Sent: 26 May 2008 23:43
Subject: V S Update - MVT, More Marshalling, AbbeyValley event, Relays, other events, Results, new members


This V S Update may, at the start, look like a repeat of last week’s, but it’s not.


Thanks to everyone who replied.  Sorry I’ve not acknowledged all your emails but if you have replied you can check that I’ve processed your information correctly at .


Please note that this is the “final call” for the Abbey Valley Run and Barbecue (3 June) and Bradford Millennium Way Relay (15 June), details below.


Now, read on!


Meanwood Valley Trail


I forgot to say that there is bottle of “Meanwood Meander” beer for everyone who marshalled.  Please come and collect from the club in the next couple of weeks.


Here’s a message from David Weight of Chapel Allerton Road Runners “Just a quick note of thanks to the organisers and marshals of the Meanwood Valley Trail race on Saturday. It was my 4th run in the event and I completed the Airedale Triple. Saturday's race was really well organised and fantastically marshalled. Thanks to all involved.”


More Marshalling


Your club needs you a few more times this year.  There are two events in June and we desperately need more of you to help, so please email me if you are available.


Pulse Race in Roundhay Park, Sunday 8 June


We currently have 11 volunteers but need about 20.  We provide the technical support; the Pulse Race Committee and British Heart Foundation provide the rest of the race support.


Mick Tinker writes: Helpers will be needed for i) setting out the course from 07:30 to 09:00, ii) marshalling the finish from 09:30 to 12:30, iii) helping marshal the "hot spots" on the route (eg where lapping can cause confusion).


Yorkshire Vets Race at Leos, Tuesday 17 June


We currently have 14 volunteers but need about 40


Geoff Webster writes: YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU.....marshals required for Yorkshire Vets Race at Old Leos on Tuesday 17 June. This is a reminder to all members that on this date there will be no training session because marshals will be needed for the race. This is a repeat of the race we put on a year ago and which everyone enjoyed so much: another opportunity to mix with runners from other Yorkshire clubs after the race while digging in to sandwiches (free of charge) at the prize giving afterwards. Possibly a few eligible Valley Striders could run if we get enough marshals. Last year the attendance of members was excellent: the race cannot take place without you!


Other events later in the year


- Cancer Research 10k at Harewood, Sunday 14 September

- Harewood 10 Mile Trail Race and 2 Mile Junior Race / Fun Run, Sunday 5 October

- West Yorkshire Cross Country League at Otley, Sunday 12 October


Social Events


Abbey Valley event (race and barbecue at Leos), Tuesday 3 June


This will be a team race using the 5 mile circuit of the Reservoir taking in Eccup Village, Emmerdale and the Water Treatment Works.


Followed by a barbecue at Leos £6 per person, vegetarian option on request.


Abbey have 38 runners and 44 barbecuers.  Last week we had 2 runners and 2 barbecuers, but this is now up to 24 runners and 23 barbecuers.


You will need to let me know by Friday 31 May 9p.m. at the very latest whether you are going to run and whether you are coming to the barbecue.  If you run, you are not forced to come to the barbecue.  Non-runners are welcome to come to the barbecue.  We will not be taking orders over the weekend as we would for pie and peas night as Tony needs to order the food on the Saturday.


This is not Abbey versus Valley, but, instead, teams of 5 which will consist of Abbey and Valley runners.  The full details were in last week’s V S Update.  In summary it will work like a handicap with the slowest runners off first. Come and run! 


You will need to be by the Res, by the lodge at the bottom of the hill from Alwoodley, at 7pm.


NB if you do not pre-enter but decide on the night that you want to run, you will be able to do so, but not for a team.


PS a few marshals are required - half price barbecue!  Let me know!


Valley Striders 26th Anniversary - Run and Barbecue, Sunday 20 July


Sunday morning run from Leos to Woodhouse Moor and back along the Meanwood Valley Trail (about 9 miles total), and then a lunchtime barbecue at Leos.  More details to follow.




Bradford Millennium Way, Sunday 15 June


This is for teams of 10, 5 legs, runners in pairs, each leg about 10 miles. In previous years we have won the mixed team and the vets team trophies.


