Sent: 10 July 2009 01:02
Subject: V S Update - Yorks vets thanks, Harewood entry forms, track next week, LCW, GP and fell results, news of Striders afar, and more


Yorkshire Vets Race - Thank You


Geoff Webster emailed "The latest running of the Vets Race at Old Leos was another successful VS promotion. All participants in the race enjoyed running along the rocky Meanwood Trail and the hospitality at the club house. They are already looking forward to next year! Many thanks to all VS marshals, to the race start & finish team, and to the caterers (Tony & Pat). VS also had a few representatives in the race which means that the club will move up the Vets League table. Perhaps we could have some runners at the next race in the series. (look out for information)."


See later in this email for VS runners in the race and next Vets race details.


Harewood 10 mile Entry Forms


Volunteers required to hand out entry forms for the Harewood 10 mile at various local races over the next 12 weeks.


In particular, please would someone be able to hand out forms at Adel for the Eccup 10 this Sunday.  There is a junior race which finishes about 9:50 and the main race finishes about 10:25.  Most of the competitors in the Eccup 10 are likely to be interested in running our race so this is a key marketing opportunity.  We only have 20 entries so far, we desperately need more!


Track session next Tuesday (14 July)


We have a track session next Tuesday at Leeds Met at Headingley but due to the announcement printed below I suggest we meet trackside at the pavilion at 7:10.  I am guessing that this message is saying that our normal meeting place, the Indoor Sports Centre, is closed, but the Outdoor Sports Centre, accessed from the south entrance on St Chad’s Drive, will be open, but with no access for cars.  We will see!  (Please pass this message on to those who don’t regularly pick up their emails)


The Leeds Metropolitan University “Summer Graduations” will be taking place between Monday, 13th July and Friday, 17th July. The Athletic Centre will remain open for use during this period. However, please be advised that there will be no car parking on Campus. Drop offs only will be permitted and can be made at the North Lodge car park. This car park is adjacent to the North Lodge, which is to the right of the new entrance barriers at the entrance gate on Churchwood Avenue. Letters for parents, explaining the car parking situation have been placed on the Reception Desk Counter in order to help you. 

You may wish to use the Beckett Park – public park adjacent to the Campus where Leeds City Council are offering car parking for a small fee. Alternatively you should find a car parking space off Campus.


Valley – Abbey barbecue (Tuesday 25 August)


We are planning to have a barbecue at Leos on Tuesday 25 August and invite our local friends Abbey Runners to join us.  Last year we did the same and we ran a handicap race on the 5¼ mile summer handicap route (Res – Eccup – Emmerdale – Res), in teams of 5, with Abbeys and Valleys in the same team – we had 90 runners – and intend to repeat this.  Put the date in your diaries, more details to follow.


Leeds Country Way (Sunday 6 September)


We have 26 runners so far so just under half way to 5 teams or just over half way to 4 teams.  The race is now only 8 weeks away so we need to settle the teams in the next 2 to 3 weeks because with the August peak holiday period coming up we need plenty of time to organise recce runs.


Please email me with your interest (definite, probable or possible) in the next week.


What’s the Leeds Country Way Relay, some newcomers may be asking.  It’s a 60 mile relay that circles Leeds, starting at Garforth and going round clockwise via Stanley (near Wakefield), Morley, Thornbury, Golden Acre Park, Scarcroft and back to Garforth.  This is 6 legs, average 10 miles, run in pairs, so 12 per team.  We are the only club to have had 4 teams for the last 4 years, and we were 1st women, 3rd men and 2nd vets last year.  NB any speed will do for our “D” and “E” teams.


Grand Prix


Hyde Park 5k – Wednesday 1 July

                                 G.P.pts (so far)

   2  Panos Aristotelous 0:16:13      100  

  10  Gwil Thomas        0:17:28       98  

  13  Jeremy Ladyman     0:18:03       97  

  23  Dan Murray         0:19:14       95  

  27  Joel Giddings      0:20:11       94  

  28  John Wallace       0:20:15       92  

  29  Eric Green         0:20:17       91  

  31  Patrick Barrett    0:20:37       89  

  32  Alistair Smyth     0:20:45       88  

  36  Jonathan Brownbill 0:21:26       86  

  40  Paul Sanderson     0:21:58       85  

  43  Chloe Hudson       0:22:22       83  

  46  Bill Mccaffrey     0:23:00       82  

  75  Anne Mccaffrey     0:29:41       80  


There are two more races at Hyde Park, the first Wednesday in August and the first Wednesday in September.  Grand Prix points are awarded according to the best time in the 3 races.


