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Subject: V S Update - LCW teams and recces, Abbey-Valley team handicap, Three more relays, More events, Results including wins for Myra, Vicky, Gwil and Jon


Leeds Country Way – Sunday 5 September


Just less than 5 weeks to go so time to get recceing!


This Wednesday evening I will be sending out 6 emails, one per LEG.  If you’ve been selected for a team you will get contact details for your partner and for the other 8 Striders running the same leg as you.  If your partner is away on holiday then contact someone on your leg from another Striders team and recce with them.


I’ll also be sending a 7th email to those currently nominated as reserves to check your status.


If you don’t receive an email before Thursday morning and you asked to run the Leeds Country Way, then email me immediately.  And if you didn’t volunteer previously but would now like to run, email me too and I’ll put you on the reserves list.


I’m hoping that people will use the Valley Striders Forum to publicise their recce runs, then reserves and other Striders have the opportunity to join a recce run.


Abbey-Valley team handicap and barbecue – Tuesday 17 August


For the third year running we are hosting Abbey Runners for a Team Handicap race over the 5 and a quarter mile route that we used for our “summer monsoon” handicap two weeks ago.


The format will be the same as the last 2 years - all runners (from both clubs) will be divided into 5 ‘pools’ (A – E) based on 10K race times. Each team of 5 will consist of 1 runner from each pool (names drawn from a hat), and will therefore comprise a mixture of Abbeys and Striders.  Club rivalries will be suspended for a few hours!


Pool E (the slowest) sets off first, pool D 5 minutes later, then C, then B then A.  Each pool is its own mini race with the winner scoring 20 points, second 19 etc.  Then we add the points for each team member to find the winning team.


While the points are being calculated, Tony and his team will be serving the barbecue back at Leos.


Important notes re food and race entry


The BBQ will cost £6.50 per head (meat and vegetarian options available); book as usual to by 10pm Sunday 15 August.  If you book but don’t turn up you will be liable to pay the £6.50.  You can book food even if you don’t want to run.


You must pre-enter to run, this really is the only way we can sort out teams for the night.  Use the same email address , again by 10pm Sunday  15 August, if you want to run and please let us know your best guess for a 5k or 10k road race.  If you are running but not stopping for the barbecue there will be a charge of 50p on the night. 


If you haven’t pre-entered and turn up on the night, you’ll be able to run if someone else hasn’t turned up and you are in the same pool. Otherwise you’ll be able to run but not as part of a team.


Note that the “odd” 50p’s will cover cost of prizes and partial subsidy of food for our timekeepers and marshals.  NB if you forget to pay the 50p on the night and your team wins, I will drink your prize!!


FRA Relays – Sunday 17 October – from Steve Webb


Last year, for only the second time ever, we had a team in the FRA Relay Champs.   It was a great event and we got a very pleasing result.  See Anthony Fryer's "Middlepack" blog for a report on proceedings.  So is anybody up for a VS team this year?  The race is on Sunday 17 October in the Lomond Hills.  Nowhere near Loch Lomond, it's actually between Edinburgh and Perth, so you could enjoy a cultural soiree in Auld Reekie the night before.


We need 6 runners per team: two solo legs (AS category), one AM pairs and one navigational pairs.  Team categories are Open, Ladies, V40, F40, V50.


As this is a National team Championship hopefully the club will pay entry fees.  


So do I detect the sound of volunteers stampeding towards me?  BTW I cannot race as already committed to run for Airienteers in the CompassSport Cup Final on that day - another example of silo thinking from those who draw up fixture lists.


Northern Road Relays and Cross Country Relays


Leading Striders men and women – book these dates in your diaries


Northern Athletics Road Relays Championships

The 6 & 4 stage relays plus the Young Athletes Road Relays will be held on Saturday 2nd October at Wythenshawe Park Manchester.  We had a good men’s result at Carnegie last year and should try to enter a mens and womens team this year.


Northern Athletics Cross Country Relay Championships

Northern Athletics Annual Cross Country Relays will be held at Graves Park, Sheffield on Saturday 9th October 2010.   This is a brand new event, can we get teams for this?


More events


Note that the next V S Grand Prix and V S Fell Championship races are at Burnsall on Saturday 21 August – Burnsall 10 mile (VSGP) at 2:30 and Burnsall Classic Fell Race (VSGP&VSFC) at 4:30 see  for more details


Next Yorkshire Vets race is this Wednesday, 4 August at Knavesmire – see for details of this and future Yorkshire Vets races


Look on and/or for lots of local races.  September will be busy with

  • Mon 31 Aug - Spofforth trail race
  • Wed 1 Sep - Hyde Park 5k series race 3 (best time to count) (VSGP)
  • Sun 5 Sep - Leeds Country Way Relay
  • Sun 12 Sep - Yorkshireman marathon (CL) 26.0m (VSFC)
  • Sun 12 Sep - Wetherby 10k
  • Sat 18 Sep - Rombalds Romp (Abbey Runners)
  • Sun 19 Sep - Kirkstall Trail Race
  • Sun 25 Sep - Whernside fell
  • Sun 26 Sep - Horsforth 10k

And somewhere in there we also need to fit in a Club Handicap!


