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Subject: V S Update - meet Kelly Holmes, Holly wins at Wharfedale, parkrun 1-2-1-2, Edinburgh report, Striders heading South, AND the usual stuff too


Valley Striders events


Thursday Curry - Thursday 17 June


Training from Scott Hall, meal afterwards at Arti, Chapel Allerton.


Yorks Vets race at Leos - Tuesday 22 June


More volunteers required please. Meet 6:45 at Leos.  If we have more volunteers than needed, the “surplus” will be able to run.  Please contact me if you are able to marshal, and, if there is a surplus, whether you would want to run instead.  Check .


Summer Handicap & Lasagne night – Tuesday 20 July (provisional date)


Start and finish at our normal summer venue by Eccup Reservoir. 5¼ miles, across fields and short section of road to Eccup, footpaths to Emmerdale and back to water treatment works, tarmac across dam and footpath back to lodge.  See .


Golden Acre Park Relay – Wednesday 21 July


Teams of 3 each running a lap of 2½ miles.  Please organise teams yourselves (men, ladies, mixed, vets etc).  More details .


Leeds Country Way Relay – Sunday 5 September


60 miles starting 08:00 from Garforth and running clockwise through Stanley (near Wakefield), Morley, Thornbury, Bramhope, Scarcroft and back to Garforth.


Teams of 12, 6 legs run in pairs, each pair runs approx 10 miles.


Last year we had 1st ladies team, 2nd mens team, 2nd vets team and our 4th team finished in the top half.  We have had 4 teams i.e. 48 runners for the last 4 years.


Race details


Striders runners


If you’re interested in running – whatever your speed – email me.  Maybe we can get a fifth team this year.  We are halfway to that already.


Harewood Trail Race – Sunday 10 October


10 miles on the 10th day of the 10th month 2010.  Not quite perfect because it is our 11th race.  And it will be the 2 mile race starting at 10:00 whereas the 10 mile will start at 10:35.


Profits to be shared between Lineham Farm and Yorkshire Air Ambulance.


Please let your friends know about the race.  Entry forms can be downloaded from our website and click on the link at the top for “Harewood Trail”.


If you’re going to a race, please print off some entry forms from the website and stick them under car windscreen wipers or leave them on the table for late entries.


We need as much publicity as possible.


Local Races


Next Wednesday you’ve got the choice of the Yorks Vets race at Pudsey or the Esholt Bash trail race at Guiseley .


Rather than list other local races, it’s easier to point you at John Schofield’s website which covers most of the North of England, or Barry Cornelius’ website which covers an area as far south as West Yorkshire.




Kelly Holmes at Village Health & Fitness Leeds South on Sunday 13 June


Capitol Boulevard West, Tingley, Leeds, LS27 0TS,  0844 980 0306


  • Meet and chat with Dame Kelly – Britain’s Double Gold Olympian!
  • Be inspired by Kelly's motivational talk on fitness training and running
  • Discover the Perfect Fit programme – exclusive to VILLAGE health and fitness
  • Amazing membership giveaways and prizes, including weekend breaks and contemporary dinners for 2!
  • Complimentary drinks and VIP VILLAGE buffet!
  • Great activities, fantastic fitness demonstrations and interactive family fun


Kelly will arrive on site at 10:00am and do a club walk, followed by a couple of press interviews and will do her keynote presentation at 11:00 am. This will be followed by a joint presentation from DKH with demos from the fitness team + kids athletics etc as part of our Perfect Fit programme which Kelly has designed and endorsed for the Village. Guests should aim to be here for welcome drinks from 10:30 for the best seats in the house!!


Lunch will be served from 12:30 with DKH doing book and autograph signing (Black, White and Gold book signed by DKH - £9.00)


The event is targeted for everyone from adults to families with kids, so everyone will be welcome. This is a great opportunity for some of the youngsters to meet and even challenge Kelly!


Places are limited and we would recommend your early reservation to our leisure team on 0113 387 8258 quoting ‘Your Perfect Day’ or for any further information.


