Sent: 01 April 2009 00:16
Subject: V S Update - Lasagne reminder, Results and Reports, Premium Membership


Lasagne reminder


Final reminder for lasagne night next Tuesday 7 April.  Please order by 10pm Sunday by email, stating whether you want meat or vegetarian lasagne (£3) and whether you want apple pie (£1.50).  Late orders will be taken by text (not voicemail) to 0777 5898 558 up to 2pm Monday.


Help reminder


So far we have 3 to help at the Leeds Half.  I have to send in numbers by 14 April, so if you’re probably able to help, email me as soon as possible.


Thank you to the 32 people who have already volunteered to help at the Meanwood Trail Race on Saturday 16 May.  We still need another 40 more, and, taking note of last week’s report of runners going wrong in the Windmills Whizz, and this week’s report of a marshalling error at the Liverpool Half, we do need every junction and turn covered.


We also have 10 volunteers for the Vets Race at Leos on Tuesday 23 June, which is great considering it’s nearly 3 months away.  Another 25 to 30 required please.


Entries Available


Baildon Boundary Way – number swaps are allowed providing you notify the organizers.  If you’re doing it yourself, I have a copy of the transfer form that you’ll need to send in.  If you have a number available or want a number let me know and I may be able to arrange something.


3 Peaks Race – Anthony Fryer has a number but is injured.  If you want to run, contact Anthony or 07939 441343 and he will explain the transfer arrangements.


Races in the next few weeks


See last week’s V S Update!


Race Results and Reports


Arkendale 10k


135 David Watson     50:26

136 Rachael Nevins   50:27

191 Keith West       54:34

266 Jane Sanders     59:09


Hyde Park Parkrun


Formerly known as Hyde Park Time Trials, this event is now well into its second year, the 77th race was held last Saturday.


So far, 28 different Striders have run, and have Strode 155 times in total (i.e. an average of 2 per race)


  • Most runs – James Tarran (27), Paul Holloway (19), Ian Sanderson (16)
  • Fastest Striders – Gwil Thomas (17:31), Dan Fisher (17:54), Ian Sanderson (18:24)
  • Age-graded – Maureen Coffey 77.95% (24:07), Bob Jackson 77.46% (20:11), Jerry Watson 76.00% (19:06).  NB Malcolm Coles has 84.92% (20:07) when running in a Skyrac vest.


For all the Striders results, follow this link  and then select “Valley Striders” from the “Club” drop-down list


There is a race every Saturday at 9:00am.  Absolutely free to enter.  You need to register on just once, then turn up about 8:55 the Saturday to run.


You could even run Saturday 16 May and then jog up to Meanwood Park to marshal for the Trail Race!


Liverpool Half Marathon (from Eric Green)


Thought you might be interested in yet another Marshalling blunder this time in a big city half marathon. Not sure exactly what happened but it appears 400 yards front the start the front runners went straight on into the Albert dock area, when they should have turned right away from the river. A comment later on Runners World website implies it was a marshalling error, we were being led by cyclists.


Being near the front I duly followed thinking I'd a great position with some 4000 runners behind me. Suddenly I was confronted by 100+  fast runners heading towards me some shouting some not very nice expletives.  Shocked to say the least, I turned to avoid being mowed down  in the stampede. We retraced our steps and joined up with a sea of runners all heading in the right direction. I was then overtaking runners, instead of being overtaken by front runners.


It made me work hard though I reckon I lost maybe about a minute by the detour, the front runners a little more, I came 5th in my age group but I'm sure I'd not have been in the prizes for my age group so I don't feel robbed by the error.


There were other organisational problems on the event but none of the order of magnitude as that one. All of us who went wrong had a shock but I'd guess nothing compared to the man in the lead when told he'd been led down the wrong road.…


Addendum (posted on the ‘runliverpool’ website by Alan Rothwell, 'runliverpool' initiative)


The 2009 Liverpool Half Marathon was very well received by most runners with some very positive comment coming in to the office immediately after the race. The only negative was marshalling at the start which caused a problem on the first bend into Gower Street. However, the lead runners didn't seem too affected and soon there were three contenders moving ahead of the rest of the field approaching Princes Park.  Overall - judging by the early comment - a good day was had by all. Well done to everyone who took part. The weather is booked for next year!

Editor’s P.S. Eric ran 1:27:37 for the thirteen and a quarter miles!


Bradford 10k (from Ian Rosser)


This was only the second staging of the event. There were about 600 last year, and almost 1,000 this year.


