Sent: 06 September 2010 23:15
Subject: V S Update - Leeds Country Way special edition and a message from Keith Cluderay


Leeds Country Way Results


Yesterday was one of Valley Striders’ most successful days with

·         Men’s team 3rd overall, less than 10 minutes behind the race winners and a fastest leg for Dan Fisher & Rob De’Giovanni

·         Vets team 11th overall and 2nd vets team, less than 10 minutes behind Horsforth who fielded a team of vets as their A team

·         “B” team 15th overall

·         Ladies team 16th overall and 1st ladies team, 30 minutes clear of 2nd ladies, and faster than their previous 3 wins

·         “C” team 31st overall, and a fastest mixed leg for John Bucktrout & Sara Dyer

·         (37 teams ran)

·         Striders the only club ever to have 5 teams in the Leeds Country Way


The ladies team won every stage except the first leg, and in that leg were only beaten by 2 ladies representing a mixed team, so in fact none of our pairs was beaten by another ladies team pair.  So put your hands together for

·         1 Lisa Wilyman & Myra Jones

·         2 Elika Tasker & Holly Williams

·         3 Sue Sunderland & Sharon Tansley

·         4 Liz Wood & Samantha Harris

·         5 Pam Lomoro & Michaela McGarry

·         6 Xanthe Hannah & Sarah Wood

Note that 5 of these were newcomers to the Leeds Country Way


In total there were 23 newcomers to LCW, and on quite a few legs both runners were new to the leg, so well done to everyone for finding the way.


A BIG THANK YOU to the 6 leg captains who co-ordinated the recce runs (most of them led several recce runs) and, equally importantly, co-ordinated transport on the day

·         1 Patrick Barrett

·         2. Dan Fisher

·         3. Sharon Tansley

·         4. Tom Button

·         5. Joel Giddings

·         6. Xanthe Hannah


And finally a SPECIAL MENTION to John Wallace and Chloe Hudson who each ran at least 6 recces – in fact Chloe managed to run every leg!


Full results and some photos on the website – there’s a link from our “home” page.


Message from Keith Cluderay




For those who don't know me I am one of the longest standing members of Valley Striders and both myself and Steve "0" would like to pass on our experience to make running EASIER and FASTER for people who are interested.


A couple of years ago I stopped visiting the club as I had family problems and found some of the "negative thinking" very depressing. However I now see new members who at last are positive and want to improve. I don't have a problem with people who just want to do enough for health reasons but both Steve and I are willing help anybody who asks.


I found it very encouraging at the Leeds Country Way to see old faces (Lisa) and new faces really giving it their best shot (that’s all we ever ask) nobody is too slow to improve.


I saw NOBODY just "jogging in". One runner, who I won't name, epitomised the spirit by running feeling sick and still ran a quick time.


THANKYOU to everyone who listened to my "rants". I am only trying to help.


Both Steve and I have helped a lot of runners over the years and NOT ONE of these runners failed to get PB’s (including Tracey) while they were following our advice.


The runners we are mentoring at present have ALL achieved PB's so A BIG THANKYOU to everyone who "made my Sunday".


There is just one more thing I need to say, Steve and I are both of the opinion that the practice of carrying drinks is at least a waste of effort and at worst a potential imbalance to your running style leading to potential injury problems.


I will discuss this view with anyone, but in the meantime these are our preferred options:-

1.  Drink before you run (not too much and not before 2 mins to the "off". Otherwise don’t drink in the hour before the start as this might require you to make a pit stop.

2.  Get someone to pass you a drink on route - long runs only.

3.  Place bottles in bags on route or do circuits past the bottle.

4.  Least favourite option - bottle in a bumbag. NOT IN YOUR HAND.

5.  Next least favourite option - one of our ladies on leg 5 (who is now a winner) had a back pack with a tube (I thought she was practising for the Marathon de Sahara!) So well done.

Next time you see Paula Radcliffe running with a bottle, tell us, and we will admit we must be wrong.


For those who might want a "Chat" I am going to the club on Tuesday to personally say well done to EVERYONE