Sent: 17 November 2009 00:01
Subject: V S Update - key events (some races nearly full), race results, OMM report


Key Events 


NB note some races full, nearly full or closing fast – check details below


Sat 21 Nov - West Yorks XC at Wakefield – there will be a lot of Striders running the Abbey Dash the next day so if you’re entered for WYXC and available please do your best to turn up on Saturday.  NB this is a Grand Prix race, so there’s an added incentive to run!


Sun 22 Nov – good luck to all the Abbey Dashers – NB expect some good sprint finishes up the Headrow, especially between Striders, as it is a Grand Prix Race!


Sun 29 Nov – Thirsk 10 – if you’ve still not entered, time to get in a sneaky email to the race organiser (as mentioned in my V S Mini Update number 1 at the weekend).


Tue 1 Dec – pie and peas at Leos, please book to stating whether you want meat pie or veg bake, mushy peas or baked beans, apple pie with ice cream. Note the email address has changed from last time.


Sat 5 Dec – 2nd Peco XC at Hunger Hills (Horsforth), look for details in a few days time at


Sun 6 Dec – Final WYXC at Nunroyd Park Guiseley.


Sun 13 Dec – Calderdale Way Relay – reserves needed urgently as we have already had one team member drop out – contact Anthony Fryer


Fri 18 Dec – Striders Xmas meal & presentation night, £9.50 per person, further details to follow shortly, please book to  


Sun 20 Dec – The Stoop Fell Race from Haworth


Fri 25 Dec – Xmas Day and a day off running unless you are testing out the new shoes / thermal / hat / socks / heart rate monitor that Santa brought.


Sat 26 Dec – Chevin Chase – this race is NEARLY FULL – only 100 places left as at today - you will need to enter in the next day or two or risk missing your favourite festive run (2010 Grand Prix).


Sun 27 Dec – VS Winter Handicap from Leos (2010 Grand Prix).


Thu 31 Dec – Auld Lang Syne Fell Race from Haworth – RACE FULL.


Sun 3 Jan – Harrogate Ringway Relay – 5 legs * approx 4 miles, details to follow.


Sun 28 March – Baildon Boundary Way – race three-quarters full – suggest you get your entry posted in the next week (2010 Grand Prix).


Grand Prix 2010 - a full list of events can be found at


VS AGM and Membership


Minutes of the AGM are   A very big thank you to Sylvia for being the secretary’s secretary and writing these minutes, also for recording all the minutes of the committee meetings throughout the year.


Paul White has been cajoling you to pay your membership fees and already over half of the 2008/09 members have renewed their membership.  The status as at 15/11/2009 is that 128 Striders have paid for the current year, 99 are due to pay and 16 are a year overdue but haven't officially resigned.  To check your status, click on


Also many of you have recently sent emergency contact details and I will be giving copies to our training leaders, hoping that they will never need to be used.  We have details for 82 of you (use the same link as above to check whether we have these details).




1st West Yorkshire Cross Country at Halifax – Sunday 11 October


Somehow I managed to omit reporting these results in a V.S. Update.  These results show GP Points:
   27 Samantha Harris    0:19:37       89   
   42 Hayley Nancolas    0:20:16       87   
   68 Sue Sunderland     0:21:31       83   
   76 Carole Schofield   0:22:07       82   
   78 Sharon Tansley     0:22:11       81   
   32 Panos Aristotelous 0:33:06      100   
   48 Gwil Thomas        0:34:04       99   
   54 Dan Fisher         0:34:33       98   
   70 Jim Clay           0:35:10       97   
   79 Alex Nancolas      0:35:49       96   
   87 Jeremy Ladyman     0:36:05       94   
  111 Rob Hamilton       0:37:11       93   
  121 Joel Giddings      0:37:47       92   
  123 Nick Barnes        0:37:58       91   
  135 Lewis Balfour      0:38:40       90   
  152 Tahir Akhtar       0:39:42       88   
  162 Mark Hunter        0:40:47       86   
  164 Malcolm Coles      0:41:07       84   
  193 Bob Wilkes         0:50:39       80   


2nd WYXC at Bodington hall


Were published in


1st PECO XC at Golden Acre


Under 11 Girls

  8 Aileen Loftus



  3 Gwil Thomas

 13 Steve Webb

 38 Joel Giddings

 41 Lewis Balfour

 42 Roy Huggins

 50 Rob Anderson

 53 Drew Taylor

 62 David Bass

 86 Malcolm Coles   1st M65

 89 Leroy Sutton

100 Tony Haygarth

101 Paul White

129 Bob Wilkes      2nd M65

134 Dinesh Kaulgud

160 finishers


Men’s team 5th with 302 pts behind Abbey (136), Ilkley (256), Horsforth (264), Rothwell (291); men’s vets team also 5th



 14 Sam Harris

 25 Sue Sunderland

 30 Sharon Tansley

 62 Sara Duer

 92 Hazel Adams

113 finished


Ladies team 3rd in division 2 with 131 points behind Ackworth (95), Chapel A (126); ladies vets team 8th


Thanks to Sara Goward, Max Jones, Joyce Lambert, Peter Lambert and Gary Sutherland for marshalling. 


