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Subject: V S Update - Club Handicap, LCW teams selected, winning teams at Eccup 10, Daniel win at parkrun, more results


Thursday Training – Thursday 15 July


… will be from Scott Hall, and afterwards at Sheesh Mahal on Harrogate Road


Club Handicap – Tuesday 20 July


Meet by Eccup Reservoir in front of the lodge at the bottom of the footpath from Alwoodley Lane.  Meet 6:50pm for handicaps to be announced.  First runner will start at 7pm.


Route goes clockwise, across fields to Eccup Moor Road, along the road to Eccup Village, on the footpath (Ebor Way / Leeds Country Way) to Emmerdale, then on the footpath to the Water Treatment Works, across the dam, past the lodge at the Eastern end of the Res, and along the reservoir-side footpath back to the lodge at the start. Distance is about five and a quarter miles.  See map (there will be a few marshals).


Afterwards, food will be meat pie or vegetarian bake, with mushy peas or baked beans, and optionally apple pie and ice cream for dessert.  Book at before 10pm Sunday night.


Abbey Valley Handicap and Barbecue – Tuesday 17 August


Advanced notice that we’re planning an evening barbecue at Leos with special guests Abbey Runners.  The barbecue will be preceded by a 5 mile team handicap race – more details to follow.


Leeds Country Way – Sunday 5 September


Thank you!  I had another 10 replies in the last 5 days, so I can confidently say we will have 5 teams on the start line on 5 September, an “A” (mens) team, a Women’s Team, a Veterans’ team, a “B” team (probably all men) and a “C” team (mixed men & women).  Anyone who was amongst the first 50 to reply has got a place.  We also have 6 reserves and 8 who might be fit by then – please stand by – with 60 on the team list, several of you reserves will be called up.


Teams have now been picked and legs allocated, so you now have your chance to check who you’ve been paired with, so

  • If you wanted an early leg and got a late one, let me know (and vice versa)
  • if you declared yourself doubtful but are now fit, let me know (and vice versa)
  • if you think you’re a lot slower than your proposed partner, let me know (and vice versa)
  • if you think you should be in a higher team, let me know (and vice versa)


"A" team


A1 Jerry Watson & Alan Walsh

A2 Dan Fisher & Kevin Mcmullan

A3 Ian Sanderson & Rich Smith

A4 Ian Rosser & Matt Allen

A5 Gwil Thomas & Rob De'giovanni

A6 Eddy Robinson & Dan Murray


Women's Team


W1 Lisa Wilyman & Amanda Seims

W2 Elika Tasker & Holly Williams

W3 Sue Sunderland & Sharon Tansley

W4 Liz Wood & Samantha Harris

W5 Myra Jones & Carole Schofield

W6 Jules Barltrop & Pam Lomoro


Vets Team


V1 John Batchelor & Patrick Barrett

V2 Rob Bumstead & Drew Taylor

V3 Eric Green & John Wallace

V4 Steve Webb & Roy Huggins

V5 Graham Needham & Steve Tighe

V6 Simon Vallance & Andrew Thompson

Reserves For Vets Team

   Alan Hutchinson, Tahir Akhtar


"B" Team


B1 Greg Skerrett & Lewis Balfour

B2 Andy Settle & Alistair Smyth

B3 Paul Sanderson & Simon Webster

B4 Tom Button & Aled Greenhalgh

B5 Joel Giddings & Tony Mills

B6 Nick Barnes & David Bass


"C" Team 


C1 Xanthe Hannah & Tba

C2 Joe Hanney & Ged Coll

C3 Lisa Hodgson & Kay Duggleby

C4 Leroy Sutton & Tba

C5 Ruth Warren & Michaela Mcgarry

C6 Mary Egan & Louise Allinson


Reserves Subject To Fitness and subject to being UK


   Simon Midwood, Eirik Stangnes, Paul Hunter,  James Tarran

   Gary Mann, John Marsham, Erica Hiorns, Alun Davies


Reserves (Fit But Late Replying) 


   Nick Wallhead, Gareth Payne, John Bucktrout

   Mat Taylor, Leona Beecroft, Paul Stead


Changes will be updated at .


Please can as many LCW runners as possible come to the Club Handicap so we can do a final check on pairings.


Finally, if you meant to volunteer but didn’t, drop me an email and I’ll put you on my reserve of reserves list … you never know!


Harewood 10 mile race – Sunday 10 October (10/10/10)


We need about 60 marshals to help on this day.  If you’re available, please email me!


We also need help handing out our entry forms at local races.  The recommended technique is to wait at the end of the race finishing funnel and thrust them into runners’ hands.  But if you’re running the race, another method is to put forms under the wipers of car windows in the race car park.  The next race where we’d like entry forms handed out are the Pudsey 10k.  If you can help, please email me!




