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Thanks to everyone who has contributed race reports and messages to this week’s V S Update!  Happy reading to everyone else!


Pie and Peas – Tuesday 1 July


Final reminder for pie and peas next Tuesday. 


Please book by email before Sunday 10pm, stating whether meat pie or vegetarian bake, whether mushy peas or baked beans, and whether you also want apple pie.


Late orders will be taken by text to 0777 5898 558 before 2pm Monday


NB the session is 3 by 10 minutes, meet at Leos at 6:45, or by the Res at 7:00


Track Training at Beckett Park – Tuesday 8 July


We had 20 for the session in June so we’ve booked for the second Tuesday in July, too.  Meet at the Leeds Met / Carnegie / Headingley indoor sports centre (off Church Wood Avenue) at 7:10 ready to run.,436960&st=OSGrid&lu=N&tl=~&ar=y&bi=~&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf


Anniversary Barbecue – Sunday 20 July


We are planning to celebrate the 26th anniversary of the first meeting to invent Valley Striders by running the Meanwood Valley Trail from Leos to Woodhouse Moor and back on the morning of 20 July, followed by a lunchtime barbecue at Leos.  Friends and family welcome for the run and/or the barbecue.


We need 50 people to make the barbecue viable, so let me know if you are definitely or probably going to come to the barbecue.  Please let me know by a week on Sunday (5 July) and then we’ll decide if we have sufficient numbers.




… to the 40 of you who helped at the vets race last Tuesday.  There were 143 runners and almost as many complimentary comments.  Thanks to Pat, Tony and Carole for the food.  And I’m sure Leo’s bar takings were a record for a Tuesday night in recent years!


V S Grand Prix Race Information


Hyde Park 5k series – first Wednesdays in July, August, September


Just a reminder that the Hyde Park 5k races organised by Leeds City are on Wednesdays 2 July, 6 August, 3 September.


Round Hill Fell Race – Sunday 27 July


More a short trail race with a “couple of bogs”  entry on the day only.


Summer Handicap – Tuesday 29 July


The 5 and a bit mile off-road route to Emmerdale that we used for the AbbeyValley Run.  Lasagne night afterwards!


Leeds Half Marathon – Sunday 7 September


My information is that they have 2100 entries so far and the race limit is 3800.  If you want to run, I suggest you enter in the next 2 weeks.


Yorkshireman marathon – Sunday 14 September


I’ve had an email from the race organiser that there will be a recce of the Full Yorkshireman this Saturday 28th June 2008.  Meet at Penistone Hill Car Park at 12-00.  Anybody and everybody welcome.  More details from Charlie - 01535-648017 -

Valley Striders club gear

Tshirts – Valley Striders summer sale has just 2 V S Anniversary T shirts at half price short sleeve at £2.15 long sleeve at £2.75 first come first served contact Paul Hunter 


Jackets – Paul is also the contact for V S jackets – black windproof with embroidered Valley Striders on front and Valley Striders letters on the back, £19 each.


Car stickers -  Paul has emailed You may recall if you attended last years AGM that we looked at a car sticker to go in the rear window of your car.


We are still thinking of this, and if we have enough people who are interested then we shall get them, we need 100 takers.  (21 interested so far)  The cost is going to be £1ish.


Example below, could you please let Paul know if you are interested. 

You are following a Valley Strider

Nb this may not show very well if you are on a text-only mail server, but you can also find this email on the v s website in the next day or two.



Bradford Millennium Way Results


Vets team finished 13th overall and 3rd vets team in 6:48:01. We were 15½ mins behind Keighley & Craven vets and 2min 6secs behind Wakefield vets.


B team finished 20th overall in 7:22:29.   Both teams got the “baton” round therefore did not have to suffer the indignity of a mass start!  42 teams finished so both our teams were in the top half.


Overall winners were Pudsey & Bramley in 5:31:22 (they were fastest on every leg!)  First vets team Keighley & Craven  6:33:27.  First mixed team were Ilkley 6:41:41.  First ladies team Keighley & Craven 7:25:42.


Results show time for leg, position within leg, team time at end of leg, team position to date.  E.g. Bob and John were 23rd fastest on their leg and handed over in 11th place.


V.S. Vets

Ian Sanderson   Rob Bumstead        1:22:09  (8) 1:22:09  (8)

Bob Jackson     John Wallace        1:28:48 (23) 2:50:57 (11)

Eric Green      Richard Adcock      1:08:56 (14) 3:59:53 (10)

Andrew Cutts    Paul Hunter         1:18:31 (14) 5:18:24 (12)

Joel Giddings   Simon Redshaw       1:29:37 (15) 6:48:01 (13)


V.S. “B”

Dan Murray      Sue Sunderland      1:38:09 (21) 1:38:09 (21)

Mick Tinker     Paul Sanderson      1:36:40 (28) 3:14:49 (25)

David Cusack    Elika Tasker        1:11:37 (16) 4:26:26 (22)

Eirik Stangnes  Panos Aristotelous  1:17:25 (11) 5:43:51 (18)

Geoff Webster   Tim Towler          1:38:38 (28) 7:22:29 (20)


We had 8 newbies to BMW and 3 more on different legs from previous years, so with more Striders knowing “the Way”, maybe we can get 3 teams next year!


