Sent: 08 February 2010 08:04
Subject: V S Update - Training, National XC, Alison Rose, Training Leaders, Northern XC, Peco XC, Dewsbury 10k, Parkrun


Track Training


On Tuesday 9 February the session will be at Carnegie Track at Headingley.  Meet at the Indoor Sports Centre, ready to run, at 7pm. 


If you’ve not been before, follow the red dots on this map


Please could all runners take care and be aware of other runners on the track.  Last time, one of our squad nearly came a cropper, jogging back on lane 1 (!) they nearly had a head-on crash with a 400 metre runner whose rightful lane it was.


Next training

  • Thursday 11 February – meet Scott Hall 18:45
  • Tuesday 16 February – meet Leos 18:45 for 5 by 6 mins at High Ashes
  • Thursday 18 February – meet LEOS 18:45 for steady run followed by showers followed by curry at Ruchee


NB if the weather gets worse again, always check on the website for the status of training sessions.


National XC


Saturday 27 February at Roundhay Park


11.00am Under 15 Boys Championship (4.5K) 

11.20am Junior Women Championship (6K)    

11.45am Under 17 Women Championship (5K)  

12.10pm Under 13 Girls Championship (3K)  

12.25pm Under 17 Men Championship (6K)  (Eddy Robinson)

12.55pm Under 15 Girls Championship (4K)  

 1.15pm Junior Men Championship (10K)     

 2.00pm Under 13 Boys Championship (3K) (Gavin Taylor) 

 2.15pm Senior Women Championship (8K)  (9 Striders)

 3.00pm Senior Men Championship (12K)   (39 Striders)


We have a section to marshal which runs from the top to the bottom of Soldiers Fields.  The section will be taped both sides but we will be marshalling 3 crossing points and need 8 marshals in place at all times to stop spectators crossing while the races are taking place and to allow spectators to cross when safe.


We need to marshal from 10:30 in the morning through to 4:30 in the afternoon.  If we split this into one hour periods, there would be 6 periods each needing 8 marshals so if everyone who is running volunteered for an hour we’ve got it all covered. 


But there’s a small problem, that is between 2:30 and 3:30 the ladies and the men will be running.  So we need 8 non-runners to help at that time, please. 


Please let me know if you can help – I will pass on your names to Geoff and Sylvia.


Meanwood Valley Trail 


This year, the Meanwood Valley Trail will be on Saturday 15 May.  Last year was our most successful event with nearly 400 runners, raising over £2000 for Lineham Farm Children’s Centre, and no runners lost (!)


We need over 60 people to help on the day.  Please check your diaries and, if possible, book the morning of 15 May to come and help.


Alison Rose’s Drills Session


Tracey said Alison would come along and just do some demonstrations, maybe asking for some volunteers from the audience.  But when Alison arrived at Leos she was counting us and calculating if there were 4 lines, how many people would there be per line and could we fit everyone in the room if we moved all the furniture.


And so it was that the demonstration became a cross between line dancing and the ministry of silly walks.  But hasn’t yet appeared on U-Tube – everyone too busy getting their feet in the right place to take any videos on their mobiles.


And we are now all aware that posture, breathing and movement technique are just as important as mileage and speed in our training regimes.


Alison has now sent me the information about the drills and if you want to know more about Carnegie Sports Injury Clinic go to


It would be great if you could give some feedback on the session, which I could forward to Alison (I wouldn’t publish any names).


Also, Alison has written


“Many thanks for inviting us to do the drills session on Tuesday. We all enjoyed doing it and it was good to meet everyone and to see them all getting involved.   I have attached the handouts for you to pass on.  We are more than happy to return to do another educational session, we are happy to cover anything from core work, stretching, injury prevention, question and answer sessions or anything else the athletes would find useful.”


Finally, a big thank you to Carole Schofield for bringing the cakes that sustained us for the evening.


More Training Leaders Required


We currently have 7 Striders qualified and insured to lead training sessions.  With the ever increasing number of runners at our training sessions, we are looking for 2 or 3 more Striders to go on the courses.


This will give us more options for arranging training, e.g.

