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Subject: V S Update - MVT Thank You, VSGP/VSFC Events, Results, Injury List, Housekeeping


A very big thank you


… to everyone who helped at, before or after the Meanwood Trail Race on Saturday.  It was our most successful Meanwood race despite the 2 hours of torrential race the night before that made the course somewhat interesting.


The statistics were as follows

  • Junior race had 114 entries (a record) and 100 finishers (a record)
  • Senior race had 406 entries and 342 finishers (both numbers only exceeded in 2007)
  • Over £1,600 raised for Lineham Farm (a record)
  • At least 80 Striders, family and friends helping with the race (thank you again)
  • One twisted ankle needing attention
  • Air Ambulance NOT involved (we kept Tom Button and Sara Dyer indoors)


If you helped, claim your bottle of “Meanwood Meander” beer on a Tuesday evening (NB limited supplies).  We also have a LOT of 2 litre bottles of water left over – available free to anyone who marshaled and available for a small donation to Lineham Farm to anyone who didn’t marshal.


For those of you not able to help (and for those who enjoyed it so much they want to do it again), there are further opportunities including

  • Yorkshire Vets Race hosted by Valley Striders, Tuesday 23 June, 35 required
  • Harewood 10 mile Trail Race and 2 mile Junior Race / Adult Fun Run – Sunday 4 October, 70 required
  • Harewood 10k for Cancer Research – Sunday 18 October – 12 required


Coming Soon!


Grand Prix and Fell Championship Races


Sun 24 May - Ilkley Trail Race            (CM) 6.5m  700' (VSFC and VSGP)

Wed  3 Jun - Otley Chevin                 (AS) 3.5m 900' (VSFC)

Sat  6 Jun – Wharfedale off-road marathon (CL) 25.0m 2600' (VSFC and VSGP)

Wed 10 Jun - Otley 10                     (VSGP)

Sun 21 Jun - Tom Tittiman, Hebden Bridge  (BS) 4.0m 700' (VSFC)

Wed  1 Jul - Hyde Park 5k race 1          (VSGP)

Tue  7 Jul - Summer Handicap              (VSGP) (Confirmed Date)

Sun 12 Jul - Eccup 10                     (VSGP)

Sun 19 Jul - Oldfield Gala, nr Keighley   (CS) 5.5m 550' (VSFC)

Sun  2 Aug - Round Hill, Timble, nr Otley (CM) 9.0m 1100' (VSFC and VSGP)

Wed  5 Aug - Hyde Park 5k race 2          (VSGP)

Tue ?? Aug - Autumn Handicap              (VSGP)                                   

Sun 16 Aug - Sedbergh Hills               (AL) 14.0m 6000' (VSFC)                         

Wed  2 Sep - Ilkley Incline 1 mile        (VSGP)                                          

Wed  2 Sep - Hyde Park 5k race 3          (VSGP)

Sun 13 Sep - Yorkshireman marathon        (CL) 26.0m (VSFC and VSGP)

Sat 10 Oct - West Yorks XC race 1         (VSGP)


Details of many of these on


Valley Striders host Yorkshire Vets, Tuesday 23 June


We don’t need quite so many marshals as Meanwood Trail, but still need about 35 to help.  Free sandwiches and cakes, but choose a marshalling point early on the lap otherwise while you’re waiting for the last runner and sweeper, the runners that have finished will have eaten all the food.


Those that have volunteered their services (thank you) should be listed on the website but please check and …

·         if you’ve volunteered and you’re on the list, thank you!

·         If you’ve volunteered and you’re not on the list, please let me know again (sorry, I missed your email)

·         If you’ve not volunteered and you are available, please let me know, thank you!

·         If you’ve not volunteered and you aren’t available, there’s always another time

NB if we have too many marshals then our older members (over 35) could run, so also let me know if you might want to run


Bradford Millennium Way Relay, Sunday 14 June


In the 7 years of the race, we’ve won the Mixed Team prize 4 times and the Vets Team prize once but at the current level of interest, we won’t even have a team this year.  I need to submit entries by the middle of next week so am setting next Tuesday (26 May) as the cut-off for letting me know if you want to run.  This does leave only a short time to recce but hopefully we’ll manage at least one team.


