Sent: 29 March 2009 00:54
Subject: V S Update - Contact details for members, Help wanted, Training, Food, Events, Results


Another huge email!  Thanks to Anthony Fryer for the fell stuff and to Kevin McMullan and Eirik Stangnes for their race reports.  Race reports are always welcome!


Membership Details – message for those who HAVE paid


For the 176 of you who have paid, we’d like you to confirm your contact details.


In particular, if you’ve moved house in the last 9 months (or you didn’t receive a membership card in December 2008), could you let us know your new address for our records, but, more importantly, so that we can put this on the England Athletics website so they can send your new 2009 membership card to the correct address.


Note that the only personal details on the England Athletics website are your name, address and date of birth. If you yourself want to put more information on, I think the instructions came with your membership card last December.


We’d also like to ensure we have a few more details to help us contact you and in case of emergency

·         Home phone number

·         Mobile phone number

·         Phone number for “next-of-kin” in case of emergency

·         Email address (presumably this is correct if you’re receiving this, but please let me know if you know of someone who isn’t getting emails)


All of these are optional!  Regarding the emergency contact details, we’re planning to keep the list in a sealed envelope behind the bar at Leo’s and also give lists (in sealed envelopes) to our group leaders.


Just two more questions if you don’t mind

·         Did you get some UKA officials correspondence a week or so ago?  And if so, have you received an officials licence or is your application still in progress? 

·         Are you a qualified first aider?



Help Required


Baildon Boundary Way – Sunday 5 April – just one person to hand out Meanwood Trail entry forms at the end of the finish funnel


Guiseley Gallop – Easter Sunday 12 April – just one person to hand out Meanwood Trail entry forms at the end of the finish funnel


Leeds Half Marathon – Sunday 10 May - we’re hoping to volunteer a small Valley Striders support team for the Leeds Half.  We’ll have the Valley Striders banner out and it will be good publicity for the club.  Jerry Watson and Peter Lambert have already volunteered to help, we need 6 or 8 more please, so if you’re not running and can spare a couple of hours, please contact me.  I need an idea of numbers by 13 April.


Meanwood Valley Trail Race – Saturday 16 May - the race is one quarter full (just over 100 entries) and we have about one quarter of the 60 marshals needed.  Please contact me as soon as possible to let me know your availability.


Yorkshire Veterans Race – Tuesday 23 June – about 40 marshals required – contact Geoff Webster on 266 6288 if you are available.



Committee Meetings


Those of you stopping in the bar on a Tuesday evening will have noticed some groups plotting some weeks.


We’ve been discussing all sorts of things including such varied topics as : improving the women’s showers, preparing for the Meanwood Trail Race, plotting how to win back the Abbey Valley Cup, getting teams for relays, getting people to pay their membership fees.  The minutes of the committee meetings are on the website.


One or two of the more radical ideas would require additional funding, I’ll publish some of this information in the next V S update.



Training Sessions


We now have 5 qualified group leaders (myself, Xanthe Hannah, Tim Towler, Paul White, Liz Wood), and you’ll notice a few changes (hopefully you’ll think they are improvements) to training sessions over the next few weeks. If you have any comments about the training sessions, please pass them on to one of the group leaders or to Sharon and Gareth who are looking after the Thursday session.


Tuesday 31 March, we’ll set of at 6:45 PROMPT from Leo’s. The faster runners will take the longer 2 mile route across the fields, slower runners (and latecomers) will run up The Avenue, and we’ll meet at the bottom of the steep hill by Eccup Reservoir.  The session is 4 mins, 6 mins, 8 mins, 6 mins, 4 mins.


Tuesday 7 April, again arrive for 6:45 PROMPT, in which case you’ll get a 5 minute warm-up/stretching session before we set from for Leo’s. Latecomers will miss the stretching session and just run up to Eccup Reservoir. The session is 3 by 10 minutes. Afterwards, LASAGNE.  Please book by Sunday 5 April 10pm, saying whether you want meat or vegetarian (both £3), and whether you want apple pie (£1.50).


Tuesday 14 April, track session at Leeds Met Carnegie Track. We may be meeting 6:45 rather than 7:10, look out for details


Tuesday 21 April, Club Handicap, meet BY THE RES at 6:45, first runner off at 6:50, so we all get back before dark. Afterwards, PIE AND PEAS.


Thursday Sessions – 6:45 each week from Scott Hall. Thursday 16 April will be CURRY night after the training session.