This is your last chance to run (although we may be asking for reserves later!).  Please let me know by Tuesday 27 May at the latest.  You will need to be prepared to do a recce run sometime before the race.


Here’s the website for the race – note (a) it is very scenic and (b) it goes nowhere near Bradford.


Leeds Country Way, Sunday 31 August


This is for teams of 12, 6 legs, runners in pairs, each leg about 10 miles.  Last year we had 4 teams and won the women’s team trophy and the vets runners-up trophy.  Can we equal or improve on this?




Tuesday 3 June – replaced by Abbey Valley Run


Tuesday 10 June – track session at Leeds Met Carnegie, meet at Indoor Sports Hall ready to run at 7:10pm


Tuesday 17 June – Vets race at Leos instead


Tuesday 24 June - Hills


John Hallas 5 mile Time Trial – Wednesday 4 June


I am organising another 5 mile handicap race on Wednesday 4th June. The course will be the same one as before, start from the Whitehall Road Bridge, out 2.5 miles (to a marked bridge) and return. The start time for an estimated 35 minute time will be 12:20 again


Please let me know if you are interested. Handicaps will be based around the finishing times for the last handicap. Any new entrants please provide an estimated 5 mile time.  No prizes, no entry fee, just potential glory and a good lunchtime workout on an accurate (5.02 miles), flat course. Feel free to circulate this to other lunchtime canal runners


I will be doing the timekeeping again so if you can try and remember your finishing time (that I shout out) and ensure I have captured it on my start list.


Please email John  on or before Monday 2nd June if you are considering competing


Other Forthcoming Events – from John Wallace


Ultras - the next challenge

Fresh(!) from the 35 mile 2 Oceans, JB and Big John have set their eyes on the slightly more local 42 mile Lyke Wake Run on Saturday 12th July. This is a 6 person team event (of which at least 1 must be of the opposite sex) although only the best 4 times (of which at least 1 must be of the opposite sex) count, and all the runners have to complete the 42 miles – it’s not a relay! So 2 more volunteers needed, including at least 1 female, to complete the team. Let John know  if you're interested.

More details are on the website, Note that closing date for entries is 21st June.



Editor’s Note - opinions expressed in this V S Update (and all other V S Updates) are the opinions of the authors and not necessarily the opinions of Valley Striders Club.

Straw Race

And another big challenge - the Oxenhope straw race is Sunday 29th June. This is a 2 person team event, involving drinking beer, running, drinking beer, running whilst carrying a bale of straw, and drinking more beer. It’s a fun charity event with lots of fancy dress (if you're so inclined) and some serious runners and lots of beer. There's a link below and if anyone fancies partnering Big John on this let him know.   By the way, did I mention the beer?!

This link has some photos (check out page 3, 10th picture, of the 2005 photos for an unathletic John Wallace before he lost some weight)


London Marathon

The Leeds Jewish Welfare Board, a north Leeds charity which our firm (BDO Stoy Hayward) acts for, recently offered one of their sponsored places for next year London Marathon to one of my colleagues at BDO; he's already got a confirmed entry and I shall be in Cape Town for 2 Oceans, but if anyone is interested then they should check out the website . I'm told that they have 8 sponsored places available in total and last year only used a couple.


World Duathlon – from George Black


Hi Bob, Perhaps you could let Mike O, and any other Strider who may be interested, that the World Duathlon Champs, including age group contestants, will be held in Edinburgh in 2010. This is the same course that the European Champs. was held last year. It is a very hard and technically demanding course. There will be Regional qualifying events leading up to the Championships. Strong cyclists will have the edge. Regards George


Race Results


Esholt 5k series


The table below shows the results of all three races.  You’ll see that most Striders managed to improve their times each week. Nick Barnes had a ‘blip’ in the second race but that could be explained by running the Jack Bloor race the night before. 