Stephen Whitley

Leisure Club Manager

Village Health & Fitness (Leeds South)


Fell Championship and Results from Steve Webb


Eirik has now burst into the lead, and both he and Malcolm are in the enviable position of being able to discard lesser scores.


We've had our first ever 100 pointer as Holly was first lady at the Wharfedale Half.  A great effort, and I imagine it was pretty hot work for all our runners on Saturday morning.


If anybody runs an "A Long" race then please can they let me have the details so I can include their result in the league.  Eirik's tour of Chamonix will not count - not FRA approved!


Website now updated with latest points table.  Next races Settle Hills on 20 June and Kettlewell on 4 July.


Otley Chevin Fell Race

                          Fell Ch pts

Eirik Stangnes    0:21:14   90.8

Aled Greenhalgh   0:22:45   84.8

Malcolm Coles     0:27:04   71.3


Wharfedale full marathon


Eirik Stangnes    3:41:46   76.0

Dan Murray        3:42:03   75.9

Ian Sanderson     3:49:19   73.5

Tom Button        4:17:49   65.4

Alistair Smyth    4:26:46   63.2

Alun Davies       4:44:39   59.2

John Wallace      4:49:20   58.2

Geoff Webster     5:00:40   56.1


Wharfedale half marathon


Holly Williams    1:50:17  100.0  1st W

Alan Hutchinson   1:58:18   79.8


Grand Prix


Wharfedale Marathon also counted for the Grand Prix.  Points and latest table will be on the website this weekend.  Next races Settle Hills on 20 June, Hyde Park 5k on 7 July, and Eccup 10 on 11 July.


1-2-1-2 at Leeds Parkrun


Leeds parkrun                                     

  1 Gwilym Thomas  17:04           1st M         

  2 Daniel Fisher  17:10  New PB   2nd M         

  4 Roy Huggins    18:30                         

  5 Alan Walsh     18:33  1st Run                

 16 Ian Rosser     19:23                          

 20 Elika Tasker   19:50  New PB   1st W         

 22 Andrew Settle  19:55  1st Run                

 26 Tim Towler     20:31  New PB                 

 31 Myra Jones     20:55  1st Run  2nd W         

 78 Sarah Oldroyd  24:05  New PB                  


Here’s the top 10 of competing clubs:


                 Runners Races

Valley Striders AC    68   558

Abbey Runners Leeds   66   723

Horsforth Harriers    61   593

Leeds & Bradford Tri  57   439

Kirkstall Harriers    41   237

Pudsey Pacers RC      37   153

Virgin Active RR      36   482

Hyde Park Harriers    32  1164

Leeds University      23   103

Eccleshill RR         21   178

Rothwell Harriers     21   130


The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that there are 11 clubs listed.  This is because Virgin Active have recently renamed themselves as Hyde Park Harriers, so their total would be 68/1646, i.e we would be second on a tie-break!


