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Subject: V S Update - Peco night, VSGP/VSFC, Meanwood, Relays, Dublin, Sponsorship, Handicap Results, Perth, Redcar, Cotswolds




PECO XC Presentation Night


We have at least 3 Striders going to this event at the Faversham this Friday (April 24).  The advertised start time is 8:00 so I’d imagine the first presentations will be between 8:30 and 8:45.  Striders have 4 individual awards and the Premier Division men’s runners-up team prize to collect.


The Faversham is located at 1 – 5 Springfield Mount, Leeds. LS2 9NG:


Springfield Mount is off Mount Preston Street, which in turn is off Clarendon Road by Woodhouse Moor.


Anyone staying very late will be conveniently placed for the “Parkrun” 5k on Saturday morning!


Grand Prix and Fell Championship Races


Good luck to those running the Three Peaks on Saturday or the London Marathon on Sunday!  (Please email your race reports early next week – you won’t have anything else that you’ll be able to do!!)


Mon  4 May - Rothwell 10k (VSGP) (ukr)

Wed  6 May - Esholt 5k series race 1 (VSGP) (Yorks vets champs)

Sun 10 May - Leeds Half Marathon (VSGP)

Tue 12 May - Jack Bloor fell race (AS) (VSFC and VSGP)

Wed 13 May - Esholt 5k series race 2 (VSGP)

Sun 17 May - Windermere marathon (in the “Any Other Marathon” category of VSGP)

Wed 20 May - Esholt 5k series race 3 (VSGP)

Sun 24 May - Ilkley Trail Race (CM) (VSFC and VSGP)

Wed  3 Jun - Otley Chevin (AS) 3.5m 900' (VSFC)

Sat  6 Jun – Wharfedale off-road marathon (CL) 25.0m 2600' (VSFC and VSGP)

Wed 10 Jun - Otley 10 (VSGP)

Sun 21 Jun - Tom Tittiman, Hebden Bridge (BS) 4.0m 700' (VSFC)

Tue 30 Jun - Summer Handicap (VSGP) (Probable date)

Wed  1 Jul - Hyde Park 5k race 1 (VSGP)

Sun 12 Jul - Eccup 10 (VSGP)

Sun 19 Jul - Oldfield Gala, nr Keighley (CS) 5.5m 550' (VSFC)




Recce run – Tuesday 5 May


On Tuesday 5 May, we’ll be recceing the Meanwood Trail Route, starting from Leos at 6:45pm. 


I’m sure that many of you will be running Rothwell the day before and/or Esholt the day after, so you’ll be pleased that this steady run is scheduled rather than the 3 by 10 minutes which was due.


We’ll break into 3 groups, with the first and second groups running the full 7.5 miles but the third group just reaching Meanwood Park, a distance of about 6 miles.


But before we do that we’ll also recce one lap (1 mile) of the junior race – we need to do this because there was a marshalling error last year so the juniors only ran 0.8 miles instead of 1 mile.


And afterwards, lasagne at the club, usual booking arrangements, say whether you want the carnivore or vegetarian version (both £3) and whether you want apple pie (£1.50 extra)


Race – Saturday 16 May


More marshals needed!  (you’d have been disappointed if I’d not mentioned that in a V S Update).  Also Leeds Half Marathon marshals still needed.




Some advanced notice for some relays that we regularly take part in:


Bradford Millennium Way Relay – Sunday 14 June


This is a 50 mile relay for teams of 10 i.e. 5 legs run in pairs.  It’s like the terrain for the Calderdale Way Relay but much nicer because its in Summer or like the Leeds Country Way Relay with some “easy” fell running and no housing estates.


I should also say straight away that it is nowhere near Bradford – the route is Bingley – Haworth – Laycock – Silsden – Ilkley – Bingley.


Between 2002 and 2005 we won the mixed team prize every year, and in 2006 we won the vets team.  Maybe we can win the mixed or vets team again or alternatively challenge for the men’s or women’s team prizes.


More details on our website


Let me know if you are interested in running.  We will need to get teams planned by the middle of May and then organise recce runs.


Golden Acre Relay – Wednesday 1 July


This is a more casual event, teams of 3, each person runs a lap of 2.5 miles, a similar route to that used for the Peco XC races in Golden Acre.


Just get together in teams of 3, make up a name for the team (preferably including the word “Striders”) and enter on the night, £10 per team.


Washburn Relay – Friday 17 July


We’ve only occasionally had a team in this race, but maybe with a little planning we can get a few Striders teams here.


