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For those of you who’ve been away, just got back into work and realised that today (Tuesday) is the first Tuesday of the month, good news, there should be some spare lasagnes so please ask before the training session tonight!




Touch wood, we have 4 teams and everyone knows the way!


Full teams and estimated start times will be sent to all runners late Tuesday evening.  If you don’t receive the email by Wednesday, let me know!


Who’s got the Ladies Winners Trophy and the Mens Runners Up Trophy from last year?


Abbey Valley


Thanks to everyone who helped at the race and also to Dan and Becky collecting money for the bbq


We had 76 runners and 72 eaters. Full results (of the running) at


Website (1)


Just got Firefox installed on my PC – it runs quite a but faster than Internet Explorer – but then noticed that some of the pages didn’t look correct and some of the links didn’t work, especially on the main Striders page (Paul Hunter mentioned this a couple of weeks ago but I couldn’t understand why).  Anyway, a few minor changes and everything looks good to me.  I’ve also tidied the front page to make it mobile-friendly and also included details of the next few training sessions. But if you spot any pages not looking right or links not working, please let me know.


Website (2)


The website is now up to date with Club Championship, Fell Championship and Performance Certificates.  Have a look to see how you’re getting on! 


In the Club Championship, 21 runners have already run 8 races and so qualify for a 2009 Grand Prix T-shirt.  But there are still 8 races to go, so in theory, everyone could still qualify!


In the Fell Championship, 10 runners have already run 4 races (including at least 1 long, 1 medium, 1 short) and so qualify.  The last race is the Yorkshireman Marathon.


In the Performance Awards, all results to 15 August are now listed.  Since the scheme began in January 2007, 107certificates have been earned – some have not yet been presented.


More Diary Dates (from Anthony Fryer)


Apologies to Anthony, I missed these from the recent “Events” update


Sun 13 Sep. Yorkshireman Off Road Marathon and Half Marathon (R) BL. 10.30  from Haworth Website: Full marathon is final race in the Valley Striders Fell Champs

Sat 19 Sep. Three Shires (R). 11.00 a.m. Langdale Website:

Sat 19 Sep. Good Shepherd Classic Fell Race, Mytholmroyd, Website:

Sun 20 Sep. Dark and White Adventure Race. 4 hours mountain biking, trail running and orienteering. Loads of prizes from Up and Running and Buff

Sat/Sun 26/27 Sep. Rab Mountain Marathon 2 day mountain marathon in Northern England

Sat 3 Oct. Grin & Bear It 25 or 15 mile options

Sat/Sun 24/25 Oct. OMM 2009 2 day mountain marathon. 3 Striders entered into elite. Only entries left in elite

Sat 31 Oct. Great Whernside race - Yorkshire Championship Race

Sun 1 Nov. Open 5 Adventure race round 1 of 4 (best 3 to count) 5 hours of mountain biking, trail running and orienteering in a score event format

Sun 1 Nov. Rab mini mountain marathon league round 1 of 3 (best 2 to count) 3 hrs of fell running/navigation in a score event format.


Sat 7th Nov. Shepherds Skyline 'BM' 6.25 miles 1150ft

Sat 21 Nov. Tour Of Pendle. 16.8m 4830ft

Sun 22 Nov. Rivock Edge AM 6.2m/1600′

News from England Athletics (passed on by Sylvia Watson)


Run in England Launched


We are delighted to announce the launch of Run in England . This is a nationwide initiative to get more people of all abilities out running and into our sport. For clubs this is a chance to grow and build membership. For more details see


A Run In England Facebook group is available at


Alongside the launch of Run In England a new Leadership in Running Fitness course has been created that offers a great opportunity for people to train to lead a running group. Details are available at


Latest news


For more of the latest news and information from England Athletics see


You can also join our Facebook group to view and comment on news headlines at  


Road running events


For a full race diary of licensed events go to




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As an affiliated UKA member, you benefit from a 20% discount on all Lucozade Sport products. Simply click on your home nation link below or visit   and enter your home nation discount code.


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Grand Prix Race Results


Round Hill


See fell section below which shows GP and FC points


Hyde Park (after 2 races)         

                                        Race 1      Race 2 

                       Best     Pts   Pos   Time  Pos   Time

Panos Aristotelous 0:16:13      100    2  16.13    0   0.00

Gwil Thomas        0:16:52       99   10  17.28    4  16.52

Simon Midwood      0:16:59       98    0   0.00    6  16.59

Dan Fisher         0:17:28       97    0   0.00    9  17.28

Kevin Mcmullan     0:17:35       96    0   0.00   11  17.35

Steve Webb         0:17:48       94    0   0.00   12  17.48

Jeremy Ladyman     0:18:03       93   13  18.03    0   0.00

Dan Murray         0:18:39       92   23  19.14   24  18.39

Joel Giddings      0:19:09       91   27  20.11   26  19.09

Nick Barnes        0:19:40       90    0   0.00   33  19.40

John Wallace       0:19:57       89   28  20.15   38  19.57

Alistair Smyth     0:20:05       88   32  20.45   39  20.05

Eric Green         0:20:10       87   29  20.17   40  20.10

Patrick Barrett    0:20:37       86   31  20.37    0   0.00

Paul Sanderson     0:20:52       84   40  21.58   46  20.52

Jonathan Brownbill 0:21:26       83   36  21.26    0   0.00

Bill McCaffrey     0:21:30       82   46  23.00   54  21.30

Chloe Hudson       0:22:22       81   43  22.22   63  22.58

Anne McCaffrey     0:29:41       80   75  29.41   92  29.45


Latest GP table at


Fell Race Reports (from Anthony Fryer)


Wasdale Fell Race

I did the Wasdale Fell race first weekend of July. It was a British championship race so a large field for the race. Got to admit I have never ever found something so hard in my life. This despite having done the race last year. Final result 6hrs and bit more. Over 1 hour slower than previous years. Full report here

Holme Moss

Two striders turned up for Holme Moss. Geoff and Malcom Coles choosing to show the rest how it’s done on the longer stuff. Coming in as 2nd and 3rd V65. Shame there weren't any others there. I know my excuse was pretty lame. Would be a great one for the championship next year?