And 3 Striders have been parkrunning elsewhere


Bradford parkrun

  4 Daniel Fitzhugh 18:40                        


Bramall Park parkrun

 31 Lisa Wilyman    21:09                         


Coventry parkrun

 52 Paul Holloway   26:09


Other Results


Apperley Bridge Canter


 25  Alan Walsh         0:39:35 

 31  Dan Murray         0:39:58 

 36  Eirik Stangnes     0:40:43 

 38  Roy Huggins        0:40:55  

 39  Steve Tighe        0:40:59 

 46  Nick Barnes        0:41:26 

 64  Clive Bandy        0:42:40 

 67  John Wallace       0:43:05 

 80  Leroy Sutton       0:44:27 

 88  Lisa Wilyman       0:45:00 

106  Carmel Barker      0:46:07 

109  Keith Brewster     0:46:21 

111  Joe Hanney         0:46:29 

150  Gareth Payne       0:48:36 

168  Louise Allinson    0:49:37 

180  Mike Midgley       0:50:01 

213  Lisa Hodgson       0:51:54 

243  Kay Duggleby       0:54:01 

246  Sara Goward        0:54:16 

Edinburgh Marathon Report from Nick Wallhead

I completed the Edinburgh marathon last weekend (just) so thought I’d do you a quick report to share with the rest of the Striders. With this being only my second marathon after London in 2007 I was looking forward to posting a good time (sub 4 hours for me) in hopefully not too hot conditions. On the day however, after a dull and slightly damp start, the temperature rose to 25 degrees, with little or no breeze even along the coast! Fellow strugglers informed me it was exactly the same last year so I soon realised I wasn’t going to be posting a PB. Overall, would definitely recommend it although remember to pack some suncream – I’m still peeling from my horrendous lobster sunburn neck!
- The course was mostly flat or downhill. I don’t recall any hills at all so if the weather conditions are suitable it’s an ideal race for a PB
- Plenty of water and Lucozade stations. God did we need them!!
- Apparently the second biggest marathon in the UK now so there was a good atmosphere and lots of very noisy people cheering you on all the way along
- Jobsworth stewards at the end who wouldn’t let you collapse on the nice lush grass of Musselburgh racecourse
- You have to walk what seems like half a mile at the end to the reunion area and the baggage trucks - with hundreds of people queuing to get through a small gate in to the main reunion area. Why cant they use more of Mussleburgh racecourse for this!
- There weren’t nearly enough buses to take everyone back to Edinburgh. People were queuing for an age only to see full bus after full bus go by without stopping

I worked out my total fluid consumption during the race was:
- Approx 3 litres of water
- Approx 2 litres lucozade
All this and I still didnt need a wee at the end!! Hope this isn’t too much detail. 
In order to help the recovery, I went to SB (Sally Barker) Massage in Chapel Allerton on Monday if anyone needs a good local sports massage specialist. Very Good! She's a keen runner so knows just where it hurts most!
Hope this is useful and relevant to anyone else who ran the race,
3 Striders moving South


From Zoe (and Tom) Ridgway


Please can you update our details on your mailing list as we have moved to Wiltshire. Expect some strange club entries (Malmesbury 10k next on agenda for Tom, I will have to wait until October as I am pregnant with no. 2 – but have entered ballot for London next year!)


From Paul Holloway


Due to family reasons, I am going to be moving to Birmingham in the next couple of weeks.  This is obviously going to make it impossible for me to make training nights, but it's my intention to stay a Strider and to keep Striders as my first claim club for the foreseeable future.  My running objectives for this year include getting a VSGP t-shirt, so I have plenty of excuses to travel back and support local races and the club.


Techie section


Problems receiving V S emails?


Well obviously not if you’re reading this!  But if you know of a Strider who isn’t receiving emails, try Elika’s suggestion “I lowered my junk mail settings on hotmail and I added Valley Striders as a contact in my address book on hotmail” – it worked!


Photos on Striders Website


Lisa Wilyman’s partner Jonny emailed meHi Bob, download and install IrfanView (*brilliant* fast image viewing/manipulating application) .. website .. you can easily do a mass batch conversion with it (it's very powerful, allowing you to very flexibly batch convert as many files as you want).”


And it works!  On the Valley Striders photos section we now have Chris Leggatt’s photos from the National Cross Country in February and Colin & Carmel Barker’s photos of the Leeds marathon.  I used some software called ACDSee to create the thumbnails.


I also had a suggestion from Lewis Balfour about using flick or photobucket, sounds that they may be better for the thumbnails – anyone else with experience of these?  And thanks also to Ken Kaiser who offered help.




Valley Striders now has 56 friends.  Search for Valley Striders and find out, well, not a lot at the moment, but have a look anyway.


Valley Striders Forum


Number of members has increased by over 50% in the last week and number of members with ankle injuries has increased by 66%.  Go to and click on the link to the Forum in the top menu bar towards the right hand side.  You’ll get a link to the Forum and instructions how to join.