Here are the details from Otley AC:


We would like to invite your club to enter a team (or teams) in the above event that will commence at 7.15pm from Yorkshire Water Swinsty Moor Car Park (see enclosed map).


This year the course will be split into three segments averaging 3.8 miles/6.1km and is on permissive footpaths, bridleways and a small amount of road in the scenic Washburn Valley around Blubberhouses, Timble, Swinsty Reservoir and Fewston Reservoir.


The race will NOT be well marshalled and there will only be limited marking of the course so it is essential to “recce” the course beforehand.  Please use the notes  in conjunction with Explorer Map 297 – Lower Wharfedale & Washburn Valley.


Members of Otley AC will lead practice runs if required – probably during early - mid July.  If the dates of these practice runs are not convenient please feel free to organise your own, but please contact me if you need any help.  I would suggest that organising your own would be a good idea and use ours for extra practice if necessary.


There is a £5.00 fee per team for the race and there will be trophies for the first all male team, the first all female team and the first mixed team.  The presentation will take place immediately after the event before adjourning to The Spite for refreshments.  (The Spite is about 1.75 miles out of Otley on the Blubberhouses road).


As in previous years team numbers will be issued so please bring safety pins for each team member.


The last few years have seen the popularity of this event grow exponentially to the point that the course cannot physically sustain many more runners (nor the car park many more cars !!!).  Because of this we have decided to impose a limit of 60 teams in total (from clubs other than Otley AC).




Forward Planning from Patrick Barrett for the Dublin Marathon


Monday 26 October 2009. It’s a bank holiday in Ireland. I’ve done this marathon before and the local support and atmosphere is brilliant, especially post race partying. Lots of runners, still in their running gear, and proudly showing off their medals, hit the bars in the Temple Bar area for much deserved rehydration of the black stuff and a pot of stew!


I’m  getting a VS Dublin Marathon posse together, so far there has been a lot of interest with approx 10 Striders wanting to go. The Plan is to fly out from Leeds Bradford on Sunday 25, in the morning/lunch time and return on Tuesday 27 around tea time. Flights with Ryan Air are not available for booking at the moment, but it is anticipated to cost approx £60 return inc of taxes, fee etc. Hotel, should get something for approx £100 pp for BB for the two night stay in the central area, This is based on 2 persons sharing. (As organizer, I get first choice of room mate, definitely not Brownbill, or anyone who shaves on a morning. So that rules Tracy M out. Dan’s in with a chance).


If you are interested in joining the Dublin Marathon posse for this fun packed, potential PB weekend(ish), please let me know as soon as possible, but no later than 22 May, as we need to get flights and hotels booked while they are cheap.




London Marathon – Nick Barnes - British Heart Foundation Sponsorship
Some of you will know that I was picked out of the annual ballot last October and won a place in this years London Marathon, and have since been training and increasing my distances. Its mostly been going well and I've lowered my 10-mile PB by 2mins, half marathon PB by 10mins and 20-mile PB by 11mins in the last 6 months, although I can't wait to get back to shorter races!
What most of you won't know is that since I was given that place, I've lost my Dad.  He suffered his 3rd heart attack just 2 months ago on 30th January and passed away aged 62, leaving my Mum who loves and misses him very much, my brother and sister, his granddaughter and myself.  I apologise now to those of you I told I was running various races in February and March only to drop out at the last minute just with the excuse that I was "going home" - I hope you understand.
The sharp ones amongst will by now have spotted what's coming.  I'm going to use my place to run for my brilliant Dad and to raise money for the British Heart Foundation, whose work previously helped to save my Dad twice before, until he ran out of good luck on that fateful day.  I know a lot of people ask for sponsorship around this time, but if you can spare anything, then I and my family will be extremely grateful - my online sponsorship page is below or I can take donations to put on a traditional form.
On a running note, I've only done one marathon marathon before and I did a 3:54 in London in 2006, so my aim is to beat that.  Although I'll be disappointed if I don't, feel free to donate extra if I beat my goals!

London Marathon – Patrick Barrett – Martin House


I’m running for the Martin House children’s hospice in Boston Spa. Although I’m not ‘high profiling’ my charity run, any sponsorship, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated. 100% of cash raised will go to this very worthwhile charity.


