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Subject: V S Update - Lasagne, Barbecue, Leeds Country Way, Events, Fell Running, Road Relays, Results, German triathlon


Lasagne – Tuesday 4 August


Next Tuesday is the first Tuesday of the month so it must be pie and peas, except that it isn’t, it’s lasagne!!


Meat and vegetarian versions available (each £3).  Also optional apple pie with ice cream (£1.50).  Book by email by Sunday 2 August 10pm, or text (not voicemail) to 0777 5898 558 by Monday 3 August 10am (note earlier cut-off because of time for Tony to prepare)


Abbey Valley Handicap and Barbecue – Tuesday 25 August


Last year there were 90 runners taking part, approximately equal numbers from Abbey Runners and Valley Striders.  There were 5 runners in each team, most teams were 3 Abbeys and 2 Valleys or vice versa.  The route was the 5¼ mile route to Emmerdale and round Eccup Reservoir that we used for our Summer Handicap a few weeks ago.  There was a scoring system and there were some winners but more importantly everyone enjoyed the barbecue back at Leos.


We’re repeating this on Tuesday 25 August.  If you are going to run and/or you want food at the barbecue, you will need to book by Thursday 20 August.  The early notice is required so we can arrange teams and Tony can buy food.  Cost of the barbecue is £6.50.  There will be a veggie version but this must be selected in advance! 


Book by email, saying whether or not you are running and whether or not you are eating (if eating, also state carnivore or vegetarian).


Leeds Country Way – Sunday 6 September


We now have 40 names so we’re well on the way to the 4 teams.  We need at least 12 more to have a sufficient supply of reserves.


So, now’s your final chance to come forward.  Teams will be selected on Tuesday 4 August.


- If you’re going to be a men’s A team runner or women’s A team runner, we need to know now.  It would be unfair to select someone for the A team and then for you to come along and push them out of their place.


- Similarly you “fast” vets, let me know now if you’re going to be available.


- And if you’re shy, now’s the time to put your name forward as a reserve.  Even though you might not be running you could get involved in one of the recce runs and see what it’s about … then when you get the phone call at 5pm on Saturday 5 September it won’t be a surprise.


Blimey, Alex Ferguson never has these problems.  But there again, he and his players get paid more money in a week than I get in a year!


Last year we were 1st ladies, 2nd vets, 3rd men.  Also we are the only club to have had 4 teams for the last 4 years.  Please sign up for Striders biggest team event of the year.


Please note that details of lasagne orders, Abbey Valley barbecue orders and Leeds Country Way teams are on the website at


Events Diary


It’s the Round Hill fell race this Sunday.  It’s a joker round, you get Grand Prix points AND Fell Championship points.  Start time 11am, registration at Timble village hall just off the “main” road from Otley to Blubberhouses.  Gently undulating, nothing severe, likely to be quite damp, so don’t wear your best road shoes, Ruth!  Note that the race start is about ¾ mile from the village hall so allow a few extra minutes, Steve!


Here are some dates for the next 10 weeks.  More events are on .  Let me know if you know of good local events not on my list.

Fell Race Report - from Anthony Fryer

Can't make the next race at Round Hill as doing Borrowdale the day before and Eirik is going to be there too for his first Lakes race! Should be fun and hoping to get some hill legs before Sedbergh.

Oldfeld Fell race this weekend gone and 4 striders made it out for the Race. Steve taking the most points for the males and Caz being the only female out there. Tony Haygarth in his first race of the year took the V60 prize.  Great to see that Caz is running on the fells again!  

Its looks like the champs could have the largest finishing contingent for some time amongst the males of the club. Maybe there should be a 2nd and 3rd place? Or open and Vets? Who else wants to fight it out for Geoff’s Tiger Balm collection?

Steve is right up there now in 2nd. Not far behind Mick. I have pretty much written off my chances after a shocking display at Wasdale reminding me how unfit I am over distance coming in over an hour slower than last year, but all that could change. 

In the womens, no-one has yet to qualify although Xanthe and Sara only need one more to do so, and there is still the possibility of Caz and Jane to still qualify.

Next race is Round Hill on the 2nd August.   A chance to get some grand prix points as well as fell points. There are still a few people that need a medium race to qualify and this is a nice easy one if the weather has been nice. If not then expect a few boggy bits.

