Sent: 07 May 2010 09:47
Subject: V S Update - Leeds half, J Bloor, MVT, Pecolympics, run for Max, BMW, parkrun result, Abbey-Valley result, Boston report


What’s on


Leeds Half Marathon – Sunday 9 May


Good luck to everyone (58 entered) running Leeds Half this Sunday!  


Look out for some familiar friendly faces on Meanwood Road from just after Sheepscar Interchange to Meanwood Village – we have 13 Striders marshalling this section – thanks!


If you do happen to be running in a number other than your own, (a) note that this practice is not supported by Valley Striders (b) please let me know so that I can score your Grand Prix points and (c) remember the 17 rules about swapping race numbers.


NB wear your timing chip/band on your running shoe, not on your wrist! 


Jack Bloor and track training – Tuesday 11 May


For those of you fancying something shorter and hillier, then the Jack Bloor Fell Race is next Tuesday, junior races from 6:15pm, senior race at 7:15pm, enter on the night, details at


Next Tuesday is also the track session at Leeds Met, meet at the Indoor Sports Centre at 7pm prompt.


Meanwood Trail – Saturday 15 May


Marshals for Meanwood Trail coming along well but still need MORE.  There will be another email at the weekend, listing duties and locations for those who’ve volunteered already (THANKS!), and identifying vacancies for those still available (PLEASE!)


Pecolympics and Barbecue at Leos – Sunday 16 May


This event is ostensibly for the presentation of the awards for the PECO cross-country league but the main event will be a sports day (aka the PECOlympics) starting at 2pm.  The events will be Egg & spoon races, Sack races, Egg throwing and catching, Tug of war, Three legged races, Drag race (for cross-dressing men – dress, stockings, wig & handbag required – kit checks will be carried out!), Short XC race and/or relay for the juniors.  There will be a BBQ at about 4.30pm and the team and individual prize presentations immediately afterwards. The bar will be open during the sports, BBQ and presentations!


The cost of the BBQ will be £6 per head and it will include steak, chicken, sausages, potatoes and salad (with a ‘proper’ vegetarian alternative).


Everyone is welcome whether or not they ran in the Peco Cross Country League. If you want to come, please let me know by Tuesday 11 May at the latest.


First Thursday of the month & Max’s birthday – Thursday 3 June


I should have mentioned this earlier, but the first Thursday in the month has been designated a newbies session.  If you have friends who run but are slightly afraid of joining a running club, then recommend them to come to the first Thursday of the month, where there will be the opportunity for a slower and/or shorter route.


The first Thursday of June will be the first such session, but is also a special session in that we will be celebrating what would have been Max Jones’ 83rd birthday.  So on Thursday 3 June, we’ll meet Oakwood Clock at 6:45pm and start by including Max’s 1.9 mile circuit in the training run


Bradford Millennium Way Relay – Sunday 13 June


Teams of 10.  We have 14 wanting to run so far and could make a mixed team (5 men, 5 women) but not enough for full team or men or women or vets.  Entries will have to be sent off soon so please let me know in the next week if you might be interested.




Leeds Parkrun – Saturday 1 May


    4 Gwilym Thomas      17:22

    8 Jeremy Ladyman     17:57  first parkrun

   11 Roy Huggins        18:22

   13 Edward Robinson    18:33

   18 Ian Rosser         18:59

   19 Rich Smith         19:07

   23 Joel Giddings      19:32

   28 David Bass         19:43  first parkrun

   30 Paul Kaiser        19:46

   32 Ian Sanderson      19:55

   45 John Wallace       20:25

   51 Rob Hamilton       20:36

   ?? Leroy Sutton       20:xx

   71 Bob Jackson        21:23

   89 Mick Tinker        22:03  first parkrun

  100 Alistair Fale      22:32

  103 Chloe Hudson       22:37  first parkrun

  116 Richard Adcock     23:03

  144 Chris Sawyer       23:55


17 Striders were recorded as finishing, but this number did not include Paul Kaiser (joined last week) or Leroy Sutton (bar-code not registered), so maybe the results will be adjusted to show 19.


According to the results, our 17 was the leading club, but amongst the results were 9 each from Virgin Active and Hyde Park Harriers.  Hyde Park Harriers?  They’ve come a long way from London?  No, this is the new name for Virgin Active, who, I’m told (a) had a falling out with Virgin Leisure Centre (non members of the leisure centre were being charged £10 for a shower) and (b) were fed up of supporters and spectators shouting “Come on Virgins”


So on a recount we get numbers of finishers included

      Valley Striders 17 or 19

      Hyde Park H      9 or 18

      Kirkstall H     14

      Horsforth       11

      Abbey           11


We’ll have to see if the certificate for most runners arrives or not.


