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Subject: FW: VS Update - Vets race, Pulse Race, GP races coming, Race results and reports


Vets Race this coming Tuesday


Thanks to everyone who has volunteered to marshal.  Please turn up at Leos at 6:30.  Please could a few arrive a bit earlier to help organise car parking.  If you’re going to be a bit later than that, email me or phone 0777 5898 558 on the night so we know you’re coming!


A few more marshals are still needed, please email me if you are available.  Free sandwiches!


Pulse Race - Race Director’s Report (from Mick Tinker)


Many thanks to all who helped out at Sunday's Pulse Race in Roundhay Park. Everything seemed to work out ok, especially as the routes for both the 5K fun run and 10K race were brand new for this year and involved several laps of different shapes and sizes. I believe that the multi-lapping gave the on-course marshals some challenges but they got through it without too many stray runners. The finish marshals did a great job of sorting out the 5K family groups that crossed the line en masse - well done.


Entry numbers were up on last year so hopefully more money will have been raised for BHF (£6000+ last year) and of course the weather played it's part being a red hot day - great for helpers and marshals but gruelling for the runners.


10K entrants were over 300 with 259 finishers. 5K entrants were towards the 400 mark with 323 finishers.


The 10K race was won by Steven Body of Leeds City in a great time of 33:15. First lady and in overall 3rd place, in a time of 38:22, was Lauren Proctor of Wakefield District Harriers. The 5K race was won by 9 year old William Murfin in a brilliant time of 19:53, with first girl at 23:05 being 13 year old Hannah Whelan.


Several Striders and friends ran the races and of course won some prizes:



Overall 5th and 2nd boy U10 in a time of 22:33 - Gavin Taylor



Overall 4th and 1st M45 vet in a time of 39:23 - Drew Taylor (just pipped Abbey Runner Andy Wormald who was 1st M50)

Overall 11th and 1st M40 vet in a time of 41:43 – new member Steve Tighe

Overall 22nd and 1st F45 in a time of 43:37 - Carole Schofield

Overall 24th and 1st M-U18 in a time of 43:49 - David Bass (in his first 10K race I believe)

Overall 12th and 3rd F in a time of 41:46 - Alison Bogie of Chapel Allerton


Full results should be on UKResults and V.S. websites later this weekend.


Races Coming Soon


The following are all in V S Grand Prix


Hyde Park 5k series, first Wednesday of July, August, September


Eccup 10, 13 July


Round Hill Fell Race (not too hilly), 27 July, enter on day only


Leeds Half Marathon, 7 September (entry forms available now)


Horsforth 10k, 28 September – Abbey-Valley Challenge – can we retain the cup?


Abbey Dash, 23 November (entry forms available now)  


I have 23 names so far for the Leeds Country Way on 31 August, well on target for the 48 needed for 4 teams, but get your name in early if you want to be guaranteed a run!


Race Results


With so much going on recently (Meanwood, AbbeyValley, Pulse, Vets etc), I’ve got a bit behind reporting race results to you.  Here are some in the recent weeks where there was a good representation of Striders.  Paul Hunter has been looking out for results in local races, but if you’ve been running further afield please send me your results details for inclusion in our (Paul’s) database.


Apperley Bridge Canter


 23 Rob Bumstead       39:06

 27 Eirik Stangnes     39:44

 61 Matt Allen         42:46

 67 Eric Green         43:16

 76 Jonathan Brownbill 44:25

 86 Simon Redshaw      45:21

 90 Richard Adcock     45:51

 92 Hayley Nancolas    46:04

107 Mick Tinker        46:55

191 Kay Duggleby       52:23


Ilkley Trail Race


 24 Eirik Stangnes    49:59

 42 Steve Tighe       51:23

 77 Tim Towler        56:37

 90 Richard Adcock    58:44

 95 Tony Haygarth     59:30

138 Sue Sunderland    63:21

147 Sharon Tansley    64:17


Roberrtown 7


 16 Jeremy Ladyman     43:47 

 26 Eric Green         45:50

 79 Sue Sunderland     53:00

 99 Chloe Hudson       55:43

122 Lou Gilchrist      58:02


Wharfedale Off-road Marathon (24 miles, warm and very hilly) amd Grand Prix points


 15 Eirik Stangnes     3:43:24

 16 Ian Sanderson      3:43:42

 18 Paul Hunter        3:45:12

 39 Bob Jackson        4:05:32  1st M55

 58 John Wallace       4:17:31

 64 Geoffrey Webster   4:25:57  1st M65

 70 Nick Barnes        4:34:28

 71 Richard Adcock     4:35:23

 96 finished


Wharfedale Off-road Half Marathon (13 miles, quite warm and hilly)