Seems a few people might be doing Sedbergh (23 August), so does anyone fancy sorting out some car sharing? Email me at if you need a lift or are willing to drive? It is the furthest of the champ races but is a great race so well worth the journey.


Northern 6 stage – from Jerry Watson


I spend a fair bit of time at the Carnegie track nowadays and heard that the above two relays are to be held on the Leeds Met campus there, traffic free, on Sat Sept 26th. Changeover will be on the track, men will be doing 2 laps for a total of around 5k. I'm not sure of the plans for the ladies course yet.  


I know the men haven't done it in my time (and I'm not eligible for Valley anyway) but the ladies certainly did it when it was held in Middleton Park some years back (think Kathy Kaiser and Madeleine were running then).  Anyway, as it’s even more local this year is there a chance of getting teams out?


Depending on the individuals in the team, the ladies could surprise a few of the big clubs.




Golden Acre Relay


 11 Striders from Mars  51.37

      Jeremy Ladyman    16.08 

      Hayley Nancolas   18:25 

      Graham Needham    17.04 


 12 Real Ale Drinkers   52.32

      Eirik Stangnes    16.59 

      Matt Allen        16.38

      John Wallace      18.55


 16 Team EDG            53.30

      Dan Murray        18.03

      Greg Skerrett     18.28

      Elika Tasker      16.59


 41 LMS (VS)            63.29

      Hazel Adams       24.25  

      Rob Anderson      18.58 

      Rob Hamilton      20.06


 50 Striders Outsiders  73.06

      Lucy Carey        26.06 

      Jake Towler       27.52 

      Tim Towler        19.12


 52 Nearly Theres       75.06 

      Carole Towler     23.42

      And 2 friends


Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon


 44 Eric Green          92:14


Burton Leonard 10k


This is the last-but-one race in the Black Sheep series.  Ruth is well clear in her age group and 8th woman overall with just the Wetherby 10k to run.


 42 Eric Green          45:16

 77 Ruth Warren         48:17


Parkrun 94  5k                         


Congratulations to Gwil who recorded his second win in as many weeks!


  1 Gwil Thomas         17:16

  9 James Tarran        19:17

 10 Joel Giddings       19:23

 15 Ian Rosser          19:35


Rombalds Romp


There were just over 150 runners for the final race in Abbey’s 25 year celebrations.  This was such a success that they may repeat it next year.


 16 Eirik Stangnes      51:45

 20 Rob Bumstead        53:27

 35 Caz Farrow          55:44  1st F35

 38 Tahir Akhtar        56:49

 51 Rob Anderson        58:52 (first race as a Strider)

 67 Alistair Smyth      61:01

 77 Ruth Warren         62:50  2nd F45

 97 Sue Sunderland      67:29

135 Hazel Adams         81:09 (first race as a Strider)


Moonraker 10k


166 Lou Gilchrist       53:29


Harrogate 10k


 25 Kevin McMullan      36:33 (3rd M40 probably no prize)

 62 Jane Halloran       39:39 (3rd F35 probably no prize)

 71 Alison Bogie        40:07 (Chapel A)

267 Louise Allinson     48:17

509 Meryll Cripps       59:13 (first race as a Strider)

530 Lorraine Daniels    61:09 (first race as a Strider)

606 ran


Pudsey 10k Multi Terrain 


 13 Dan Fisher          38:59

 66 Eric Green          46:00

 83 Mark Hunter         47:09

157 Mick Tinker         51:27

158 Nick Wallhead       51:30  (first race as a Strider)


The Challenge Roth Triathlon - from Ingo Zoller


Some might remember that I took up triathlon a few years ago. Now a clubmate nagged me for almost a whole year to enter the challenge Roth 2009. Rumours had it that this year should be his final year with long distance triathlon races, and he wanted to celebrate this at one of the world’s biggest triathlon festivals. OK, so when entries for 2009 opened in July 2008 I probably made the critical mistake, and sent in my entry for 2009.

What followed was a long winter with lots of rain, ice, indoor training, long bike rides in persistent rain, lots of wet and mucky running and cycling gear, lots of hours in the swimming pool. In May then finally the triathlon season started with a good performance at the Gemünden triathlon (1000m swim, 36.5km cycle ride, 10km run), followed in June by Moret (2.1km swim, 83km cycle, 20km run) and Erding (1.5km swim, 48.5km cycle, 10km run). Both 10k's were finished in 40min, the 20k inside 90min.


