Sent: 01 October 2009 00:18
Subject: V S Update - next Tuesday, Harewood labellers, Nat XC Relays, WYXC, Race results reports and banter


Winter Tuesday Session and Lasagne


Meet at Leo’s at 6:45 as usual.


We have a 2 mile warm up to get to the venue for the speed session, so could the slowest runners please set off a little earlier or drive to the start and warm up there.


If you’d like lasagne afterwards, book by email to me by Sunday 10pm stating whether you want carnivore or vegetarian lasagne.  Also if you want apple pie.  If you forget on Sunday last orders will be taken on 0777 5898 558 up to 12noon on Monday. 


Harewood Marshals and Labellers


Still one or two needed – look at the list and choose a vacant spot.


We also need two or three on Friday late afternoon 5pm to 6pm at Harewood Village Hall to help with labelling the beer bottles.  (would suit someone who leaves work early on a Friday afternoon).  If you’re available, call Paul Hunter 07980-737-313


Final marshals list will be issued Friday late morning.


National XC Relays – request from Paul Hunter


A few of you will be aware that we managed to put out a team in the Northern Road Relays last weekend.


We are now looking for teams for the Cross Country equivalent!!!!


These will take place at Mansfield on 31st October 2009 and we need to have our entry completed by Tuesday 5th October.


Before we start conscripting runners it would be good if we could get a few volunteers!!


We need 4 men and 3 women to make up the relevant teams. Chaps run 5k and the wimmin 3k.


For those keen or foolish could you either let Bob or myself know for the Blokes or Hayley  for the Wimmin


First West Yorks XC at Halifax – Sunday 11 October


Here’s a link for all the information you need


NB if you haven’t entered, please do not turn up expecting to run.  Check


Race Results


Kirkstall Trail Race Results

  7  Daniel FISHER   M    Valley Striders   00:42:58

 13  Alison BOGIE    F    Chapel Allerton   00:47:06

 18  Robert ANDERSON M45  Valley Striders   00:48:32

 24  Roy HUGGINS     M45  Valley Striders   00:49:41

 38  Gary MANN       M    Valley Striders   00:52:04

 42  Ruth WARREN     F45  Valley Striders   00:52:31

 45  Howard JEFFREY  M55  Otley AC          00:52:42

 59  Leroy SUTTON    M55  Valley Striders   00:54:18


South Lakes Half marathon (from Sara Dyer)


Eric won a bottle of wine for running fast and I won one for running very slowly but being either the least slow or only F45.  Very well organised event - course varies from undulating to hilly.


Great North Run (from Jane Haworth)


I managed to do the Great North Run in 2 hours, 19 mins! I was really pleased as it’s my first half-marathon. It was also boiling hot and I was right at the back at the start - took me 45 mins to cross the start line!

Other Striders at G N R


  280 Dan Harman       01:25:59

  826 Liz Wood         01:32:35

 2158 Sue Sunderland   01:39:42

 5486 Zoe Ridgway      01:49:26

 5491 Dave Watson      01:49:26

11277 Tom Ridgway      01:59:54

12477 Keith West       02:01:54

19867 Louise Robinson  02:14:26

21772 Jane Sanders     02:17:51


Race Report - Marathon du Medoc - Bordeaux, France – from Rachael Nevins


After Bob kindly (!?) posted my recent marathon result of 5 hrs 18 mins, I thought I should explain myself...


This has got to be the best marathon in the world combining my 2 favourite hobbies - running and drinking red wine!! I have never laughed so much whilst running 26 miles.


For those not aware, this marathon is truly unique - running through the gorgeous vineyards of the Medoc region and visiting over 20 chateaux in the process!


Most 8,000+ runners are in fancy dress (I was decked head to toe in union jack - "flying the flag", though still managed to have a few frenchys ask me if I spoke English...?!), with much imagination ranging from Jesus with a cross on his back to fighter pilots pulling a cardboard jet for 26 miles! I have to say, this is the only race I have actually not been concerned about being beaten by a guy dressed as a piece of fruit!


So, this is definitely not PB material - running in 30 degree heat, I managed 22 glasses of wine, about 2lb of cheese, 4 oysters, crisps, cake, fois gras, entrecote, ham, followed by a great party of yes, more wine and beer and cheese.....


Definitely one to be recommended - check out the websites below for more details:


Race Report – Yorkshire Vets Relays at Ilkley – from Jerry Watson


I didn't hang about for positions - car promised to someone else. Good little event with a long hill with multiple crests to sap the confidence. Our o/50's had the o/40's worried for 2 legs until Roy proved that youth will win out in the end.


They were going to start the race in a different place to the changeover until I pointed out to one of the time keepers that it would make fastest lap a bit difficult to work out, which caused a quick conflab amongst Ilkley people and then a 100 yd walk back for the already lined up first leg.  Time keepers were not without things to do – e.g.when at the start of leg 3, 2 Ilkley mens team came in neck & neck it was followed by 3 Ilkley teams going out. Someone got over-excited!


13th  Valley Striders 'A'     

     Tahir Akhtar     19:25   19:25  11th
     Alan Hutchinson  19:28   38:53  11th
     Leroy Sutton     21:36   60:29  13th

1st was Bingley, John Cordingley (Bingley) fastest at 16.42



 6th Valley Striders 'A'   

     John Wallace     20:26   20:26   7th
     Mark Hunter      20:01   40:27   7th
     Roy Huggins      19:22   59:49   6th
     Jerry Watson     18:15   78:04   6th

1st was Bingley, Stewart MacDonald (Bingley) fastest at 16.21.


The O/50's the far more competitive race (had the Northern relay the day before taken some runners away?). Interestingly (for me anyway as I turn 50 soon) I was 12th fastest in the O/40's race....I would have been 13th fastest in the O/50's!!!! Work that one out.


Race Banter – Northern 6 stage Road Relay at Carnegie


From Paul Hunter


Well done everybody – good result – I hope you all enjoyed the racing.


For those of you who have not seen the results on the Sportsoft web site, yours are as follows;


Leg 1 Panos         19:18

Leg 2 Simon Midwood 19:51

Leg 3 Dan Fisher    20:09

Leg 4 Steve Webb    20:40

Leg 5 Jim Clay      20:49

Leg 6 Gwil Thomas   20:15


If only Gwil had not got lost who knows where we could have finished!!!   (Gwil took a 10 second detour where a marshal was absent)


Team Finished 40th out of 77


From Panos


They were all track geeks, we did well. But I am wearing roller skates next time, or maybe a hover board like on back to the future. They should also have urine tests cause some of those speedy freaks weren't legal.


From Steve


Agreed Panos, some of those guys were way too fast for me.......but ask them to navigate to a 1 metre high boulder 2 miles away on a mist covered mountain and I might have a chance!


Really good event, thanks for getting us organised Paul and everybody ran very well.  Thanks also to our supporters on the day at Carnegie - Tom, Matt, Bob, Jerry, Oliver and Eirik.


From Jim


Likewise, great event although I think I should have tried harder!  Sorry gents for being the slowest!  Gwil, you may need to borrow Steve’s compass and map for future events....

Panos, did you have a skinful the night before?  You looked how I felt at the end - knackered.


Thanks Paul for the organisation and for the club paying our fees!  Good fun. - Cheers also for the support - I was going as fast as I could honest...


From Tom


the team photo


From Jerry


I thought yesterday’s result was good and glad to see Valley got a good team there. I think its important that teams are sent to the 'big' events - to see & be seen and all that.