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Subject: V S Update - P&P / Performance Certs / Ilkley Trail / Richard Adcock's win


Pie and Peas – Tuesday 2 June


Final reminder for pie and peas next Tuesday.  Please let me know whether you want meat pie (£2.50) or vegetarian bake (£2.50), accompanied by mushy peas or baked beans, and whether you want apple pie (£1.50).  Please email before 10pm Sunday or text (not voicemail) to 0777 5898 558 before 2pm Monday


Good luck to


Eric Green, Kirsty Everett and anyone else running Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday.


Performance Awards Scheme


After a lapse of 4 months, the Performance Lists are now up to date on the website. 


We have been awarding certificates in the meantime, including a Grade 11 to Lou Gilchrist which I presented at the Meanwood Trail Race.  A VS Grade 11 performance beats the theoretical world record for that age for that distance.  Lou’s grade 11 performances were

Apr 2007 (age 74) Salford 10k     49:25 100.1%

Mar 2008 (age 75) Wilmslow half 1:51:39 100.7%

Aug 2008 (age 75) Sale 10mile   1:22:05 100.5%

Sep 2008 (age 75) Trafford 10k    49:35 101.6%

Mar 2009 (age 76) Trafford 10k    51:08 100.3%


Since then she has done 2 more – Rothwell 10k in 50:02 and Sale 5 mile in 40:23. 


Expect a new revised edition of the age-graded tables soon, so get racing now before the targets get harder!


We have now awarded 97 certificates (some awaiting collection), and these belong to 64 different Striders.  Some of you are just one race off a certificate and for some of you it is because you have only run two distances (5k and 10k), whereas you need three different distances in your five qualifying races.  Opportunities coming up to run different distances are

   Thu  4 June – Full Bronte 5 mile at Keighley

   Wed 10 June – Otley 10 mile

   Sun 12 July – Eccup 10 mile

These last 2 are V S Grand Prix races so another good reason to run them.




Ilkley Trail Race


The chance for “double” points (i.e. Grand Prix points and Fell Championship points) and the sunny weather brought out 20 Striders last Sunday to Ilkley Rugby Club and Lido for the Ilkley Trail Race.


Although billed as uphill for the first half and downhill for the second, it proved to be uphill for 1 mile, undulating for 5 and downhill for 1.  And, although it had a Fell Runners Association permit, it was far less technical than our Meanwood Trail Race.  A good introduction to off-road running and highly recommended for next year.  There was also a great selection of cakes on sale after the race.


    4 Panos Aristotelous 0:42:55      100  

   13 Gareth Moules      0:46:01       99  

   16 Mick Loftus        0:46:42       98  

   20 Jim Clay           0:47:01       97  

   25 Eirik Stangnes     0:48:27       96  

   31 Simon Vallance     0:49:01       95  

   38 Graham Needham     0:49:59       94  

   46 Ian Sanderson      0:50:49       93  

   50 Joel Giddings      0:50:55       92  

   56 Andrew Cutts       0:51:28       91  

   59 Aled Greenhalgh    0:51:45       89  

   66 Alistair Smyth     0:52:06       88  

   77 Eric Green         0:53:36       87  

   83 Bob Jackson        0:53:59       86  

   88 Nick Barnes        0:54:09       85  

  102 John Wallace       0:55:19       84  

  135 Xanthe Hannah      0:57:44       83  

  160 Sue Sunderland     0:59:23       82  

  183 Geoff Webster      1:02:05       81  

  190 Alistair Fale      1:02:40       80

  334 finished  


Striders top 4 scored 53 points and were marginally beaten for the team prize by the home team of Ilkley Harriers who scored 49.


All V S Grand Prix points and Fell Championship points are now on our website with the exception of Joel whose finishing number was wrongly recorded in the results – this will be corrected over the weekend.


More on the Ilkley Harriers website  also results on also pictures at


Next Fell Championship races

·         Wed 3 Jun - Otley Chevin (AS) 3.5m 900'

·         Sat 6 Jun - Wharfedale off road marathon (CL) 25.0m 2600'


Next Grand Prix races

  • Sat 6 Jun - Wharfedale off road marathon
  • Wed 10 Jun - Otley 10


Esholt 5k Series


Jim Clay picked up his first ever prize - 3rd overall (cumulative time) for M35 cat.  


Eddy Robinson picked up the series prize for first junior – he was first in all 3 races.


Malhamdale Meander - report from Richard Adcock


I’m going to have to stop speaking to Geoff because every time I do he persuades me to do another long off-road event J


So, two weeks after the 3 Peaks race, instead of resting I find myself getting up at 6am again to get to Kirkby Malham to register for the Malhamdale Meander, a 23 mile offroad walking event that attracts a number of runners.


Walkers set off at 8.30am leaving the runners for a 9.30am start, but there seemed to be an unofficial staggered start with runners deciding by their own abilities and sneaking off early, so by just after 9.00am there were only four of us left!  A quick discussion with the organisers and we agree to set off 10 minutes early.


As I had no idea of the route (and no map!) I stuck with the others for the first leg, and for the first three quarters of an hour it was all uphill taking in Hanlith, up the Pennine Way to Malham and across to Kirkby Fell.


As we'd started to catch up with walkers by then, I figured between asking them, and at each checkpoint for directions I'd be ok, so picked up the pace all the way downhill to Langscar Gate and through Watlowes (Ings Scar) down to Gordale Scar - I wasn't expecting to see this , also I wasn't expecting to have to climb it! J


I lost about four minutes here waiting for the queue of walkers to climb up and got rather cold and wet in the process of hanging around and up the climb itself, but from the top it's nice and easy across to Malham Tarn for a cup of tea and flapjack before heading off again for the second half.


From here the route is the reverse of The Wharfedale Marathon across to Dew Bottoms (so we get to do it again next month), turning off to Parson’s Pulpit and then a nice easy leg (apart from a short sharp uphill section to Weets Gate and a few other hills) of about 7 miles, all the way to Calton.


Then with just over 2 miles to go, it’s back through Airton and Hanlith along the riverside, to the finish.


I came home fourth [the three others set off at 8.30am] so with time correction I finished in first place by a margin of 14 minutes. (editor’s bold font – well done Richard)


The weather was perfect for a run, the wind a bit blustery (read very at the top of the hills!) in places but the majority of the rain stayed off until just after I'd finished.


With a meal and shower available at the end it made for a good day and some fantastic scenery.


According to GPS the route was 22.5miles and 4830’ of ascent and a time of 4hrs 16mins.


Just got Leeds half to do tomorrow...


Leeds Half Marathon [Sunday] report  - I’m tired..


Jack Bloor Fell Race [Tuesday] report - I’m very tired... (but thank you Geoff for pushing me along the first half and then letting me beat you, again J)