Hyde Park 5k series – Race 1



    8 Dan Fisher         0:17:06   100   

   10 Kevin McMullan     0:18:24    98   

   13 Joel Giddings      0:18:40    96   

   14 Dan Murray         0:18:48    94   

   24 Simon Redshaw      0:20:24    92   

   26 Paul Sanderson     0:20:41    90   

   40 Bill McCaffrey     0:22:29    88   

   42 Mick Tinker        0:22:33    86   

   49 Andy Smith         0:23:26    84   

   60 Meryll Cripps      0:28:10    82   

   63 Anne McCaffrey     0:30:01    80   


Note that Grand Prix points are based on the runner’s best time over the series, so the above scores will change after race 2 and 3


Eccup 10mile


A windy but rewarding day out for many Striders, as we were FIRST MEN’S TEAM (Dan/Gwil/Kevin) and FIRST WOMEN’S TEAM (Vicky/Elika/Holly)


In all there were 38 Striders competing for PB’s, honour and Grand Prix points.



    9 Dan Fisher         0:59:06      100    

   13 Gwil Thomas        0:59:54       99    

   28 Kevin Mcmullan     1:03:26       98     1st M40

   38 Paul Kaiser        1:04:56       97    

   39 Ian Sanderson      1:04:57       96    

   42 Ian Rosser         1:05:28       95    

   44 Vicky Whitehead    1:05:43       94     4th W, 1st W35

   46 Tony Mills         1:06:02       93    

   49 Dan Murray         1:06:13       92    

   50 Roy Huggins        1:06:13       91    

   54 Alan Walsh         1:06:46       90    

   64 Elika Tasker       1:07:35       89     7th W

   65 Andrew Thompson    1:07:45       88    

   69 Holly Williams     1:08:19       87     9th W

   78 Eric Green         1:09:54       86    

   85 Liz Wood           1:10:39       85    

   90 Alan Hutchinson    1:11:05       84    

   93 Simon Redshaw      1:11:20       83    

   94 Tim Towler         1:11:23       82    

   95 Tahir Akhtar       1:11:27       81    

  101 John Wallace       1:12:10       80    

  102 Graham Jones       1:12:16       79    

  106 Tom Button         1:12:37       78    

  113 Patrick Barrett    1:13:02       77    

  118 Adam Parton        1:13:23       76    

  124 Myra Jones         1:13:47       75    

  128 Carmel Barker      1:14:08       74     1st W50

  178 Sharon Tansley     1:17:28       73    

  183 Leroy Sutton       1:17:59       72    

  188 Sue Sunderland     1:18:25       71    

  229 Chloe Hudson       1:21:04       70    

  249 Ged Coll           1:22:39       69    

  317 John Bucktrout     1:27:08       68    

  322 Kay Duggleby       1:27:56       67    

  344 Kirsty Everett     1:29:46       66    

  363 Katie Goodwin      1:31:43       65    

  388 Sara Goward        1:33:29       64    

  493 Ellen Dolamore     1:45:16       63    


Eccup Junior Races


There were 3 Striders Juniors running – Nicole Smith (Andy’s daughter), Katherine Redshaw (Simon’s daughter) and Callum Parton (Adam’s son).


Junior 1 mile (8-10 years)


Congratulations to Nicole and Katherine finishing in the prizes (and only one second separating them).


   15 Nicole Smith        07:37   1st Girl

   17 Katherine Redshaw   07:38   3rd Girl


Junior 2 mile (11-16 year)


Callum was one of the youngest in the race and did well to finish 19th of 25 runners.


   19 Callum Parton       15:09


Leeds parkrun


It was 2 wins in 2 weeks for Daniel Fitzhugh


   1 Daniel Fitzhugh   17:39

   5 Roy Huggins       18:41

   6 Joel Giddings     18:43

  53 Gareth Payne      23:07

  59 Chris Sawyer      23:20

  63 Sarah Oldroyd     23:34

  65 Xanthe Hannah     23:42


Milton Keynes parkrun


   5 Nick Barnes       20:14


Brig Bash 5 mile (from George Black)


Managed to finish the Brig Bash 5 mile race on Wednesday 7 July. My time was 35:20 on a certified course and I was first over 70. Quite pleased as I had only been able to run 25 miles in the previous 2 months due to a hamstring injury and ran the first 2 miles 'steady'. I have been doing a good bit of hard cycling so this has obviously kept up some sort of fitness, Only 8 weeks to the World Duathlon Championships in Edinburgh so let’s hope no more injuries. George Black.