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Subject: V S Update - Last chance to enter, XC dates, Marathon and other results and reports, and more


Last Chance to Enter


West Yorks Cross Country – I need to post the entries on Friday afternoon so get your names to me by Friday lunchtime (email or text 0777 5898 558) if you want to be in the first race.  If you can’t run the first race, the closing date for entries for the second race will be about 15 October.


Yorkshire Vets Relays – these are at Ilkley on Sunday 27 September.  A team is four runners for the M35-39 and M40-49 age groups and three runners for M50-59, M60-69 and M70+.  So far we have four.  That’s runners, not teams.  We have two M40’s and two M50’s so they can be a M40 team.  But if we had two more M40’s and one more M50, then we’d have an M40 team and an M50 team.  Closing date is this Sunday so let me know by email or text, and I’ll make up what teams I can from the names I get.


Club Handicap –  next Tuesday, 22 September.  You don’t need to enter in advance but if you want food, you do need to book in advance.  Choose meat pie or veg. bake, mushy peas or baked beans, apple pie (optional).  Book by email by Sunday 10pm or by text 0777 5898 558 by Monday 2pm.  Please meet by the Res at 6:45 PROMPT.  First runner will start shortly before 7pm.




Harewood Marshals


There were about 30 Striders on tonight’s recce run, and seven of them volunteered for marshalling on 4 October, this makes 45 so just 25 more needed now.  We are raising money for Lineham Farm and Yorkshire Air Ambulance.  A well-marshalled event will bring runners back next year.  Please help if you can and email me as soon as possible so that I can set up the list of who’s doing what.    List of marshals and requested positions at


Best wishes to…


Chloe and Jeremy, getting married this Friday in Lytham St.Annes. 


Autumn/Winter Cross Country Dates


Here’s a full list of events for which Striders are eligible (although you have to be over 35 to run the Yorkshire vets). 


Sun 11 Oct WYXC at Halifax

Sun  1 Nov WYXC at Adel Leeds

Sun  8 Nov PECO provisional

Sat 21 Nov WYXC at Wakefield

Sat/Sun 5/6 Dec WYXC

Sun 13 or 20 Dec PECO provisional

Sat  9 Jan Yorks XC probable date

Sun 10 Jan PECO provisional

Sat 23 Jan Northern XC at Witton Park, Blackburn

Sun  7 Feb PECO provisional

Sat 13 or 20 Feb YVXC provisional

Sat 27 Feb Nat XC at Leeds

Sun  7 Mar PECO provisional


One event missing is the National XC Relays; I’ll try and find out when they’re on.


Harlow Carr 5k Scramble


I think it was nearer 4½k as the 15 year old winner took 15:48 to run the undulating off-road route.  There were 105 runners.


Valley Striders provided the timing, recording, and results service.  Thanks to Ian Sanderson, Sara Goward, Lucy Carey, Ed Carey, Niamh Carey, Steve Cripps, Peter Lambert and Joyce Lambert.


Marathons and other Results


Fleetwood marathon


Panos won the race!!  See Jeremy’s report below


   1 Panos Aristotelous  2:38:02  

   5 Gwil Thomas         2:51:27  

  10 Jeremy Ladyman      3:03:38  

  14 Eric Green          3:07:08  

 115 Chloe Hudson        4:34:26  


Medoc marathon


2961 Rachael Nevins      5:18:14

7557 ran


Nottingham marathon


 850 Kirsty Everett      4:19:06


Yorkshireman off-road marathon (Grand Prix & Fell Championship)


                                  GP Pts

   13 Mick Loftus        3:46:19     100

   25 Joel Giddings      4:00:32      98

   27 Ian Sanderson      4:03:01      95

   45 Simon Redshaw      4:21:31      93

   61 Aled Greenhalgh    4:36:50      90

   62 Nick Barnes        4:40:34      88

   63 John Wallace       4:41:02      85

   89 Geoff Webster      5:06:03      83

  114 Sara Dyer          5:51:03      80


We’ll have the Fell Championship final table for you very soon.


Yorkshireman off-road half marathon


 121 Sharon Tansley      2:27:47

 160 Dinesh Kaulgud      2:38:21


Wetherby 10k


  14 Rob De’Giovanni     36:06

  56 Steve Tighe         39:38

 131 Paul White          43:55

 164 Sue Sunderland      45:18


Wolverhampton Marathon (Sept 6th)


  16 Eric Green          3:03:07 (1st M50)


Marathons and other Race Reports


Guernsey Marathon (from John Wallace)


On Sunday 30th August I had the pleasure of competing in the first Guernsey Marathon in 17 years, taking place in the centenary of the Marathon Club of Guernsey.