Rothwell 10k and Abbey Valley Challenge


From the entries list (Abbey 40, Valley 29), it looked like no chance for us, but there were a few Valley late entries, and a few Abbey no-shows, so the number on the start line was Abbey 34, Valley 29.


And with some great running throughout the Striders team, our superior speed led to a final score of Abbey 3063 Valley 3237.  Just to put this into context, if Mike Robins of Chapel A hadn’t offered Patrick his number at the curry last Thursday and if Andy May of Abbey had run instead of watching, Abbey would have probably won by 50 points instead.  


For full Abbey Valley scores see


   19 Gwil Thomas        0:35:11      100

   22 Dan Fisher         0:35:27       99

   35 Jeremy Ladyman     0:36:31       98

   57 Roy Huggins        0:38:00       97

   59 Rich Smith         0:38:09       96

   67 Alan Walsh         0:38:44       95

   68 Ian Rosser         0:38:46       94

   78 Joel Giddings      0:39:06       93

   79 Dan Murray         0:39:06       92

   97 David Bass         0:40:03       91

   99 Alistair Smyth     0:40:10       90

  100 Paul Kaiser        0:40:12       89

  111 Eric Green         0:40:27       88

  116 Patrick Barrett    0:40:36       87

  130 John Wallace       0:41:10       86

  141 Andy Settle        0:41:37       85

  155 Bob Jackson        0:42:20       84

  168 Leroy Sutton       0:42:55       83

  178 Paul White         0:43:05       82

  180 Gary Mann          0:43:07       81

  183 Lewis Balfour      0:43:20       80

  216 Lisa Wilyman       0:44:45       79

  248 Chloe Hudson       0:45:41       78

  263 Sharon Tansley     0:46:15       77

  301 Mary Egan          0:47:28       76   2nd W55

  307 Xanthe Hannah      0:47:45       75

  343 Louise Allinson    0:49:15       74

  396 Sara Goward        0:51:08       73

  591 Meryll Cripps      1:00:34       72   2nd W60


Also, second claim but non-counters for Abbey-Valley

   94 Dave Gillian       0:39:57       Abbey R

  236 Howard Jeffrey     0:45:20       Otley AC


Esholt 5k race 1


                               GP     Race 1      Race 2      Race 3

                        Best   Pts  Pos   Time  Pos   Time  Pos   Time

  Gwil Thomas        0:16:43   100   15  16.43    0   0.00    0   0.00 

  Jeremy Ladyman     0:17:02    98   23  17.02    0   0.00    0   0.00 

  Steve Webb         0:17:17    95   29  17.17    0   0.00    0   0.00 

  Eddy Robinson      0:17:47    93   40  17.47    0   0.00    0   0.00 

  Nick Barnes        0:18:46    90   63  18.46    0   0.00    0   0.00 

  Paul Sanderson     0:20:10    88  112  20.10    0   0.00    0   0.00 

  Chloe Hudson       0:22:05    85  166  22.05    0   0.00    0   0.00 

  Sara Dyer          0:24:25    83  226  24.25    0   0.00    0   0.00 

  Meryll Cripps      0:27:45    80  262  27.45    0   0.00    0   0.00 


Race Report - Boston Marathon – from Australian Strider Karen Barlow (formerly Natoli)


Just a quick update from the other side of the world.


After not being able to get a bib at London the director of the Boston Marathon gave me a bib to run in the elite womens race over here in the States.


I had been training hard for a flat marathon so was very fit heading into the race however due to my lack of hill training beforehand the course absolutely ripped up my quads. They started to cramp at the 17km mark and I ran in pain for the rest of the race. The downhills were the thing that killed me. Funnily enough i actually enjoyed heartbreak hill because it gave my quads a little bit of relief. I am not a strong hill runner at all and my weakness really showed up on the rolling Boston Course. The experience of running Boston was really great for me.


I dedicated my run to Max Jones & ran with a black armband painted on my arm and his name too.  He was such an inspiration to me and my running. 


I ran through 5km in 17.40, 10km in 36.05, 1/2 Marathon in 78.29 ... and then faded badly to finish in 2.44.19. 27th female overall.


We watched the London Marathon from our apartment here in California. It looked amazing as usual and I hope to be back to run in London in the coming years!


I have never been so sore during or after a marathon. My quads are still so painful that I am still struggling to walk up and down stairs & getting up and down from the chair.


More marathon results


Brighton     6355 Meryll Cripps   5:17:18


London       9927 James Albiges   3:56:37


Shakespeare   215 Gary Mann       3:43:53