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Subject: V S Update - Tuesdays, Thursdays, LCW, Events and Results


Coming soon!


Tuesday training – pay special attention!


Tuesday sessions will not be to the normal schedule for the next 4 weeks

  • 16 June – meet Leos 6:45 for pyramid session by Eccup Res, 4min, 6min, 8min, 6min, 4min
  • 23 June – no training session because we are hosting the Yorkshire Vets Series.  We still need some more MARSHALS, but if we do get sufficient then some Striders will be able to RUN – let me know your preference as soon as possible
  • 30 June – meet Leos 6:45 for hill session by Eccup Res
  • 7 July – club handicap, meet 6:50 by Eccup Res, first runners off at 7:00, approx 5½ miles circuit out to Emmerdale, afterwards pie and peas


Thursday training & curry – message from Sharon

Next Thursday (18th June) is curry night after the Thursday run from Scott Hall Road Leisure Centre. Meet outside Scott Hall ready to run at 6:45. The run will be suitable for all speeds with either two separate groups or one group where the faster runners run back for the slower ones. Afterwards, curry at the Ruchee, which is on Stainbeck Road just off Scott Hall Road (Go up Scott Hall Road in the direction of the ring road and turn left at the Esso garage, the restaurant is just in the parade of shops to the right). See the link to the website for a map etc  If you're injured or just fancy a curry meet at the Ruchee at 8:30pm. Hope to see some of you there. We plan to have a curry night on the third Thursday of every month.


Leeds Country Way – Sunday 6 September


Will be, as usual, on the first Sunday in September, which is 6th September.  Which is only 12 weeks away.


We are planning to have 4 teams, but if there is sufficient interest, we may have 5.

  • Men (they were runners-up last year, can they improve one place?)
  • Women (they won last year, can they retain their title?)
  • Vets (M40/W35) (they were runners-up last year, can they improve one place?)
  • Valley Striders “D” – we guarantee selection for the first 12 Striders who confirm they want to run.


Please let me know if you want to run and if you have any preferences for a particular leg, for time of day or have a preferred partner.


Race Diary


Grand Prix


18 races completed, 12 to go.  16 Striders have already qualified for a 2009 V S Grand Prix T-shirt by running 8 or more races, but even if you haven’t run any there are still plenty of opportunities to run eight.


Wed  1 Jul - Hyde Park 5k race 1  * Best time in series to count

Tue  7 Jul - Summer Handicap                                                       

Sun 12 Jul - Eccup 10                                                            

Sun  2 Aug - Round Hill fell race (also in Striders Fell Championship)            

Wed  5 Aug - Hyde Park 5k race 2  * Best time in series to count

Tue ?? Aug - Autumn Handicap                                                     

Wed  2 Sep - Hyde Park 5k race 3  * Best time in series to count

Wed  2 Sep - Ilkley Incline 1 mile                                                 

Sun 13 Sep - Yorkshireman marathon (also in Striders Fell Championship)          

 10 or 11 Oct - West Yorks XC race 1                                            

Sat ?? Nov - Burley Bridge Hike                                                   

    ?? Nov - West Yorks XC race 3                                                    

Sun 22 Nov - Abbey Dash 10k                                                  

Sun 29 Nov - Thirsk 10                                                           


And not forgetting

Fri 26 Dec 2008 to 30 Nov 2009 - Any other marathon                              


Fell Championship


7 races completed, 5 to go.  To qualify for the Championship you need to run 4 races, one Short, one Medium, one Long and one other.  So looking at the list below, you can still start now and achieve the 4 races.


Sun 21 Jun - Tom Tittiman, Hebden Bridge (BS) 4.0m 700' (12noon)               

             Hare & Hounds, Chiserley (Wadsworth Old Town), Hebden Bridge.

