Sent: 01 May 2009 00:10
Subject: V S Mini-update - Meanwood Trail Recce Run & Lasagne


I already have two London Marathon reports and one Three Peaks report, so we’ll have a “normal” V S Update at the weekend.  (NB entries for 2010 London are now being taken via the website).


So for now, just a reminder about the recce run and/or lasagne next Tuesday (5 May)


(I think I put 4 May in the last email, I forgot that April only has 30 days!)


All please meet at Leos.  At 6:45 we’ll go for a very steady jog round 1 lap (1 mile) of the junior race


Then at 6:55 we’ll set off for the Meanwood Valley Trail Race senior route


As mentioned last week, we’ll break into 3 groups, with the first and second groups running the full 7.5 miles but the third group just reaching Meanwood Park, a distance of just under 6 miles.


And afterwards, lasagne at the club, say whether you want the carnivore or vegetarian version (both £3) and whether you want apple pie (£1.50 extra). 


Book preferably by email to or text to 0777 5898 558 by 09:00 Monday morning.  Bookings after this time cannot be guaranteed.


Below is the list of marshals so far. 


  • If you’re on the list but not available, please let me know
  • If you’re not on the list and available to marshal, please let me know.  NEED 20 MORE!  The race is Saturday 16 May
  • If you’re on the list and not allocated to a particular location, let me know where you’d prefer to be
  • If you’re in a particular location and you’re available to come earlier and help a team leader set up (part of) the route, let me know
  • I do need someone who uses Excel on a regular basis to help Xanthe and myself produce the results (yes, we’re going hi-tech), any volunteers?
  • Does anyone have a lightweight folding table, suitable for the drinks station in Meanwood Park?  (We need several)


  Alistair Smyth   (Leos)
  Andrew Cutts     (pre-race only)
  Becky Murray     (start/finish)
  Bob Jackson      (race organiser)
  Brian Hanley     (7 arches to ring road)
  Carol Reid       (Leos)
  Carole Schofield + 3 (water, Mwd Park)
  Carole Towler    (Mwd Pk)
  Chris Kilner
  Dan Fisher
  Dan Murray       (chief marshal)
  David Bass       (near Leos)
  Drew Taylor      (Leos)
  Eileen Crosfill  (Timekeeper)
  Eric Cusack + 1  (team leader, 7 arches to ring road)
  Erica Hiorns     (Mwd Pk)
  Geoff Webster    (team leader, adel woods)
  Graham Needham
  Ian Place        (team leader, meanwood park)
  Ian Rosser
  Joel Giddings
  John Blundell    (Mwd Pk)
  John Bucktrout   (Buck Stone)
  John Umpleby     (Smithy Mills)
  John Wallace
  Jonathan Brownbill
  Kevin McMullan
  Laura Clark
  Lou Gilchrist    (Leos)
  Louise Allinson  (Mwd Pk)
  Mary Egan
  Matt Allen
  Max Jones
  Michaela McGarry
  Mick Tinker      (Timekeeper)
  Mike Crosfill    (Timekeeper)
  Pat Umpleby      (Leos, water)
  Patrick Barrett
  Paul Briscoe     (beer)
  Paul Furness     (team leader car parking)
  Paul Hunter      (Team leader junior race)
  Paul Sanderson
  Paul White       (Buckstone estate gate)
  Peter Lambert
  Rachael Nevins
  Rob Bumstead     (near Leos)
  Sharon Tansley
  Steve Morley     (Mwd Pk)
  Sue Sunderland   (Mwd Pk)
  Sylvia Watson    (team leader, Leos to 7 arches)
  Tim Towler       (Mwd Pk)
  Tom Button
  Tracy Stewart
  Xanthe Hannah    (entries/results)