Leeds Country Way Relay Sunday 31 August


We now have 27 runners so we need another 21 to make up 4 teams (or another 33 to make 5 teams)


Please let me know as soon as possible, also let me know your holiday arrangements because if you’re going to be away on holiday during August you may need to recce your leg before you go


Jane Tomlinson’s Leeds 10k Run For All – report from Ian Rosser


I did the Leeds 10k today and thought I would knock out a few words for you. It was an excellent event. Great to see so many people out on the streets, running for so many different reasons.

I have included a race report below. The results can be found at


With one of the world’s best young runners in this race, there was only ever going to be one winner.  Ethiopian Ayele Mergessa won the second Leeds 10k Run For All by more than three minutes in 30.47, and it was a joy to see him floating down Meanwood Road as most runners were only just heading up it.


His country (wo)man Roman Gesse was first woman in 36.45. She’s also a top athlete but to put that into perspective, Tracey Morris finished the course in 34.43 last year.


This year, Tracey cantered round in 48.27, running with her sister, I believe.


The club’s best result was Gwilym Thomas, who came a pretty good 12th out of 11,000 runners in 37.27.  Not far behind were Jeremy Ladyman (39.51), Steve Tighe (41.57) and Carole Schofield (44.39).


I was only a minute behind Carole, although I was running the corporate challenge for the Yorkshire Evening Post, rather than as a Valley Strider. You may have seen me somewhere along the route: I was dressed as the Hulk, running with my fellow newsroom superhero Spiderman. It was bloody hot under that rubber mask.


The race organisation was, similar to last year, pretty much top notch, considering this is only the second year it has taken place and there are so many runners.


The threatened gales did not arrive and it was generally a good morning to be running.


My major complaint, again like last year, was the bottle-necking around the city centre. It didn’t help that my lot had to start behind the “green zone” runners, so there were roughly 5,000 people between me and the start line.


Once outside the twisty city centre part of the course, it’s a pretty straightforward over the flyover and up and down part of Meanwood Road. There’s not much to look at, but the crowd support was excellent (“Come on, er, green man”) and there was even a live band outside the Primrose pub. There were also three drinks stations and toilets en route.


As you headed back into the city centre, it was great to hear the cheers of the crowd in the distance, which kind of sucked you in a bit quicker.


Turning back onto the Headrow, I think that’s where I passed Tracey. Don’t think I’ll ever do that again. Especially dressed in green lycra.


Thanks, Ian, good to have a proper athletics report for this race, unlike the guy in the Y.E.P. who wrote that the men’s race winner was “closely followed” by the runner-up. My calculation says that the runner-up still had a kilometre to go when Mergessa was crossing the line, which is probably one of the biggest winning margins for a race anywhere!


Full Striders Results


Chip                       Chip    Gun   Gun

 Pos                       Time    Pos   Time

  12 Gwilym Thomas       0:37:27    12 0:37:30  

  32 Jeremy Ladyman      0:39:51    31 0:39:55

  70 Steve Tighe         0:41:57    69 0:42:13

 112 Rhiannon Silson     0:43:08    99 0:43:09   3rd W under 40

 181 Carole Schofield    0:44:39   178 0:45:07   3rd W40-49

 213 Mary Egan           0:45:10   195 0:45:25   1st W50-59

 227 Ian Rosser          0:45:42   404 0:48:17    

 296 Sandra Sutton       0:46:16   242 0:46:20   6th W40-49

 298 Sue Sunderland      0:46:17   252 0:46:27   7th W40-49

 421 Richard Adcock      0:47:30   448 0:48:51

 521 Tracey Morris       0:48:27   424 0:48:29

 543 Chloe Hudson        0:48:38   469 0:49:07

 838 Keith West          0:50:51   797 0:51:59

1070 Sara Byrne          0:52:16  1157 0:54:20

1229 Sarah Spruytenburg  0:53:10  1079 0:53:59

1305 Carole Towler       0:53:37  1093 0:54:03   

1786 Lucy Carey          0:55:47  1844 0:58:16

1731 Sarah Gordon        0:55:34  2116 0:59:41

2111 Liz Wood            0:57:31  1977 0:58:58

2474 Jane Sanders        0:59:05  2212 1:00:14

3891 Anne McCaffrey      1:05:07  4021 1:09:17

4457 John Sutcliffe      1:07:45  4139 1:09:56

5607 Becky Scurr         1:13:42  5705 1:18:54   


Big congratulations to Mary Egan who finished 1st W50.  Mary positioned herself well at the start and was only 15 secs to cross the line.  She was not actually the fastest W50, someone else had a slightly faster chip time but in the race for prizes it is gun time that counts (if anyone wants an explanation of the reason for this, then email me!), so her tactics paid off.  This was recompense for a race last year where she was fastest but started too far back and therefore missed out on a prize.


You will notice from the results that there were a few more Striders slightly out of position on the start line.  Ian mentioned starting behind 5000 runners, maybe not that many but he was 2½ minutes through the start.  Sarah G, you should have been a bit nearer the front at the start, don’t be shy next time.  However a certain T Morris should have been a bit further back instead of posing on the start line!


