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Subject: VS Update - Tracey & Lasagne, Snake, Dates, Reports, Results, Future Striders


Read on to see who is our special guest for Tuesday night, but first …


Snake Lane 10 & Abbey Valley Challenge


I have just one spare number for the Snake Lane this Sunday, first come first served!  Abbey Runners are dropping like flies, so if our full contingent of 34 entries all turn up we are in with a chance!


The race starts at 11:00 but you need to be in Pocklington 10:30 at the latest, as they walk you to the start at 10:45, and I seem to remember that it was a bit like Thirsk that if you were at the back of the walking group, you didn’t get a good place at the start.


If you have received a number swap, then you’ll need to fill in an entry form at the Rugby Club on Sunday morning, but I’ve already sent all the details (name, age, address, phone etc)


I’m still waiting for Abbey to let us know which pub (in York) we’re going to after the race.  If they don’t tell us, I’m keeping the cup!


Tracey’s photos and Lasagne Night, Tuesday 24 February


Next Tuesday, Tracey will be showing us some of her photo album (on computer with overhead projector) including her marathon runs at

  • London, 2004
  • Olympic Games, Athens, 2004
  • Commonwealth Games, Melbourne, 2006
  • European Championships, Gothenburg, 2006
  • World Marathon Championships, Osaka, 2007

There will also be a question and answer session so if you want some training or racing tips, this is an evening not to be missed!


Food will be served from 8:15pm (a little earlier than usual) so that she can start as near to 8:30 as possible


If you want lasagne, please place your order with me by email by 10pm Sunday night, or by text to 0777 5898 558 by 10am Monday at the latest (this is an earlier cut-off to allow time for Tony to prepare the food).


If you intend to come but don’t want food, then please also let me know, so we have an idea of numbers for arranging the seating.


Dates for your diary – February / March


Sat 21 Feb - English XC Championships at Parliament Hill Fields, London – Steve and Sara are representing the Striders.


Sun 22 Feb - Snake Lane 10 mile (VSGP)


Sat 28 Feb - Noonstone (AM) (VSFC)  Event details Map


Sun 1 Mar - 5th Peco Sport Direct Cross Country at Shaw Cross Rugby Club, Woodkirk - this will now be VSGP race.  We also need about 6 to 8 Striders to help marshal please, so if you’re not fit to run but can come down on the day, please please let me know.  Those who ran Noonstone can jog round the XC for points or marshal.


Sat 7 Mar - Half tour of Pendle (English Fell Champs race 1) (AM)  - Anthony Fryer for details


Sun 8 Mar - Little Strickland 10 (Mark Bean's race) (see )


Sat 14 Mar - Windmills Whizz, Ogden, Halifax (BM) 7.0m 800' (VSFC)


Sun 15 Mar - Spen 20 (VSGP)


Sun 22 Mar - South Leeds 5 also East Hull 20 (for softies)


Sun 29 Mar - PROBABLE rearranged 4th Peco Cross Country at John Charles (South Leeds) Stadium


If you want more information on fell races, then email Anthony Fryer


A reminder that the full race diary for the Grand Prix and the Fell Championship can be found on the website.  There is also a comprehensive Dates page that also includes V S Events and other local races.  If there are any local races that I’ve missed, let me know


Rombald’s Stride


Report and results from Rob Bumstead


A beautiful, cold, clear day for Rombalds Stride, with ice on footpaths / pavements and fresh soft snow on the moors - I was surprised it had not frozen harder, but the only really slippery part was the lane into Menston, which had frozen solid.


It must have been tough at the front, with the front-runners having to break through the snow, but easier further down the field with tracks to follow and compressed snow to run over.


The route change this year, extending along Ilkley Moor Ridge beyond Whetstone Gate and down to Pipers Crag before heading back to Ilkley, at the expense of the 'out and back' loop on Otley Chevin made the route better, and it seemed longer, despite GPS showing it to be almost the same distance.


Views from the top of Baildon Moor were superb and conditions were just about perfect for running - a great day out.  In fact I had hardly been splashed with mud at all - not the usual Rombald's experience! 


