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Subject: VS Update - Tuesdays, Xmas, Peco, Grand Prix, London, Subs, XC entries, Road relays, Results


Tuesday Training


Tuesday 2nd was cancelled due to snow, please could anyone who booked pie and peas give me £1.50 as soon as possible to compensate Tony.  Thanks


Tuesday 9th we were not allowed on the track by Leeds Carnegie so we did the hill session at Church Lane


Next Tuesday (16th) normal session for third Tuesday of the month, so meet at Leos 6:45 ready to run then 5 by 6 minutes at High Ashes


Tuesday 23rd the Tuesday before Xmas, instead of hills, I have managed to book the track at Leeds Carnegie, meet at the Indoor Sports Centre at 7:10 ready to run


Tuesday 30th from Leos, your choice, anyone want to do hills?


Valley Striders Christmas Bash 2008


Many Thanks to the 55 of you who have booked places for the Striders Christmas Bash. For those of you who haven’t already reserved your place, please book by Wednesday 17 December and as a reminder, here are the details again:

Event:  Valley Striders Christmas Bash

Venue: Old Leos Club

Date:   Friday, 19 December 2008

Time:   7.30pm 

Cost:   £9.50 per person


Email me at to book your place & make cheques payable to Valley Striders - send to Paul Furness, 15 Talbot Fold, Roundhay, Leeds LS8 1LU.


P.S. from Bob: maximum numbers are 80, so book quickly to avoid disappointment.  If we get to 80 I’m afraid we’ll have to turn away our celebrities (even Kylie) so that as many Striders as possible can attend.


PECO Cross Country – Saturday 20 December


Take your camp bed to Leo’s on the Friday night and you’ll be quite close to Golden Acre Park for the second race in the Peco XC league on the Saturday morning.


Race Date & Time: Saturday 20th December 2008, start time 11.00am. The Junior Cross Country Challenge will start at 10.00am


Race Location: The race will take place entirely within the grounds of Golden Acre Park (located near Bramhope alongside the A660 Leeds to Otley Road).


Registration: The race HQ will be beside the Arthington Road Car Park. Registration will open from 9.30am for juniors, and from 10.00 – 10.30am for seniors. See map:,441500&st=4&ar=N&mapp=idmap.srf&searchp=ids.srf&ax=426978&ay=442845&lm=0


Entry Fee: Seniors £2.50, Juniors £1.00 (food provided).


Car Parking: The Arthington Road car park is fairly small, so, unless you arrive early, it is probably best to park in the main car park (on the A660) and walk across the park to the race HQ. Please do not park on Arthington Road itself: it can be dangerous.


The Course: The course for the senior race will be approximately 5 miles long and will consist of one small lap and two large laps. It is suitable for spikes (unless it is frozen), studs or trail shoes (unless it is very muddy). The course is undulating, with several short ascents and descents. There are some tight turns, some narrow sections and the main hazard underfoot is tree roots. The junior race will be run over a single, slightly shortened, ‘large lap’: it will be just under 2 miles in length.


After The Race: Changing and showering facilities, race results and food will all be located at Adel Sports & Social Club, Church Lane, Adel. This is about one mile from the race HQ, just back down Arthington Road into Adel.


Current Positions:  Women 3rd, Men 5th, Men Vets 5th, Women Vets 8th


Club Championship / “Grand Prix”


The last races in the 2008 series were at Thirsk and at Wakefield, points have all been input and the series results calculated.  A record 37 Striders have run 8 races or more, which qualify them for a Grand Prix T shirt to be presented at the Xmas Do.  See the website for the final results table.


The following races will be in the 2009 Grand Prix

-          Chevin Chase (26 December, entries closed)

-          Xmas Handicap (28 December, meet by Res 11:00, afterwards at Leos, Bob J buying drinks)

-          Brass Monkey half (entries closed)

-          Snake Lane (entries closed)

-          Baildon Boundary Way (enter quickly)

-          London Marathon (entries closed)


There will be a meeting at Leo’s next Tuesday 16 December to discuss the rest of the programme for 2009, so come along and vote for your favourite race(s) to be included.