Golden Acre Relay, Wednesday 8 July, 7pm


This is the confirmed date.  Get together in groups of three.  Each team member runs a lap of about 2.75 miles, undulating!  Can Dan, Elika and Greg retain their mixed team first place?  More details


A few other events


7 June - 5M Run in Roundhay park to rise money for Children's Cancer on 7 June (spotted by Lewis Balfour)


7 June – Harewood Chase 10k (separate men’s and women’s races) organized by Bingley Harriers


3/4/5 July – Wharfedale Triple T (tarmac/trail/tussock) from Kettlwell – 4k uphill road race on Friday, 20k trail race on Saturday, 3k fell race on Sunday


Your best place to look for races is John Schofield’s website


Grand Prix Results


Jack Bloor Fell Race


This was a double points race as it counted for both the Grand Prix and the Fell Championship.  G P points are listed but Anthony is still calculating the Fell points.  They should be on the website very soon.


   41 Simon Vallance     0:47:34      100

   45 Mick Loftus        0:47:48       99

   49 Eirik Stangnes     0:48:43       98

   52 Anthony Fryer      0:49:12       96

   56 Rob Bumstead       0:49:54       95

   59 Matt Allen         0:50:09       94

   62 Aled Greenhalgh    0:50:25       93

   83 Andrew Cutts       0:51:51       91

   86 Joel Giddings      0:52:18       90

  110 Nick Barnes        0:54:51       89

  113 Jane Halloran      0:54:59       88

  139 Alistair Fale      0:58:26       86

  153 John Wallace       1:00:18       85

  166 Richard Adcock     1:01:40       84

  203 Geoff Webster      1:06:18       83

  208 Malcolm Coles      1:09:30       81

  216 Sara Dyer          1:11:52       80


Esholt 5k series


Best time in the series counts for Grand Prix points


                               GP     Race 1      Race 2      Race 3

                        Best   Pts  Pos   Time  Pos   Time  Pos   Time


   Gwil Thomas        0:16:47  100    0   0.00   22  17.02   24  16.47

   Jim Clay           0:16:57   99   32  17.29   25  17.10   29  16.57

   Steve Webb         0:17:25   97   30  17.25    0   0.00    0   0.00

   Kevin Mcmullan     0:17:32   96   34  17.32    0   0.00   37  17.36

   Jeremy Ladyman     0:17:39   95   42  18.00   33  17.39    0   0.00

   Tom Button         0:17:54   93   49  18.14   38  17.54   44  17.56

   Dan Murray         0:18:07   92   68  18.48    0   0.00   50  18.07

   Rob Bumstead       0:18:25   91   55  18.25    0   0.00    0   0.00

   Eddy Robinson      0:18:30   89   65  18.45   68  19.09   67  18.30

   Nick Barnes        0:18:57   88   84  19.14   67  19.08   80  18.57

   Andrew Cutts       0:19:20   87   87  19.20   71  19.25   90  19.22

   Eric Green         0:19:40   85    0   0.00   81  19.40    0   0.00

   John Wallace       0:19:45   84    0   0.00    0   0.00  103  19.45

   Paul Sanderson     0:20:23   83  124  20.32  100  20.23  124  20.25

   Chloe Hudson       0:21:26   81  187  22.40  130  21.26    0   0.00

   Sara Dyer          0:24:31   80  239  24.55  204  24.44  217  24.31


CONGRATULATIONS to Eddy Robinson who finished first of nine in the B11-15 age group (and also beat four of the five 16-19 year olds).


There was a battle between Jim and Gwil for the 100 points.  Gwil was leading with 17:02 after the second race.  In the third race, Jim ran 16:57 but Gwil ran even faster.


Mr consistency was Andrew Cutts whose 3 times differed by only 5 seconds.  Paul Sanderson was V.S. runner-up with 9 seconds.  But if there had been a consistency prize, neither of our Striders would have been on the podium – a lady from Eccleshill, a lady from Baildon and a man from Queensbury all had 3 seconds difference.