Registration was the day before the race, so having stepped off my late arriving plane I sped straight to the Footes Lane Athletics Stadium, the start and finish point for the race. Registration turned out to be a couple of tressle tables by the side of the running track; fortunately the weather was fine! – too fine really as it was hot and sunny, and forecast to be the same for race day. I collected my number and learned that on entering the stadium we would have to do a lap of the track before reaching the finish line, worrying given my anticipated state by then.


Arriving early I found myself chatting to Kate from Baildon Runners, on her 40 something marathon, and various members of the Marathon 100 Club, all on 100 plus (obviously). Made my 3 seem a bit poor. Facilities at the stadium were excellent – lots of changing rooms, massage tent and a large baggage tent, and a new registration area for those who didn’t rush from the airport the previous day. Of course with only a little over 200 people entered in the main race, 1 wheelchair entrant and 315 (5 person teams) in the relay this was a relatively small field which helps, but there was clearly spare capacity which the organisers will no doubt hope to be utilising next year.


The race itself was one lap, starting in the middle of the island before heading south in circuitous fashion past the airport, then west before descending to the coast and following the coastline pretty well all the way round to Guernseys 2nd town, St Sampsons, in the north east, before cutting back inland to finish back at the stadium. This was a good route, what hills there were coming in the first 6 miles, and the route thereafter being pretty flat, apart from the bendy descent to the coast at 8 miles where the wheelchair entrant fell off (he did right himself and finish). Despite being entirely run on roads open to traffic this wasn’t a problem at all – the roads on Guernsey are so narrow, and not all of them have pavements, that cars are used to slowing down to move past obstacles. Even when driving behind those of us who had resorted to walking there were no complaints, and more than a few were shouting encouragement when they eventually were able to get past. Conditions were good with it being overcast with a light wind, and not too warm – ideal in fact. Drinks stops every 5K handing out water and energy drinks were well organized and staffed.  


As for my race, this was a race of two halves with first being good and the second awful. My preparations were disrupted by illness the week before the race and I think this caught up with me; having reached half way a little under 1.43 my energy left me and I completed the second half in 1.58 for an overall time of 3.40.41. Only 6 minutes outside my PB but I had been hoping for better – next year I suppose!


Best bit, despite my misgivings, was the track finish; on entering the stadium the crowd were exhorted over the tannoy to ‘raise a cheer for John Wallace as he enters the final lap’, which they duly did – it was a marvellous morale booster and spurred me on to outsprint(!) the 100 club runner and relay runner that entered the stadium just behind me. Final position 37th of 164 finishers (from 200 starters – a 20% drop out rate – wow) my picture, avec Striders shirt, on the BBC local news and a listing under leading finishers in the local rag (that won’t happen again!).


Overall a super event; over 100 people from overseas (that includes mainland UK) and over 80 taking part in their first marathon (probably accounts for the high DNF count). Given how long it had been since they last ran the race the organisation was excellent. Everyone was really friendly, the islanders were enthusiastic supporters  and it’s a great place to visit as well. Highly recommended.


Pontefract 10k (from Carmel Barker)


On bit of a high at moment as ran my first race yesterday in 12 months(excluding LCW last week) and got round without too much pain and suffering,opted for the shorter distance and Striderless race so no pressure to kill myself!
Noticed few serious ladies warming up so sat in my car as long as poss and kept out of the way then headed for loo queue! Didn't wear a watch and decided to go steady in first half and see what happened in second.
Really good course and great support, got lots of encouragment as was surrounded by men all the way (one witty male shouted a gender testing joke in my direction and I assured him I was definitely all woman, he laughed and agreed and that's last I saw of him!) 
Anyway I came away with another trophy, very posh sports bottle, pink kag in a bag, free membership at fitness first, t shirt, chocolate bar and big banana, and photod by official photographer, not a bad mornings work!! I was 1st F45 but got prizes for finishing 3rd lady overall. Not sure what my exact time was but obviously slower than I was last year. Onwards and upwards  and will be back to the Tuesday sessions next week to get some speed back in the old legs.
I would definitely recommend this race, few steady inclines, few downhills and great long descent to the finish in the park, and great prizes.
Fleetwood Marathon (from Jeremy Ladyman)


I don't think a day has gone by over the past four months when I haven't thought about the Fleetwood marathon, and now, the day after the race, I find myself composing a race report and thinking about what marathon I should do next.


