Sent: 28 May 2010 10:14
Subject: V S Update - Events, EA Membership Cards, UR Sale, Photos, Forum, Results


Forthcoming events – social, races, relays and VS promotions


Sun 30 May – Ilkley Trail Race


Sun 30 May – Tim Towler says “7pm on Sunday (cos we don't have to work on Monday!) there will be gathering of Striders in Angels Share in Chapel Allerton, for a few drinks and perhaps a little tour of the bars of Chapel Allerton.“


Tue 1 June – pie and peas night – email before 10pm Sunday evening – meat pie or veg bake, mushy peas or baked beans, and apple pie for afters (optional).  NB If you marshalled the Meanwood Trail, come and collect your beer!   PS in the last email, I missed “thanks to Carole Schofield’s sister and 2 kids.”


Tue 1 June - Yorkshire Vets race at Kirkstall .


Wed 2 June – Otley Chevin Fell Race starts 7:30pm.  Steve Webb says “An ‘A Short’ so lots of fell points available.” (VSFC)


Thu 3 June – Thursday training 6:45 from Oakwood Clock for a run of Max’s lap and then round Roundhay Park.


Sat 5 June – Wharfedale marathon (VSGP & VSFC) and half marathon (VSFC)  (entries still appear to be open for both events).


Sun 6 June – Harewood 10k organised by Bingley Harriers .


Wed 9 June – Otley 10 – a Striders favourite but hilly!


Sun 13 June – Bradford Millennium Way – eventually we had 18 wanting to run – two short for two teams so we have entered just one team - a mixed team (5 men 5 women to run as pairs).  Tim Towler is recceing leg 5 on Sunday and Dan Murray recceing leg 3 on Monday – anyone wanting to join them, to have a scenic run and to learn one of the legs for next year, contact Tim 07802-705-031 or Dan 07702-819-920.  I may be recceing leg 2 the following weekend.


Wed 16 June - Yorkshire Vets race at Pudsey  also Esholt Bash at Guiseley.


Sun 20 June - Settle Hills Race (VSFC).


Tue 22 June – Yorkshire Vets race hosted by Valley Striders – we need 30 marshals and have 12 .  Please email me if you can help.


Sun 5 Sep – Leeds Country Way Relay (planning ahead).  The last 4 years we have had 4 teams of 12.  We usually enter a men’s team, a ladies’ team, a vets team and another team. Email me if you want to run or want more information. Current list of team members is . The first 12 who apply are GUARANTEED a run.


Sun ? October – Harewood 10 mile Trail Race.  We’ve just had information on dates of West Yorks XC League and one is on 3 October, our original planned date for Harewood Trail.  I am therefore thinking of moving this to 10 October.  If anyone knows of any big events on this weekend, please let me know.  Otherwise I will get some entry forms out in the next 7-10 days.  Harewood 10 on 10/10/10!!!


More V S events at and lots more races at (other race websites are available (but not as good)).


England Athletics Membership cards


By now you should have all received England Athletics Membership Cards.  A little flimsier than in previous years but perhaps that is a good idea in view of likely reductions of funding.


If you haven’t received a card it could be because

  • You’ve not paid your V S Membership
  • You’ve moved house and not told us
  • You’ve moved house and told us but I’ve forgotten to update the EA website
  • You’re one of the 3 new members joined since the first week of April

Let me know if you’ve not received a card and were expecting one.


Note that when we’ve registered you we’ve not input email details for any of you, therefore the only correspondence you’ll receive from EA is by post. 


If you want to receive emails from EA, then you can update your own personal details (instructions came with the card) or we can do it for you.  If we do it, note that there are two boxes, one regarding receipt of information from EA, the other from associated companies – we will assume you want the first but not the second.


Any other queries on EA membership, email me!


Up & Running


I’ve had an email telling me about a sale at Up and Running Leeds Central and Headingley – some items on offer at 3 for £20 and others at 3 for £30.


Note that you can use your EA membership card to get discount at Up & Running but only on full price items.




I now have a large collection of photos - National XC from Chris Leggatt, Leeds Half Marathon from Carmel Barker, and Meanwood Trail race from Tracey Almond – but need some technical skill to upload them to the website.  Basically we need something to reduce the photos to a more manageable size and then create a set of thumbnails.  Anyone with any tips, please email me.