Sun 19 Jul - Oldfield, Grouse Inn, Oakworth, nr Keighley (CS) 5.5m 550' (1130am)


Sun  2 Aug - Round Hill , Timble, nr Otley (CM) 9.0m 1100' (also in VS Grand Prix)

Sun 16 Aug - Sedbergh Hills (AL) 14.0m 6000'                                     

Sun 13 Sep - Yorkshireman marathon (CL) 26.0m (also in VS Grand Prix)            


D-I-Y Relays  (i.e. make up your own teams)


Wed  1 Jul – Danefield Relay – teams of 3


7:15 pm Danefield Park, East Chevin Road, Otley Chevin GR 217 442.  This race is for teams of 3 (men, ladies or vets): if you want to run, either get your own team together, or email me.


Wed  8 Jul – Golden Acre Relay, teams of 3


7:00 pm Arthington Road entrance to Golden Acre Park, but if you’re late, park on Otley Road and walk through.  Entries on the night.    This race is for teams of 3 (men, ladies or vets): if you want to run, either get your own team together, or email me.


Fri 10 Jul – Washburn Valley Relay – teams of 3 


Details on Otley AC website   I don’t think there are entries on the night, so contact Otley if you have a team.


Other Races that might (or might not) interest you


Thu 18 Jun – Abbey Anniversary Fell Race (5 miles 1600ft) at Kettlewell

Wed 24 Jun – Esholt Bash trail race (10k) at Guiseley

Sun  5 Jul – Eccleshill Tuff 5

Sun  5 Jul – Birdsedge Challenge

Sat 25 Jul – Rombalds Romp Trail Race (8 miles) from Ilkley

Sun 26 Jul – Pudsey 10k

Wed 29 Jul – Nostell Priory 5

Sun  2 Aug – Idle trail race

Sun  9 Aug – Bingley Show trail race

Wed 19 Aug – Cinnamon Lodge Chase from Meltham

Sun 30 Aug – Alice’s Run from Mytholmroyd

Sun  6 Sep – whatever is on, you should be running LCW!

Sun 13 Sep – Wetherby 10k

Sun 13 Sep – Pontefract 10k

Sun 13 Sep – Kirklees 10k

Sun 13 Sep – Selby 10 mile


Most of these on




Otley Chevin Fell Race (AS) 3.5m 900'


                                 Fell Pts

   20 Mick Loftus        0:20:45    93.2

   22 Anthony Fryer      0:20:48    93.0

   27 Eirik Stangnes     0:20:56    92.4

   33 Matthew Allen      0:21:27    90.2

   35 Mark Johnston      0:21:48    88.7

   47 Andrew Cutts       0:23:03    83.9

   73 Alistair Fale      0:25:01    77.3

   80 Malcolm Coles      0:25:22    76.2

  106 Sara Dyer          0:29:49    64.9


Wharfedale Marathon

                                   GP  Fell Pts

    1 Panos Aristotelous 3:05:31  100   90.0

   16 Eirik Stangnes     3:30:29   98   79.3

   17 Matt Allen         3:31:14   95   79.0

   20 Ian Sanderson      3:34:37   93   77.8

   42 Joel Giddings      3:57:41   90   70.2

   45 John Wallace       3:59:15   88   69.8

   46 Nick Barnes        4:01:05   85   69.3

   57 Bob Jackson        4:10:56   83   66.5

   66 Richard Adcock     4:17:33   80   64.8


Big CONGRATULATIONS to Panos on WINNING this race.  Not knowing the way, he ran with last year’s winner to 5 miles from home, and then followed the flagged course for the rest of the way, winning by a clear 5 minutes.


The previous 2 years had been sunny and very hot, for a change we had a cold easterly wind and drizzle on-and-off all day.  Most Striders improved on last year’s times.