There were four Striders who lined up alongside me for the inaugural Fleetwood marathon- Eric, Chloe, Panos and Gwil. The wind can be pretty strong in this part of the world, as Chloe and I had found out in training a couple of times. Gales coming in from the Irish sea can whip sand off the dunes stinging your face and getting into your eyes and mouth and at times forcing you to walk. However on race day, the conditions could not have been better- a 9am start on a cool (though it warmed up a touch by late morning), windless and cloudless day.


It was my first marathon and so I didn't really have a considered plan other than follow Tracey's advice about taking on gels and water at regular intervals, and aim to go through half way at around 5 minutes slower than my half marathon PB. On three miles I thought that this whole marathon lark would be a breeze. I was running well within myself, slower than my usual training runs, and still going ahead of schedule.


Since the half marathon followed a similar course to the marathon for 10 miles and was set off at the same time, it wasn't until the split when I realised there were quite a few marathon runners in front of me. Panos had charged out of the blocks, and he was out of sight 3 minutes into the race. I wished Gwil well as he left me at about half a mile from the start. The split meant we followed a long stretch of the seafront and there were a series of heads bobbing in the distance. I was still feeling comfortable maintaining my early pace and slowly but surely caught a couple of guys who had started to flag. Looping round to the housing estates at 16 miles, I caught up with some half marathon stragglers as we followed the same course for a few miles, but by 18 miles there were no marathon runners in sight.


Someone from the crowd shouted to me that I was 14th as I passed the marathon HQ (c. mile 18) for the second lap, and that the Striders were on for the team prize. Within a mile I was 11th. two runners called it a day, and I overtook another who was ailing. By mile 20 I had slipped past two more, but was being closed down by one runner in particular (who overtook me on 23 miles), but there was also the threat of Eric who I could see as we double backed on ourselves at the end of Fleetwood's promenade.


I started slowing at mile 21, and by mile 23 I was struggling. I had thought I would slip under 3 hours comfortably when I reached 18 miles, but for the final few miles I concentrated on just completing the course. I staggered over the line in 3 hours 3 mins 38 seconds exhausted. I think I got my race tactics about right, drank lots at each water stations and took gels regularly (though the last one was stickily smeared across my face).


Panos, Gwil and Andy May (from Abbey Runners) welcomed me across the line. All had been there for some time, and having recovered their composure, seemed bemused why I was in such a state. Eric was just behind me, and Chloe a little while afterwards but first lady Strider home in what her first marathon as well. All seemed well pleased with their runs.


Sadly it turned out that there was no team prize on offer. If one was available, Panos (1st), Gwil (5th), me (10th) and Eric (14th) would have won it whether you needed 3 or 4 counters. That said, Panos won a wonderful coffee maker, and Gwil and I were given a bottle of red wine (polished off soon after the race in my case) for our PBs. Gwil narrowly missed out on an electric whisk (for 2nd place) or a toasted sandwich maker (for 3rd place).


More on the Charlie Spedding evening


Note that if you order the book, there is a space for comments - put that you are a Strider and you may get your book signed by the Club President.


From Stuart StJohn (out of the woodwork)


Now then Bob, long-time no-speak on my part, but hope all is well with you & the Club. 'Charlie is my Darling' goes the song & he was certainly ours. September 24th 1985 was that glorious evening that we - 66 of us - all said we had run with Charlie Spedding (& stuffed him!). He was chosen to be our President because of his gutsy  L.A. Olympic Marathon run in 1984 when he attempted to put it up Carlos Lopez @ 17 miles & nearly succeeded, boy it seems like yesterday; was it a Pole that finished in silver to leave our hero with bronze?. We all had a great night & kept fond memories, hence the likes of Steve 'O', Martyn & Paul with their emails; Charlie then spent the night @ Chez Leggo so not much sleep there you can bet once Chris gets talking running! Would you believe I even had Charlie pay his 20p, it's in the Black Book I've just checked!  Mind you he did have a shower. Take care & lots of love to all that know me.  Stuart.


From Tony Haygarth


Just a thought about the "Charlie Spedding" evening. As well as being memorable because of running with a world class athlete other than Paul Furness, this is the only occasion from that era that I recall staying together as a training group on a Tuesday evening. Normally they were "eyeballs out" from start to finish and took as much out of you as a 10 mile race. We ran some fast times because of this but new members were few and far between....I wonder why!  Tony.   (my moustache was the best.)


Running Tours to Cyprus (from Martyn Hopson)


I am in the process of setting up running tours to my villa in Cyprus


Initial tours will be at a big discount to try it out, get some running images, and give feedback.


The best pics can be seen on Property ref.....CY1967


Contact Martyn for more details