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Subject: V S Update - dates, cut-off dates, subs, results and reports (including wins for Gwil & Vicky)


Hope you all had a good Christmas …


Dates for the first quarter of 2010


Sun  3 Jan - Harrogate Ringway social run

Sun  3 Jan – Pennine 10k at Brighouse (RACE FULL)

Tue  5 Jan – Pie and peas book to by Mon 4 Jan 12:00

             * State meat or veg pie, beans or peas, apple pie (optional)

Sat  9 Jan - Yorks XC at Wakefield (CLOSED)

Sun 17 Jan - PECO XC race 3 at Nell Bank Ilkley (VSGP)

Sat 23 Jan - Northern XC at Witton Park, Blackburn (CLOSED)

Sun 24 Jan - Brass Monkey half (RACE FULL) (VSGP)

Sun 31 Jan - PECO XC race 4 at John Smeaton

Tue  2 Feb – Lasagne book to by Sun 31 Jan 22:00

Sat  6 Feb - Yorks Vets XC at Sheffield – names to Drew – see details below

Sat  6 Feb – Rombalds Stride

Sun  7 Feb - Dewsbury 10k  (VSGP)

Sun 14 Feb - Liversedge half (enter early)

Sat 27 Feb - National XC at Leeds (VSGP) – names to Drew – see details below

Sun 28 Feb - Snake Lane 10 (RACE FULL)

Sat  6 Mar - Trollers Trot (VSGP)

Sun  7 Mar - PECO XC race 5 at Emmanuel College Thackley

Sun 14 Mar – Spen 20

Sun 14 Mar – Trimpell 20 at Morecambe

Sun 28 Mar - Baildon Boundary Way (RACE FULL) (VSGP)

Sun 28 Mar – Wakefield 10k

Sun 28 Mar – East Hull 20

Other races are available, a good website with lots of local races is


Harrogate Ringway Social Run


This Sunday, meet Conyngham Hall car park (by the Riverside) at Knaresborough, ready to run at 09:30a.m.  The full route is 20.5 miles but there are options to cut back to the start after 3 miles (for a 5 mile run), 6.5 miles (for a 10.5 mile run) and 11.5 miles (for a 15.5 mile run).  My group will be trying to do the full 20 miles in just under 4 hours; there may be a faster group.  6 Striders have signed up so far and we are hoping to have 4 or 5 Wetherby Runners joining us.  For more details, email me or text me 0777 5898 558.  Bob 


P.S. There’s a map and a bit more information at but note that we’re starting from the picnic table sign in Knaresborough, not where it says “start” on the map.  (The advantage is that the last 2 miles is all down hill)


Peco Cross Country


Two races gone and three to go.  The men are comfortably mid-table, 5th out of 7, but if more of the Striders fast men run, we might just challenge for the runners-up position that we finished last year.  On the other hand, if none of the fast men run, then we risk being relegated.  The women are equal 2nd in the second division, not sure whether 2 or 3 will get promoted.  We will need a strong team in the last 3 races to guarantee 2nd place; with our strongest team we could still win the division.


National Cross Country


We already have 35 runners entered – check .  Drew needs to send off our entry on the evening of Wednesday 6 January, so email him before then.


Yorkshire Vets Cross Country


Email Drew before Monday 25 January.


Valley Striders Membership Fees


We’re now a third of the way through the Valley Striders year and exactly two-thirds of you have paid, which leaves 78 of the 234 who haven’t


Please check and if your entry says “08”, please send a cheque for £15 to Paul White, 17 Whinmoor Court, Redhall, Leeds, LS14 1NX.




Peco XC Race 2 at Horsforth


A fantastic result by Gwil Thomas who finished first in the race.



  1 Gwil Thomas

 26 Matt Allen

 38 Joel Giddings

 39 Lewis Balfour

 40 Ian Rosser

 65 David Bass

 92 Bob Jackson

 97 Paul White

 98 Gary Mann

100 John Wallace

130 Bob Wilkes

    Men’s team 5th, Men’s Vets 14th



 18 Sue Sunderland

 20 Sharon Tansley

 28 Mary Harris

 41 Sara Dyer

    Women’s team 2nd (div 2), Women’s vets 2nd


For dates and locations of the final 3 races, see the top of this email.


