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Last Chance …


… to enter the full series of West Yorkshire Cross country.  I am hoping to get an extension so that we can put our entries in on Sunday, so if you still want to enter the full series, please email me before 6pm Sunday evening.  It will cost you £7, payable as soon as possible to Paul White.  For dates of all cross-country races see the next section of this VS Update


… to order pie and peas for after the Club Handicap next Tuesday.  Please state meat or veg pie, baked beans or mushy peas, and whether you want apple pie afterwards, by email, by Sunday 9pm, or by text 0777 5898 558 by Monday 12 noon.  PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO THE DARK EVENINGS THE WE WILL BE MEETING DOWN BY THE RES AT THE EARLIER TIME OF 6:30PM AND THE FIRST RUNNER WILL BE SETTING OFF AT 6:45PM PROMPT


… to enter the Horsforth 10k and ensure the Striders are well represented in the Abbey Valley Challenge.  The first runner scores 150 pts, the last runner 50 pts, so every runner counts.  Over 35 Striders have already entered!  Entries may be available on the day, but why risk it, enter now.  Entry forms at . If you miss the closing date, send your form off anyway and say that you’ll collect your number on race day.


… to claim your souvenir pottery if you ran in the Leeds Country Way (see me next Tues at the handicap)




Sun 21 Sep – Kirkstall off-road 7 mile (new race from Leisure Centre)

Tue 23 Sep – Club Handicap (VSGP)

Sun 28 Sep – Horsforth 10k (VSGP)

Sun 5 Oct – Harewood 10 – marshals wanted please

Tue 7 Oct – lasagne night & VS special general meeting (no more than 5 mins)

Sun 12 Oct – West Yorks XC at Otley assisted by Valley Striders

Sun 26 Oct – West Yorks XC at Guiseley

Tue 28 Oct – probable date of Striders AGM

Sat 15 Nov – West Yorks XC at Wetherby

Sun 16 Nov – Peco XC at Ilkley

Sun 23 Nov – Abbey Dash – get your entries in! (VSGP)

Sun 30 Nov – Thirsk 10 – final race of VS Grand Prix (VSGP)

Sun 7 Dec – West Yorks XC at Wakefield

Sun 14 Dec – Calderdale Way Relay

Fri 19 Dec – Striders Xmas Do

Sat 20 Dec – Peco XC (Abbey Runners)

Sun 11 Jan – Peco XC at John Smeaton

Sun 25 Jan – Brass Monkey Half (entry forms available soon)

Sun 8 Feb – Peco XC

Sun 1 Mar – Peco XC at Woodkirk assisted by Valley Striders


Valley Striders Grand Prix


We’ve removed Withins Skyline from the GP because it clashes with a WYXC race.  The final races for the 2008 GP will be listed in the next VS Update.


Hyde Park 5k series

                                        Race 1      Race 2      Race 3

                       Best     Pts   Pos   Time  Pos   Time  Pos   Time


 Panos Aristotelous 0:16:41      100    4  16.41                        

 Gwilym Thomas      0:17:22       99    7  17.39   13  17.23    8  17.22

 Drew Taylor        0:18:15       98   10  18.15   20  18.20   15  18.26

 Jeremy Ladyman     0:18:25       97   11  18.36   21  18.25   16  18.48

 Graham Needham     0:18:46       96   14  18.46               22  19.19

 Dan Murray         0:19:03       95                           20  19.03

 Eirik Stangnes     0:19:09       94   17  19.29   25  19.09           

 Elika Tasker       0:19:17       93   20  19.59   27  19.17   24  19.59

 Jim Clay           0:19:21       92                           23  19.21

 Matt Allen         0:19:31       91               29  19.31            

 Eric Green         0:19:38       90               31  19.38   25  20.09

 David Bass         0:19:45       89   19  19.45                       

 John Wallace       0:20:05       88   22  20.32   38  20.05           

 Eddy Robinson      0:20:11       87                           26  20.11

 Paul Sanderson     0:20:25       86   28  21.05   46  20.59   28  20.25

 Simon Redshaw      0:20:46       85               42  20.46           

 Nick Barnes        0:20:46       85               45  20.58   31  20.46

 Xanthe Hannah      0:20:49       83                           32  20.49

 Carmel Barker      0:20:55       82   27  20.55               40  21.17

 Mark Hunter        0:21:01       81                           35  21.01

 Mick Tinker        0:22:02       80   35  22.02   63  23.07           

 Chloe Hudson       0:22:13       79   36  22.43   57  22.13   52  22.58

 Bob Wilkes         0:25:39       78                           64  25.39

 Anne Mccaffrey     0:29:05       77   56  29.05                        


Yorkshireman Off-Road Marathon 2008  (26m/4000ft)  from Mick Loftus


It was all about the mud!  I've completed this event about 6 times and this was the muddiest year by a long way.  While you expect a fell race to be pretty muddy, this trail race was even worse.  Many sections of the route, which in the past have been firm fields and grassy tracks, were 6+ inch deep quagmires.  I was often reduced to wading slowly through the gloop.  It was very tiring work.  Luckily the weather was perfect; cool, dry and still.


This year the start and finish had been moved to downtown Haworth.  I had thought that this would reduce times by 10 minutes or so by moving the final climb to the start, the distance was roughly unchanged. However, the conditions under foot must have neutralised the advantage.


It was great to see several Striders run.  I hope that any first timers at long off-road events aren't too put off by it.  It is often run in warm sunshine with hardly a muddy fell shoe to be seen (well OK a bit of mud perhaps).


The whole race was well marked and organisation was excellent as ever.  They even provided a specialist 'fell' shower at the end, consisting of a garden hose in the car park.


Well done to everyone who completed it, what an epic!


