Sent: 11 September 2008 23:18
Subject: VS Update - West Yorkshire Cross Country entries


Ive not replied individually to everyone whos asked to run the XC, because even if I did, I might have forgotten to put them on the entry list (has happened before, Im afraid)
So instead, here is what I think is the list so far  and there are 40 of you!!!!
We need to send the entries off next Thursday (18th), so names must be in to me by next Wednesday evening (17tH) if you want to run the first race.  (if youre not available for the first race, you have till 14 October to decide, but it will cost 7 whether you run one race or all four so you may as well enter now).
I will add new names on the website - this will be the list we send off.
I would also be grateful if you would let me know whether you are available for some marshalling duties for the first race on 12th October.  We are looking for fast women (who can run their race and then be in place for the mens race) and fast men (who can watch the end of the ladies race and sprint to the start line of the mens race).  No, were actually looking for anyone willing to stand and point the way and well arrange that runners can get to their race in time.  We are also looking for a couple of car park attendants and probably a couple of results runners.  We also need 7 or 8 to come early on the Sunday morning to set up sections of the course  they will be excused marshalling duties in the afternoon.  Please let me know!
NB normal VS Update service will resume at the weekend!   
But in the meantime, 3 short reminders 
-                 Pie and peas Tuesday 23 September, book whether meat or veg pie, beans or peas, apple pie optional at latest by Sunday 21 September (orders on )
-                 Harewood Trail marshals required on 5 October, please let me know ASAP  Thanks to everyone who has volunteered so far (names on )
-                 Get your entry in for Horsforth 10k in the next few days before it fills up.  There are more Abbeys than Valleys entered so far.
And heres the list (so far)
 Anna Costello        
 Bob Jackson          (paid, also running and marshal on 12th)
 Bob Wilkes           (paid)
 Chloe Hudson         (paid)
 Dan Fisher
 Dan Murray           (paid)
 Drew Taylor          (paid)
 Eirik Stangnes       (also running and marshal on 12th)
 Erica Hiorns         (paid)
 Gavin Taylor         (paid, junior)
 Geoff Webster        (paid)
 Gwil Thomas
 Hayley Nancolas      (paid)
 Jane Halloran        
 Jeremy Ladyman       (paid)
 Jerry Watson         (paid)
 Jim Clay             
 Joel Giddings        (paid, also running and marshal on 12th)
 John Wallace         (also running and marshal on 12th)
 Madeleine Watson     (paid)
 Maria Dixon          (marshal on 12th, to confirm whether running)
 Mark Hunter          (paid)
 Mary Harris
 Mick Tinker          (also running and marshal on 12th)
 Panos Aristotelous
 Paul Hunter          (also running and marshal on 12th)
 Paul Sanderson       (marshal on 12th, NOT running series)
 Paul White           (paid)
 Rob Bumstead         (paid, also running and marshal on 12th)
 Sam Harris
 Sharon Tansley       
 Simon Redshaw        
 Simon Vallance       (paid)
 Steve Tighe          (paid me)
 Sue Sunderland       
 Sylvia Watson        (paid)
 Tom Button           (paid me)
 Tony Haygarth        (paid)
 Tracey Morris
 Xanthe Hannah        (paid, also running and marshal on 12th)