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Meanwood Valley Trail – thanks and stats

More Marshalling please - including Pulse Race on 8 June and Yorks Vets on 17 June

Social Events – AbbeyValley on 3 June (book food now) and Anniversary Barbecue on 20 July

Relays – Bradford Millennium and Leeds Country

Grand prix race results – Esholt and Jack Bloor

And more


Meanwood Valley Trail


Thank you to everyone who helped with the Trail Race at the weekend.  There were 81 of you (Striders and adult marshals) and I know a few sons and daughters also helped.  Thank you!


The senior race had 310 finishers, down on last year’s record 354, but still the 6th year in a row that we have had more than 300 finishers


The junior race had 70 finishers, just 2 down on last year’s record.


Caz Farrow was 3rd woman and won the trophy for 1st W under-35.  She also won a trophy for first overall in the Airedale Triple Trail (Baildon / Guiseley / Meanwood).  There have been 7 Triple Trail series, and two runners have run all 21 races; they were each presented with a trophy; one of those runners was Andrew Cutts.


Running in the junior races were Charlotte Barn, Aileen and Ronan Loftus, Callum Parton, Gavin Taylor and Oliver Watson.


I am expecting that we have raised just over £850 for Lineham Farm, we are still counting the money, I will let you know as soon as I know!


Here’s a message from Linda Carey of Baildon Runners: “Just a quick thank you for such a well organised and marshalled event. It felt like you'd called up half the population of Leeds to provide marshals. My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be coming back for more next year. Well done Valley Striders!”


More Marshalling


Your club needs you a few more times this year.  Please email me if you are available for any or some or all of these.  Even if you can only help at one, it will be appreciated. 


Pulse Race in Roundhay Park, Sunday 8 June


We currently have 9 volunteers but need about 20.  We provide the technical support; the Pulse Race Committee and British Heart Foundation provide the rest of the race support.


Mick Tinker writes: Helpers will be needed for i) setting out the course from 07:30 to 09:00, ii) marshalling the finish from 09:30 to 12:30, iii) helping marshal the "hot spots" on the route (eg where lapping can cause confusion).


Yorkshire Vets Race at Leos, Sunday 17 June


We currently have 5 volunteers but need about 40


Geoff Webster writes: YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU.....marshals required for Yorkshire Vets Race at Old Leos on Tuesday 17 June. This is a reminder to all members that on this date there will be no training session because marshals will be needed for the race. This is a repeat of the race we put on a year ago and which everyone enjoyed so much: another opportunity to mix with runners from other Yorkshire clubs after the race while digging in to sandwiches (free of charge) at the prize giving afterwards. Possibly a few eligible Valley Striders could run if we get enough marshals. Last year the attendance of members was excellent: the race cannot take place without you!


Cancer Research 10k at Harewood, Sunday 14 September


We currently have 2 volunteers but need about 10.


Abbey Runners and Valley Striders jointly marshal the route of this event which last year raised over £60,000 (!) for Cancer Research.


Harewood 10 Mile Trail Race and 2 Mile Junior Race / Fun Run, Sunday 5 October


This is Striders’ other race where we provide 100% of the support. It is bigger than Meanwood, normally getting about 500 for the 10 mile and 200 for the 2 mile, and raising over £3,000 for Lineham Farm.


We need about 75 helpers, similar arrangements to Meanwood trail.  Please mark this in your diaries!


West Yorkshire Cross Country League at Otley, Sunday 12 October


Clubs who compete in the West Yorks XC League are asked to put on a race about once every 4 years.  It is our turn but we are unable to use Leo’s during the rugby season so we have joined up with Otley AC to jointly promote this event.


We will need about 10 full-time helpers and a further 20 on a split shift (10 men marshal the women’s race and 10 women then marshal the men’s race).


Social Events


Abbey Valley event (race and barbecue at Leos), Tuesday 3 June


This will be a team race (see details below) using the 5 mile circuit of the Reservoir taking in Eccup Village, Emmerdale and the Water Treatment Works.


Followed by a barbecue at Leo’s £6 per person, vegetarian option on request.


Abbey have reached an advanced state of planning and have 38 runners and 44 barbecuers.  So far we have 2 runners and 2 barbecuers.


You will need to let me know by Thursday 31 May at the very latest whether you are going to run and whether you are coming to the barbecue.  (if you run, you need not come to the barbecue)  (and non-runners are welcome to come to the barbecue).  We will not be taking orders over the weekend as we would for pie and peas night as Tony needs to order the food on the Friday.