Any Other Marathon


There were 4 Striders at the Windermere marathon


  34 Eric Green         3:09:48      

  89 Ian Sanderson      3:25:43      

 120 Alistair Smyth     3:31:31      

 207 Simon Redshaw      3:43:15      


Have a look on the Striders website to see how this affects the “Any Other Marathon” category of the Grand Prix


All Grand Prix points are now entered on the website.  102 Striders have competed in at least one race and 12 of these have already qualified for a 2009 VSGP T-shirt by running 8 races.


Other Results


Leeds Half Corporate Challenge


Xanthe’s Hassra team finished in third place.  She had leg 2 – the uphill up Stonegate Road


She says “there were 3 Hassra teams, we were the DWP team that came third. Our fastest runner was a kirkstall harrier and he is super fast!”


Meanwood Trail VS Results


Race  FirstName   LastName         Time  Age Group Pos   Prev 
Pos                                               in Grp Races
Junior 1 mile
   9  Natasha    Lenton-Thompson   8.05   8  G7-8    1     0
  32  Lucas      Duggleby          9.35   7  B7-8    9     0
  35  Dominic    Mather-Hunter     9.44   6  B7-8   10     0
  44  Eddie      Hunter           10.13   7  B7-8   13     0
  57  Amy        Parton           11.14   7  G7-8    8     0
Junior 2 mile
   3  Edward     Robinson         11.56   15 B15-16  3     0
  15  Gavin      Taylor           14.36   10   (Gavin ran an extra mile)
  48  Andrew     Cutts            53.18   47  M40   20    11
  52  Andrew     Thompson         53.30   40  M40   22     1

CONGRATULATIONS to Andrew Thompson’s daughter, Natasha, who won the trophy for first girl 7-8 years.  Unfortunately she missed most of the presentations as she was marshalling the senior race with her mum, Sarah.  But she got back just in time to receive her trophy.


Andrew Cutts has now run 12 of the 14 MVT’s and has also run every race in the 8 years of the Airedale Triple Trail i.e. 24 races in total


Striders Injury List


David Bass emailed that he had dislocated his elbow playing rugby. He had the elbow put in a cast but it is now in a removable cast and he will visit the physio sometime next week. He expects to be off running for at least a further 2 weeks.  However he was still able to marshal the Trail Race (thanks)


Also marshalling the Trail Race with one arm in a sling was John Umpleby who has had his shoulder re-set again.


And seen at the Trail Race on crutches, but looking well, was Dick Dale, after the motorbike accident that put him in hospital for 8 weeks over Xmas.


Steve O’Callaghan emailed on 7 May “I had the heart operation yesterday (ablation) and early indications are that all went well and I am back into a normal rhythm and will soon be able to take up exercise including running if my knees and other joints can take it. Better start with cycling first!!!!”


Braithwaite School


Did you record your mileage 8 to 17 May?  If you want to “donate” your miles at 5p or 10p per mile to Braithwaite Special School near Keighley, it will help the kids “run” to Africa and raise funds for multi-sensory learning equipment. Email  for a donation form.  (Richard’s wife, Sally was 2nd W35 at Meanwood Trail and 2 of their daughters ran in the junior race).




I am informed that the ladies showers have been cleaned recently.  Being as these won’t be used by the rugby referees during the summer, they should stay in a reasonable condition, so, ladies, please make use of them and then stop for a drink afterwards in the bar – go home fresh and refreshed!


We still have some Calderdale Way mementos and Leeds Country Way mementos from last year. One is slate, the other pottery, so if no-one claims them we’ll have to go to a Greek restaurant and throw them at the walls.


I also have one trophy for the winning women’s team in the Leeds Country Way last year.  11 of you have your trophies, which of you hasn’t?


Only about 20 of you have responded to my email about “Emergency Contacts”.  Could each of you please let me have the name and telephone number of an emergency contact for you, for us to keep for our training sessions. 


If you’ve moved house in the last 15 months, let me have your new address.  We are about to send off registrations to England Athletics and we don’t want your membership cards to go to the wrong address.


I know many of you were interested in the various id bracelets mentioned in previous emails and some of you have purchased these.  Even if you don’t buy one of these, I would recommend that you always carry some id with you every time you run.


Pie and Peas


Next pie and peas will be Tuesday 2 June.  Book by Sunday night (31 May), stating whether meat pie or vegetarian bake (£2.50), mushy peas or baked beans, and whether or not you want apple pie (£1.50)