Otley 10

                                   GP Pts

   11 Gwil Thomas        1:00:40    100 

   20 Dan Fisher         1:02:34     99 

   21 Jeremy Ladyman     1:02:38     98 

   22 Jim Clay           1:02:44     97 

   27 Kevin McMullan     1:04:08     96  3rd M40

   42 Graham Needham     1:06:26     94  2nd M50

   50 Dan Murray         1:07:00     93 

   67 Eric Green         1:08:52     92 

   87 Nick Barnes        1:10:01     91 

  106 Hayley Nancolas    1:11:31     90  2nd WU35

  108 Samantha Harris    1:11:55     89  3rd WU35

  180 Roy Huggins        1:17:38     88 

  184 Leroy Sutton       1:17:53     87 

  208 Mick Tinker        1:20:25     86 

  209 Alistair Smyth     1:20:26     84 

  220 Chloe Hudson       1:21:48     83 

  222 Sue Sunderland     1:21:59     82 

  289 Mike Brown         1:29:18     81 

  302 Sara Dyer          1:31:30     80 


Our men’s team (Gwil/Dan/Jeremy) and women’s team (Hayley/Sam/Chloe) were both placed second, but sadly there was only one team prize.  I don’t think any of our category placings won a prize either, as I think there was only one prize in each age category.


Edinburgh Marathon


(counts in Grand Prix in “Any Other Marathon” category)


 1286 Lewis Balfour      3:39:44      

 5594 Kirsty Everett     4:45:06      


Kirsty emailed I did 4hrs 45 for the marathon - bit longer than I wanted but I struggled in the heat and struggled after they ran out of water! I'll have to do my next one in the autumn when it's a bit cooler!

Editor’s note – the Edinburgh marathon is getting a bad reputation, this is the second year they have run out of water.  Eric Green had a DNF due to stomach problems which he partly put down to standing in the sun in the pens at the start for over half an hour. And although it advertises itself as the fastest marathon in the UK, but the course cannot be recognized for world records because of the height of the drop between start and finish.


Grand Prix and Fell Championship positions


All Grand Prix and Fell Championship results and tables are now updated on the website


In the Grand Prix, 107 Striders have taken part so far and 16 runners have completed 8 races thus qualifying for a 2009 Grand Prix T-shirt.  Gwil Thomas has the lead with 797 points out of a maximum 800, another 3 races with 100 points will guarantee him at least a share of the title.  Currently second is Jim Clay and third is Kevin McMullen (who is also the leading M40).  Eric Green leads the M50’s and the two ladies setting the pace are Sue Sunderland and Chloe Hudson.


In the Fell Championship, 31 Striders have taken part so far and 5 runners have completed 4 qualifying races.  These are (in order) Mick Loftus, Eirik Stangnes, Matt Allen, Richard Adcock and Geoff Webster.  Anthony Fryer and Andrew Cutts have both run 4 races but neither have run a long race so can only count 3 of them.


Three reports from Jim Clay – does he write them while running?


Roberttown 7 - 31st May


4 Striders present - Jeremy L, Chloe H, Sue S and Jim C (me)


Route - 7 very undulating miles, following some of the Liversedge Half route


Conditions - Too bloody hot for it to be starting at 11am (22 - 23deg and blazing sunshine). What's wrong with 9:30?


Race Report - Looked to be a very short 7m to me from the start line, as I could clearly see the finish some 500 yds ahead! Sprinted off for the finish line only to be told to keep going as there was still 6.85m left to go apparently – b*g*er. In summary, hard work, very warm, great views, lots of pain, wanted to walk lots, 2 wonderful water stations including sponges (yes 2 on a 7m run!), long last 1m climb, claimed back place lost at 6m with sprint finish, collapsed in heap clutching mug momento and water bottle.


Results - Jeremy came 16th ahead by over 1m beating Andy May from Shabby Runners, I came 21st in just under 45m, Chloe beat last years time by approx 20sec (54.20 ish I think) and Sue S. was in just over the 55m mark. We all agreed it was silly weather to be running in......


"The Full Bronte" Haworth 5m - 4th June


First time for me in this race. Cool evening, and Vets Championship meant competitive field.


Course starts at top end of town and includes two laps around a local hill all on road, before dropping back to finish. First mile climbs out of Haworth, then undulating before a very stiff push uphill past 1m and then on to highest point. Then undulating but reasonable to 2m mark, then steep downhill section to 3m mark where you are 1/3 way into the second lap. Final mile from 4 to 5 was flat out downhill.