Here’s the basis of the competition.  We make a list of all Abbeys and Valleys in ‘rank order’ (based on Wakefield times if available, other race time data if not), then divide the list into 5 equal sections. For example, if there are 75 runners in total, the fastest 15 would be the ‘A’ pool, the next 15 fastest the ‘B’ pool, and so on. The 15 ‘E’ pool runners (i.e. the slowest 15) would be ‘team captains’ and would each draw one name from each of the A, B, C and D pools to make up teams of 5. Each runner would wear a number (A1, B1, C1, D1 & E1 for Team 1, etc.). The E runners would start first, the D runners 5 mins later, and so on. This should ensure that the runners all finish at around the same time. Scoring would be based on each runners’ finishing position within their pool (15 points for the first A runner, 14 for the next, etc., and the same for the other 4 pools). Team score would be the total points scored by the 5 team members.  There will be a prize for the first team.  NB all runners will be timed.


NB if you do not pre-enter but decide on the night that you want to run, you will be able to do so, but not for a team.


Valley Striders Anniversary Run and Barbecue, Sunday 20 July


Last year, for our 25th Anniversary, on a Sunday morning in July, about 50 Striders ran from Leos to Woodhouse Moor and back along the Meanwood Valley Trail, and then about 65 of us (including family members) celebrated with a lunchtime barbecue at Leo’s.


We thought we’d do the same this year, so put 20 July in your diaries!




Bradford Millennium Way, Sunday 15 June


This is for teams of 10, 5 legs, runners in pairs, each leg about 10 miles.


In previous years we have won the mixed team and the vets team trophies but this year, at the time of writing, we don’t have enough women for the mixed team nor vets for a vets team, a few more of each will comfortably get us two teams.  Please let me know by Tuesday 26 May at the latest, and be prepared to do a recce run sometime before the race


Here’s the website for the race – note (a) it is very scenic and (b) it goes nowhere near Bradford.


Leeds Country Way, Sunday 31 August


This is for teams of 12, 6 legs, runners in pairs, each leg about 10 miles.


Last year we had 4 teams and won the women’s team trophy and the vets runners-up trophy.  Can we equal or improve on this?


Grand Prix Results


Esholt 5k Series


So far, two races have been completed in this 3 race series.  Grand Prix points are awarded according to the best times during the series.  Here are the results of the first two races.


Name               Best         Pts    Race 1      Race 2      Race 3

                                     Pos  Time   Pos  Time   Pos  Time

Kevin McMullan     0:17:44      100   41  17.48   30  17.44    0   0.00

Graham Needham     0:18:37       99   54  18.49   54  18.37    0   0.00

Paul Hunter        0:18:56       98   77  18.56    0   0.00    0   0.00

Dan Murray         0:19:03       97    0   0.00   74  19.03    0   0.00

Eric Green         0:19:14       96   90  19.14    0   0.00    0   0.00

Andrew Cutts       0:19:22       95   95  19.22   86  19.26    0   0.00

David Cusack       0:19:24       94  124  20.00   84  19.24    0   0.00

David Bass         0:19:27       93    0   0.00   88  19.27    0   0.00

Jane Halloran      0:19:37       92  121  19.58   96  19.37    0   0.00

Eddy Robinson      0:19:38       91  109  19.45   98  19.38    0   0.00

Greg Skerrett      0:19:43       90  107  19.43    0   0.00    0   0.00

Paul Sanderson     0:20:13       89  147  20.26  119  20.13    0   0.00

Carole Schofield   0:20:18       88  144  20.24  122  20.18    0   0.00

John Wallace       0:20:23       87    0   0.00  123  20.23    0   0.00

Nick Barnes        0:20:23       87  142  20.23  142  20.50    0   0.00

Mark Hunter        0:20:38       85  152  20.38    0   0.00    0   0.00

Paul White         0:20:41       84  183  21.18  136  20.41    0   0.00

Xanthe Hannah      0:21:04       83  176  21.04    0   0.00    0   0.00

Jonathan Cocker    0:21:07       82  184  21.23  151  21.07    0   0.00

Eric Cusack        0:21:27       81  213  22.21  157  21.27    0   0.00

Sharon Tansley     0:21:34       80  206  22.07  167  21.34    0   0.00

Sara Dyer          0:24:20       79  271  24.50  231  24.20    0   0.00


I must make a special mention about David Bass and Eddy Robinson, who followed their 42 minute club handicap 10k’s with sub 20 minutes for their first ever 5k races.


Jack Bloor Fell


I think 17 Striders is an all time record for the Jack Bloor Fell Race.  Could it be the double attraction of Grand Prix points and Fell Championship points?  Or just the fun of a navigational race where people set off in all sorts of directions after each checkpoint … and then arrive at the next checkpoint together!