This week’s congratulations go to Paul Sanderson, getting under the 20 minute mark after many attempts, and to Paul White who finished 2nd M60 in the series


                           G.P.   Race 1      Race 2      Race 3  

                     Best  Pts  Pos   Time  Pos   Time  Pos   Time

 Kevin McMullan     17:28  100   41  17.48   30  17.44   23  17.28

 Graham Needham     18:27   99   54  18.49   54  18.37   45  18.27

 Dan Murray         18:51   98               74  19.03   56  18.51

 Paul Hunter        18:56   97   77  18.56                         

 Eric Green         19:08   96   90  19.14               72  19.08

 Andrew Cutts       19:22   95   95  19.22   86  19.26   79  19.27

 David Cusack       19:24   94  124  20.00   84  19.24   78  19.26

 David Bass         19:26   93               88  19.27   77  19.26

 Jane Halloran      19:30   92  121  19.58   96  19.37   82  19.30

 Greg Skerrett      19:33   91  107  19.43               85  19.33

 Eddy Robinson      19:38   90  109  19.45   98  19.38             

 Paul Sanderson     19:52   89  147  20.26  119  20.13   95  19.52

 Nick Barnes        20:09   88  142  20.23  142  20.50  107  20.09

 Carole Schofield   20:15   87  144  20.24  122  20.18  111  20.15

 John Wallace       20:23   86              123  20.23             

 Mark Hunter        20:38   85  152  20.38                         

 Paul White         20:41   84  183  21.18  136  20.41             

 Xanthe Hannah      21:04   83  176  21.04                        
 Jonathan Cocker    21:07   82  184  21.23  151  21.07  190  23.18
 Sharon Tansley     21:15   81  206  22.07  167  21.34  139  21.15
 Eric Cusack        21:16   80  213  22.21  157  21.27  140  21.16
 Erica Hiorns       21:28   79                          147  21.28
 Sara Dyer          24:03   78  271  24.50  231  24.20  206  24.03


Apperley Bridge Canter - from Richard Adcock


It was a nice evening for a short run and I think everyone was quite pleased with their time, I knocked over 4 mins off last year’s!


 23  Rob BUMSTEAD        M35     00:39:06

 27  Eirik STANGNES              00:39:44

 61  Matthew ALLEN               00:42:46

 67  Eric GREEN          M45     00:43:16

 76  Jonathan BROWNBILL  M35     00:44:25

 86  Simon REDSHAW       M35     00:45:21

 90  Richard ADCOCK      M35     00:45:51

 92  Hayley NANCOLAS             00:46:04

107  Mick TINKER         M45     00:46:55

191  Kay DUGGLEBY        F35     00:52:23


NB Some odd age categories here, the men vets started at M35 and went up in 10 year bands.


Great Student Run and Mytholmroyd Fell Race - from Eirik Stangnes


On the hottest weekend in history (10-11/5), I did the Great Student run on Saturday 10 May and the Mytholmroyd fell race on Sunday 11 may.


About 1500 ran the student run and I came 27th with the time 19.02. Not a bad 5K this and as every runner got a rugby shirt and Rugby ticket it was quite good value for a fiver.


Quiet an interesting start to the Mytholmroyd fell race as a rather angry/confused overweight Rottweiler was off its lead in middle of the narrow road 50-100 meters after the start. I managed to avoid it by running in the gutter behind a skip and then sprint as fast as I could up the hill!!


 I think GW also managed to avoid a confrontation with the creature but quite a few runners were slowed down by the dog but no one was hurt.


Open5 Adventure Race – from Maria Dixon


I did the Open5 adventure race in the Lakes on Sunday – I found the course tough but I managed to come 8th out of the 9 solo females, although I didn’t score as highly as I hoped because I messed up my tactics. I overestimated how far I could cover on the bike and then massively underestimated how far I could run in the time I had left, so I had almost an hour spare at the end but wasn’t near enough any controls to use the time to get more points. Also, the points were heavily skewed in favour of the bike controls and I concentrated on the run stage. It was good fun though, and now I know what to work on for the next one!


New Members


April was the first month for over a year when we had no new members.


May has been much better and we have had 4 new members join so far.  Welcome to Elissa Bilton, Paul Holloway, Steve Tighe and Tim Wilkinson.


A potential new member is William George Andrew Hodgson, born on 26 May and weighing 8lbs 5oz.  Congratulations to Lisa and Danny!