Other Results


We’re keeping Paul Hunter busy with our races.  The Performance data is updated to 5 November at but with Abbey and Thirsk coming up, a few more Striders may be earling Performance Certificates before the year is out.  In fact you could start now and earn a performance certificate before 2010 – try Abbey Dash 10k, Thirsk 10 mile, a couple of Parkrun 5ks and the Xmas Handicap 5 mile.


Talking about Parkrun, last Saturday Paul Holloway went to the first South Manchester Parkrun and managed to beat the 25 minute mark by a clear 39 seconds – well done!  It is only 18 months ago that Paul broke the 30 minute mark.


Race Report OMM 2009 from Mick Loftus


Another October and another OMM, this time in the Elan Valley in mid Wales.  You are probably aware of the format of the OMM by now; two day event, teams of two, self navigation, carry all your own kit, located in various upland spots around the UK.  There are various classes.  This year Mick Wrench and I, Simon Vallance and his non-Strider partner Neil attempted the elite course and Simon Redshaw went for the C class in his first go at the OMM (his partner was a Kippax Harrier).


We approached this year's event with quiet confidence that we would get round ok.  We have had plenty of practice with the kit and logistics so we felt that we knew what we were doing.  However, we knew that there are many things which can go wrong.


After a long drive, an early start and a bus ride, we finally got to the start.  The weather was damp and misty but not actually raining at first.  We set off steadily and completed the first few controls without incident.  Then we made a reasonable, but with hindsight, a poor route choice.  We ended up in un-penetrable tussock grass over deep bog.  Our progress was painfully slow and we lost at least 30 minutes to comparable teams.  The weather had also deteriorated, the wind increased and the rain came down.  Still we 'kept it together'

and pressed on.  We realised that due to the un-runnable terrain, large detours were actually the quickest routes if there was some kind of path.  This lead us to make decision later in the day to descend to a track, run further, then climb up, rather than take a direct route as many teams did.  This gained us time back, although the fastest teams took the direct route and still beat us.


We finished the first day in daylight for the first time and were really pleased with our performance.  We later discovered that Simon had beaten us by a couple of minutes; amazingly close after 7+ hours of running.


The over-night camp was showery and windy but everything went to plan for us.


After putting on our wet, cold, muddy and smelly running gear (possibly the hardest challenge of the OMM!) we set off on day 2.


This contained some very hard sections of tussock and bog.  At one point there were a number of teams in our class spread across a wide valley all walking and struggling through metre high tussocks.  This went on for a couple of miles, which feels a very long way, with seemingly no escape.  Eventually it did come to an end but I suspect the biggest and strongest competitors had gained on us.


The ground conditions meant that runners tended to follow each other more than normal, not because they were lost but because any slight path through the tussocks made by runners was preferable to making your own way.


The latter part of day 2 was going fine but tiredness and conditions were starting to take their toll.  We made one navigation error but it didn't cost us much time, if any.  Then we made another, a lapse in concentration, then a hasty over compensation compounded the error. This resulted in losing 15+ minutes on an 'easy' control.  However, we pressed on, knowing that we were definitely going to finish and in a good state.


We dashed down to the finish to complete the OMM Elite class, elated and relieved.  We had been running for about 14 hours in total.


The results revealed our 29th position.  Simon and Neil had a brilliant performance to finish in 21st place.  There were 56 starters and 48 finishers.


In the past we had aimed just to complete an OMM Elite event.  Then we wanted to complete it comfortably and perhaps competitively.  Having achieved this, should we just leave it to avoid disappointment or will we be back next October?


Message from George Black


Hi Bob, Just a quick note to let you know I am still around. It has been a difficult last 18 months with injuries and family illness. I started jogging 8 weeks ago as I will be 70 in a few weeks and thought I would try to try a few races. I managed 108 miles during these 8 weeks and entered a local 5k. road race. My time was 23.33 but as I am 2 stone over my racing weight I was not too disappointed. Hope your own training is going well and that you have a successful X/C season. Regards Geo