  6 Steve Webb         1:36:08

  9 Mick Wrench        1:41:15

 36 Joel Giddings      2:00:38

 53 Tony Haygarth      2:08:54

135 finished


Pulse Race 10km (hot and hilly)


  4 Drew Taylor        39:23  1st M45-49 (prize)

 11 Steve Tighe        41:43  1st M40-44 (prize)

 12 Alison Bogie       41:46  2nd W (2nd claim VS) (prize)

 22 Carole Schofield   43:37  2nd W45-54 (prize)

 24 David Bass         43:49  1st MU18 (prize)

 41 Xanthe Hannah      45:40

 62 Sue Sunderland     48:00

 84 Zoe Ridgway        50:20

106 Chris Jackson      52:40  (former VS)

142 Stephen Ball       56:09

259 finished


Harewood Chase 10k approx (hot and hilly, no water)


Ladies’ Race

 14 Chloe Hudson       46:03

129 finished

Men’s Race

 32 Jeremy Ladyman     40:36

146 finished


Otley 10


 37 Jon Uttley         66:36

 56 Eric Green         68:28

 85 David Cusack       71:47

125 Jonathan Brownbill 75:44

185 Jonathan Cocker    80:31

198 Eric Cusack        82:37


Hyde Park Time Trials (5k)


Several Striders have been getting up early on a Saturday morning for these races.  Here are the results of the most recent races.  You need to register in advance (you only need to do this once), then turn up about 8:50 at the corner of Woodhouse Moor nearest to the University.  There are typically 100 runners in each race.  Run! (the route is marshalled).  Collect a disc as you cross the line, hand it in to the girl on the computer and tell her your name.  Go and do the shopping, mow the lawn, whatever, you’ve still most of Saturday free.  The results will be out on Saturday evening and you will receive a personalised email with your position and time (and, if you’ve run before, whether you’ve improved your PB).


3 May

  1 Gwil Thomas        17:38

 10 Ian Rosser         19:23

 11 James Tarran       19:34

 25 Richard Adcock     21:43

10 May

 28 Richard Adcock     21:46

17 May

  5 James Tarran       19:08

 30 Richard Adcock     22:06

24 May

  9 Bob Jackson        20:11

 19 Richard Adcock     21:45

 53 Paul Holloway      26:30

31 May

  2 Ian Rosser         19:01

 15 Paul White         21:11

 17 Erica Hiorns       21:12

 19 Xanthe Hannah      21:30

7 June

 21 Paul White         21:17


Two fell race results from Anthony Fryer


Two Striders at Duddon Valley Fell race Great race, bloody hot and my legs were aching badly on Tuesday. Rob Bumstead did 4.11 I think and I came home in a quite slow 4.20.


Also massive Fell turnout at Otley Chevin race, 5 striders! Steve Webb 1st strider, me 2nd, Eirik 3rd


Edinburgh Marathon Report (from John Wallace)


Brief report from Edinburgh marathon on Sunday which I'm just recovering from (or starting to - stairs are still a bit of a problem). Windy is the best way to describe it - very windy another way. The course essentially leaves the city for the coast and then heads out east along the coast road before doing a short off road loop and coming back 8 miles along the same coast road to finish at Musselburgh race course.


This year that meant the best part of 18 miles into a headwind that topped 30 mph at times - the elite runners reckoned it added 5+ minutes to their times. Don't know what effect it had on mine as I was running faster than I'd ever done before over that distance. The course is pretty flat overall and fast, but the drinks stations were pretty shambolic, the mile markers (when you could see them) not always as reliably spaced as you might expect, and the post race scrum a touch disappointing. But it was brilliantly supported, and for that I was very grateful.


Reassuringly I passed Captain America pretty early at 10 miles, Scooby Doo took me until 18 miles and Supergirl around 21 miles. Unfortunately, having reached 22 miles at 3.30 pace I slowed quite a bit and on the final furlong on the race course the loud cheers turned out to be for Supergirl who raced past a lot of tired old men like me. Wishing I had some kryptonite to throw at her I set off in pursuit (the view was better for a start) but this only resulted in cramp. I slowed down again but was forced to speed up when I realised I could get inside 3.35, and I ended up limping over the line in 3.34.42 or thereabouts. Pretty pleased with that and it means the 3.30 barrier isn't too far away!


An excellent day was rounded off in Edinburgh in the company of a large group from Skipton Running Club. Well done to them as well.


P.S. (from Bob), there was another Strider here who John didn’t recognise – please let me know who you were (the search facility on the Edinburgh marathon website doesn’t allow you to search by club)


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