  • For track training, ideally we need 1 leader per 12 to 15 runners
  • In summer, we’re thinking of splitting the Tuesday sessions into two – everyone meets by Eccup Res, but then half do the session on the reservoir path, the other half do the hills
  • In summer, could we set up a 4 or 6 week session for beginners, starting them off just running round the fields and paths near Leos?  (just an idea)
  • Next winter, do we also split the session into two or do we start a Wednesday session or …?


All these are potential solutions to being able to have more runners at our training sessions without reducing the quality of the sessions by overcrowding.


If you are interested in going on one of the “Leadership in Running and Fitness” courses (the next one is at York on Saturday 20 February), please email me.  There is a page and video on the England Athletics website that tells you more about the course


Or, if you were interested by Alison’s session and would like to follow a path of technical coaching, then there are Level 1 and Level 2 Athletics Coaching Courses held locally.  For general information see Please email me if interested.  


Report – North of England XC (January 23) – from Jerry Watson


Valley Striders had two runners in the Northern Cross-Country Champs at Witton Park Blackburn. It looked an excellent course (although I felt the lap was perhaps a bit short as there was a fair bit of lapping going on). Nice bits of sticky mud - I retrieved 4 shoes for one place where I stood for one of the races. Very impressive run from Steve Vernon (Stockport) who repeated the form seen on the televised cross-country from Edinburgh - and if he does it again he will be difficult to beat at Roundhay Park. Striders present were:


316 Andrew Thompson   54:27                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

481 Malcolm Coles     61:46                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

NB Steve Vernon’s winning time 39:04


Local news is that Leeds City cleaned up on the men’s team front (eighth time in a row) - 6 runners in by 35th and they managed 12 in under 100 and the second 6 runners if they were allowed to score as a team would have come in 6th place just beating Bingley. Worse news for their rivals is that this dominance could continue for some years as they dominated the Men’s U20 race as well, winning both the individual and team races and getting 9 runners in by 31st place.  And Leeds Senior Ladies got in on the act too by coming 3rd.                                                                              


Results – Peco XC Race 4 at John Smeaton (January 31)


Men  (* = counter for vets team)

  4 Gwil Thomas

 29 Joel Giddings

 31 Andrew Thomspon *

 36 Roy Huggins *

 37 Matt Allen

 41 Eirik Stangnes

 43 David Bass

 64 Mark Hunter *

 76 John Wallace

 99 Tony Haygarth *

101 Bob Jackson *

137 Bob Wilkes *


Men’s team 3rd, Men’s Vets 7th



 18 Sue Sunderland *

 22 Sharon Tansley


Women’s team 6th, Women’s vets 10th


Series positions

  • Men’s team 3rd, Men’s vets 6th
  • Women’s team 3rd, Women’s vets 7th
  • Individual senior men – Gwil Thomas 1st and cannot be overtaken
  • M55 – Bob Jackson 3rd
  • M60 – Tony Haygarth 4th
  • M65 – Malcolm Coles 1st
  • W45 – Sue Sunderland 2nd (4th overall)


Although the men and women are both 3rd in their divisions, neither can achieve 2nd place, so the final race, on 7 March at Esholt, will just be for the honour of the club.


Therefore the Trollers Trot on Saturday 6 March remains IN the Grand Prix races (so Geoff can get some points).


Dewsbury 10k (February 7)


A little misty but a good day for running and well done to all 28 of you, especially those with PB’s.