Club Handicap Trail Race (approx 5¼ miles) – Tuesday 7 July


The highest number of runners for a year turned up on Tuesday evening, fearing the worst after a day of showers, but the weather stayed fine and the route was dry for the most of the way.


Of the 42 runners, 11 had never run in a club race and for some it was their first Tuesday run – John Wallace had been twisting arms of some Thursday runners.


As it was their first handicap, Thea and Julie (JJ) were excluded from winning the cup, and Carole started 10 minutes earlier than her official mark to be navigator for the first group, so the cup was awarded to Eirik.


Thanks to Mike & Eileen for timekeeping, Max for finish numbers, Pat & Joyce for key storage, and John, Laura, Ken, Kathy and Peter for marshalling.


Back at the club, 38 pies and peas and 14 apple pies were enjoyed by runners and officials, and 10 Performance Certificates were presented to successful Striders athletes.


 Race                      Clock    Hand    Run    Grand Prix

  Pos                       Time   -icap    Time      Pts

    1 Thea Thomason        44.00    4.00   40.00       66  new

    2 Julie Cranston       44.38    2.00   42.38       64  new

    3 Carole Schofield     44.55    0.00   44.55       62

    4 Eirik Stangnes       44.57   13.45   31.12       97  awarded cup

    5 Leroy Sutton         46.07   10.00   36.07       76 

    6 Rob Anderson         46.10   10.00   36.10       75  new

    7 Adam Parton          46.14   13.00   33.14       91

    8 Joel Giddings        46.16   13.30   32.46       92

    9 John Wallace         46.18   12.45   33.33       86

   10 Chloe Hudson         46.21    9.00   37.21       70

   11 Nick Barnes          46.22   13.00   33.22       89

   12 Roy Huggins          46.23   10.30   35.53       77  new

   13 Jonathan Brownbill   46.45   11.30   35.15       81

   14 Mark Hunter          46.47   11.45   35.02       83

   15 Nick Wallhead        46.55   10.00   36.55       72  new

   16 Dan Fisher           47.02   17.15   29.47       99

   17 Bill McCaffrey       47.07   10.45   36.22       73

   18 Simon Vallance       47.10   15.30   31.40       95

   19 Ian Sanderson        47.13   14.30   32.43       93

   20 Simon Redshaw        47.16   12.30   34.46       85

   21 Jerry Watson         47.21   16.45   30.36       98

   22 Gwil Thomas          47.22   18.00   29.22      100

   23 Dan Murray           47.25   15.15   32.10       94

   24 Paul Sanderson       47.29   10.30   36.59       71

   25 Mike Brown           47.38    5.00   42.38       64

   26 Gary Mann            47.49   12.15   35.34       78

   27 Mark Johnston        47.57   16.30   31.27       96  new

   28 Ruth Warren          47.59   10.30   37.29       69  new

   29 Ian Rosser           48.00   14.45   33.15       90

   30 Hazel Adams          48.01    2.00   46.01       61  new

   31 Tom Ridgway          48.10    9.00   39.10       67

   32 Lewis Balfour        48.11   13.00   35.11       82

   33 David Bass           48.46   13.30   35.16       80

   34 Patrick Barrett      48.53   13.30   35.23       79

   35 Andy Thorpe          48.55   14.00   34.55       84

   36 Meryl Cripps         49.49    0.00   49.49       60  new

   37 Rob Hamilton         49.57   16.30   33.27       88  new

   38 Aled Greenhalgh      49.58   16.30   33.28       87  new

   39 Paul White           50.13   11.15   38.58       68

   40 Bob Jackson          50.33   14.15   36.18       74

   41 Louise Allinson      50.40   10.15   40.25       65

   42 Anne McCaffrey       51.22    0.00   51.22       59


Remaining Races


·         Sun 12 Jul - Eccup 10   (9:30 start)

·         Sun 2 Aug - Round Hill fell race (also in Striders Fell Championship)

·         Wed 5 Aug – Hyde Park 5k race 2 (best time in series to count)

·         Wed 2 Sep – Hyde Park 5k race 3 (best time in series to count)

·         Wed 2 Sep - Ilkley Incline 1 mile

·         Sun 13 Sep - Yorkshireman marathon (also in Striders Fell Championship)

·         Tue 22 Sep – Valley Striders Autumn Handicap (provisional date)

·         Sat or Sun 10/11 Oct - West Yorks XC race 1

·         Sat ?? Nov - Burley Bridge Hike

·         ?? Nov - West Yorks XC race 3

·         Sun 22 Nov - Abbey Dash 10k

·         Sun 29 Nov - Thirsk 10

·         Fri 26 Dec 2008 to 30 Nov 2009 - Any other marathon


Fell Racing (from Anthony Fryer)


VS Fell Champs

With 4 races to go in the Fell Championship, things could be close at the top. Mick Loftus is leading the way but there are still a few Striders that can catch him. So with 4 races left the men’s champs is still there wide open. It is looking ever more likely that this could go down to the final race!