While we’re on the techie stuff, the number of Forum members went up by 40% last week – from 5 to 7.  There is the potential to share lots of requests and information on the forum – one Strider was looking for a lift to a race, another had found a relay event and needed 2 more to make a team.  And there is also a discussion of ankle injuries – 42% of forum members are currently indisposed due to an ankle injury. Click on the link on the new VS website and see what’s going on.  Joining the Forum will only take you a minute or two.  But watch out for your ankles!




Pendle Cloughs (from Steve Webb)


Pendle Cloughs is an excellent race and deserves to be more popular.  It was staged by Wharfedale Harriers at the attractive village of Downham near Clitheroe - well outside their normal stomping ground.  A fantastically bright and clear day with good underfoot conditions, but very windy on the top of Pendle Hill.  We had 5 Striders hunting for fell points in this "A Long".  All scored well apart from Dave who got totally lost en route to checkpoint 6 - mind you when I got there the marshal appeared to still be en route to the correct location himself.

                                   FC pts

     Steve Webb         2:34:00      95.9

     Malcolm Coles      3:09:55      77.8

     Xanthe Hannah      3:22:45      94.3

     Sarah Dyer         4:25:38      72.0


Jack Bloor (from Steve Webb)


A good turnout at the Jack Bloor on a cold and wet evening in Ilkley.  But you need somebody else to report on this one.  I shuddered to a halt with a badly twisted ankle just after overtaking Jeremy between checkpoints 1 and 2.  Then got very cold hobbling back to the finish.

                                    GP Pts  FC Pts

   45 Jeremy Ladyman     0:48:27      100   81.9

   49 Eirik Stangnes     0:49:57       99   79.5

   60 John Marsham       0:50:43       97   78.3

   74 Rob Bumstead       0:52:25       96   75.7

   86 Nick Barnes        0:53:49       94   73.8

   96 Joel Giddings      0:54:37       93   72.7

  110 Ian Sanderson      0:55:48       91   71.1

  118 Roy Huggins        0:56:02       90   70.9

  121 John Wallace       0:56:13       89   70.6

  139 Malcolm Coles      0:58:47       87   67.5

  143 Keith Brewster     0:59:18       86   66.9

  187 Alun Davies        1:05:16       84   60.8

  191 Chloe Hudson       1:06:11       83   68.7

  202 Sara Dyer          1:14:45       81   60.8

  203 Dave Jones         1:16:12       80   52.1


Latest fell champs table including Pendle Cloughs and Jack Bloor will be on the website soon.  We now have 28 men and 5 ladies in the league.  Malcolm is the first to get 5 qualifying races on the board so he is the early leader.  Steve and Eirik have notched up 4 races, with Aled and Dave on 3.  In the ladies Xanthe leads from Sara and they have both got 3 races.


Esholt Series


                    Best time  GP pts   Race 1      Race 2      Race 3

 Gwil Thomas        0:16:41      100   15  16.43               14  16.41

 Jeremy Ladyman     0:17:02       98   23  17.02                        

 Steve Webb         0:17:17       97   29  17.17                        

 Eddy Robinson      0:17:33       95   40  17.47   32  17.34   36  17.33

 Dan Murray         0:18:00       94               45  18.08   47  18.00

 Nick Barnes        0:18:38       92   63  18.46               62  18.38

 John Wallace       0:19:12       91              102  20.19   79  19.12

 Paul Sanderson     0:20:09       89  112  20.10  103  20.21  103  20.09

 Eric Green         0:20:10       88                          104  20.10

 Paul White         0:21:03       86                          135  21.03

 Tony Haygarth      0:22:03       85                          151  22.03

 Chloe Hudson       0:22:05       83  166  22.05                        

 Sara Dyer          0:24:12       82  226  24.25  196  24.12  206  24.59

 Meryll Cripps      0:27:28       80  262  27.45  235  27.28  238  27.49


VS Grand Prix points updated on the website and the groups have now been calculated – take a look and see how you are getting on versus the other Striders in your group.