Snake Lane - We have 32 runners entered so I’m guessing we are outnumbered by the Abbeys, but looking at the list we certainly have quality, so this may be enough to retain the Abbey Valley Cup next February.  Before I forget, they do have a number exchange system, so if you know you’re not going to run please let me know and I’ll pass your number on.  By the way, who’s got the Cup at the moment?


Baildon Boundary Way - Just an extra reminder that the Baildon Boundary Way off-road half marathon on 5 April usually closes off entries very early in January (in 2008 it was 13 January), so if you want to get an entry in, do it very soon.  Forms at


London Marathon Entries


Striders have three places for the 2009 London Marathon, of which one has already been allocated to Dan Murray.


If you entered London and have a rejection letter, please email me so you are included in the ballot for the remaining 2 places, this draw will take place at the Xmas Handicap


So far, Liz Wood and Richard Adcock will be in the ballot, so if no-one else emails, the places are theirs.


If you didn’t enter London but now want to run, you can let me know and I will put you on a reserve list.


Membership Fees


Thank you to 111 of you who have already paid for the V S year September 2008 to August 2009.  You are now in the majority …


… but 103 of you who were members last year, haven’t yet paid this year


Standard rate is £14.  If you are second claim or still in full time education or a non-runner, please contact me for alternative rates.


Please make out a cheque to Valley Striders and send to Paul White, 17 Whinmoor Court, Redhall, Leeds, LS14 1NX


P.S. I know you still haven’t got membership cards, we did pay 5 months ago and most clubs have received them, I am sending emails to England Athletics in larger and larger print.


Cross Country Races


Drew Taylor is looking after the entries for these, which are listed in official closing date sequence.  All forms need to be posted so we’re setting a closing date 4 days before the official date, please email Drew   if you want to be entered


- Northern XC Champs – St Helens 24/01/09 (now closed)

- Yorkshire XC Champs – Rotherham 10/01/09 (CD 29/12/08)

- National XC Champs – London 21/02/09 (CD 05/01/09)

- Yorkshire Vets XC Champs  – York 14/02/09 (CD 07/02/09)


Bob says: “Can I particularly recommend (for older people) the Yorks Vets championships, there are some age groups where we could raise quite a competitive team (e.g. W45).”


Road Relays


After the relative success (our teams finished almost exactly half way in the teams entered) at the English Cross Country Relays, we are considering entering teams for


- Northern 6 & 12 Stage Road Relays. 5th April 2009 – Stockport

- National 6 & 12 Stage Road Relays 18th April 2009 – not sure where

- National 4 & 6 Stage Road Relays 17th October 2009 – not sure where


Who’s interested in running?  Please email Paul Hunter if you are interested


Harrogate Ringway Relay - Sunday 4 January


So far, we have three teams of 5.  If you want to run (or if you want more details) email me.  Last year we had 5 teams, can we get 6 teams this year?


Thirsk 10 Results


Lots of PBs, AGBs and ABs at Thirsk, where it was very cold, but no wind so nearly ideal for running.


The start was extremely narrow and even for those of us reasonably near the front, it was a minute or so till we progressed from weaving to running.  But once we were running, it was a good route, a few very gentle undulations, and an interesting part with a U turn where, like Abbey Dash, you could look out for fellow Striders on the opposite side of the road.  On that section there was also a sharp bend which was icy; we had to watch for runners out of control in both directions.


The race was won by Stephen Hepples of Loftus in 50:31 with Matthew Pierson of Holmfirth 15 seconds behind; they were a minute clear of recent Harewood winners Ian Fisher and Darran Bilton.


Tracey was well clear in the women’s race, but she had entered on the day, so no prize!  What you could have won, Tracey, was : a gold medal as Northern 10 mile champion but incorrectly inscribed so they would have sent it on, a Mizuno kit bag also for Northern champion, the women’s 1st prize and also a further £14 for 1st W40 (for some reason any women who were in the top 10 in the race and also in the top 3 in their vets category got two prizes). 


