Sent: 13 October 2008 00:12
Subject: VS Update - Track training, Harewood report, Snake Lane, Brass Monkey, Committee




Training on Tuesday 14 October is at Leeds Met Track – for details see below.


The Harewood 10 mile organised by VS was one of our most successful events with 505 finishers in the 10 mile, 138 in the 2 mile and a forecast of over £3,000 raised for Lineham Farm Children’s Centre.  One man had a heart attack and was taken by Yorks Air Ambulance to Harrogate Hospital – he is much improved and is expected to leave hospital next weekend.  Congratulations to Eddy Robinson who WON the junior race.  And to Dominic Mather-Hunter who won the trophy for 1st B5-6.  And Panos was in the prizes too, finishing 5th overall.  Over 80 Striders and family were involved with the event – a BIG THANK YOU to everyone.  More details below.  Full race results at .  PS marshals - don’t forget to collect your bottle of beer!


Abbey Runners have declared round 3 of the Abbey Valley challenge to be the Snake Lane 10 at Pocklington on Sunday 22 February 2009.  This may seem a long way away on a map but is only about 40 minutes drive from Leeds Ring Road at Seacroft.  The race fills early, but Abbey and Valley have guaranteed places until 30 October.  It’s only £7 to enter, so just get your entry in.  And if you are fit in February, it’s an excellent course for a PB.  Abbey have taken a minibus there before so they may be ahead of us in the organisation and planning department.  Our normal laid back style (just turn up on the day) won’t work here, so if we want to get our name on the cup for the third time we need to organise ourselves now.  Entry forms at


Brass Monkey half marathon entry forms will be available on on Saturday 18 October.  I suggest you purchase a couple of first class stamps ready for Saturday morning.  The postbox at the end of our road collects at 10a.m. so I may need to find another elsewhere.  Last year the race filled in 3 days, so my original plan to collect entry forms at the club on Tuesday 21 October is cancelled as it is likely to be a day too late.


1 boy, 10 women and 18 men ran for VS in the Complete Runner West Yorkshire Cross Country League (henceforward abbreviated to WYXC) race today.  The women’s team was 8th and the men’s 9th.  The next race is Sunday 26 October at Guiseley – if you want to run and haven’t registered already, let me know by Tuesday 14 October at the latest.  Reminder to those who ran today – keep your race number for the series.  Full race results at


The new Club Constitution was approved at the SGM last Tuesday.  The Annual General Meeting will now be Tuesday 18 November.  We need a Committee of 10 Striders to generally run the club and meet about 8 times a year.  These are not likely to be long meetings – they do not include such things as team selection which will be run by the team captain(s).  If you are interested, contact Paul White, Geoff Webster, Sylvia Watson or myself.  We will be having a committee meeting on Tuesday 21 October, you are welcome to sit in and see what goes on!


I’ve received 5 race reports in the last couple of weeks, I also have Great North Run results, so expect another VS Update soon!




Leeds Met Details


On Tuesday we are at the track at Leeds Met Carnegie at Beckett Park in Headingley.  Use the Church Wood Avenue access to the site.


We meet at the Indoor Sports Centre (NOT at the Athletics Track) to start running at 7:10pm prompt.  Arrive for about 6:55 if you’re going to get changed there.  The cost is £2.40 or £2.50 (it’s just gone up and I can’t remember how much to).


This is how you get from Church Wood Avenue to the Indoor Sports Centre


Harewood Race Results


     2 mile

 Pos                              Cat     Time  Pos in cat

   1 Edward      Robinson         B13-14  12.51     1

  31 Ronan       Loftus           B11-12  16.18     8

  32 Josephine   Mather-Hunter    G11-12  16.20     7  (Wetherby R)

  35 Callum      Parton           B9-10   16.33     5

  45 Aileen      Loftus           G9-10   16.56     5

  73 Katherine   Redshaw          G7-8    19.15     2

  85 Dominic     Mather-Hunter    B5-6    20.36     1

  86 Nancy       Reid             G9-10   20.45     9

 105 Eddie       Hunter           B7-8    22.52    13   

 107 Alice       Reid             G9-10   23.00    13

 115 Abe         Giddings         B7-8    23.41    14


     10 mile

   5 Panos       Aristotelous     M       59.02     4  

  26 Steve       Webb             M40     65.38     6   

 115 Andrew      Cutts            M40     76.34    44  

 254 Adela       Reperecki        F45     86.10     8  (Dragons)

 389 Sara        Dyer             F45     98.08    30  


A little bit more about the man who had the heart attack – he was aged 60 but was fit, having run a race every Sunday for the previous 5 weeks.  Being just behind mid-way in the race saved his life, because just behind him in the race were a doctor and a nurse who massaged his heart for 20 minutes, a fireman who lectured first aid, a policeman who ensured the air ambulance was called, and 3 other people who also had first aid experience.  (any later in the race and these first-aiders would already have been through).  These “magnificent seven” stayed with him till the air ambulance arrived.  The incident was two-thirds of the way between Eccup and Emmerdale, fortunately on the edge of a big field where the helicopter could land, because the previous three-quarters of a mile was heavily wooded.  Also thanks to the Striders involved – Sara Dyer was running in the race and blew her whistle to attract the attention on the marshals; Tom Button was marshalling nearby and made contact with section leader Geoff Webster and chief marshal Dan Murray; the man’s wife was waiting at the finish and was assisted by Dan and by Paul Furness.  Unfortunately the St John Ambulance 4 wheel drive was near Harewood at the time, carrying back a man with a suspected broken ankle.  When they tried to return, they got stuck in the mud and never reached the heart attack man.


WYXC Results


Boys Under 11

    11  0:06:56 TAYLOR, Gavin      



    26  0:22:53 CLARK, Laura       

    33  0:23:19 HALLORAN, Jane     

    53  0:24:18 HANNAH, Xanthe     

    73  0:25:42 SUNDERLAND, Sue    

    80  0:26:09 HARRIS, Samantha   

    83  0:26:14 TANSLEY, Sharon    

    88  0:26:35 HARRIS, Mary       

   111  0:29:44 DYER, Sara         

   114  0:30:15 WATSON, Madeleine  

   116  0:30:30 WATSON, Sylvia     

   125  finished



    17  0:32:43 ARISTOTELOUS, Panos

    57  0:35:47 WEBB, Steve        

    82  0:37:17 HARMAN, Dan        

    85  0:37:32 TAYLOR, Drew       

    88  0:37:36 KENNIS, Alastair   

    90  0:37:44 FISHER, Dan        

   100  0:38:04 MURRAY, Dan        

   112  0:38:34 BUTTON, Tom         

   113  0:38:35 HUNTER, Paul       

   115  0:38:36 ROSSER, Ian        

   119  0:38:48 STANGNES, Eirik     

   130  0:39:27 CLAY, Jim          

   136  0:39:43 TIGHE, Steve       

   137  0:39:47 WATSON, Jerry      

   155  0:40:49 ALLEN, Matt         

   179  0:43:01 JACKSON, Bob        

   181  0:43:21 ADCOCK, Richard    

   184  0:43:33 HUNTER, Mark       

   219  finished