The course started in the city centre, went along a major road past some very uninspiring scenery (unless you like industrial sheds) and back to the Town Hall.


It was an out-and-back course, with a few shorts climbs and downhills, but overall the route was fairly flat, albeit a very gradual climb all the way back to the finish.


Dan Fisher came 27th overall with a time of 36.29. I came in at 38.55 (it was chip timed).


The race was won by Willy Smith in 31.26, and in best YEP fashion, he was “closely followed” by Ian Holmes who was four minutes behind. Okay, he actually clocked 31.29 and it was probably a sprint finish.


According to the official Raceahead results, neither of these runners belongs to a club. I bet they’d love lasagne on a Tuesday night.


Editor’s P.S. I think Keighley/Craven and Bingley might have something to say about that!


Great Grizedale Forest Trail 10, Nr Coniston, Cumbria (from Caz Farrow)


7th running of this trail race and the organiser before the start described this as 'on the hilly side of undulating' - hilly alone would have described it perfectly! - very little flat running at all in the 'approx.' 10 mile course!


Despite charging off with the other first 20 people down the wrong path within metres of the start, the course had some amazing views over Lake Coniston and onto the snow-covered tops of the Lakeland Fells (by the long uphill of mile 8 I was moving slowly enough to appreciate the views fully!).


And the best bit ... well the cake at the end of course - Wilf's mobile catering provided all competitors with a slab of cake and a hot drink. It's clear what my motivation is.


250 runners, 1st 54.39

Alistair Kennis (2nd claim VS)  21st  64.36

Caz Farrow 34th (5th woman)  67.36



Valley Striders Premium Membership


As mentioned in last week’s V S Update, we have a number of projects which will need additional income to the Club.  The first source of funding is as follows:


2009 sees the launch of a new elevated membership facility, available to a limited and exclusive number of Valley Striders members. This exclusive membership will provide a host of additional benefits for those who are fortunate in being allowed to enter into North Leeds most sought after membership. We are pleased to announce “Valley Striders Premium Membership”.


Valley Striders Premium Members will receive the following additional privileges:


  • Personalised gilt peg nearest the fan heater in the men’s changing rooms (see note 1)
  • Access to a safe located at Leos for keeping of valuable while out training on Tuesdays. The safe will be located and hidden behind the Premium Roll of Honour Board in the Bar (see below).
  • Car Valet and Wash once a month during Tuesday Training
  • Table Service at Pie n Peas Nights.
  • Automatic Entry into Brass Monkey, Leeds Half, Rothwell 10k and Abbey Dash.
  • First option on any number transfers for races that are full.
  • Personal navigator / emergency kit carrier for trail races.
  • Personal queuer for T-shirts at end of road races.
  • Free guest tickets to Summer Barbecue and Christmas Party.
  • Free £5 of raffle tickets at the Christmas Party (and a guarantee that your tickets won’t be drawn at the end when the only prize left is a dog grooming kit).
  • Personalised Christmas Card and Birthday Card.
  • First choice of marshalling position for Club Races.
  • Access to 24/7 telephone support programme covering:
    • How and where to apply Tiger Balm (Geoff Webster)
    • Nutrition advice - how many bananas you can eat without turning yellow (Bob Jackson)
    • Translation of Welsh direction signs (useful for the Anglesey marathon) (Tracey Morris)
    • Sympathy, Empathy and Understanding (Jonathan Brownbill)
    • Explanation of the Fell Championship new scoring system (Anthony Fryer)
    • Explanation of the Performance Grading System (see note 2)
    • NB Many thanks to the above folk for their support in providing an unparalleled level of club assistance.
    • We expect to add other 24/7 support soon when we’ve had this approved by our solicitors
  • Valley Strider Running Kit trimmed with gilt so as to distinguish Premium Members from the Valley Strider riffraff.
  • Membership Details immortalised on the Premium Roll of Honour, which will be permanently displayed at Leo's, in the spot currently occupied by the television.


1)       Extra charge for lady members for this feature

2)       When we’ve found someone who understands it, we’ll let you know


For more information about the application procedure, please contact the committee via e-mail.


You’ll notice that we haven’t mentioned the price.  That’s another thing about Premium Membership – you don’t have to worry about the price.  Just send us your bank details and password and we’ll look after the payment process for you.


Remember, this is not an ordinary Premium Membership, but, a Valley Striders limited edition, exclusive in nature and limited in quantity, Premium Membership.