Sent: 05 August 2008 23:16
Subject: Valley Striders Constitution and Special General Meeting


Notice is hereby given inviting all members to attend a Special General Meeting of Valley Striders on Tuesday 2 September at 8:45pm at Leo's the purpose of which is to discuss and approve a new Constitution for the Club.
When Valley Striders was formed in 1982, a constitution was written - this has not been amended since 1984.

At the time of the 25th Anniversary, we published this constitution on the Website.

After the 2007 AGM, one of our members, Dave Middlemas, suggested that the constitution should be updated to allow all members to have a common understanding of club rules and to clarify responsibilities. Dave, in his work, advises voluntary organisations in Bradford on matters such as writing constitutions. We were pleased to accept his advice.

In December 2007, Dave wrote a first draft for us based on a combination of the Bradford CVS model constitution for unincorporated associations, the UK Athletics model constitution, and various bits from the old VS constitution.

A working group of Bob Jackson, Dave Middlemas, Sylvia Watson, Geoff Webster and Paul White met several times this year and the Proposed Revised Constitution - September 2008 is the product of our discussions.

If you have any comments, queries or suggestions for improvement, ideally make them known to Geoff, Paul or myself in advance of the meeting.  Plenty of time will also be allowed at the Special General Meeting for full discussion.  (it will also be a pie and peas night)

We hope many of you will have input and/or attend the meeting and hope that our new constitution will last a further 25 years!

Further information is available at


Bob Jackson, Chairman

Geoff Webster, Secretary

Paul White, Treasurer