Braithwaite Special School Global Triathlon 8th to 17th May 2009


Message from Bob


Here’s an interesting way of supporting a worthwhile cause – donate some money for each mile you do in training.  Maybe you could donate 5p a mile.  Can Valley Striders get from Leeds to London?  Or maybe all the way across EuropeBraithwaite School is very near the changeover from leg 2 to leg 3 on the Bradford Millennium Way Relay.  Richard Malir is a teacher there; his wife Sally runs with Ilkley Harriers, is an occasional training partner of Caz Farrow, has won the Harewood race and the Meanwood Race, so there are plenty of Striders connections.


Here’s the message from Richard


Help the pupils at Braithwaite School to complete a special triathlon during a global awareness study week at their school.  The plan is to swim the Channel, cycle to the USA and run to Africa – a global triathlon. 


Using a system of pledge forms donate to us your training and racing mileage to contribute towards the three target distances.  Add a fixed rate or pence per mile monetary contribution to further help us raise money for ICT equipment used to run multi-sensory learning programmes for our students.


Make the 8th to 17th May a high mileage peak within your own training and help the pupils at Braithwaite School reach their learning goals.


For pledge forms email:     or contact: 07590 777909 or 07590 777914




Club Handicap 10k


37 Striders for the Spring Handicap was a good number, and we had almost as many marshals. 


Thanks to Mike, Eileen, Max, Pat, Joyce, Jonathan, Geoff, Sylvia, Peter, Mick, John and Liz (and apologies to anyone that I’ve missed)


New member Sarah Oldroyd was first across the line, but we put some small print in the rules last Autumn, and as it was her first club handicap she didn’t win the cup.  Instead it went to Louise Allinson who joined this time last year and has improved significantly over the 12 months – a deserving winner.


Congratulations to another Strider who has been with us less that a year – Dan Fisher – who scored the 100 Grand Prix points for being the fastest runner on the night.


The Grand Prix table has been updated on the website – there are now 84 Striders who have run 1 or more races, and 4 of these have now completed 8 races so are already entitled to VS Grand Prix 2009 T-shirts.


 Race                       Race   Hand-      Run     Pts

  Pos                       Time    icap     Time

    1 Sarah Oldroyd        53.04    1.00    0:52:04    65

    2 Louise Allinson      53.58    7.45    0:46:13    72

    3 Simon Redshaw        54.34   13.00    0:41:34    83

    4 Jeremy Ladyman       54.44   18.00    0:36:44    98

    5 Paul Sanderson       54.47   10.15    0:44:32    76

    6 Dan Fisher           54.51   18.30    0:36:21   100

    7 Gary Mann            55.08   13.45    0:41:23    85

    8 John Batchelor       55.12   14.00    0:41:12    86

    9 Jim Clay             55.18   17.15    0:38:03    96

   10 Eddy Robinson        55.35   15.15    0:40:20    89

   11 Ian Rosser           55.41   16.30    0:39:11    95

   12 Mike Brown           56.00    6.15    0:49:45    67

   13 Eric Green           56.01   15.45    0:40:16    90

   14 Mick Loftus          56.03   18.15    0:37:48    97

   15 Ian Sanderson        56.10   16.45    0:39:25    93

   16 Chloe Hudson         56.20   10.15    0:46:05    73

   17 Alistair Smyth       56.23   14.30    0:41:53    82

   18 Tom Button           56.25   17.00    0:39:25    93

   19 Gwil Thomas          56.30   20.00    0:36:30    99

   20 Xanthe Hannah        56.31   12.45    0:43:46    78

   21 Bob Wilkes           56.33    6.00    0:50:33    66

   22 John Bucktrout       56.35    7.15    0:49:20    68

   23 David Bass           56.38   15.30    0:41:08    87

   24 Kirsty Everett       56.45    4.00    0:52:45    64

   25 Alan Hutchinson      56.49   14.45    0:42:04    81

   26 Mary Egan            57.01   12.00    0:45:01    75

   27 Simon Vallance       57.02   17.45    0:39:17    94

   28 John Wallace         57.35   13.45    0:43:50    77

   29 Sharon Tansley       57.37   10.00    0:47:37    70

   30 Andrew Cutts         58.11   16.00    0:42:11    80

   31 Drew Taylor          58.18   18.15    0:40:03    91

   32 Richard Adcock       58.34   12.00    0:46:34    71

   33 Bob Jackson          58.50   16.00    0:42:50    79

   34 Catherine Farrow     59.12   17.45    0:41:27    84

   35 Alistair Fale        59.54   14.00    0:45:54    74

   36 Rob Bumstead         60.02   19.00    0:41:02    88

   37 Nick Barnes          61.13   13.00    0:48:13    69


Perth 10k Twin Bridges 10k – from Jim Clay


You may have noticed my absence from training these past 3 weeks.  My excuse being I have been in Perth, WA.