West Yorks XC race 4 at Guiseley



 41 Hayley Nancolas  23:08

 59 Sharon Tansley   24:21

 68 Sue Sunderland   25:02

 72 Chloe Hudson     25:37

 90 Sara Dyer        29:06

    Women’s team 10th



 49 Steve Webb       39:44

 54 Dan Fisher       40:16

 58 Rob Hamilton     40:34

 72 Alex Nancolas    41:30

 91 Jerry Watson     42:49

 98 Richard King     43:32

103 Joel Giddings    43:54

104 Lewis Balfour    43:56

106 Roy Huggins      44:02

116 Drew Taylor      45:06

124 Alan Hutchinson  46:09

152 Tony Haygarth    51:33

165 Richard Clough   60:26

    Men’s team 7th


A special mention to Sharon and Sue who ran and counted in both races at the weekend.  Also to Joel and Sara, who ran both races and counted in one of them.


Series Positions


Women 7th, Men 7th, Combined team 7th and winners of the John Smith Challenge as all the teams above us had won medals in the League in the last 2 seasons or current season.


We were given 10 medals and these will be awarded to the 6 men and 4 women scoring the most points in the series.


Alex Nancolas 694, Panos Aristotelous 683, Steve Webb 608, Gwil Thomas 402, Dan Fisher 394, Jeremy Ladyman 345.


Hayley Nancolas 623, Sue Sunderland 560, Sharon Tansley 385, Madeleine Watson 367.


Just missing out on the medals but making a significant contribution to the team scores were Chloe Hudson 356, Rob Hamilton 343 and Jerry Watson 329.


Also winning medals were Malcolm Coles 1st M65 and Tony Haygarth 2nd M60.  Steve Webb was just out of the medals as 4th M45.


Well done the Striders, a very successful series for us this year!


Calderdale Way -  Report from Steve Webb


Well done to the Vets team who got the baton as far as leg 4 before troubling the mass start organisers, and went on to finish in a very good 76th position.  Last year the Vets were 89th so we are definitely moving in the right direction.  Thanks to relatively late substitutes Alistair and Alun and I hope you enjoyed your first CWR.  Provisional results are:


Rob Hamilton     Patrick Barrett  Sara Dyer        Alan Hutchinson  Malcolm Coles    Mark Hunter 

Jerry Watson     John Wallace     Paul Sanderson   Alistair Smyth   Alun Davies      Geoff Webster

01:30:18   44    01:19:36   70    00:58:11   91    01:29:59   67    01:17:05   71    01:44:47  101

01:30:18   44    02:49:54   54    03:48:05   69    05:18:04   68    06:35:09   69    08:19:56   76


The A team ran very well indeed and our aggregate running times should have looked like this (shades of Jim Bowen and "let's see what you would have won"):


Jim Clay                          Joel Giddings    Anthony Fryer    Matt Allen       Tom Button  

Jeremy Ladyman   Steve Webb       Aled Greenhalgh  Simon Vallance   Eirik Stangnes   Dan Murray  

01:24:30   25    01:06:22   21    00:50:59   66    01:19:57   38    01:02:20   18    01:18:52   35

01:24:30   25    02:30:52         03:21:51         04:41:48         05:44:08         07:03:00   26


Unfortunately Panos had his car breakdown en route to the start of leg 2.  I had to wait for the leg 2 mass start and then run solo.  I don't know if in the final results we will simply be disqualified or whether they will concoct some sort of time penalty.  The first draft of the results showed the leg 1 time bumped up to 2.5 hours - rather tough on Jim and Jeremy I feel!


As you can see the A team would have comfortably beaten all the mass starts and achieved our best finish this century, and the changeover times would have been incredibly close to my forecasts.  So well done to everybody bar Panos's motor mechanic.  Next year we aim for the 7 hour barrier, the equivalent of the four minute mile for suburban fellrunning teams. 


Chevin Chase (2010 GP)


A fantastic result by Vicky Whitehead to finish first woman in the race.


The race was won by world triathlon champion Alistair Brownlee, who was a minute ahead of his brother; the two of them were 2½ minutes clear of the rest of the field.  I just put it down to the fact that they had fresh snow to run on, whereas down in 300th place, there had been 299 runners before me packing down the snow onto ice, making skates preferable to fell shoes in places.


NB 2010 Christmas Quiz question: what did Alistair Brownlee and Vicky Whitehead both win, but Vicky’s was bigger.  Answer – a cup at the Chevin Chase.  The women’s trophy was twice the size of the men’s!!