Results from Mick Loftus and Richard Adcock


Full Marathon

   10 Mick Loftus        3:57:59      100

   19 Rob Bumstead       4:14:58       99

   35 Steve Webb         4:31:55       98

   59 Richard Adcock     4:59:05       97

   67 Simon Redshaw      5:04:28       96

   68 Joel Giddings      5:05:43       95

  111 Sara Dyer          6:21:35       94

     Winning time 3:24:10, last runner 7:07:30


Half Marathon

   21 Ian Sanderson      2:05:49      100  

   52 Xanthe Hannah      2:14:54       99  

   88 Nick Barnes        2:30:10       98  

   99 Laura Clark        2:32:04       97  

   99 Sharon Tansley     2:32:04       97  

     Winning time 1:38:14, last runner 5:28:51


Nottingham Marathon


Gwil Thomas may have been a little disappointed by his time of 2:56:53, but it puts him in 3rd place in the “Any Other Marathon” category in the Striders Grand Prix, and this puts him in the overall lead in the Grand Prix, just one point ahead of Ian Sanderson who has led since May.


For the current points table, see


In the Nottingham Half, Bill Murphy ran 1:44:59 (no Grand Prix points)


Other Race Results


Wetherby 10k


Vicky retained her title – congratulations!


 14  Vicky Whitehead  0:36:54  (1st woman)

 53  Paul Hunter      0:40:09

 88  Paul White       0:42:23  (2nd M60)

229  Mike Brown       0:49:47




NB I asked for your stories from the LCW.  I thought we might hear how Patrick dropped his baton on Dan’s head, but only Ian Rosser came forward and here are his notes from leg 4.


LCW Notes from Ian Rosser


Regarding the Leeds Country Way, I must admit I'm not a big cross country fan, although it's always good to get away from running next to traffic.


I don't know if any other runners had trouble with a great big ugly dog (a Great Dane I think) just after the start. I hate dogs anyway, and this thing was barking, salivating and chasing me as its owners shouted "it's only playing".


Immediately after, at the very first gap in the wall, Matt managed to rip his shorts in half. As he knew the route far better than me, he led the way. I spent the first couple of miles chuckling loudly every time I looked at him, which wasn't very good for my breathing.


The only other mishap was before the race began. As we set off for Bradford with Geoff driving I asked Elika why she was wearing such a clean pair of road shoes for the run, which we all knew was going to be horribly muddy. That's when she realised her race shoes were in a plastic bag back at home.


As we made the detour to meet her bloke, who was driving towards us with the missing shoes, she told us how she was the most organised person she knew!  By now the car was steaming up a bit, although we couldn't open the windows because Geoff's car doesn't do window handles.


New York Marathon from Tim Wilkinson


Hi fellow Striders,


After years of thinking about doing this I've finally taken the bull by the horns and decided it's now or never.


I've been training for 12 weeks, gradually increasing my distances - I've done 4 half marathons in training so far.


I ran in the Leeds half marathon a week last Sunday with a credible time (for me !!) of 1hr 52m (8 mins better than last year - the hills training paid big dividends on Stonegate Road


I also did my longest training run to date last Saturday of 18 miles in 2 hr 46 min - I was knackered at the end but felt fine the day after. More of the same for the next few Saturdays when I will be running a combination of 15, 18 and 20 mile runs - if there is anyone who fancies a similar run let me know I would welcome the company.


Since joining the club in May and attending most of the Tuesday sessions at the reservoir and the track my performance has improved dramatically (for me at least !!) and i'm sure it's going to help me get through the tough closing miles. 


The "race" is on November 2nd and I'm running on behalf of the Alzheimer's society.  Alzheimer's is an ever increasing burden on our society affecting not just the sufferers of the disease but the families who are left with problem of caring for loved ones - the Alzheimer's charity devotes a large proportion of its income to supporting families with specialised help as well as researching into the causes and potential cures for the disease.


I'm hoping to raise £5000 for the charity and would greatly appreciate any help you could give in reaching this target.  My total raised to date is almost £3000 - so I'm 60% towards my target.


I received a very nice letter and donation from Janet Kitchen an honorary striders member now living in Scotland.


If you would like to sponsor me you can do this on line at the following address or alternatively you could email me and I will record it on my sponsor sheet. 


Many thanks in anticipation




Message from the organiser of the Edinburgh Marathon


We have made important changes to the entry system for the 2009 Albert Bartlett Edinburgh Marathon. The main difference is that we have no ballot this year and entries are on a first come first served basis until we reach 11,500 entries or 15th January 2009, whichever is soonest.   


We are offering free entry to British sub 2:40 males and sub 3:00 females. Free entry also if you have run a sub 73 min (male) or sub 1:25 (female). You need to have run below these times after the 1st January 2007.


Improvements for 2009 Marathon.

·         Changes to the start and finish areas give more space to runners/supporters.

·         Goody bag. We are replacing our cotton finishers t-shirt with a technical Asics running t-shirt.

·         There will not be a compulsory EXPO for 2009. All running packs (timing chip, running number, final competitor instructions) will be posted out to UK runners. The compulsory Expo will be replaced with a pre race party/Ceilidh (mini EXPO) in the city centre.

·         We will have more shuttle buses for spectators and runners and are also introducing other changes to make the shuttle buses a more efficient service.

To ensure your runners get a place please ask them to enter the marathon before we reach 11,500 entries or 15th January 2009, whichever is soonest.

Harry Moore
Event Manager
t: 01620 890 444
f: 01620 890 787


Up & Running Vacancies


Up & Running shops in Leeds and Headingley have immediate vacancies for full time staff.


No retail experience is necessary, just an interest in running.


Further details are available from