Sent: 09 November 2008 00:27
Subject: VS Update - cross country, reminders, results, bones, beer


Cross Country next weekend


Races are Saturday at Grange Park, Wetherby women 1:45pm men 2:15pm .  Pre-entries only.


And Sunday at Nell Bank, Ilkley mixed 11:00am register on the day from 9:00am onwards.


Please let Paul Hunter  know which of these you are running.  If you are going to run one of these but are undecided which to run, then also let Paul know as he will be able to tell which day we are short for teams.


Quick Reminders


Next Tuesday (11th) we are at the Track at Leeds Met.  Run starts at 7:10.  Arrive at least 5 mins early in case there is a queue to pay!  Details on


Next Tuesday (11th) is also the cut-off for nominations for Committee Members.


The following Tuesday (18th) is AGM (starting 8:30pm prompt) and Lasagne night (8:20pm), please book stating whether meat or vegetarian lasagne.


NB from last Tuesday’s pie and peas, two people left without paying or some people paid insufficient money.  The pie and peas was £2.50 and the apple pie £1.50.


A few more volunteers required to help at the Abbey Dash, please!


Striders Xmas meal / presentation night Friday 19 December at Leos, price will be £9.50, more details to follow.


Snake Lane entries closed as predicted on 1 November.  Another race likely to close soon is the Chevin Chase on Boxing Day (1st GP race of 2009)




Guy Fawkes 10


  7 Tracey Morris     60:12  (1st W)

 23 Dan Fisher        64:13

 58 Jeremy Ladyman    67:38

 67 Dan Murray        68:08

135 Eric Green        72:07

222 Simon Redshaw     76:27

319 Erica Hiorns      81:20

349 Sue Sunderland    82:29

441 Chloe Hudson      85:54


The race was won by Darran Bilton in 52:59 who was over 4 minutes ahead of the 2nd placed runner


Burley Bridge Hike


somewhere between 20 ½ and 21 miles depending which route you took


  3 Steve Webb        2:57

  9 Anthony Fryer     3:00

 11 Drew Taylor       3:09

 13 Ian Sanderson     3:13

 25 Malcolm Coles     3:29

 29 John Wallace      3:37

 30 Bob Jackson       3:39

 39 Richard Adcock    3:51

 44 Geoff Webster     3:55

 61 Peter Stevenson   4:19


Them Bones, Them Bones, Them Brittle Bones…! (From Paul Briscoe)


Many of you will be aware that I have gained a reputation for breaking bones in important races. First (and probably most famously!) I tripped over a rock during the descent from Ingleborough during the 1995 Three Peaks Race and smashed my wrist – but still got up and carried on to come third. Then I repeated the feat at almost exactly the same point in the 2002 Three Peaks, this time fracturing my upper arm – I still finished but lost out on the Vets title. However, many of you will not be aware that I suffered yet another fracture earlier this year when I slipped in the mud whilst out walking our dogs. This time it was my ankle I broke.


A number of people have jokingly suggested that I must have brittle bones. I always dismissed this, as it is something normally associated with post-menopausal women and almost unheard of in active younger men. However, after my most recent fracture, which resulted from a pretty innocuous fall, I decided to get checked out. It transpires that I do indeed have osteoporosis.


It was my wife Jo who first flagged up the possibility that I might have a problem. Earlier this year she attended a seminar at which one of the topics under discussion was the adverse effect of certain steroidal drugs on bone density. Jo realised that I had been given one of these drugs, throughout my teenage years, to treat severe hay fever. My present GP has never prescribed this drug because of the possible adverse side effects and openly acknowledges that it is likely to be the primary cause of my condition. Although I only received one injection per year, it was a large dose intended to provide protection throughout the entire hay fever season. However, the real problem is that it was administered at a time when I was growing rapidly and hence laying down a lot of new bone.


When I went for my tests, I was dismayed to find that I am over an inch shorter than I used to be. This is common in osteoporosis due to the gradual degeneration of vertebrae in the spine and may well have been compounded in my case by the compressive effect of running on the spine. It may also explain why I started to suffer so many more aches and pains during my last few years of running. So it’s probably just as well that I decided to stop when I did!


The prognosis isn’t all that bad now that the problem has been picked up, as there are drugs available which promote recalcification of bones and which should prevent things from deteriorating. Even so, I think it is probably wise for me to restrict myself to walking and cycling in future.


The moral of this story is that if you have ever been on a long-term course of steroids, particularly in childhood, it might be worth getting your bone density checked.


Of course, every cloud has a silver lining! It is interesting to speculate on how much benefit my ultra-light bones were to me during my days of competitive running ………just as long as I managed to stay on my feet!


Otley Beer Festival 14th And 15th November


And now for a shameless plug!


I know that quite a number you enjoy real ale. If you do, you might want to consider finding your way to Otley on either Friday 14th or Saturday 15th November to attend the Otley Beer Festival.


The festival takes place in Otley Civic Centre (near the start of the Otley 10 Mile Race) between 12 noon and 11.00pm on both days. Admission costs just £5 and includes a commemorative glass and £2 worth of beer (you can buy extra beer tickets!). All proceeds are shared between Otley Parish Church restoration fund and local charities.


Over the years, the festival has gained a reputation for being very friendly and we have had to increase our orders yet again (60 different draught ales plus cider, perry and continental bottled beers) to ensure that we don’t sell out before the end of the Saturday night. There is also some live music……. and if you are around on Saturday at 5pm you might even witness yours truly attempting to play his guitar. ………You have been warned!!