So it looked as if preparation and pacing went quite well for the big day. I expected to be on the bike there after about 1 hour 15 min, then ride for 5hours and 15 or 30 min, and then to keep running for 3 hours 45 min or 4 hours, with a final time between 10 hours 15 (best case) and 10 hours 45 (more realistic).

Finally the big day arrived. Leaving home early on Saturday morning I spent about 3 hours on the motorway to get to Roth, got the starting numbers, timing chip and all the other stuff. Then over to the swim start and transition zone 1 to check in the bike. The running kit needed to be checked in as well, afterwards I had enough time to check out the bike course (by car - my bike was checked in already, and it would not make sense to do a 50 mile bike ride on the afternoon before the big day).


The next morning my alarm clock went off at 3 a.m. (you would think I am crazy - I would do so, too!), and after a short breakfast I got ready to go to the starting area. Arriving a bit early, seeing all the professionals arrive, a final bike check, depositing the transition bag (including bike kit, shoes and so), then watching the start of the first wave at 6:20. It was just amazing! And now I had to prepare for my start at 07:10. This meant getting into the wetsuit, handing in the kit for the finish area, visiting the dixi (not only once or twice - three times out of sheer tension and pre-race nervosity!), then entering the starting zone in the moment the first professionals got out of water.


As soon as I had reached the starting line the gun went off, and the calm water changed into a white-water zone. Nevertheless - the swim course was easy: 1500m straight forward, then U-turn left, and straight for 1900m on the other side of the canal. Another U-turn, and then the final 400m to the transition zone. Not much chance of getting lost here, is there?

Well, I got out of the water much quicker than expected, somehow it just went well (1h and 5min). Also the transition onto the bike went without problems (4.5 minutes, partly due to difficulties getting out of my low-budget wetsuit), picking up a banana on the way, and then just head down and ride... The course was fast, undulating, but no real difficulties. Three climbs on each of the two laps where it made sense to get out of aero position, but for most of the whole rest it was possible to remain in low-flying time-trial position. With all the corners clearly marked the only difficulties were ensuring that you eat and drink enough to keep hydrated and fuelled for the following run and of course taking care that you either passed the competitor in front of you quickly or kept far enough away to keep out of his slipstream. So it was a nice, easy 180km (112miles!) time trial (easy? Honestly, it was fast, but the legs found it quite easy compared with what was to follow!), and I got off the bike after only 5h and 7min (averaging almost 22miles/hour!).

The second transition went even better than the first one, leaving the transition zone after less than 2 minutes, and realizing I was still wearing my bike top over the trisuit. So I left the bike top at the first drink station, and then kept running, checking my running speed every kilometer (too fast - too fast again) and trying to slow down. The pace would have been right for a short 10 or 20km run, but not really for a marathon! Finally it happened as expected, I was slowing down more than just a bit, the legs were getting heavy and heavier, as everyone experienced who ever started a marathon far too fast. But by then I was already on the second half, and my watch told me that it would be impossible to finish outside the 10 hour mark! A time I thought impossible at the start, and even now I could not believe what my watch kept telling. So I kept running, ignored what my legs told me (stop! stop! enough! we do not want anymore!), kept running, checking the time, running, enjoying the crowds along the route, and at some point realized: that would be a finishing time of below 9 hours 50 min! IMPOSSIBLE!

Approaching the finish, entering the arena, final bend on the track, and - the video showed clearly that I looked on my watch in disbelief for several seconds before celebrating - crossed the finish line after only 3 hours and 27 min after starting the run. Total time: 9 hours 46 min and 38 seconds, position 271 out of approx 2500 finishers, and 71st in my age group (out of 458).

Regarding the top British competitors: Chrissie Wellington recorded a phantastic world best time of 8 hours 31 min and 59 seconds, Graeme Stewart finished in 8:23:39, and fastest competitors from Leeds were Helen MacVicker (11:09:16) and Nick Burdon (11:31:59).

Next important race planned: WRMA long distance mountain running championship in October...

Best regards from the continent,  Ingo