Two turned up for Tom Tittiman, Steve Webb came home in 8th place and Xanthe was 5th Lady.

mens winner = James Logue 27.02  Steve Webb = 30.43 (8th)
Womens winner = Anne Johnson 32.52  Xanthe Hannah = 39.41 (5th Lady)
Adjustment factor = 1

Currently no-one has qualified in the ladies, but there is time yet. Sara and Xanthe have been the most prolific this year however both need a long race to qualify.

Remaining Fell Champ Races

Sun 19 Jul - Oldfield Gala, nr Keighley (CS) 5.5m 550'
Sun 2 Aug - Round Hill, Timble, nr Otley (CM) 9.0m 1100' (also in VS Grand Prix)
Sun 16 Aug - Sedbergh Hills (AL) 14.0m 6000'
Sun 13 Sep - Yorkshireman marathon (CL) 26.0m (also in VS Grand Prix)

Other Recent Results

Duddon Valley Fell Race - Rob Bumstead 108th out of 208
Buckden Pike - Andrew Cutts 66th out of 110
Abbey Fell Race - 2nd Anthony Fryer, 4th Eirik Stangnes 41 finishers
Reservoir Bogs - 10th Anthony Fryer, 67 finishers.
Beamsley Beacon - 17th Anthony Fryer, 63rd  Malcolm Coles 89 finishers

Other Upcoming Race

Saturday 18th July - The Moors the Merrier LDWA 21 and 26 ml

NB for Anthony’s race reports see Anthony’s blog


Vets Race


Selected results      



  1 Jacqui Dews         F35 Holmfirth        34.08 100

 56 Hazel Maddocks      F45 Eccleshill       57.02  45


  1 James  Kovacs       M35 Pudsey Pacers    27.05 200

 27 Simon Vallance      M40 Valley Striders  31.18 174

 46 Joel Kiddings       M35 Valley Striders  33.29 155

 60 Alistair Smyth      M50 Valley Striders  35.17 141

 62 Patrick Barratt     M50 Valley Striders  35.47 139

 67 Malcolm Coles       M65 Valley Striders  36.01 134

 71 Alan Hutchinson     M60 Valley Striders  36.34 130

113 Arthur James        M70 Eccleshill       58.40  88


    Tim Midgley       guest Bingley Harriers 26.24


Next vets race is on Wed 29 July at 7.30 at Knavesmire.  Further details of this race and other dates in the series


Bradford Millennium Way Results

We just had one team this year and, taking advantage of the fact that the vet age-group started at 35, we managed to put out a team with average age 42.


We finished 14th of the 43 teams and second vets team 25 minutes behind Keighley & Craven.  K & C were well off our 2006 vets record of 6:18.


Men’s winners were Pudsey & Bramley, ladies winners were Keighley & Craven, mixed winners were Accrington.


As you’ll see from the results below, race positions changed little after the first leg, but our stars of the day were Jim and Kevin, recording the 6th fastest time of the day on their leg.


Leg                                Leg         End of leg

                                 Pos   Time    Pos   Time

 1 Rob Bumstead & Tom Button      15  1:31:42   15  1:31:42

 2 Bob Jackson & Ian Sanderson    18  1:30:52   17  3:02:34

 3 Jim Clay & Kevin McMullan       6  1:00:05   14  4:02:39

 4 Eirik Stangnes & John Wallace  22  1:26:26   13  5:29:05

 5 Joel Giddings & Tim Towler     23  1:34:50   14  7:03:55


Danefield Relay


A shortage of Striders here due to conflicting priorities with the Hyde Park 5k, but Striders were represented as one-third of two teams and two second-claim Striders as two-thirds of another.  Before I confuse myself even further, here are the relevant results


14th The Good the Bad and the Ugly

     Gill Myers      22:28  (cousin of VS)

     Jerry Watson    21:24  (VS)

     Oliver Watson   23:09  (son of VS)

28th The Has beens

     Nick Pearce     22:08

     Morgan Williams 27:04

     Malcolm Coles   24:48  (VS)

42nd Ilkley mixed old uns

     Lyn Eden        34:46  (VS 2nd claim)

     Sue Morley      27:13

     Jim Towers      24:59  (VS 2nd claim)

Race winners were Pudsey & Bramley and there were 43 teams.

Hyde Park Parkrun – win for Elika


In the last 10 weeks we’ve averaged 4 runners at each Parkrun,


A couple of weeks ago Elika was first woman in 20:08.  And last week Gwil Thomas took 2nd place in 17:25, only 6 seconds behind the winner.  Also recently Dan Fisher has had a 2nd place (17:42) and a 3rd place (17:32).