From the results sheet


 =1 Graham Pearce

 =1 & Jon Wright            3:13:56

        (a lot slower than most years)

 10 Emma Barclay (1st Lady) 3:29:47

 26 Simon Vallance          3:48:37

 30 Robert Bumstead         3:53:07

 51 Alan Hutchinson         4:09:00

108 David Cusack            4:39:02

116 Madeleine Watson        4:40:25

129 John Wallace            4:51:06

138 Richard Adcock          4:53:17

148 Paul Sanderson          4:55:00

    Peter Stevenson         5:20:52


From Paul Sanderson


Another memorable day, I was doing reasonably well until I had a fairly spectacular tumble just before the masts on Ilkley Moor. I still had 12 miles to go at that point and it took a while before I could persuade my knees to start bending again. The views were excellent, the conditions were fine once you got used to them and the changed descent to Guiseley at the end (missing out the two muddy fields you cross during the Chevin Chase) worked very well.


NB Simon Redshaw took part as a walker and finished in 7.53.48. Also a Laura Clark had a time of 9.15.40 although I assume this wasn't our Laura!


Yorkshire Vets XC Championships


Ladies vets race (approx 5k)

  8 Jane Halloran   21:38 (F35/5)

 88 Lyn Eden        32:11 (F60/5)

 93 ran


Mens 50+ race (approx 10k)

 68 Bob Jackson     44:55 (M55/11)

 98 Jim Towers      50:56 (M55/23)

 99 Geoff Webster   50:57 (M65/7)

105 Bob Wilkes      53:36 (M65/9)

110 ran


Mens 35-49 race (approx 10k)

 53 Jerry Watson    39:14 (M45/17)

124 ran


For other Yorks Vets events, see


Liversedge Half Marathon


We don’t usually go into great detail for races other than Grand Prix and Fell Championships, but here we had some great results for the Striders


Tracey – 1st woman, a new course record, 5th overall, and a port decanter as a prize


Tracey, Hayley and Chloe – 1st women’s team prize and a pair of champagne glasses each as a prize (the first time Chloe has won a prize in a race – no Also-Ran Trophy for her in 2009)


Kevin McMullan – 3rd M40, and a pair of socks as a prize


Patrick Barrett – 4th M50, no prize


Full results


  5  Tracey Morris    79.51

 19  Kevin McMullan   83.56

 29  Daniel Fisher    87.01

 43  Jonathan Uttley  89.40

 56  Patrick Barrett  92.29

 69  Hayley Nancolas  94.34

162  Simon Redshaw   103.37

191  Chloe Hudson    106.38


Tour of Pendle – from Anthony Fryer


Well this race certainly lives up to its name! It really is a tour of the entire of Pendle hill from every concievable angle. Now I am usually very good at knowing general direction, which way north and generally where I am on a race route but this is probably one of the first races where I just didn’t have a clue.


Despite being clueless on direction for virtually all the race I managed a very respectable 21st in a time of 2 hours 51 minutes. Happy with my run but looking at the results and deciding where I can shave off minutes? Only answer is all over, generally run faster and not to fade at the end. This lost me at least 5 minutes probably 10. So endurance, endurance, endurance will get me a nice ranking and a sub 2 hr 40? Better to aim high and fail spectacularly than to never try at all. No prizes for mediocrity (apart from the New Years Honours list)


Keep up to date with Anthony’s adventures at


Little Feet


New Strider

Jim Clay emailed to say that he and Nicky are proud parents of Abigail born on 12 February weighing just under 7lb, a sister for Theo and Yasmin.  We have noted that there haven’t been any British Olympic marathon runners called Abigail, YET!


Future Strider

Congratulations from all of us to Laura who emailed

“I have some  good news to tell you. I`m not injured but pregnant! I found out just before christmas and had the first scan last week. The baby is due on the 29th August.  Sorry I haven't been down to the club but I have been suffering from morning sickness but on a night which has left me feeling very tired and drained. Hopefully things should improve. Unfortunately I will  not be able to race anymore until I have had the baby.”


And Finally …


If you weren’t exhausted reading Chris Carver’s exploits, try this website.