Sent: 15 October 2008 23:06
Subject: VS Update : Brass Monkey Entry Form


If you want to run the Brass Monkey, I STRONGLY advise you to send this off Friday morning at the latest.


If you have friends who only intermittently access their emails, could you let them know.


I’m also attaching the Snake Lane entry form.  This is the first Abbey/Valley Challenge race for 2009 and the organisers have guaranteed entries from Abbey and Valley providing your form arrives by 1 November.  On previous years’ experience, this race will be full on that date or very soon after.  We will be organising a variety of travel to this event - a shared Abbey/Valley coach for those who want Sunday lunch and a drink or two, and car sharing for those who want to share petrol expenses and to have a more serious pre and post race discussion.  Ha!


P.S. This form was forwarded to me by an Abbey Runner – there are some good people on the Western side of the Meanwood Valley!