Paul Holloway has run many times in Leeds, but two weeks ago went to the new event at Heaton Park, Manchester.


For details of Parkrun, go to   (don’t bother to click if you can’t get up for 9a.m. on a Saturday!)


Apperley Bridge Canter


Here’s a result I missed from May, including prizes for our two women


 11 Robert Bumstead    0:40:17          

 18 Dan Murray         0:41:17                

 19 Brian Hanley       0:41:24               

 21 Alastair Kennis    0:41:37    

 23 Jane Halloran      0:42:09 2nd F and 2nd F35

 26 Catherine Farrow   0:42:25 4th F and 3rd F35

 88 Mick Tinker        0:48:05          


Osmotherly Phoenix (from Caz Farrow)


Osmotherly Phoenix, Osmotherly, N. Yorks Moors. Sat July 4th.


I'm hoping this will arouse enough interest to get a posse there next year - there is beer for those that want, cake a-plenty and last but very definitely not least Joyce ('the voice') and Peter Lambert on support).


For the more serious runner there is a range of distances-17mile, 26 mile & 33miles, all off-road following the Cleveland Way initially and then over the moors. All very runnable, with regular checkpoints laden with drinks/snacks. As you can imagine it was pretty warm on Saturday but only one of the 450 runners ended up in hospital with heatstroke! The finish is back in Osmotherly and is on the same day as the 'Osmotherly Summer Games' including welly tossing, splat the rat & drinking a yard of ale.


I was first lady in the 'shorter' 26 mile route and in usual fashion got a little lost as I didn't know the route, but equalled the course record. I'm sorry I spent quite as much time at each checkpoint eating cake now!


Maria Dixon


I am still running & racing fairly regularly - I've got a 12hr running / biking / climbing race coming up this weekend, and (unbelievably) I won my first ever race last week - I was first female in a MTB orienteering race in Eccup (I think I won by default though, as not many women entered!). I also did the Mallerstang Yomp a few weeks ago, although I didn't really 'race' it as I was doing it for training with someone who was slower than me (they do exist, honest!). I'm planning to go back & do it on my own next year, as I reckon I could have knocked at least an hour off my time. It was a good course as well, with really fantastic views.


Races in NZ?


Gary (Nobby) Mann emailed – “has any Valley Strider done a half marathon in New Zealand? I am going there in a few weeks. There is one in Taupo, August 2 I am considering”. Please reply to


News from Striders afar


From Mike O’Callaghan in Australia

I now live on the Gold Coast in Australia a short distance from Surfers Paradise. I'm in the process of opening a large cycle retail outlet that is part of a major franchise chain here (Bike Force) and will be specialising in the top range cycles. As you know I am an avid cyclist and train most days and love it. I can't run any more as joints worn out after so many miles running, however I really enjoy the discipline of training and get as much out of this as I did with running and taking into account my years (nearly 50 now) I am as fit as I ever was when running and regularly stuff the younger lads here.
Gold Coast marathon this weekend with 23,000 runners. So many folk here into sport and everyone rises early to do it. I went training with a group this week and set off before 5. Just need to get to bed early which here seems natural.

All the best.


From Kates Ford in London


By way of brief update, I'm already planning my return to Yorkshire.  It may take a little time but it's a case of waiting for the right job opportunity.  In the meantime, I've been running with the Serpentines and a few other Hyde Park/ Regents Park running groups on a very ad hoc basis. 


Unfortunately, though, I've had some hairline fractures to deal with in the last nine months.  Undeterred, the last of the casts is now off and I'm taking my first tentative strides again.  I'm back to square one in terms of fitness but I'm absolutely determined to see what I can do in three months when I'd like to pin a number to my Striders vest and take my place on the starting line.


I hope all's well with you & I will keep an eye out for marshalling requests as I'll be spending more weekends in Yorkshire again from now.


From Lisa Wilyman in Manchester


I just wanted to say a big hello and to thank you for keeping me updated on all Valley Striders achievements over the past few years!  I look forward to reading your e-mails and well done to everyone. 


I'm having a break from running at the moment as I'm actually 8 months pregnant, due to give birth on 7th August!!  Jonny and I are very excited but we're breaking the news to Milo gently, him having been my baby for 10 years!  We're also in the process of moving back to my house in Horsforth so hopefully in a few months when we've adjusted to everything I might be able to make it to a few sessions (and I'll need to do something to get rid of my jelly belly!)  All the scans have said we're having a boy and judging by his antics in my tummy he's already been for a few runs!

Hope to see you soon