Thanks to Zoe Ridgway for handing out Meanwood Valley Trail entry forms to all the runners at the end of the race.  I already have received one entry!



   13 Gwil Thomas        0:45:10 

   26 Vicky Whitehead    0:46:57 

   29 Steve Webb         0:47:03 

   78 Rob Bumstead       0:50:38 

  107 Ian Sanderson      0:52:04 

  123 Dan Murray         0:52:44 

  171 Mark Hunter        0:54:27 

  177 Simon Redshaw      0:54:46 

  184 Patrick Barrett    0:55:09 

  194 John Wallace       0:55:32 

  200 Alistair Smyth     0:55:39 

  257 Tony Haygarth      0:58:00 

  270 Jonathan Brownbill 0:58:28 

  283 Bob Jackson        0:59:10 

  289 Steve Dixon        0:59:26 

  322 Mick Tinker        1:00:30 

  335 Sue Sunderland     1:01:01 

  367 Liz Wood           1:01:52 

  410 Xanthe Hannah      1:03:40 

  423 Adela Reperecki    1:04:17 

  494 Erica Hiorns       1:07:25 

  623 Tom Ridgway        1:13:33 

  642 Paul Holloway      1:15:06 

  655 Sara Dyer          1:15:26 

Old Striders spotted were

  500 Martin Cockerham   1:07:33

  506 Mike Midgley       1:07:46


Christmas Handicap (2010 GP)


A great run by Ian Rosser to win the handicap by a clear minute and also run the second fastest time on the day.


The fastest time was by Gwil who now has 200 Grand Prix points from 2 races.


Fancy address awards went to 3rd Paul White as a fell runner, 2nd the devil Patrick Barrett, 1st an inflatable Eddy Robinson.


Thanks to timekeepers Ken Kaiser & Aled Greenhalgh, keykeeper Joyce Lambert and marshals Peter Lambert, John Umpleby and Pat Umpleby.  While waiting the 30 minutes between setting the last runner off and the first runner returning, Ken, Aled, Joyce, Geoff and Sylvia also built a rather fine snowman.


                             Gun   Hand-     Net      G.P.

                            Time    icap    Time      Pts

    1 Ian Rosser           47:00   14:15   32:45       99

    2 Gwil Thomas          47:58   17:15   30:43      100

    3 Mike Brown           48:19    4:30   43:49       81

    4 Paul Sanderson       48:27    9:45   38:42       87

    5 John Wallace         48:38   12:45   35:53       93

    6 Eddy Robinson        48:42   13:30   35:12       94

    7 Joel Giddings        48:50   14:15   34:35       96

    8 Alan Hutchinson      49:00   12:45   36:15       92

    9 Tim Towler           49:22   11:45   37:37       89

   10 Steve Webb           49:24   16:30   32:54       98

   11 Dan Murray           49:32   14:30   35:02       95

   12 Malcolm Coles        49:42   12:15   37:27       90

   13 Paul White           50:04    9:45   40:19       84

   14 Patrick Barrett      50:22   11:45   38:37       88

   15 Neil Kaiser          50:30   10:30   40:00       85

   16 Lisa Wilyman         50:36   10:45   39:51       86

   17 Vicky Whitehead      50:37   16:30   34:07       97

   18 Graham Needham       50:49   14:00   36:49       91

   19 Bob Jackson          51:46   11:30   40:16       85

   20 Dave Jones           53:01    8:00   45:01       80

   21 Xanthe Hannah        53:15   10:45   42:30       82

   22 Alistair Smyth       53:58   12:15   41:43       83

   23 Sara Dyer            55:32    6:45   48:47       79


Christmas Message from Chris Leggatt




Just back from my annual Christmas Day run in magical conditions.  It’s very rare to actually have snow covered fields at this time, but this morning with sunshine and deep snow, it was probably the very best. 


This despite the fact that other than reffing, it was my 1st run since Portsea Oval (home of Percy Ceruty and rep training field of Herb Elliottt). 


What a contrast to last year when a 6am trot around Sydney Harbour and the Botanical Gardens was my venue.


For the older Striders, I went along the railway to Bramhope Tunnel and over the top to Staircase Lane.  Deep snow and sunshine.  Brilliant


Give my regards to those that remember the Leggo Tours and success to you all in 2010.


Chris Leggatt


Ladies Saucony shoes size 4½


Found at Leos about 3 weeks ago, email me if they are yours.


And Finally


… wishing all Striders all the best for 2010.