  26 Simon Vallance     0:45:31      100

  33 Steve Webb         0:46:26       99

  37 Eirik Stangnes     0:46:56       98

  47 Mick Loftus        0:48:01       97

  72 Andrew Cutts       0:52:09       96

  91 Ian Sanderson      0:54:15       95

  98 Joel Giddings      0:55:44       94

 103 Mark Hunter        0:56:01       93

 106 John Wallace       0:57:14       92

 116 Simon Redshaw      0:58:14       91

 119 Nick Barnes        0:58:22       90

 127 Alistair Fale      0:58:48       89

 152 Xanthe Hannah      1:03:16       88

 156 Eric Green         1:03:54       87

 164 Sharon Tansley     1:04:24       86

 168 Geoff Webster      1:07:30       85

 179 Sara Dyer          1:11:26       84


Points have now been updated on the website.


Also the Performance Stats have been updated on the website with races up to 6 May.  Have a look to see who’s just qualified for a certificate!  The next set of certificates will probably be presented at our anniversary run.


Other Race Reports


Bluebell Trail from Panos Aristotelous


Sorry for not going to training for a while, I’ve been out of Leeds for a while. I did do the Blue Bell Trail on Sunday, I’ve just checked the results and it says my affiliated club is unattached. When I registered I put affiliated and Valley Striders so I think the problem is at their end. Anyway I came 11th which I was happy about but it was such a crazy race, I lost about 5 or 6 places going down hills, I can’t go down hills to save my life. I didn’t feel that tired at the end, but I don’t feel I could have gone any faster. I think you know what I mean, trail running is a skill. One guy said at the end of the race, I need to sort that out as I was holding people up on the narrow bits. I’d rather lose the places and time then go over my ankle. I said sorry, but inside I said shut up loser get a life you should have gone round me. It was enjoyable, but that first hill was ridiculous and it is difficult getting any speed at the majority of the race. I know I prefer going up hill than uneven downhill due to my weak ankles, it’s a confidence thing, my hill running needs work. The river at the end was cool.


I invited my friend to do it with me, but we went to pub after the race and we spent the rest of the day drinking, that was very stupid because I ruined the good work of the race and I have a chest infection now and I had managed to stay off the booze for a couple of months. Over 10 pints, and I don’t even like drinking, go figure! That’s not happening again. He is Australian so I’m blaming him and not my weak character.


 11 Panos Aristotelous  1:09:48

101 Eric Green          1:27:51

137 Tony Haygarth       1:32:03

141 Jonathan Cocker     1:32:11

143 Richard Adcock      1:32:21

163 John Wallace        1:34:29

184 Nick Barnes         1:37:05

294 Kay Duggleby        1:51:45


A weekend running adventure from Anthony Fryer


I had this year planned to do the Ultra running series and build up to enter the Fellsman. Things were going well until the ankle went into a cast so I put off the race until next year fearing I did not have enough miles in my legs, however my wife was away that weekend so needed something fun to do. I was still considering it and quizzing Geoff even last week but decided you cannot wing a 63 mile fell race.


I ended up planning another route of 63 miles across all the 2000ft plus peaks in the northern fells within the Yorkshire boundary (and one just outside). This was done mountain marathon style solo and unsupported with a wild camp in the middle. So had tent, sleeping bag, stove etc etc.


Managed 37 miles first day whilst taking in Gt Knoutberry Hill, Swarth Pike Fell, Sails , Hugh Seat, Archy Styrigg, High Seat, Coldberg Edge, Nine Standard trigs (not Yorkshire but close enough), Rogan Seat, Water Crag


Sunday was a lot shorter at 26 miles and only 4 large peaks - Lovely Seat, Great Shunner Fell, Drumaldrace, Dodd Fell.  Back to Dent Train Station via work clothes hidden.


Managed it despite the weather and lack of water for a lot of the course.


My route is here if you are interested.

Means I probably won't be at training tomorrow as blisters need time to heal. Although legs are fine and I biked into work this morning.


News of some Striders


Cycling News from Mike O’Callaghan 


Just thought I'd send a quick message to say that there is life after running.


As you are probably aware due to injury to several parts of my body through running I have had to make the switch to cycling and am presently training hard over 5 days a week. It would seem that many others before me have had to make the switch, fortunately due to the lack of impact upon the body I am able to train for many hours a week, some rides being 5 hours long with no problems (touch wood).


The quality of participants is extremely high and to ride with a group in training alone you have to be very fit as they take no prisoners. Company is easy to come by as Lawnswood is a hybrid meeting place for anyone, with Tues. & Thurs. 'chain-gang' carried out at a vicious pace. I thought that I would slip into cycling fairly easily due to my running background but I have had to work hard to be able to ride with the pack.


Age is very much less of a handicap in that many quality riders are in their 50's or 60's and are still capable of quality times. Racing is plentiful with numerous events both at the weekend and on week day evenings. 


Can't see me ever running again in any way, however keeping fit.


News of Tracey Morris (Coventry Evening Telegraph)


Tracey Morris made a welcome return to clear a winning 2.70 metres in the pole vault


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