Grand Prix positions updated at


 Chip                      Chip       G.P   Gun      Gun 

  Pos                      Time       Pts   Pos     Time 

   25 Gwil Thomas        0:34:17      100    25   0:34:19 

   26 Dan Fisher         0:34:21       99    26   0:34:25 

   76 Jeremy Ladyman     0:37:04       98    74   0:37:08 

   95 Ian Rosser         0:37:54       97    93   0:38:01 

  101 Roy Huggins        0:38:24       96    99   0:38:28 

  133 David Bass         0:39:28       95   131   0:39:33 

  143 Eric Green         0:39:45       94   137   0:39:50 

  146 James Tarran       0:39:55       93   151   0:40:17 

  147 John Batchelor     0:39:56       92   147   0:40:07 

  170 Alistair Smyth     0:40:24       91   181   0:40:51 

  186 Nick Barnes        0:40:43       90   180   0:40:50 

  195 Liz Wood           0:40:57       89   188   0:41:02 

  205 Tim Towler         0:41:16       88   201   0:41:25 

  214 John Wallace       0:41:33       87   213   0:41:43 

  294 Bill McCaffrey     0:43:59       86   295   0:44:23 

  300 Leroy Sutton       0:44:09       85   298   0:44:31 

  325 Sue Sunderland     0:44:53       84   320   0:45:06 

  341 Rachael Nevins     0:45:14       83   339   0:45:38 

  401 Chloe Hudson       0:46:54       82   386   0:47:00 

  462 Louise Allinson    0:48:53       81   449   0:48:59 

  465 Rich Clough        0:48:54       80   451   0:49:04 

  505 Carole Towler      0:49:57       79   487   0:50:08 

  510 Sara Goward        0:50:21       78   511   0:50:55 

  562 Lucy Nowlin        0:52:12       77   570   0:53:12 

  616 Meryll Cripps      0:54:20       76   612   0:54:45 

  702 Paul Holloway      0:58:13       75   699   0:58:43 

  713 Anne McCaffrey     0:58:53       74   713   0:59:28 


If you’re looking to improve your 10k PB, book in for the Rothwell 10k on Bank Holiday Monday 3 May.  In previous years the start was about ¼ mile from the finish and was much higher so you couldn’t really count it for a PB.  This year it will start and finish at Rothwell Leisure Centre and should still be a fast course with potential for PB’s.


The Rothwell 10k is also on the Grand Prix list, and, should you still need convincing, then also it is the Abbey-Valley Challenge race for Spring 2010.  (Valley currently hold the cup and lead 3 – 1 in the series)


If you want a warm up for Rothwell, the Wakefield 10k on 28 March is also a fast course.


Two wins for Daniel Fitzhugh at Hyde Park Parkrun


There has been a good representation of Striders this year at the Hyde Park Parkruns, but undoubtedly the star performer has been Daniel Fitzhugh with two wins.  Also featuring on the virtual podium have been Rob Hamilton, Gwil Thomas and Roy Huggins.  Full results on   Not too much notice should be taken of some of the times which have been seriously affected by the underfoot conditions.


2 January - 2 Robert Hamilton 18:05, 4 Daniel Fitzhugh 18:53, 5 Ian Rosser 19:30, 9 Joel Giddings 20:04, 14 James Tarran 20:40, 16 Roy Huggins 20:58


9 January - 3 Daniel Fitzhugh 19:38, 5 Ian Rosser 20:25, 6 Roy Huggins 20:31, 7 Ian Sanderson 20:49, 26 Nick Barnes 24:13, 37 Dave Jones 27:24


16 January - cancelled


23 January - 1 Daniel Fitzhugh 17:55, 2 Robert Hamilton 18:33, 4 Ian Rosser 18:44, 6 Roy Huggins 19:01, 8 Jerry Watson 19:09, 27 John Wallace 21:37, 31 Leroy Sutton 22:04, 88 Tavien Sutton 28:34


30 January - 2 Gwilym Thomas 17:09, 4 Daniel Fisher 17:26, 5 Daniel Fitzhugh 17:46, 7 Robert Hamilton 18:34, 13 Roy Huggins 19:24, 14 Ian Sanderson 19:39, 15 Joel Giddings 19:43, 26 James Tarran 20:53, 38 Leroy Sutton 21:48, 67 Dave Jones 23:56, 68 Malcolm Coles 23:57, 101 Tavien Sutton 25:57


6 February - 1 Daniel Fitzhugh 17:58, 2 Roy Huggins 19:01, 4 Joel Giddings 19:29, 7 Ian Rosser 19:55, 14 James Tarran 20:19, 27 Leroy Sutton 21:50, 61 Dave Jones 24:29, 104 Tavien Sutton 28:24, 110 Paul Holloway 29:03


Another milestone reached is that 50 different Striders have run 1 or more race – only exceeded by Abbey (59) and Virgin Active (56).  Maybe a few more of you could give it a go and put the Striders in the lead!