Sunday Sessions – contact Tim Towler for details.



Grand Prix


Next Events


Sunday 5 April – Baildon Boundary Way, race full, but if anyone has a number and won’t be running, number swaps are allowed by filling in a special application form of which I have a copy


Tuesday 21 April – Striders 10k Handicap


Sunday 26 April – London Marathon


Monday 4 May – Rothwell 10k. Enter quickly!


Wednesday 6/13/20 May – John Carr 5k series at Esholt. Pre-entries only. Enter quickly!


Sunday 10 May – Leeds Half Marathon – 38 Striders already entered, race is now over 75% full so be quick!


Tuesday 12 May – Jack Bloor approx 6 miles from Ilkley. Enter on night only.  (there will be a normal VS track session that night for those that like their running horizontal rather than vertical)




Spen 20


Just one extra placing –

 204 Malcolm Coles 2:58:43


Malcolm is upgrading to Striders as first claim from the beginning of April, and also upgrading are Michaela McGarry and Kirsty Everett.


Fell Championship


Remaining Events


The rest of the races are as follows. So get them in your diary and start planning.

·                     Sat 25 Apr - Three Peaks, Horton in Ribblesdale (AL) 24.0m 4500' CLOSED

·                     Tue 12 May - Jack Bloor, Ilkley (BS) 5.2m 1150' (also in VS Grand Prix)

·                     Sun 24 May - Ilkley Trail Race (CM) 6.5m 700' (also in VS Grand Prix)

·                     Wed 3 Jun - Otley Chevin (AS) 3.5m 900'

·                     Sat 6 Jun - Wharfedale off road marathon (CL) 25.0m 2600' (also in VS Grand Prix) (ukr)

·                     Sun 21 Jun - Tom Tittiman, Hebden Bridge (BS) 4.0m 700'

·                     Sun 19 Jul - Oldfield Gala, nr Keighley (CS) 5.5m 550'

·                     Sun 2 Aug - Round Hill , Timble, nr Otley (CM) 9.0m 1100' (also in VS Grand Prix)

·                     Sun 16 Aug - Sedbergh Hills (AL) 14.0m 6000'

·                     Sun 13 Sep - Yorkshireman marathon (CL) 26.0m (also in VS Grand Prix)


Contact Anthony Fryer for more details of any of these races.


Windmill Whizz – Report and Results from Anthony Fryer


Last weekend was the second in the Valley Striders fell championships and it was anything but dull.


Steve Webb set the pace for Striders with myself trying to hang on as long as possible. Unfortunatly I hung on long enough to be following the leading groups of runners (including Steve) the wrong way at a turn and started heading off to Oxenhope. After about 3/4 of a mile the mistake was realised by a few and people started turning back. But that was it then. A good race time lost. Steve thought otherwise and set off like a man possessed to try to claw back time. I on the other hand saw it as a thing that cannot be helped and just enjoyed running round the rest of the course. I didn't have a chance of keeping up with him so left him to it.


All taken in good humour and adds a bit of interest to the championships


Full results here


After the Windmill Whizzgate it has meant that Andrew leads the fell championship and it is now all to play for. Only 2 races into the season and it is close up top. Steve also ended up with a good score at the Windmill Whizz, despite the nav error.


                         Noon-   W'mills    Total

                         stone    Whizz  

     M winner           1:11:15  0:46:13
     W winner           1:26:58  0:47:45
     Factor               1.1      1.0


     Andrew Cutts    M  1:35:01  0:48:06
     Anthony Fryer   M  1:27:43  0:53:01
     Steve Webb      M           0:51:20
     Xanthe Hannah   W           0:54:42
     Matt Allen      M  1:32:53
     Richard Adcock  M  1:45:42
     Geoff Webster   M  1:49:53
     Sara Dyer       W           1:07:33


    Andrew Cutts         82.5     96.1      178.6
    Anthony Fryer        89.4     87.2      176.5
    Steve Webb            -       90.0       90.0
    Xanthe Hannah         -       87.3       87.3
    Matt Allen           84.4      -         84.4
    Richard Adcock       74.1      -         74.1
    Geoff Webster        71.3      -         71.3
    Sara Dyer             -       70.7       70.7

Other Events


Sunday April 5th - The Blubberhouse moors 25. Excellent training for the 3 peaks or just a good day out. Nice tracks, great views (if the weather stays nice) and some good running.


