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Subject: VS Update - Monkey, Snake, Fell Champs, Yorks Vets, Peco, Training Sessions, Membership


Brass Monkey


Race Numbers


I know of 1 man and 4 women who are not running.  If you are interested, then text me on 0777 5898 558 and I will try and do some matchmaking.  Also please read .




Striders wanting to meet up for a drink or a meal after the race should head for the “Fox and Hounds” on Top Lane in Copmanthorpe.


Dan Murray recommended this “a few of us went here last year and the grub was good and there were plenty of tables”.


The price of a carvery meal is £7.95 and this includes a complementary glass of wine.


Here's a link


From York Racecourse, head towards Leeds, straight across the roundabout that has the supermarket (Tescos?), straight through the next lights and then just before you get to the slip roads for the A64, get in the right hand lane and turn right (at traffic lights, I think, and undoubtedly signed Copmanthorpe).  After a quarter of a mile, bear left, underneath the A64 and then parallel to it, this is Top Lane, so look out for the pub!


Dewsbury 10k


This is on Sunday 1 February.  Postal entries close January 17th, but online entries close Tuesday 20 January at 10pm . Grand Prix points are available.


Snake Lane


Race Numbers


Race number “swapping” is permitted in the Snake Lane 10 providing the organizers are notified at least the day before the race.


If anyone wants to run but did not get in, then let me know.  I believe there are at least 4 of you, but I’ve lost my list of names so please email me.


If anyone knows that they won’t be running, then let me know.  I already have 3 of you that have emailed me – Max, Tom and Xanthe – but if there is anyone else, I’m sure I can arrange for your number to be transferred.


If there are more “wants” than “dropouts”, we’ll allocate the numbers we have and put the rest of you on a waiting list.




Abbey Runners have organized a coach (bus) to and from the race.  It’s a 53 seater, and Abbey have taken 30 of the places.  So we will be slightly outnumbered, as we will for the race.


The provisional timetable for the day is:


08:30 leave from the Abbey club car park at Adel

11:00 race

13:30 leave race venue (after showering, changing and attending the prize giving)

14:00 arrive at a pub in York for eating, drinking and calculation of Abbey Valley Trophy results.

Rest of afternoon to continue eating and drinking or for shopping or sightseeing, etc.

17:30 leave York

18:00 arrive back at Adel


Email Dan Murray in the next week if you may be interested in travelling by coach and want further information.


Fell Race Championship 2009 – Meeting Tuesday 20 January


There have been many emails flying about over the last 3 weeks discussing alternative schemes to improve the Fell Championship.


Steve has summarized these to two main options


Option 1.  All FRA approved races to be allowable.  Scoring based on my "percentage winning time formula" e.g. if winner runs 40 mins and you run 50 mins you score 80%.  Also including adjustment factors of 1.1, 1.0, 0.9 for A, B and C category.  Best 5 scores from 1st January to the last Sunday in November to count (so trophy can be awarded at Christmas party) and to include at least one short, one medium and one long.


Option 2.  Nine designated races, 3 short, 3 medium, 3 long.  Scoring based on rank within Valley Striders finishing the race as per the Grand Prix.  Best 4 scores to count including at least one short, one medium and one long.  Suggested races for Option 2:

  • Short:      Jack Bloor (BS) 12 May, Otley Chevin (AS) 3 June, Oldfield (CS) 19 July
  • Medium:  Half Pendle (AM) 3 March, Round Hill (CM) 2 August, Rivock Edge (AM but really very easy) 22 November
  • Long:       Three Peaks (AL) 25 April, Wharfedale Off Road Half (BL) 6 June, Yorkshireman Off Road Full (CL)

Geoff may have some good alternative ideas for the races.  I've failed to include any Dave Woodhead promotions which is a bit of a shame and I'm a bit concerned that two of the longs are very long and could be a bit off-putting. Alternative Longs could be Whernside (BL) (12 miles 3,000 ft) on 26 September or Wycoller Hoof (BL) (18 2,600ft) on 27 September. 


Anthony Fryer has come up with Option 3 which is a combination of Options 1 and 2, that is to have 9 named races as in Option 2 but to use the scoring system from option 1.


We’ll meet at Leo’s next Tuesday (20th) at 8:30pm to decide.  All welcome!


Three Peaks Fell Race – note that Online entries are now open


Your Race Calendar for 2009


Planning your race calendar for 2009? 


Look on the Striders website for our Grand Prix races


Look on the Striders website for other races


Look on John Schofield’s website


Can’t make up your mind and want to see what Striders thought of a race?  Have a look at and thank Xanthe for cross-referencing all the race reports from the last 4 years. 


Yorkshire Vets


The Yorkshire Vets hold a series of 10 races, mostly mixed terrain, between February and November.  The first race is at Horsforth on 1 February – for details see


The Yorks Vets cross country championships is at Knavesmire on Saturday 14 February.  Please let Drew Taylor know before 4 February if you want to run


Peco Result



   9 Gareth Moules    

  14 Steve Webb  V

  17 Gwilym Thomas    

  23 Jim Clay         

  26 Kevin McMullan   

  37 Ian Rosser       

  52 Andrew Thompson  V

  53 Eirik Stangnes   

  72 Nick Barnes      

  87 Alistair Smyth  V

  94 Bob Jackson  V    

  96 John Wallace  V   

 110 Malcolm Coles  V

 133 Bob Wilkes       


The men’s team finished 2nd , their highest position ever.  The mens vets were 5th (counters for vets team indicated with V). 


Gareth made a great comeback to racing, and Andrew Thompson, signed up on the morning of the race, was a counter for the men’s team and for the vets’ team.



  15 Sue Sunderland  V   

  23 Chloe Hudson      

  36 Sharon Tansley   

  64 Sara Dyer  V 


The women were one short for a team of 5 so were allocated an extra 92 points the same as the last place finisher plus a further penalty of 25.  Even so, they were still 6th out of 7. 


The series results so far now read


             Ilkley  G.Acre  J.Smeaton

Men              5       4       2

Women            3       7       6

Men vets         5       6       5

Women vets       8      11       7


Can the men finish runners up in the league?  Two more second places may be sufficient!  Can the women save themselves from relegation?  It will go to the last race (as last year)!


The final 2 races are Sunday 8 February from John Charles (a.k.a. South Leeds) Stadium and Sunday 1 March at Woodkirk.


Leading Training Sessions


There is a one-day course available from England Athletics which covers all the aspects of leading a training session, whether it be for newcomers to running or for serious runners (like ourselves).


Tim Towler and myself have both been on this course.  We would like every Valley Striders training session to include at least one qualified leader and are proposing to pay for 4 more Striders to attend this course, which will hopefully be held in Leeds.


A summary of the course is


Please contact me if you are interested or would like further information.


P.S. Do not be put off by the term “Jog England” – it is about to be re-branded “Run England”.




We now have 145 members paid and 70 still to pay.  See  to check whether you have paid. 


Are you in the minority who haven’t paid yet?  If so, then standard rate is £14.  Please make out a cheque to Valley Striders and send to Paul White, 17 Whinmoor Court, Redhall, Leeds, LS14 1NX.  If you are second claim or still in full time education or a non-runner, please contact me for alternative rates.