I managed to pack my shoes (and Striders top!) and enter the Asics Perth Two Bridges 10k event on the 5th April.  Here is my race report....


Entered a couple of days beforehand and managed to blag an "A" category entry, reserved for sub 38m runners (my pb was 38m dead).  The race was a 'fun run' being combined with a 5k event for walkers/prams/less energetic.  The course looked promising for a qucik time, starting from Langley Park next to the business district of Perth and following the banks of the Swan river mainly on cycle tracks crossing south on the 'narrows' freeway bridge and north over the causeway (hence the twin bridges!).  My support team were sadly absent for the 8am start, deciding to stay in bed seeing as it was the weekend.  Still, the usual pre-race excitement was there as 1500 runners gathered for the start.  Being autumn the weather was getting cooler, only reaching 32 deg most days.  By 8am it was around 20 deg with a stiff breeze blowing.  


Looked around for others but sadly I appeared to be the only 'Strider' sporting the team colours at the start...  Well, you never know!


Well organised start saw front runners charge through 1k in around 3:10.  I was 20 secs behind and suddenly very thirsty.  Reached my 3k in c.11m and was on for a new PB as we reached the south shore stretch from 3k-7k.  Straight into a stiff breeze off the river I started to go backwards...  Started to be closer to 4m/kms and revised goal was to finish in under 40mins...  Did I mention that we were running on cycle tracks?  Well, these were still open to the general public , some who seemed oblivious to the fact there was an official event taking place.  At 6k, I was running with 3 others when coming towards us were 2 bikers (I recall using another term at the time) - we were 3 breast and one of these bikers (again another term used) aimed straight for us and then swerved between me and the guy to my left.  Amazing, given the swell of runners following behind us!  Still that was my only grip re marshaling.   


Over the second bridge and on the turn for home I started to leave my group and focus on catching those ahead.  Back onto the north shore the route passed the landmark WACA ground then headed back to the finish - wind assisted once again!  Made up two further places in the last km to finish in a new PB of 37:53.  Nice to break the 38m barrier and fly the VS flag down under.  Came 46 overall, and 12th in the M35-40 cat.  Winning time was 31:21. if you need to check the results!


All in all a bonzer race.....  Skippy tasted good on the barbie later that afternoon!


Redcar Half Marathon – from Lewis Balfour


I entered the Redcar 1/2 a few months ago, principally as it fitted in with my diary better than the Leeds 1/2, but then had been regaled with storied from others about gale force winds/being beaten up by locals/running through the steel works.  On the day though there was only a slight breeze and hazy sunshine; almost perfect running conditions!  The route was good, after some toing and froing you do a loop around the sea front with some nice views, and I reckon there can't be that many flatter 1/2 courses.  If there was a Sea Breeze it could be purgatory though...


My Chip Time was 4 seconds under 1.5 hours, and naturally I'm going to quietly forget about my Gun Time.


Incidentally I used a 'pace band' that I printed off the Internet.  You input a time and a distance and it gives you a band with your desired cumulative mile-times which you print out, cover with tape, then put on your wrist.  Easier than trying to remember what 7x6:52 is.


ADVERTISEMENT – from Martyn Hopson


We are living in a fantastic holiday home in the Cotswolds, and are looking forward to summer on the lake.

We rent next door on a weekly or mini-break basis....will do 30% discount for VS members if book direct with me

There are 3 bedrooms ...all en-suite 1 double , 2 twin so can accommodate 6 people.

There are lots of running routes ...disused canal/ railway line , Thames towpath ...150+ lakes and lots of other activities.

We have an agent , and you can see our availability on there...No 7 Waters Edge the bottom after the pictures!

Apologies for the sales pitch....just let me know if you want to know more! Would be nice to have a run with some old pals as long as pace not too hot!


Also have a villa in Cyprus ...linked to 3 others so can do groups up to 30...overlooking the huge Bay at Latchi/Polis , and between the Troodos Mts and The Akamas Peninsula .

Great warm weather runs , biking , rock climbing , diving etc. Fly Leeds to Paphos and 40mins from airport.

See  and


We hope to be back in Ilkley area by next winter.




My email has been very busy in the last few weeks.  If you’ve sent me something for publication in V S Update and it hasn’t appeared yet, it is somewhere in my inbox, so remind me.


If you’ve run a race and have a race report or want to advertise a race or anything, then send me an email and I’ll publish it!