Sunday April 5th - Open Adventure - 5 hours of running and mountain biking in the Peak District.


Saturday April 18th - Wensleydale Wander LDWA event Another great one for those wanting a long run for 3 peaks training (your last chance before the race!!) Starts in Leyburn


Saturday April 18th - The Woldsman I am guessing Madeline will be the only one contemplating this 50 miler so good luck to you!


Saturday April 25th - The 3 Peaks race, the next installment of the Fell Championship and the first of the long races. Entries already full but there may be one going spare in the club. Email me at if you pass the entry requirements.


Other Results and Reports


Trollers Trot report from Eirik


Alan and I ran more or less together for 16-17 miles but I managed to get a couple minutes ahead going up Trollers Gill towards checkpoint 7 (18 miles). At this point I was feeling ok and I ran well downhill towards Checkpoint 8 (20 miles) but my legs were now starting to cramp up so I knew that the supposedly easy 5 miles along the river Wharfe to the finish would be nothing but easy.


After a mile along the river, I was struggling big time with cramp and various other aches and pains everywhere. The strong head wind certainly didn't help and when Alan overtook me around 2 miles from the finish, I had absolutely nothing left in the tank so I just had to let him go and off he went.


I somehow managed to do a mixture of running and walking to the finish and despite my very slow 3-4 last miles, I was quite pleased with getting under 4 hours. I certainly would have taken 3.54 before the race.


All in all, apart from the last 4-5 miles along the river Wharfe that is, I really enjoyed the Trollers. The running conditions were good and the strong tale wind on Barden Moor made this section quite a fast one. The refreshment stops were very welcome. They even served hotdogs on the last one but sadly I missed it but I believe Richard took full advantage of this splendid service.


Obviously people are getting in some miles for the 3 peaks at the end of April. There may be a strider entry going for that one if anyone (who meets the entry requirements) fancies it?


Howarth Hobble


Mick Loftus was also racing that weekend. He did the Howarth Hobble in an impressive 5 hours and 4 minutes for the 33 mile course. This got him 23rd in the race


South Leeds 5


 14 Jim Clay         0:30:21
 46 Alistair Smyth   0:35:09
 79 Paul Sanderson   0:37:49
 85 Sue Sunderland   0:38:24

East Retford Half Marathon


    Jerry Watson     1:21:23
    Paul Buckley     1:29:51

East Hull 20


 14 Kevin McMullan   2:07:26 3rd M40
 41 Eric Green       2:15:50 1st M50
 74 Jon Uttley       2:23:58
 85 Michael Grant    2:25:50
 93 Adam Parton      2:27:10
105 Paul White       2:29:21 2nd M60
124 Nick Barnes      2:35:22
266 Chloe Hudson     2:57:51
385 Sheila Grant     3:47:42

East Hull Report from Kevin McMullan


I had only done it once before, 11 years ago, and my only recollection was that me and a fellow runner were subjected to verbal abuse from some kids on a housing estate in the last mile or so of the race. I was too tired to respond, but the guy I was running with chased them and gave them back a torrent of vitriol that made their outburst appear tame. An amusing footnote (I thought so anyway) was that I dug out the results of that race recently and it gave splits for the first and second ten miles. The guy giving the kids their own medicine looked not to have mastered the negative split - his first 10 was an impressive 57 odds and the second 10 over 80.


Anyway, happily, the estate seems much calmer these days and I negotiated it abuse free and managed to post a PB - but considering its only the 2nd ever 20 mile race I have run, don't know it this really counts.


I think I expected a decent goody bag after 20 miles but bizarrely the only after race memento was a red 'East Hull' small towel.  One for the collection I suppose.


Peco Final Results


All the results from all of the races and the overall positions are on the Abbey website .


But if you’ve only a few minutes, then just look at for just the Striders results.


And if you’ve only a few seconds, then here are the highlights:

·                     Men’s team – Premier League runners up behind Abbey Runners. Vets 5th place

·                     Men’s individual – 37 different Striders ran. Jim Clay our leading runner, 17th overall. Malcolm Coles 1st M65, Bob Wilkes 3rd M65.

·                     Women’s team - Premier League 7th place and relegated. Vets 10th place

·                     Women’s individual – 8 different Striders ran. Sue Sunderland our leading runner, 10th overall. Sue 1st W45, Sara Dyer 3rd W50.