In the Northern team Championships, Otley AC were 1st mens team (Ian Fisher, Zack Whitehead of Headingley Up&Running, and Julian Mawson), and Holmfirth 1st women.  Second mens team were Hormsfirth Harriers i.e. one guy from Holmfirth and two from Horsforth.  They withheld this for further investigation.  Maybe other teams could get together e.g. Vlabbey Striders (that’s us after too many pie and peas nights).  Any other suggestions?? 


There was carrot and spicy parsnip soup and this kept me warm until the time came to collect my prize for 2nd M55.  It was cash and was just sufficient to pay for my entry fee, petrol money and the carrot and spicy parsnip soup.


   11 Panos Aristotelous 0:55:45      100          

   21 Tracey Morris      0:57:45       99          

   33 Gwilym Thomas      0:59:00       98          

   54 Dan Fisher         1:00:59       97          

   94 Jim Clay           1:03:03       96          

  101 Ian Sanderson      1:03:22       95          

  111 Matt Allen         1:03:41       94          

  126 Dan Murray         1:04:35       93          

  130 Paul Hunter        1:04:42       92          

  134 Eric Green         1:04:57       91          

  145 Ian Rosser         1:05:54       90           

  164 Alan Hutchinson    1:06:37       89          

  168 Tim Towler         1:06:42       88          

  183 Martin Hill        1:07:18       87          

  200 Bob Jackson        1:08:00       86          

  201 Gary Sutherland    1:08:00       85          

  214 Patrick Barrett    1:09:06       84          

  245 Gary Mann          1:10:04       83          

  256 Nick Barnes        1:10:33       82          

  260 Paul White         1:10:47       81          

  305 Xanthe Hannah      1:12:28       80          

  416 Sue Sunderland     1:16:59       79          

  550 Peter Stevenson    1:22:23       78          

  607 Mike Brown         1:25:32       77          

  657 Carole Towler      1:28:16       76          


Abbey Dash


A couple of reports on the YEP website


West Yorks XC final race and league positions


Race result (and Grand Prix points)


Boys U11

   9 Gavin Taylor       0:06:59


  21 Jane Halloran      0:21:40       93

  43 Xanthe Hannah      0:23:22       91

  67 Sue Sunderland     0:25:48       87

  73 Chloe Hudson       0:26:40       86

  81 Madeleine Watson   0:28:46       84

  85 Sylvia Watson      0:31:24       84


  53 Steve Webb         0:36:10      100

  71 Gwilym Thomas      0:37:32       99

  90 Drew Taylor        0:38:35       98

  96 Dan Fisher         0:39:03       97

  98 Simon Vallance     0:39:06       96

  99 Kevin Mcmullan     0:39:07       95

 110 Jerry Watson       0:39:22       94

 133 Jeremy Ladyman     0:40:58       94

 143 Joel Giddings      0:42:15       92

 173 Tony Haygarth      0:46:19       90

 180 Paul White         0:47:05       89

 186 Mick Tinker        0:48:28       88

 199 Geoff Webster      0:54:49       85


Overall Results (from Paul Hunter) (NB some of you will already have received this info)


J E Smith Challenge – Striders 2nd Club to Halifax (boo hiss) but well done one and all.


U11 Boys

Gavin Taylor 6th  (medal)


Women   (team 6th overall)

U35 - Laura 10th

V35 - Jane 6th

V45 - Sue 7th

V60 - Sylvia 1st (trophy)


Men   (team 9th overall)

U35 - Panos 12th

      Dan F 22nd

V35   Jim 24th

      Joel 29th

V40 - Mark 16th

V45 - Steve 6th

      Drew 11th

      Jerry 14th

      Paul 18th

V55 - Bob 4th

V65 - Geoff 2nd (trophy)


Dick Dale


To let you know that Dick Dale was seriously injured when he came off his motorbike on an icy road and slid in front of a car on the morning of Friday 28 November.  He has been in intensive care at LGI with many broken bones and some internal organ damage, but is making a gradual recovery.  I will keep you updated or you can call Harry Bates 2622227 for more information or you can send Dick a card to wish him well via 9 The Green, Tockwith, York, YO26 7RA.