A huge Strider turn out for a race in Cumbria! 3 striders in Eirik, Steven Dixon and myself turned up for this classic race. 17 miles and 6500ft of bog, rock and scree. Eirik in his first Lakes race set the early pace up to Great Gable. I took over the lead down to Honister, directing him on all the nice lines and trods. Trying to move as quickly as I can so I can drop all the other followers in the clag. I came home in 95th in a time of 4.06 whilst Eirik came home 114th in 4.13. Stephen Dixon did great to keep going, miss the cut off and come home in 5.43 in 298th out of 301 finishers.

Round Hill

A huge Strider turn out of 14 at Round hill on what was meant to be a record turn out for the race. I am sure it was all for the fell champs and not the enticement of grand prix points on offer.

There are some noticable results there! Steve Webb was first Strider in 7th place. Matt getting some good grand prix and fell points I did hear him mentioning the points meant nothing. It was all about beating Eirik (or something along those lines?)

Eirik managing the major fell double of Borrowdale followed by Round Hill! A real man! Something we should all think about next time we don't want to go for a run "what would Eirik do?" before deciding to get another beer (like Eirik would do)


                                  Fell G.Prix

                                   Pts  Pts

    7 Steve Webb         1:02:00  80.3  100

   15 Matt Allen         1:05:40  75.8   99

   23 Graham Needham     1:08:22  72.8   97

   24 Eirik Stangnes     1:08:31  72.7   96

   27 Joel Giddings      1:08:55  72.2   94

   55 Catherine Farrow   1:14:48  80.5   93

   59 Simon Redshaw      1:15:10  66.2   91

   70 Nick Barnes        1:17:06  64.6   90

   73 John Wallace       1:17:54  63.9   89

   97 Bob Jackson        1:21:25  61.1   87

   98 Xanthe Hannah      1:21:51  73.5   86

  105 Liz Wood           1:22:37  72.9   84

  110 Ruth Warren        1:23:50  71.8   83

  131 Malcolm Coles      1:33:14  53.4   81

  136 Bob Wilkes         1:35:31  52.1   80

Widdop fell race

  1 Steven McDermott  Keighley & Crav  M    0:51:46
 99 Malcolm Coles     Valley Striders  V60  1:13:38
125 finishers

Sedbergh Hills

5 Striders made their way up for the penultimate race to the fell champs. Matt Allen, Steve Dixon, Simon Redshaw, Rob Bumstead and myself went up despite the terrible weather forecast. Low cloud, wind and rain was pretty much the experience all the way round. I felt it perfect running conditions, others disagreed. Full results

  1 Rick Stuart      Kendal AC        M40 2.21.03 
 29 Anthony Fryer    Valley Striders      2.45.55   93.7
 38 Matthew Allen    Valley Striders      2.55.20   88.7
 68 Robert Bumstead  Valley Striders  M40 3.07.41   82.9
 96 Simon Redshaw    Valley Striders      3.29.21   74.3
108 Stephen Dixon    Valley Striders  M50 3.40.58   70.4

Everyone felt that they had a better race than they thought they would. Matt Impressivly got under 3 hours. Steve had a great run after his long day out at Borrowdale and Rob was seen grinning from ear to ear, leaning on a pram for support, whilst muttering about how unfit he now was. I managed to beat my previous time by 40 minutes!

This means loads of changes in the mens fell champs.

Here’s my report

Howgills 1500ft traverse

The following day, a friend and I did a traverse of all the 1500ft hills in the Howgills. With sore legs we were not going to break any records but we did have a good day exploring some of the lesser known or visited tops in the area. Total for the day of 28 miles and 11500ft. Total for two days are 42 miles and nearly 17500ft of ascent (which is co-incidentally the level above sea that Everest base camp is).

Report and route map

Open Adventure Racing (from Anthony Fryer)

Maria Dixon has been getting into adventure racing in a big way! She did a non stop 12 hour adventure race at the last weekend of June. Entering the mixed pairs and coming in 19th out of 21 pairs. Well done Maria for taking part and finishing! they are gruelling events.

Not content with that, she has also just finished the Open 24. Which is 24 hours non stop trail running, biking, kayaking, orienteering and anything else they fancy. She came home 2nd in the female pairs. Beaten only by two excellent runners from Calder Valley Fell Runners.

If you want to find out more about the race here is the race report

New 5 hour adventure race series opens in Autumn if you have a bike and fancy something different. or there is a 4 hour adventure race on in September.


The Treadmill Trot


Message from Jill Stocks, Kirkstall Harriers

The Third Annual Treadmill Trot takes place in Leeds City Station on Tuesday October 6th between 7am and 7pm, raising money for Cancer Research UK and Sue Ryder Care Wheatfields.

All you have to do is run/walk on a treadmill or cycle on a stationary bike for 30 mins and raise a minimum of £10.

I myself have put myself down for a half hour slot at rush hour to give the public the maximum humour value for their money.

If you would like to take part please email
Feel free to wear your club vests when taking part to advertise your clubs.