Settle Hills Race – report from John Wallace


Eschewing the prospect of an easy 10k around the centre of Leeds in the Jane Tomlinson event, 4 brave (and foolish) Striders pitched up at North Ribblesdale rugby club to tackle the Settle Hills 7 and its many climbs. Conditions were ideal - a howling gale and rain, so no risk of overheating but hard to believe it's summer. The race starts by going up a 1 in 7 slope - 15 minutes later I was still going up, the tail wind barely making an impression on my speed and wondering if the slope would ever end. On reaching the top I could see the leaders in the distance about to ascend the next hill - depressing. After doing a bit of a loop and heading back into the gale, we ascended to the top of the aptly named High Hill where the wind brought everyone do a dead stop before they recovered and fell down the descent the other side, the slope dropping away somewhat steeply - it seemed no surprise that the drinks (rescue?) vehicle was just after this part. Fortunately the remaining couple of miles were relatively easy leading to a fast (!) finish over the rugby field and under the posts and a quick dive for the showers.

A cracking event and top marks to the marshals who must have been very wet and cold stood out there waiting for us. Steve Webb was top Strider in 57 minutes something in 5th place, Eirik Stangnes 5 minutes later in 20th, followed somewhat further back by me just under 73 mins and Tony Haygarth a couple of minutes later. Roughly 80-90 finishers and I think we all felt justifiably smug afterwards - roll on next year!

Who was the Strider? (part 1)


In the Edinburgh Marathon it was Rawand Tayeb


Rawand emailed “About a runner who spotted in the street on Edinburgh running and wore a Valley Striders vest it was me and I had to agree with John it was really bad day particularly for me because I had not slept at all at the before the race.  Anyway I finished in 02:48:15 and it did put me in 40th place, sorry I should have done better but nonetheless I will try next time harder and by the way I will run Leeds Half Marathon so good luck and all the best and I hope to see you soon.  


And also Brendan Kitson


Brendan emailed “The other Strider present at Edinburgh was me!  I agree with John’s report about the wind, finished in 3.55.33 about 10mins down on my time 2 years ago (but different course, and older!)  Say Hi to all the Thursday group, concentrating on my Thai boxing these days so not running much usually due to injury!”


Who was the Strider? (part 2)


In the Vets race it was Bob Wilkes. 


Bob emailed “My thanks to all the club members who filled all the duties so that I was the spare part that was able to run. I 'enjoyed' the testing intricate course.”


Bob is a regular in this series and in our race he out-sprinted another M65, Malcolm Coles, but there were still 2 more M65’s ahead


Oldbury Race – report from Jules Barltrop


I hope all is well! Just thought I'd let you know about the 1st race I've managed since moving to London and getting injured!!! I ran a 4 mile fun run in Oldbury Village (near Bristol)...v prestigious race, I assure you! I managed to come 2nd Lady in 25:09. Not a wildly amazing time, but there was a narrow and crowded start with lots of friendly jostling and a pesky hill. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! I think the 1st man home did it in about 17 mins. 


I plan to properly test my fitness level at a 10k in 2 weeks.


Send my best wishes to all Striders!


Jules is understating the race – there were 674 finishers and she was 27th


Ennerdale Horseshoe – report from Anthony Fryer


I did the Ennerdale Horseshoe fell race on Saturday. My second of the Lakeland Classics Series fell races. 23 miles and 7500ft of ascent (the equivalent of 21 times up and down Bridgewater place in Leeds City Centre). Great race, great route. Hardly any smooth running, most of it rocks, boulders and screes. Managed it in 4.53 and was 40th home out of 120 runners.


Perfect weather for running, with a slight breeze, cloud cover and the occasional shower meant a fast race. Women’s record beaten by 4 minutes by Janet Mckiver from dark peak. This being her second course record out of two races in the classics series. Overheard she is going for the welsh 3000's record soon as well.


Wasdale next on 12th July and I have then qualified for the Lakeland classics race series. If anyone fancies a hard day out (21 miles 9000ft ascent) or just a lift to the Lakes and back for the day then happy to car share.


Other Recent Results

Otley 10

  37 Jon Uttley          1:06:36     

  56 Eric Green          1:08:28     

  85 David Cusack        1:11:47     

 126 Jonathan Brownbill  1:15:44     

Hyde Park Time Trial

  10 John Wallace        0:20:06 PB

  60 Lyn Eden            0:28:31     

  66 Paul Holloway       0:27:34     

Freckleton half marathon

  31 Eric Green          1:28:54     


Fancy a Saturday afternoon watching athletics not in front of the TV?


Leeds City are hosting a men’s British league National Division 3 match at South Leeds Stadium on Saturday 5 July starting at 11:30.  There are 7 other teams from all over the UK (including Edinburgh and Channel Isles).  There are about 30 events; two events (A and B) at all the main distances 100,200,400 etc up to 5k, all the main field events (HJ, LJ, TJ, PV, Javelin, Discus, Shot), plus relays. So plenty to watch. Leeds won the first match and will be favourites for this one.  Details on the Leeds City website