14th and 15th of the 44 runners.  They’ll both be racing in the Esholt 5k series.


Those that had run 3 peaks (3 days earlier) or Blackpool (2 days earlier) had mixed fortunes.  Simon was just faster than Mick.  Eran took it very very steadily after his first marathon but was back before dark.


Thanks to the timekeepers Mike and Eileen, to number-hander-outer Pat, to subtractor Max, and to halfway marshals Sylvia, Geoff and John.  Mike and Eileen were kept busy with the first 26 finishing in a space of less than 2 minutes.


36 Pie and peas were enjoyed afterwards.  Eran announced that this would be his last training session at Striders as he was moving back to Bristol, and thanked Striders for making him very welcome.


 Race                       Race   Hand-   Run  Pts

  Pos                       Time    icap   Time

    1 Richard Adcock       55.18   10.15  45.03  74

    2 Paul Hunter          55.24   16.00  39.24  96

    3 Erica Hiorns         55.29   12.45  42.44  84

    4 Nick Barnes          55.32   10.45  44.47  75

    5 John Bucktrout       55.39    8.15  47.24  68

    6 Jeremy Ladyman       55.42   16.10  39.32  94

    7 Alan Hutchinson      55.46   15.15  40.31  91

    8 Mary Egan            55.53   11.45  44.08  78

    9 Rob Bumstead         55.57   18.10  37.47  99

   10 John Wallace         56.03   13.15  42.48  82

   11 Bob Wilkes           56.07    7.00  49.07  65

   12 Simon Redshaw        56.13   13.15  42.58  81

   13 David Bass           56.14   14.15  41.59  87

   14 Ian Sanderson        56.18   17.15  39.03  98

   15 Eirik Stangnes       56.22   15.45  40.37  90

   16 Tony Haygarth        56.28   11.45  44.43  76

   17 Eddy Robinson        56.37   14.15  42.22  86

   18 Graham Needham       56.38   17.15  39.23  97

   19 Kay Duggleby         56.47    4.45  52.02  62

   20 Hayley Nancolas      56.51   12.15  44.36  77

   21 Matt Allen           56.55   13.15  43.40  80

   22 Gwil Thomas          56.56   19.15  37.41 100

   23 Adela Reperecki      56.57    7.00  49.57  63   2

   24 Lucy Carey           57.05    2.45  54.20  60

   25 Maureen Coffey       57.09    7.45  49.24  64

   26 Christine Bradbourne 57.10    9.00  48.10  67

   27 Sharon Tansley       57.25   10.15  47.10  69

   28 Eric Green           57.30   16.10  41.20  89

   29 Simon Vallance       57.38   18.10  39.28  95

   30 Andrew Cutts         57.52   16.30  41.22  88

   31 Jonathan Brownbill   58.01   14.15  43.46  79

   32 Jon Uttley           58.03   18.10  39.53  92

   33 Mike Brown           58.19    7.30  50.49  63

   34 Mick Loftus          58.36   19.00  39.36  93

   35 Xanthe Hannah        58.45   12.45  46.00  71

   36 Elika Tasker         58.46   16.00  42.46  83

   37 Natalie Crossland    59.46   11.30  48.16  66

   38 Greg Skerrett        59.48   14.15  45.33  73

   39 Elissa Bilton        60.33    2.45  57.48  59

   39 Bob Jackson          60.33   14.45  45.48  72

   41 Ian Rosser           61.28   18.45  42.43  85

   42 Joel Giddings        63.06   16.10  46.56  70

   43 Maria Dixon          64.43    3.15  61.28  58

   44 Eran Gal-or          67.15   13.30  53.45  61


Grand Prix positions now updated on the website