Fell Championship report from Steve Webb


League now updated to include the sterling efforts of Geoff and Malcolm at Holme Moss, which counts as "Any A Long", plus Round Hill.  (will be on the website by Wednesday)


We had 5 men and 4 ladies at Round Hill.  Malcolm would like it known that he wore a very smart new VS vest.  This obviously brought him good fortune as he was first M60.  First fell race for Myra


In the league Sara is the first lady to record 5 finishes and so is leading, but Xanthe is just one race behind and Holly has much the highest average score but still needs two more races. 


Round Hill

  12  Steve Webb       1:00:38 

  29  Ian Sanderson    1:04:34 

  33  Joel Giddings    1:05:42 

  47  Nick Barnes      1:10:01 

  71  Myra Jones       1:16:22 

  90  Amanda Seims     1:21:29 

  91  Xanthe Hannah    1:21:50 

 110  Sara Dyer        1:41:35 




Last week it was the ladies’ turn for the honours this week with a 1-2-4 for recent recruits Myra Jones, Pam Lomoro and Sarah Wood.


Daniel Fitzhugh finished 3rd and the Striders men packed the top 20 with 7-8-9-11-16, including new member Alan Brydon (11th).


Gwil Thomas volunteered to be a pacer for the race (we all think he just liked the look of the bright orange jacket).  His target time was 21:00 and he finished in 21:04.  There was a small bunch that finished with him.  Alistair Fale and myself were in a larger bunch that ran with him to 2km and then dropped off the pace.


This week our men set a club first by having winners at two different parkruns.  Gwil took off the orange jacket and won at Leeds.  New member Jon Gauthier went to his local parkrun in Bradford and won there.


Lou Gilchrist again set the highest age graded percentage for parkruns anywhere in the country that day with 94.8% at Heaton Park, Manchester.


We’re now up to 99 Striders at parkruns, 28th position of all UK clubs, but I’ve worked out that runners who run at more than one venue are counted for each venue that they run.  Currently we have 73 at Leeds.  The overall numbers have then been boosted in particular by Paul Holloway who has run 9 venues. 


Perhaps we should organise a Saturday trip to Lister Park in Bradford to move the Striders further up the club table.


I’ve noticed that not many Striders wear club vests at parkruns.  It is a club policy that club vests should be worn for all races but if it is a cunning plan to engage potential new members without them knowing we are from a club, then let me know.


Leeds parkrun 145

   3  Daniel Fitzhugh    17:16

   7  Ian Rosser         18:11

   8  Roy Huggins        18:14

   9  Dan Murray         18:24

  11  Alan Brydon        18:40

  16  Joel Giddings      19:27

  24  Myra Jones         19:59   1st W

  26  Graham Jones       20:02

  57  Pam Lomoro         21:48   2nd W

  60  Bob Jackson        22:07

  61  Alistair Fale      22:14

  73  Sarah Wood         23:01   4th W


Solihull Brueton parkrun 1

  28  Paul Holloway      24:17


Manchester Heaton parkrun 52

  89  Lou Gilchrist      26:36


Milton Keynes parkrun 28

  13  Nick Barnes        19:37


Leeds parkrun 146

   1  Gwil Thomas        17:03

   4  Daniel Fitzhugh    18:07

   8  Roy Huggins        18:35

  23  Ian Sanderson      19:44

  26  Nick Barnes        20:02

  62  Sarah Oldroyd      23:04

  70  Chris Sawyer       23:40


Bradford parkrun 16

   1  Jon Gauthier       17:23


Manchester Heaton parkrun 53

 100  Lou Gilchrist      26:54


Solihull Brueton parkrun 2

  30  Paul Holloway      23:59


Other Results


Harrogate 10k


Congratulations to Vicky and the women’s team – Vicky was 1st W and the women won the team prize.


  14  Kevin Mcmullan     36:43

  23  Vicky Whitehead    37:38

  29  Paul Kaiser        38:13

  78  Eric Green         42:09

 107  Lisa Wilyman       43:17

 194  Xanthe Hannah      46:53

 279  Mary Egan          50:15

 384  Sara Goward        54:17

 532  Meryll Cripps      63:44


Priory Five, Nostell Priory

   9  Joel Giddings      31:38

  24  Nick Barnes        33:50


Pudsey 10k

  23  Joel Giddings      43:03

 121  Sue Sunderland     52:08


Performance Awards


The website is now up-to-date with all race performances for this year.  Are you one of the 42 Striders who has earned a Performance Certificate this year?


To find out, go to, click on “Club Information” at the top, then click on “Performance Awards” on the left.