My mile splits best describe the terrain - 6.15, 6.25, 5.50, 6.30, 5.30. Came in 21st, with 30.30 (unofficial time). Overtook lead female at 3.5m and picked off 2 or 3 in the push for home.


One observation - Haworth is in the middle of nowhere!


Kirby Malzeard 10k - 6th June


Thick and fast (these race reports, not a description of me and Jeremy!)


Update from Haworth 5m Full Bronte - revised, official time of 30m 10s which is a new PB in spite of the hills! Andrew Thompson was also there, finishing in time of 32m 59s.


Instead of a rainy, muddy Smithy Mills session, Jeremy and I headed off north of Ripon for a late entry into the Kirby Malzeard 10k, part of the Black Sheep Series.  Described as 'undulating' we were both looking to get close to 38m - part of JL's marathon training plan.


Arrived early enough to drive round the course, bit hillier than we both anticipated, so 38m suddenly seemed ambitious! Rain stopped for the 2pm start in the main street, there was a coach party from N Derbyshire RR with round 30+ runners and plenty from York, Harrogate, Thirsk etc. We spotted fellow VS Louise Allinson at the start.


Familiar story at start saw pre-race game plan abandoned after 50m as Jeremy set off at sub 5.45 pace, ahead of Tim Crossland for the first mile too...  Kept Jeremy in my sights all the way around - he seemed to be setting pace (and acting as wind break!) for 4 others sitting on his shoulders for the first 5m. Push for home included a 2 stage climb before coming back into Kirby. Fast finish downhill then round a cul-de-sac and down muddy lane to enter sports field for final 200m. Sprint finish from Jeremy saw off is remaining stalker, and opened up the gap I was trying to close.


Results were a surprise to us both - JL 9th, 37.10, JC 11th, 37.24 and Louise came in 15th F and 97th overall in 47.04. Winning time just over 34m.


Overall a really good race, well marshaled, 3 water stations, quite challenging with the hills, and another mug to add to the collection. Best of all - free tea, juice, sandwiches and cakes for all runners at the end. Just want I needed.





Editor’s note – congratulations to Louise who won a hamper for being first woman under-35, also to Ruth Warren who has just joined Striders but was not registered as such for this race – she finished 2nd W45 (not sure whether she won a prize)


Other races – Hyde Park Parkrun


It was number 88 in the weekly “Parkruns” in Hyde Park (Woodhouse Moor) last week.  35 different Striders have run over the last 2 years, running 204 races in total.  Our fastest runners are Gwil Thomas (our only race winner), Dan Fisher (who recently secured a second place) and Tom Button.  Our age-graded bests are Vicky Whitehead, Jerry Watson and Maureen Coffey, but Malcolm Coles will take over the lead here when his registration is changed from Skyrac to Striders.


Advice corner


A correspondent writes:


“I was having problems last week after the marathon with my right quad. It got better so I tried to run 7 miles yesterday but I ended up with sharp pains in that mucsle and extending to the outside of my knee. It's not as bad when I don't run but it is still painful. Any suggestions with what I can do to help it?”


Anyone able to help here?  If you can give advice here, email me back and I’ll forward it to our correspondent


New Strider


Mick Wrench's wife, Emma, gave birth to their second child on Sunday 7 June, Stanley Edward.  Mick reckons he's got a good pair of legs on him.


Advertisement - Fleet Foxes


These sound like they should be a new brand of running shoes, but in fact are (according to Wikipedia) “a five-piece Seattle-based band whose first album in 2008 received much critical praise and reviewers often noted their use of refined lyrics and vocal harmonies”.  They are in concert at Leeds O2 Academy on Sunday 28 June and the concert is sold out, but I have 2 spare tickets (for upstairs unreserved seating) because a friend would prefer to play golf at Carnoustie rather than watch the Fleet Foxes.  Email me if you are interested - Bob